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Rhode Island In the War with Spain
Compiled from Official Records
Providence, RI: E.L. Freeman & Sons, 1900 
The following is a roster of the 1st Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry. This regiment was the only infantry regiment raised in Rhode Island during the Spanish American War. It served its term of service within the continental U.S. 

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1st Rhode Island U.S. Volunteer Infantry
Company G, p 383 & 384
Capt George A. Forsyth
1st Lieut. Amasa M. Eaton, Jr.
2nd Lieut. Arthur B. Spink
" Michael P. O’Flaherty 
1st Sergt. Richard A. Joyce
Q. M. Sergt. Edgar M. Patterson
Sergt. Thomas H. Smith
" Daniel B. Angell
" Joshua S. Tinsley
" Fred W. Fisher
Corp Joseph C. Marksby
" Franklin B. Folger Jr.
" Harry J. Collum
" John A. Skedgell
" George L. P. James
" Michael J. Ryan
" Walter F. Chase
" Harry T. Powers
" Edwin C. Matteson
" John M. Reynolds
Cook Corp. Charles Leicht
" Alvorah H. Adams
" Michael J. Donnelly
Musician Edward W. Hale
" Richard Lund
Artificer Sigurd Freudenthal
Wagoner Fred D. Eddy
Priv. Alderwick, Oscar C.
" Austin, Fred A.
" Ayer, Oliver S.
" Blaine, Frank J.
" Booker, Fred A.
" Bowditch, James P.
" Brais, Hervey J.
" Burgess, Joseph S.
" Burr, William H.
" Byrne, Joseph P.
" Campbell, Christopher
" Carr, Albert
" Cheek, James E.
" Conneely, John E.
" Danford, Charles R.
" Davis, Elbridge G.
Priv. Dickinson, James G.
" Doyle, James G.
" Fenner, Joseph H. Jr.
" Fitton, William A.
" Fontaine, Joseph
" Gemmell, James, Jr.
" Gonyea, Joseph C.
" Hamilton, John H.
" Harcourt, Burtram A.
" Hurley, Daniel J., Jr.
" Johnson, Joel O.
" Joyce, Harry
" Kavanagh, William H.
" Lachapelle, Ralph D.
" Lagerquist, Ernest
" Lambert, Frank
" Leffort, William M.
" Maloney, John T.
" McKinnon, William H.
" McStay, John
" Merrill, Stephen
" Muir, George, Jr.
" Mulligan, Paul
" Munro, Frank N.
" O’ Connors, John Jr.
" O’Donnell, James E.
" O’Flaherty, Jeremiah J.
" O’Toole, Stephen
" Ouimette, George E.
" Ouimette, Lawrence A.
" Pierzentkowsky, Carl E.
" Pilling, James A.
" Robalewski, Konstantin
" Rodgers, Alexander
" Rowse, George W., Jr.
" Schulty, Joseph
" Shea, John
" Sullivan, Frank
" Taylor, James H.
" Tuckerman, Carl O.
" Wagner, Max W.
" Winterbottom, Albert
" Wright, Edward
" Zarkowski, John S.
Sergt.  Norton, Richard P.
Corp. Watson, James F.
Corp. Oldridge, Joseph F.
Priv. Asquith, Leonard A.
" Boyle, Joseph F.
Lavine, Frank
" Lindsay, Robert
" Smith, Henry W.
" Holden, William F.
" James, Byron M.
" Rigney, Frank P.
" Collins Calvin D.
" Cote, Peter O.
" Bergstrand, George
" Burke, Michael A.
" Fuller, Herbert
" Knowles, William H.
" Quigley, William T.
" Robertson, Solomon
Company H, p 384 & 385
Capt John Kelly
" Walter G. Gatchell
1st Lieut. William E. McGann
2nd Lieut. Walter L. Fanning
1st Sergt. James H. Rooney
Q. M. Sergt. William Turner
Sergt. Bernard F. Keane
Edward J. McBride
" Joseph P. Hyman
Corp. Charles M Sullivan
" Martin F. Farrell, Jr.
" Albert E. Bell
" Hubert F. Kelley
" Arthur P. Sontag
" James A. Meehan
" Peter J. Quinn
" William J. MacDougald
" Fred H. Ball
" Dennis F. Fanning
" Albert F. Sontag
" Michael J. Murphy
Cook Corp. James A. Lavin
Musician Oscar T. Boutier
" Michael Hayden
Artificer Eugene P. O’Reilley
Wagoner Bernard Barry
Priv. Armstrong, James F.
" Balcome, Victor
" Burke, Daniel F.
" Boyle, James
" Caine, Michael J.
" Christie, Hugh C.
" Colburn, Frank E.
" Corrigan, Alexander J.
" Corcoran, John F.
" Creed, James J.
" Creighton, William J.
" Creighton, Peter Jr.
" Cummings, James
" Cunneen, Benjamin
" Devlin, James
" Durrigan, John
" Dwyer, Michael
" Dwyer, Edward L.
Priv. Davin, George
" Dolan, Patrick F.
" Doyle, Thomas A.
" Finnegan, Michael
Flynn, Peter
" Gleason, Patrick
" Gurry, John
" Galligan, Christopher C.
" Holehouse, John
" Hughes, Edward C.
" Hunt, James A.
" Hudson, Richard
" Kelley, John
" Kelley, Martin F.
" Kenney, William H.
" Keegan, Edward F.
" Kosicki, Andrew
" Lapierre, William A.
" Leahey, William H.
" Lynch, John J.
" Maloney, James H.
" Mellen, Daniel D.
" Mish, William
" Mulholland, James J.
" McCarthy, John B
" Norton, John
" O’Brien, John
" O’Brien, Thomas M.
" O’ Conner, Andrew
" Quinn, John M.
" Quinn, Frederick A.
Rostron, Frederick A.
" Rostron, Frank
" Smith, John
" Smolinski, George
" Sheedy, Patrick H.
" Schnur, Adolf
" Tabet, Wadia S.
" Tobin, William M.
" Todd, Robert F.
" Trainor, John F.
" Vachon, Arthur
" Woodward, Thomas H.
" White, Francis A.
" Wylie, Hugh
" Whelan, William
Priv. Winters, James J.
" Young, William S.
Sergt. James J. Horrigan
Priv. Michael, Franklin
" Edmund Lucitt
" John J. McKenna
" Claude C. Clayton
" Joseph F. Oates
" Charles H. Gorman
" Ellis C. Jones
" John Carlson
" William H. O. Day
" Joseph Carney
Albert Matthews
" Edward Walsh
" Joseph Davis
" John Farrell

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Transcribed by Artie Purcell, 2001.
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