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Scituate 6
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An Historical Sketch of The Town of Scituate, R.I


1731 Joseph Wilklinson, Stephen Hopkins, 
Zachariah Rhodes
1732 Stephen Hopkins, Zachariah Rhodes
1733 Capt. Thomas Angell, Stephen Hopkins 1734 Edward Sheldon, Capt. Thomas Angell
1735 Stephen Hopkins, Benjamin Fiske 1736 Stephen Hopkins, Job Randall
1737 Stephen Hopkins, Thomas Realph 1738 Edward Sheldon, Stephen Hopkins
1739 Job Randall, James Colvin 1740 Job Randall, James Colvin
1741 Job Randall, Stephen Hopkins 1742 Job Randall, Thomas Realph
1743 Capt. Job Randall, Joseph Knight 1744 Capt. Job Randall, Jeremiah Angell
1745 Capt. Job Randall, Ezekiel Hopkins 1746 Capt. Job Randall, Charles Harris
1747 Capt. Job Randall, John Risk 1748 Capt. Job Randall, Charles Harris
1749 Thomas Ralph, Thomas Hudson. 1750 Job Randall, Gideon Hammond
1751 Capt. Job Randall, Charles Harris. 1752 Capt. Job Randall, Charles Harris
1753 Job Randall, Capt. Thomas Relf. 1754 Job Randall, Capt. Amos Hammond
1755 Capt. Job Randall, Capt. Amos Hammond 1756 
Capt. Job Randall, Gideon Harris
1757 Capt. Job Randall, Jeremiah Angell 1758 Capt. Job Randall, Jeremiah Angell.
1759 Capt. Job Randall, Jeremiah Angell. 1760 Capt. Job Randall, William West.
1761 Capt. Job Randall, William West 1762. Job Randall, Jeremiah Angell
1763 Job Randall, Charles Harris. 1764 Job Randall, Jeremiah Angell.
1765 Job Randall, Jeremiah Angell 1766 Charles Harris, William West.
1767 Charles Harris, John Fiske. 1768 Gideon Harris, William West.
1769 Job Randall, Benjamin Slack. 1770 Job Randall, Benjamin Slack.
1771 William West, Charles Harris. 1772 Ezekiel Cornell, Rufus Hopkins.
1773 William West, Rufus Hopkins. 1774 Ezekiel Cornell, Rufus Hopkings
1775 Ezekiel Cornell, Rufus Hopkins. 1776 Col. William West, Christopher Potter
1777 Job Randall, Esq., 
Timothy Hopkins, Esq.
Timothy Hopkins, Esq., Christopher Potter
1779 William West, Esq., Christopher Potter. 1780 Christopher Potter, John Williams.
1781 William Bhodes, Esq., 
Rufus Hopkins, Esq.
1782 William Rhodes, Esq., 
Rufus Hopkins, Esq.
1783 William Rhodes, Esq. 
Rufus Hopkins, Esq.
1784 Rufus Hopkins, Esq., 
William West, Esq.
1785 Rufus Hopkins, Esq., 
William West, Esq.
1786 Nathan Bates, 
Thomas Mowry, Esq.
1787 Nathan Bates, Thomas Mowry, Esq. 1788 Peleg Fiske, Esq., James Aldrich
Peleg Fiske, Esq., James Aldrich, Esq.
1790 James Aldrich, Esq., 
Nathaniel Medbury, Esq.
1791 ............, ............ 1792 
James Alrich, Esq., Nathaniel Medbury, Esq.
1792-1794 February Session, 
James Aldrich, Nathaniel Medbury
1794-1800 May Session, 
James Aldrich, Job Randall.
1800 to 1805 May Session, 
James Aldrich, Elisha Mathewson.
1805-1808 June Session 
Job Randall, Elisha Mathewson
1808 February Session, 
Job Randall, Peleg Fisk, jr.
1808 to 1810 May Session 
Peleg Fisk, jr., Charles Angell.
1810 May Session 
Charles Angell, Solomon Taylor
1810 June Session, 
James Aldrich, Solomon Taylor
1811 to 1813 May Session 
Solomon Taylor, Clements Smith.
1813 May Session 
Charles Angell.
1813 June Session. 
Clements Smith.
1813 October Session. 
Clements Smith, Samuel Graves
1814 October Session 
Elisha Mathewson, Samuel Graves
1815 May Session 
Elisha Mathewson, Eleazer Relph
1816 to 1818 May Session 
Josiah Westcott, Isaac Field
1818 May Session 
Josiah Westcott, IsraelBrayton
1818 to 1820 June Session 
Elisha Mathewson, Israel Brayton
1820 May Session 
Elisha Mathewson, Israel G. Manchester
1821 May Session. Elisha Mathewson, chosen Speaker, Israel Brayton 1821 October Session 
Jerry A Fenner, Israel Brayton
1822 May Session. Elisha Mathewson, chosen Speaker, Israel Brayton 1822 October Session, 
Eleazer Relph, ...........
1823 January Session, 
Eleazer Ralph, Thomas Henry
1823 October Session 
Stephen Corp, Thomas Henry
1824 to 1826 October Session 
Thomas Henry, Israel Brayton
1826 May Session 
Israel Brayton, William Smith
1826 to 1829 October Session, 
William Smith, Nathan K. Stone
1829 May Session 
William Smith, Benjamin Wilbur
1830 May Session, 
William Smith, Job Randall
1833 May Session, 
Elisha Mathewson, Josiah Westcott.
1833 to 1835 June Session 
Elisha Mathewson, Jonah Titus.
1835 to 1837 October Session 
Jonah Titus, John Aldrich
1837 May Session 
Jonah Titus, Wilmarth N. Aldrich
1837 to 1841 October Session 
Elisha Mathewson, Wilmarth N. Aldrich
1841 May Session 
Elisha Mathewson, Josiah Westcott
1842 May Sessio., Elisha Mathewson, Senator, Josiah Westcott, Representative, Andrew A. Angell, Rep.
1842 June Session 
Elisha Mathewson, Senator, Job Randall, Representative, Andrew A. Angell, Rep.
1843 June Session. Job Randall, Senator 
Andrew A. Angell, Representative, Richard M. Andrew, Rep., Israel Brayton, Rep.
Job Randall, May, 1843 Job Randall, May, 1844
Pardon Angell, May, 1845 Pardon Angell, June, 1846
Pardon Angell, October, 1846 Pardon Angell, January, 1847
Pardon Angell, May, 1847 William B. Kimball, May, 1848
Albert Hubbard.* Josiah Wescott, 1849.
Josiah Wescott, 1850. Pardon Angell, 1851.
Pardon Angell, 1852. Ira Cowee, 1853.
Ira Cowee, 1854. Isaac Saunders, 1855.
Ira Cowee, 1856. Henry W. Emmons, 1857.
Henry W. Emmons, 1858. Henry W. Emmons, 1859.
Abner W. Peckham, 1860. Abner W. Peckham, 1861.
Abner W. Peckham, 1862. Abner W. Peckham, 1863
Abner W. Peckham, 1864. Alanson Steere, 1865
Alanson Steere, 1866 Alanson Steere, 1867
Alanson Steere, 1868 Charles H. Fisher, 1869
John H. Barden, 1870 John H. Barden, 1871
Isaac Saunders, 1872 Isaac Saunders, 1873
Charles H. Page, 1874 Charles H. Page 1875
Jeremiah H. Field, 1876
May, 1843, Andrew A. Angell, Richard M. Andrew, Israel Brayton May, 1844, Richard M. Andrew, Isreal Brayton, Stephen H. Fiske
May, 1845, Wilmarth N. Aldrich, Harley Luther William A. Roberts May, 1846, Wilmarth N. Aldrich, Harley Luther, William A. Roberts
June, 1846, Wilmarth N. Aldrich, Harley Luther Abel Salisbury October, 1846, Isaac Saunders, Harley Luther, Abel Salisbury
January, 1847, Isaac Saunders, Harley Luther, William Roberts May, 1847, Albert Hubbard, John Potter, 2d, George Aldrich
May, 1848, Horace S. Patterson, Arthur F. Aldrich George Aldrich 1849 
Issac Saunders, Benedict Lapham
1850 Isaac Saunders, Benedict Lapham, Richard M. Andrew 1851 
William A. Roberts, Sheldon Fiske
1852, Harley P. Angell, William A. Roberts 1853, Jonah Titus, Albert K. Barnes
1854, Jonah Titus, Albert K. Barnes 1855, Arthur F. Randall, Henry Hierlihy
1856, Charles Jackson, Pardon A. Phillips 1857, Andrew A. Angell, Isaac Saunders
1858, Andrew A. Angell, Isaac Saunders 1859, Andrew A. Angell, Samuel P. Boss
1860, Welcome Matteson, Henry S. Olney 1861, Welcome Matteson, Henry S. Olney
1862, Albert W. Harris, Henry A. Lawton 1863, Olney H. Austin, John S. Fiske
1864, Olney H. Austin, John S. Fiske 1865, Samuel G. Allen, William G. Smith
1866, William G. Smith, Andrew J. Westcott 1867, Martin Smith, Andrew J. Wescott
1868, Martin Smith, Henry A. Lawton 1869, John H. Barden, Ferdinand H. Allen
1870, Hiram Steere, Richard G. Howland 1871, Hiram Steere, Isaac Saunders
1872, Charles H. Page, Harris H. Stone 1873, Charles H. Page
1874, Martin S. Smith 1875, Martin S. Smith
1876, Benjamin Wilbour  
Stephen Hopkins, 1730 Capt. Joseph Brown, 1731 Benjamin Fisk, 1732
Stephen Hopkins, 1733 Benjamin Fisk, 1734 Edward Sheldon, 1735
Stephen Hopkins, 1737 Job Randall, 1739 James Brown, 1746
Benjamin Fisk, 1743 Capt. Charles Harris, 1747 Job Randall, 1759
William West, 1765 Charles Harris, 1765 William West, 1765
Charles Harris, 1766 John Fisk, 1768 Ezekiel Cornell, 1768
Rufus Hopkins, 1778 Reuben Hopkins, 1779 Benjamin Slack, 1780
Rufus Hopkins, 1780 Benjamin Slack, 1781 Timothy Hopkins, 1781
Ezekiel Cornell, 1781 Dr. Caleb Fisk, 1781 Benjamin Slack, 1781
Rufus Hopkins, 1781 Caleb Fisk, 1783 Ezekiel Cornell, 1785
Rufus Hopkins, 1786 Reuben Hopkins, 1787 Col. Clemons Smith, 1825
Jonah Titus, 1826 Clemons Smith, 1827 Jonas Titus, 1828
Clemons Smith, 1829 Elisha Mathewson, 1831 Jonah Titus, 1832
Jerry A. Fenner, 1832 Elisha Mathewson, 1833 Jonah Titus, 1834
Elisha Mathewson, 1834 Benjamin Wilbur, 1835 Flavel Patterson, 1835
Olney Battey, 1836 John Graves, 1837 Israel Brayton, 1838
Owen Battey, 1838 Israel Brayton 1839 Flavel Patterson, 1839
Jonah Titus, 1840 Elisha Mathewson, 1840 David Phillips, 3d, 1841
Isaac Sanders, 1842 Horace Battey, 1842 Wilmarth N. Aldrich, 1845
Jonah Titus, 1846 Isaac Saunders, 1847 Horace S. Patterson, 1848
Isaac Saunders, 1849 H. S. Patterson, 1852 George W. Colwell, 1853
John H. Barden, 1855 Caleb W. Johnston, 1856 William G. Smith, 1857
Uriah R. Colwell, 1859 Harley P. Angell, 1865 Jeremiah H. Field, 1866
Dexter A. Potter, 1867 H. S. Patterson, 1869 Alanson Steere, 1870
H. S. Patterson, 1871 Benjamin T. Albro, 1872 William G. Smith, 1874
Richmond M. Knight, 1876    
Joseph Brown, 1730 Stephen Hopkins, 1732 Gideon Harris, 1741
John Harris, 1778 John Westcott, 1779 John Harris, 1780
John Westcott, pro.tem., 1809 Josiah Westcott, 1814 John A. Harris, 1845
Sylvster Patterson, 1854 Albert Hubbard, 1855 S. Patterson, 1856
A. Hubbard, 1857 Isaac Saunders, pro. tem., 1861 S. Patterson, 1861
A. Hubbard, 1865 S. Patterson, pro.tem. Dec. 1867 S. Patterson, 1868
D. C. Remington, 1875    

Lieut. Joseph Wilkinson, 1730 Joseph Wilkinson, 1731 Benjain Fisk, 1732
Job Randall, 1736 Capt. Job Randall, 1737 Timothy Hopkins, 1758
Jeremiah Angell, 1760 Jonathan Hopkins, 1779 Jonathan Hopkins, jr., 1780
Josiah Kimball, 1781 Joshua Smith, 1825 Albert G. Field, 1850
Joshua Smith, 1851 John B. Smith, 1852 John A. Harris, 1857
Alpheus Winsor, 1858 John B. Smith, 1860 Jeremiah H. Field, 1866
John B. Smith, 1870 Jeremiah H. Field, 1871 David Capwell, 1873
Albert Hubbard, 1874    

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