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Owners and Occupants of the Lots, Houses and Shops in the Town of Providence Rhode Island in 1798

H House
S Store or Shop
B Barn or Stable
W Wharf
M Mill
G Garden
T Tenant
O Owner
L Land
HL House and Land
BL Barn and Land
SL Shop and Land
HS House and Shop
HBS House, Barn and Shop
OH Owner of House
OS Owner of Shop
OB Owner of Barn or Stable
OW Owner of Wharf
OL Owner of Land
OF Owner of Farm

These and other combinations of the capital letters occurring, refer to the proceeding name, to indicate what improvements were on the land, and who the owner or tenant was.
Ebenezer Frost was tenant on Nathan Angell's Lane, who also owned the house.
Silas Fish was tenant on Felix Frazier's land, but he owned 1/2 a house with N. D. Greene, and B. Knowles lived in the house. 

Taber Henry    III E6 H    
Talbot Benjamin   XI B5 H    
Talbot Benjamin   XI B5 H Scott Jencks T
Talbot Benjamin   XI C5 H Pardon Bowen T
Talbot Benjamin   XI B5 H John Slocum T
Talbot Benjamin   XI B5 H    
Talbot Benjamin   XI C5 H J. Jillet T
Talbot Benjamin, Jr.   XI B5 H    
Talbot Benjamin, Jr.   XI B5 H Amos Warner T
Talbot B. & C.   XI C5 L    
Talbot Cyrus   XI C5 L    
Tallman Benjamin   XII C2 H    
Tallman Benjamin   XII C2 SL Shipyard  
Tallman Thomas   III C5 H    
Tanyard     VI D1   T. Mason  
Tanyard     VI B5   O. Brown  
Tanyard     XIII C4   C. Dean  
Tanyard     VI D1   A. Mason  
Tanyard Lane     XVII E1   Dean Street  
Tarp John   III A3 HSB    
Tar Bridge     XVII A5      
Taylor Benjamin   III B3 HB    
Taylor Edward   III B3 H    
Taylor Edward   III B3 HB Mother and Sister T
Taylor George Heirs   VI C5 HL    
Taylor Gustavus   XI B4 HBS    
Taylor Josiah   XI C4 L    
Taylor Peter   XI C4 H    
Taylor Peter   XI C4 S Zeph. Brown OL
Taylor Robert   XI C5 H    
Taylor Robert   VI D5 L    
Taylor William   XI C4 H    
Taylor William   XI B6 H Grinnell & Taylor  
Taylor William   XV  D2 L Grinnell & Taylor  
Taylor William   III B5 S Grinnell & Taylor  
Taylor William   XI B6 L    
Teal Caleb   III B3 T R. Waterman OS
Teal John   VI B5 T Smith Brown OH
Teal Thomas   III B3 T R. Waterman OH
Teste Alexander   XI D4 HB    
Tew Newport   VI B4 T Thomas Green OH
Tew Paraclete, Dr.    VI B6 H    
Thayer Benjamin   VI B5 T Smith Brown OH
Thayer Thomas   I C3 H    
Theatre     XI B5 H 3 story wood 80 x 50  
            1.3 windows 24 panes  
            7 windows 16 panes  
            8 x 10 glass  
Third Congregatl. Ch.     XI C6 H 50 x 44 Tower 10 x 10  
Thomas George   VI B4 T Thos. Green OH
Thomas George C.   VI D1 HSB    
Thomas Samuel   II  B4 H    
Thompson Ebenezer   III B4 H    
Thompson Ebenezer   XI D3 H 1/2 Aaron Draper T
Thompson Ebenezer   XI D3 H 1/2 Heirs John Gibbs  
Thompson Ebenezer   XI D4 L Sam James T
Thompson Ebenezer   XI D4 L John Adye T
Thompson Ebenezer   II A4 L    
Thompson Ebenezer   I C4 L 4 Acres  
Thompson Ebenezer   XI C4 T Josiah Greene Heirs OH
Thompson Ebenezer, Jr.   I D4 L    
Thompson John   I D4 L    
Thornton Pardon   XVII B6 H C. C. Olney T
Throop Amos   III B4 H    
Throop Amos   XI C4 H John Young T
Throop Amos   III B4 H Benj. Thurber T
Throop Amos   III B4 W Dr. Throop  
Throop Amos   VII B5 L    
Throop Amos   III B1 H 1/2 S. Nightingale  
Thorpe David   VI B6 T Wm. Smith OH
Thurber Benjamin   III B4 T A. Throop OH
Thurber Benjamin   III A1 T A. Throop OW
Thurber Charles   VI B6 S Saml. Thurber T
Thurber John 2d   XII C2 H    
Thurber John 2d   XIII E5 HS S. Beverly T
Thurber John 2d   XIII E5 HS J. Pitman, an error  
Thurber Edward   VI B5 HSB    
Thurber Edward   VI A4 L 5 Acres  
Thurber Edward, Jr.   IX B5 H    
Thurber Edward, Jr.   IX A6 Mill Saml. Thurber  
Thurber Relief   I D3 H Thos. Lyndsey T
Thurber Samuel, Jr.   VI B5 H    
Thurber Samuel, Jr.   IX A6 Mill Grist and Paper Mill  
Thurber Samuel, Jr.   VI D1 HB    
Thurber Samuel, Jr.   IX A6 HL Workmen T
Thurber Squire   VI B5 H Only one room finished  
Thurber Squire   X C1 L 1 Acre  
Thurber Stephen   XI B4 H 1/2 Saml. Thurber, Wm. Logan Heirs  
Thurber Sephen   XVI  D5 L    
Thurber William   III A2 S Zach. Allen OL
Thurber William   III B2 H Mrs. Wilkinson  
Thurber Lane     IX A6      
Thurber Grist Mill     IX A6      
Thurber Paper Mill     IX A6      
Thurston Samuel   VI C4 T Caleb King OH
Tifft Daniel   XI B5 HBS    
Tifft Daniel   XI C4 S Danl. Jackson T
Tifft Daniel   XIII A2   37 Acres  
Tillinghast Benj. Est.   I B4 L    
Tillinghast Benj. Est.   I C4 L    
Tillinghast Charles   I B1 HBL Page 24  
Tillinghast Daniel   I C3 L    
Tillinghast Joseph   I B2 WS    
Tillinghast Joseph   I B2 HL    
Tillinghast Joseph   III E6 L    
Tillinghast Joseph   I B1 L    
Tillinghast John   I B1 H    
Tillinghast John   I B1 H Bliss T
Tillinghast Jonathan   III B3 H    
Tillinghast Nicholas   XVI D1 L    
Tillinghast Paris J.   XI D4 HS    
Tillinghast Paris J.   I A2 S See Wm. Holroyd  
Tillinghast Wm. Heirs   I B2 H Bake House  
Tillinghast Wm. Heirs   I B2 L T. L. Halsey OS
Tillinghast William   I B2 WS    
Tillinghast William   I B3 L    
Tingley Nathan   III B5 S Welcome Arnold OL
Town     III B5 T Bank Lane  
Town     III B4 H Town House  
Town     XI B6 L Abbots Parade  
Town     XI C4 H Roan Estate  
Town     III B4 H Market House  
Town     XI B5 H School House  
Town     XII A6 H New Hospital  
Town     XII C6 H Old Hospital  
Town     X E4 H Work House  
Town Line     XVII        
Transit Street     II A3      
Treadwell Jonathan   III B2 HB    
Tripe Bernon   III B1 H Mary Tripe OH
Tripe Mary   III B1 H Bernon Tripe T
Tripe Mary   III A1 H Nehemiah Dodge T
Tripp Othniel   XIII D6 H    
Trotter Captain   III B4 T John Corlis OH
Trotter Captain   III B4 T N. Waterman OL
Trwobridge Captain   III B5 T Wm. Bowen OH
Truman John   I C3 T Jas. Ormsbee  
Truman Nathan   XI C5 H Wm. Waterman OL
Truman Nathan   XI B4 L    
Tucker Elizabeth   XI B5 H J. Westcott T
Turpin Benjamin   XI B6 T D. Snow Heirs OH
Turpin Farm     VI C3      
Turpin House     VI C3      
Tyler Ebenezer   III B5 HL Chas. Coggeshall OS
Tyler Ebenezer   III B5 W    
Tyler Ebenezer   XVI D2 L    
Tyler William   XI D4 H    
Tyler William Hatter   VI B6 HB    
----------- ------ - --- -- -- --------- --
Union Street     XI B4      
Updike John   III B3 HS    
Updike John   III B3 H Nich. Hoppin T
Updike John   III B2 L    
----------- ------ - --- -- -- --------- --
Valletine William   XIV B1 HB    
Valletine William   VI C4 H    
Valletine William   VI C3 H    
Valletine William   X D4 L    
Vaughn Boone   XI C4 H See J. Greene Heirs 1/2   
Vaughn Boone   XI C5 S Wm. Waterman OL
Vaughn Boone   XV D5 L 2 acres  
Veazie Benjamin   VI B5 H    
Viall John   I C3 HL    
Vincent Laban   XI A6 HS    
Vincent Laban   XI A6 L W. Arnold Heirs T
Vincent Laban   XI A5 S Olney Dyer OL
Vinton David   III B4 H N. Waterman OL
Vinton David   XVI C1 L    
Vinton David   III B4 T Arthur Fenner OL
----------- ------ - --- -- -- --------- --
Wade Ichabod   II B4 S Edward Cole OL
Wakefield George   XII C2 SL Wm. & Benjamin Brown T
Walcott George   VI B5 T John Walcott OH
Walcott John   VI B5 H Geo. Walcott T
Walker Calvin   I C3 HL    
Walker David   VI C5 H    
Walker David   III A3 S Nathan Angell OL
Walker Ephraim   XI A5 HSL    
Wallen Jonathan   XI C4 T Amos Atwell OH
Wall  S.   III D5 L    
Wanton Caesar   I B1 T John Corlis OH
Ward Elizabeth   I C2 HL John Ward T
Ward John   I C2 T Elizabeth Ward OH
Wardwell Stephen   XI B6 HL    
Warner Amos   I C3 H 1/2 John Warner  
Warner Amos   XI B5 H B. Talbot, Jr. OH
Warner John   I C3 HB 1/2 Amos Warner  
Warner John 2d   I C3 H J. T. Sheldon OL
Warner John 2d   XII B2 L    
Warner Henry   VI D4 S Esec Olney OL
Warner Nathan   XVI B3 H    
Warner Nathan   XI C6 S Nathan Williams OL
Warner Samuel Heirs   I B2 H    
Warner Samuel Heirs   I B2 L    
Warner William   II C5 T John Brown OH
Warren Abijah   III B4 T Brown & Ives OH
Warren Samuel   XI B5 T Benj. Hoppin OH
Warwick     III B3 T N. Waterman OH
Water Street     III        
Water Street     I        
Water Lots     I D5      
Waterman Andrew   XI C5 L    
Waterman Andrew   XII B2 L    
Waterman Elisha   III E4 L    
Waterman Elisha   III B4 H John Low  
Waterman Elisha   XI C4 L R. N. and E. Waterman  
Waterman George   XVI E1 L    
Waterman John   XVIII A1 M See A. Fenner  
Waterman John O.   XVII B5 S See A. Fenner  
Waterman Nathan   III D4 L R. N. R. and E. Waterman  
Waterman Nathan   XIV C2 HL Potter Card T
Waterman Nathan   XI C4 L A. Williams OHB
Waterman Nathan   III B4 L D. Vinton OH
Waterman Nathan   III B4 L Chas. Holden OHT
Waterman Nathan   III B3 H Richd. Jackson, Jr. T
Waterman Nathan   III B3 H Warwick T
Waterman Nathan   III B4 H John Thompson T
Waterman Nathan   III E4 L 20 Acres  
Waterman Nathan   XVIII D2 L 10 Acres  
Waterman Nathan   XV   L Dill Swamp  
Waterman Nathan   XIV C2 L Slow Pond  
Waterman Nathan   IV A4 L    
Waterman Nathan   III B4 L Saml. Ames OH
Waterman Nathan   III B4 L Adams & Lothrop T
Waterman Nathan   III B4 L John Corlis T
Waterman Richard   III C4 H Mary Gramon T
Waterman Richard   XI C4 L    
Waterman Richard   III C4 L    
Waterman Rufus   III B3 H    
Waterman Rufus   III B3 H William Larkin T
Waterman Rufus   III B3 H John Nichols T
Waterman Rufus   III B3 H Thomas Teal T
Waterman Rufus   III B3 LS Caleb Teal T
Waterman Rufus   VI B5 LS John Lassell T
Waterman Rufus   III A3 LB    
Waterman Rufus   VIII C5 L 13 Acres  
Waterman Rufus   XI C4 L    
Waterman Rufus   XVIII D1 L 12 Acres Page 25  
Waterman Rufus   IV A4      
Waterman Rufus   II B5 L 1/2 Wm. Holroyd  
Waterman William   XI C5 LS Ward Cowing T
Waterman William   XI C5 L Nathan Truman H
Waterman William   VI C5 T Nehemiah Sweet OH
Weeden Charles   II C5 T John Brown OH
Weeden George   VI B6 H    
Weeden George   VI B6 S    
Weeden George   III E6 L    
Weeden George   VI C4 L    
Weeden James   III C6 H    
Weeden Samuel   III B1 H 1/2 N. Bailey, adj. Jos. Allen  
Weeden Samuel   IV A6 L 1/2 N. Bailey   
Weight John   III A1 T Susana Crawford OH
Weeks Joshua   III C6 T Stephen Harris OH
Weeks Samuel   III B2 T Thos. L. Halsey OH
Wells Street     I B1      
West Benjamin   XI B5 T Stephen Dexter OH
West William   XIII D5 S Rope Walk  
West William   XI B5 T Wm. Bacon OH
West Lane     VIII A3      
West River Road     VI B2      
Westcott Anthony   XI A6 HL W. Arnold  T
Westcott Jacob   XIII E5 H    
Westcott James   VI C4 H Jas. Westcott, Jr. T
Westcott Jeremiah   I C3 H 1-3 Mary Simmons  
Westcott John   VI B5 T Elizb. Tucker OH
Westcott Lillis   XVI B1 T Nathan Arnold  OH
Westcott Samuel   III B4 H    
Westcott Sarah   I C3   1-3 Mary Simmons  
Westcott Jere   I C3   1-3 Sarah Simmons  
Westminster Street     XI        
Wetherby Ebenezer   XI B6 T Nathl. Jacobs OH
Weybosset Street     XI        
Wharf, John Brown's     II C6      
Wheaton Caleb   III B1 H    
Wheaton Caleb   VI B5 B    
Wheaton Comfort   VI B5 HSL    
Wheaton Comfort   VI E5 L    
Wheaton Daniel   III B1 H Eleanor Clark T
Wheaton Ephraim   VI C3 H    
Wheaton Ephraim   VI C4 L    
Wheaton James   VI B6 H    
Wheaton Levi, Dr.   III A2 T Esec Brown Heirs OH
Wheaton Hannah   III B1 H Henry Russell T
Wheaton Nath. Heirs   III B1 H Seth Wheaton, Melzer Packard T
Wheaton Seth   III B4 H    
Wheaton Seth   I B3 S Warehouses  
Wheaton Seth   I B2 S 1-3 Butler, Wheaton & Jackson  
Wheaton Seth   I B3 S Old Stores Salt Shed  
Wheaton Seth   VI E4 L 5 Acres  
Wheaton Seth   III B4 LBS    
Wheaton Seth   III C1 L 2 1/2 Acres  
Wheaton Samuel   XI C4 H    
Wheaton William   XIV B1 T John Bailey OH
Wheeler Bennett   XI B5 H    
Wheeler Bennett   XI D3 H Printing Office  
Wheeler Bennett   XII C3 L    
Wheeler Zerviah   XIV E2 L 7 Acres  
Whipple Amey   VI C5 H    
Whipple Arnold   XI D4 H J. Nelson T
Whipple Arnold   XI D4 W B. and E. Aborn T
Whipple Arnold   XI D4 W 1-7 Long Wharf  
Whipple Azariah   VI C5 H Jas. Currie OL
Whipple Benjamin   XIII D5 T Dal. Aborn's Heirs OH
Whipple Captain   VII  B5 L Great Orchard  
Whipple David   XI D3 S E. Thompson, see A. Draper OL
Whipple Eleazer   VI B5 H    
Whipple John   VI B6 H    
Whipple John   VI B6 BL    
Whipple Joseph   VI B6 H Negroes  
Whipple Joseph   XI C4 T S. Fuller OS
Whipple Joseph   XI C4 T B. Peck OL
Whipple Joseph   VI B6 LB Saml. Whipple T
Whipple Lovett   VI D2 H 1/2 J. Whitmore  
Whipple Moses   XIII   L Adj. John Mathewson  
Whipple Oliver   XI A6 H 1/2 J. Whitmore  
Whipple Mrs.   XIII C6 T J. P. Jones OH
Whipple Samuel   VI B6 H    
Whipple Samuel   VI B6 T Joseph Whipple OL
Whipple Samuel   IX C5 F Old Farm 1696  
Whipple School     VI C5 H    
Whipple Island     XI D1 L X E6  
White William   XVI D1 L    
White William   XI B5 S T. Rutttenberg OL
Whiting David   I B3 T John Brown OSW
Whiting Nathaniel   XII B6 T E. Williams OH
Whiting and Heaton   I E4 H Geo. Dode T
Whiting Mr.   I C3 T Widow Jones OH
Whitman Jacob   XI D4 H Turks Head  
Whitman Jacob   XI D4 SB 4 Shops  
Whitman Jacob   XI D4 L Saml. Clark T
Whitman Jacob   XI D4 L Langford Holden T
Whitman Jacob, Jr.   XV D6C5 B Thos. Angell T
Whitman Jacob, Jr.   III B3 L A. Man, Wm. Billings T
Whitman Jacob, Jr.   XI D3 H Zachariah Rhodes, Sally Godfrey T
Whitman Jacob, Jr.   VI D2   an error, should be Jesse Whitmore  
Whitemore Jesse   VI D2 HB B. Lindsey T
Whitemore Jesse   VI D2 HB 1/2 Lovett Whipple, J. Whitman, error  
Wickenden Lane     II A4      
Wickenden Street     II A4      
Wickenden Street     I C3      
Wilkey Samuel   I B3 H Transit Street  
Wilkinson D.   III B2 H See Mary  
Wilkinson Mrs. Mary   III B2 H Aaron Peck, Wm. Thurber  
Wilkinson William   III B4 S Carter & Wilkinson  
Wilkinson William   III B4 S A. Fenner OL
Williams Andrew   XVI A4 L 9 Acres  
Williams Andrew   XI C4 HSB N. Waterman OL
Williams Benoni   XIII A6 T E. Olney  
Williams Caleb   XIII B6 H    
Williams Caleb   XIII B6 S 1/2 Peleg Williams  
Williams E. and Son   II AB5 T Demus Bishop OS
Williams Elijah   III B3 T Eph. Bowen, Jr. OH
Williams Elisha   XIII A6 H N. Whiting T
Williams John   XIII A6 HB A. Holden T
Williams John   XV E5 H Slaughter House  
Williams Jos. Heirs   XIV C1 H Hannah Williams T
Williams Joseph   XVI C3      
Williams Mathewson   XII B5 F Farm Geo. Field  
Williams Mathewson   XII A4 H Seth Andrews T
Williams Mathewson   XII A5 L 34-Acre Farm  
Williams Nathan    XI C6 H Nathan Warner T
Williams Nathan   XI A6 H Mrs. Clifford T
Williams Nathan   XV A4 L    
Williams Peleg   XIII B6 H I. Clapp 1/2  T
Williams Peleg   XIII B6 LS 1/2 C. Williams Page 26 O
Williams Peleg   XIII B6 H 1/2 Geo. Gordon O
Williams Rebecca   II A2   2 Rope Walk  
Williams Rebecca   I B2 H    
Williams Rebecca   I B2 L Rebecca Black T
Williams Rebecca   I B2 L Wm. Rodman T
Williams Rebecca   I B2 L Luther  
Williams Thomas   XV E6 HB    
Williams Thomas   XIII A6 L    
Williams & Bullard     III B3 H    
Williams Lane     XV E6 L    
Williams Street     I C2      
Wilson's New Light Ch.     XI B6 H Beneficent Society  
Winsor Augustus   XI C5 S Slaughter House  
Winsor Olney   III B5 H Providence Bank  
Winsor Olney   III B1 L    
Winsor Farm     IV C2 L    
Winsor Lane     VII  A5 L    
Wonasquatucket Riv. (sic)     XVII        
Woodward     II B5 T John Brown OL
Woodward Jacob   II B5 T Robt. Brittain OH
Woodward William            
Work House     X E4 H Town  
Work House Lot     VI B6   X E4  
Wright Aaron   XI A5 H    
Wright Aaron   III B3 T N. Angel (sic) OS
Wyall Stukley   II C5 T John Brown OL
----------- ------ - --- -- -- --------- --
Young Archibald   IV A5 L    
Young John   XI C4 SB Amos Throop  
Young Mary   III B6 HL    
Young Mary   XI D4 HS 2-3 P. J. Tillinghast  
Young Samuel   VI B6 H    
Young William   XI D3 HS    
Young Orchard     II B1 F Gov. Nicho. Cooke, IV B6  
Yerrington James   VI B5 H 1/2 Smith Brown  

Thanks to Beth Hurd for photographing and transcribing this atlas, 2002-4.

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