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Owners and Occupants of the Lots, Houses and Shops in the Town of Providence Rhode Island in 1798

H House
S Store or Shop
B Barn or Stable
W Wharf
M Mill
G Garden
T Tenant
O Owner
L Land
HL House and Land
BL Barn and Land
SL Shop and Land
HS House and Shop
HBS House, Barn and Shop
OH Owner of House
OS Owner of Shop
OB Owner of Barn or Stable
OW Owner of Wharf
OL Owner of Land
OF Owner of Farm

These and other combinations of the capital letters occurring, refer to the proceeding name, to indicate what improvements were on the land, and who the owner or tenant was.
Ebenezer Frost was tenant on Nathan Angell's Lane, who also owned the house.
Silas Fish was tenant on Felix Frazier's land, but he owned 1/2 a house with N. D. Greene, and B. Knowles lived in the house. 

Randall Benjamin   XIII D6 HSL Isaac Rockwell T
Randall Henry   XII C3 T T. L. Halsey OH
Randall Joseph   VIII E4      
Randall Peter   IX B6 H David Chilson T
Randall Peter   VI C3 HS Caleb Allen T
Randall Peter   IX B6 H Simeon Loring T
Randall Peter   VI C3 H Abbott Earl T
Randall Peter   VI A3 L    
Randall Peter   X D1 L 5 Acres  
Randall Stephen   VI C3 HS Hay Scales  
Randall Stephen   VI C2 LB Back Land  
Rathbone Joshua   III A2 T Wait Kilton OH
Rawson Joseph   XI B5 H Unfinished  
Rawson Fountain Soc.     XIII B5      
Rea Uriel   III B4 T Exchange Coffee House  
Reiley Terrence   I B1 T Joseph Arnold  
Reiley Terrence   XI D3 T Joseph Arnold OH
Remington Stephen   XVIII A1 HS XVII B5  
Reynolds Benjamin   III B5 S Moses Brown OL
Reynolds Grindall   XI C6 HL    
Rhode Island College     III D5 H    
Rhodes James   XI B4 HB Unfinished  
Rhodes James   XI B4 S    
Rhodes James & Rob.   XII B1 L Lemuel Field T
Rhodes Prince   XI C4 T Samuel Butler OL
Rhodes William   XI C5 HL    
Rhodes William   XI B4 SB    
Rhodes William   XIV D1   Slow Pond and 3 Acres  
Rhodes William N.   VI C5 LB    
Rhodes William N.   VI C5 H Nathl. Newman T
Rhodes William N.   III D5 L    
Rhodes Zachariah   XI D3 T Jacob Whitman, Jr. OH
Rice Henry   III B2 H Alpheus Amidon Mansion House T
Rice Henry   III B2 B Saml. Barstow T
Rice Henry   III B2 B J. Mawney OL
Richmond Nathl. Mrs.   III B1 HL    
Richmond William   XI A5 H    
Richmond William   XI B6 BL Marsh Land  
Richmond William   XI A5 S Hatters Shop  
Richmond William   XV D5 L 15 Acres  
Richmond Lane     XI A5      
Richmond Street     XI C6      
Rising Sun Paper Mills     XVII B2   Olney Farm  
Road to Bridge     IV, V B5      
Road to Burying Ground     XII A4      
Road to Burying Ground     XIV D2   Page 21  
Road to Cranston     XVI        
Road to Central Bridge     V        
Road to Cat Swamp     VIII        
Road to Greenwich     XVI, XIV        
Road to Gov. Fenners     IV, V        
Road to Hospital     XII        
Road to Johnston     X        
Road to Killingly     X        
Road to Monkey Town     XVI B3      
Road to Moses Brown Farm     IV         
Road to Moses Brown Bridge     IV D6      
Road to Pawtucket     IV E2      
Road to Pawtucket     VII, VIII        
Road to Pawtuxet     XI, XII        
Road to Pawtuxet     XVI        
Road to Plainfield     XVIII        
Road to Plainfield     XVII        
Road to Plainfield     XVI, XV        
Road to Rich. Browns     VII, IV E2      
Road to Rittenbergs     XVII        
Road to Swan Point     VIII A3 D1    
Road to Tar Bridge     X C2      
Road to Tar Bridge     XVII A5      
Road to Wenscot     X C1      
Road to Wenscot     IX A4      
Roan Amey   XI C4 H Town of Providence OL
Robbins Asher   III B6 H Chas. Field Est. OL
Roberts Dutee   XI C6 S 1/2 Nathl Cook  
Robinson Thomas   VI C3 H    
Rodman William   VI D4 L    
Rodman William   I B1 T Rebecca Williams OH
Rodman William   I E4 L    
Rockwell Isaac   XIII D6 T Benj. Randall OH
Rogers James   XVI E1 H    
Rogers John   III B5 HL    
Rogers John   III B5 H Isaac Boorum T
Rope Walk     XIII D5   W. West & I. Butts  
Rope Walk     II B3   Powers & Brown  
Rope Walk     II A3   Pitman & Holroyd  
Round John   XVI E1 L    
Ross Sanford   I C3 H J. T. Sheldon OL
Russell Henry   III B1 T Hannah Wheaton OH
Russell John N.    III B1 H 1/2 John Holand  
Russell Joseph   XI A5 L    
Russell William   III A3 HWS    
Russell William   VI C5 H Jos. Crandall T
Russell William   III A3 S Widow Sterry OL
Ruttenberg Estate     XVII C2 HL    
Ruttenberg Thomas   XI B5 H Amey Ruttenberg T
Ruttenberg Thomas   XI B5 LB Wm. White OS
Ruttenberg Amey   XI B5 T Thos. Ruttenberg H
---------- ------- - -- -- -- ---------- --
Sabin James   XI D3 H    
Sabin James   XIII D4 L 20 Acre Abbott Farm  
Sabin John   I B2 L    
Sabin John and Jesse   I A2 H    
Sabin John and Jesse   I D2 L    
Sabin John and Jesse   I C2 L    
Sabin John and Jesse   I A2 WS    
Sabin Hezekiah   II C5 T Edw. Dickens OH
Sabin Thomas   III B6 H    
Sabin Thomas   III B6 LS    
Sabin Thomas   IX E4 L 6 Acres  
Sabin Thomas   XIII B4 L 18 Acres  
Sabin Thomas   III B6 WS    
Sabin Timothy   I B2 H Mapd. Jim in error  
Sabin Lane     XV E4      
Sabin Grove     XI A3      
St. John's Ch. Glebe     III B3 L    
Salisbury Archibald   VI D1 H    
Salisbury Archibald   VI D2 L Very Poor Sandy Lane  
Salisbury Jonathan   XII C2 H 1/2 Pardon  
Salisbury Pardon   XII C2 H 1/2 Jonathan  
Salisbury Joshua   III B2 H    
Salisbury Nathan   XI B6 HB    
Salisbury Nathan   XI B6 BL    
Sampson Charles   XI A5 SB    
Sampson Charles   XVII E5 L 4 Acres  
Sampson Charles   XI A5 H 1/2 Wm. Manchester  
Sampson Charles   XVI E1 T Isaac Manchester  
Sanders Nathaniel   VI B5 H Widow Sanders  
Sayles Jeremiah   VI D1 H Sally Peters  
Sayles R.   II A4 L    
School House     III C5   Neighbors  
School House     III B2   Brick Ho. Adj. Friends Land  
School House     XI B5 L Neighbors  
School House     VI C5   Whipples  
School House     I B2   John Dexter's, Sheldons  
School Street     XI B5      
Seaconk River (sic)     II, V        
Seamans Martin   III B5 T Isaac Brown Heirs OH
Seamans Young   III B5 T Jos. Brown Heirs OH
Seamons           See Simmons  
Searl (sic) Elizabeth   XI B6 L S. Searle  
Searl (sic) Elizabeth   XIII B6 L    
Searl (sic) John   XI B6 L    
Searl (sic) Nathaniel   VI B6 T John Marsh OH
Searl (sic) Solomon   XI B6 H E. Searle  
Seaser William   VI C3 H    
Seaver Hannah   XI A6 H John Clark T
Sessions Darius   III A2 H    
Sessions Darius   III A1 HB Abner Metcalf T
Sessions Darius   III B1 H Thos. Sessions T
Sessions Darius   III A1 WS    
Sessions Darius   III A1 WB Wm. A. Sessions T
Sessions Darius   VI E1 L 4 Acres, 1/2 Thomas 4 Acres  
Sessions Thomas   VI E1 L 4 Acres, 4 to Darius  
Sessions Thomas   III B1 H Darius Sessions  
Sessions William A.    III B1 H Darius Sessions OW
Sharp Samuel   III B1 T Nath. Packard OH
Sheldon Christopher   I B2 H    
Sheldon Christopher   I B2 H Jno. Manchester T
Sheldon Christopher   I B2 W S. Dexter T
Sheldon Christopher   I B2 W    
Sheldon Christopher   I C3 L Robt. Blinn OH
Sheldon Christopher   I D3 L 7 1/2 Acres T. Spooner T
Sheldon Christopher   I B2 L Dexter School House  
Sheldon Christopher   I B2 T Saml. Godfrey OH
Sheldon Edward   II A4 T Saml. Short OH
Sheldon John T.   I C3 HL Sanford Ross TOH
Sheldon John T.   I A2 T See Wm. Holroyd S
Sheldon John T.   I B3 LS    
Sheldon John T.   I C3 L John Warner H
Sheldon Pardon   I B2 H    
Sheldon Timothy, Jr.   VI D2 H See I. Sheldon  
Sheldon's Corner     II A4   Page 22  
Sherman James   III C6 T Jas. Berry OH
Ship Street     XII A1      
Ship Yard     XII C2      
Shore Street     II A5      
Short Samuel   II A4 H    
Simmons           See Seamons  
Simmons Aaron   II C5 H    
Simmons Ebenezer   XI B4 H    
Simmons Jeremiah   VI A5 T Stephen Harris OH
Simmons Mary   I C3 H 1/2 J. Westcott  
Simmons Mary   VI C4 L    
Simmons Nathan Heirs   I C2 H Henry Hudson OH
Simmons Simeon   XIII   L Adj. J. Mathewson  
Simmons Simeon   XIII   L 1/2 Wanton Steere  
Sinkins Widow   I C3 H 1/2 John Davis  
Sinkins Widow   I C3 H 1/2 John Davis  
Sisco Eben    XIII D6 H Nathan Angel OL
Sisco Mode   VI B4 T Thomas Green OH
Slaughter House     VI B6 S O. Bowen  
Slaughter House     XI C5 S A. Winsor  
Slaughter House     XIII A5 S J. Williams  
Slocum John   XI C5 T B. Talbot OH
Smart Sarah Dower   XI B4 H J. Burrill OH
Smith Abraham Est.   XI B5 H Heirs S. Gladding  
Smith Ann Dower   XI B5 H A. Smith  
Smith Benjamin   VI B6 HL Henry Smith & Co.  
Smith Benjamin   IX B6 L See Wm. Smith  
Smith Charles   VI B4 H    
Smith Elizabeth   III B5 T Jabez Brown OH
Smith Henry   VI B6 S    
Smith Henry   XI C4 H Vacant  
Smith Henry   III D5 H Sarah Hopkins T
Smith Henry   X D3 L Olney Dyer T
Smith and Co.     VI B6 DH Distill House  
Smith and Co.     III E5 L    
Smith and Co.     XVI C2 L    
Smith Hezekiah   XIV B1 H    
Smith Hezekiah   XIV B1 H 1/2 John Stone  
Smith Jacob   III B2 H John Spurr T
Smith Jacob   III C2 L Powder House Lane  
Smith John   VI B6 H    
Smith John   VI B4 L    
Smith John   X B4 L 10 Acres  
Smith Job   VI A6 H    
Smith Job   VI A6 H    
Smith Job   VI B6 S Distill House Store and Coopers Shop  
Smith Job   X C3 L 22 Acres  
Smith Job   VI A6 L Well  
Smith John   III A2 HB    
Smith John   X B3 HSB    
Smith John Heirs   XIV D2 H John Miller T
Smith John 2d   VI C4 HSB    
Smith John 2d   III E3 T Hannah Cushing T
Smith Joshua   III B1 T T. L. Halsey OH
Smith Mrs.   XI B4 T Jams Burrill OH
Smith Nathaniel   III B1 H    
Smith Nathaniel   III B2 S John Mawney OL
Smith Nebediah   VI B4 H    
Smith Noah   VI C4 HBS    
Smith Noah   III B2 T Hannah Cushing OS
Smith Phebe   XIV E1 H    
Smith Samuel   VI D4 H Olney Lane  
Smith Samuel   VI C3 T David Howell OH
Smith Saml & Stephen   VI D5 L    
Smith Simon H.   III B6      
Smith Simon H.   III B6 S Moses Charveteau T
Smith Simon H.   III B6      
Smith Simon H.   III C5      
Smith Simon H.   III C5      
Smith Stephen   VI D5      
Smith Turpin   XI C5 H Mr. Boyer T
Smith Turpin   XI C5 HB    
Smith William   VI B6 HB David Thorpe T
Smith William   VI B6 L Wm. Bardine T
Smith William   VI B6 L 1 Acre  
Smith Wait   VI B5 H Adj. Mill Pond  
Smith Street     III A1      
Snail Hill     VI   L See Rufus Hopkins OL
Snow Daniel Heirs   XII A1 L    
Snow Daniel Heirs   XI A6 L    
Snow Daniel Heirs   XI B6 H Benj. Turnpin T
Snow Daniel Heirs   XI B6 H Sarah Snow T
Snow Daniel Heirs   XI B6 L    
Snow Daniel Jr.   XVIII D4 L 46 Acres  
Snow James   XI B6 HSL    
Snow James   XVIII B2 L    
Snow James, Jr.   XI B6 H    
Snow Joseph   XI B5 T James Monro OH
Snow Josiah   X D2 H    
Snow Samuel   XI B5 T Dwight Foster OH
Snow Samuel   III B4 S 1/2 J. Munro, A. Fenner OL
Snow Samuel   XIII B1 L 1/2 J. Munro, A. Fenner OL
Snow Sarah    XI B6 H See Danl. Snow  
Snow William   III B1 H    
Snow's Lane     XI B5 L    
Society Wharf     XI D4 W See A. Whipple  
Solitary Hill     XVII  A6 L    
South Street     XII C3      
Soule Samuel   III B1 H    
Soule Samuel   III C3 T Patience Page OL
Soule William   XI D4 H    
Spaulding Audry   III C6 H    
Spencer William   XI B5 T O. and N. Pearce OH
Spermaceti Oil Works     XI D4 S Steph. Harris  
Spermaceti Works     II B5 S John Brown OS
Spear London   III E6 H E. End Benevolent St.  
Spooner Charles   I C4 L    
Spooner Samuel   XI B4 L Adj. Paul Allen  
Spooner Samuel   III B6 T N. Power & Brown OH
Spooner Thomas   I E4 H    
Spooner Thomas   I D4 S Chris Sheldon OL
Sprague Daniel   XIII E5 H Metcalf Bowler T
Sprague Ebenezer   XI A6 L    
Sprague Obadiah   VI C5 H    
Sprague Obadiah   X C1 L 1 Acre  
Spruce Swamp     XIV B3 L    
Spurr John   I B2 H    
Spurr John   III B2 T Jacob Smith OH
Stanhope John   XI D3 T Hope Still McNeil OH
Staples Samuel   VI B6 H    
Star Lane     VI B6      
State House     III B2   After the fire, 1759  
Steere Wanton   XI D4 T Wm. Barton OH
Steere Wanton   XIII   L 1/2 S. Simmons  
Stelle Benjamin   VI B5      
Stelle Benjamin   X D5 LS Present State House  
Stelle Benjamin   III B3 H    
Sterling Henry, Dr.   III B5 H    
Sterling Henry, Dr.   VI B4 L    
Sterry Elizabeth   III A3 HS See below Wm. Russell T
Sterry Robert Est.   III A3 HS Widow Sterry Page 23 OH
Sterry Cyprian   III B6 T Brown & Ives OH
Stewart Archibald   XI C4 H    
Stewart Archibald   XI C4 H    
Stewart Archibald   XI D3 H J. F. Jenkins T
Stewart Archibald   XI D3 LS    
Stewart Archibald   XIV C1 L    
Stewart Archibald   XVIII D5 L    
Stewart Archibald   XII C2 BL    
Stewart's Lane     XIII D6      
Stevens Mrs.   XVI C1 T S. Fuller OH
Stevens Widow   XVI C1 T S. Fuller OH
Stevens Bridge     VI B4      
Stille, See Stelle              
Stillwell Daniel   I C3 H    
Stillwell Daniel   III B5 HL Benj. Coates OH
Stillwell Daniel   I C3 L    
Stoddard Sarah    XI C4 H W. Harding  
Stone John   XIV B1 H 1/2 Hezekiah Smith  
Store     XVII A5 S C. Olney  
Stow Pond     XIV D1      
Sugar Lane     XI B4      
Sugden George   XI B4 T Jabez Brown OH
Sutton O.   III A4 L    
Sutton Robert    III C5 ST Jas. Daggell OH
Sweet Benajah   XIII A6 T Elisha Olney OHS
Sweet James   XIII C6 T Theo. Foster  
Sweet Nehemiah   VI C5 HSB    
Sweet Nehemiah   VI C5 H Wm. Waterman T
Sweeting Job   XI C5 LHSB    
Sweeting Job   XIV A6 L    
Sweetland Nathan   I C4 HSB S. Drowne OL

Owners and Occupants CONTINUED

Thanks to Beth Hurd for photographing and transcribing this atlas, 2002-4.

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