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Owners and Occupants of the Lots, Houses and Shops in the Town of Providence Rhode Island in 1798

H House
S Store or Shop
B Barn or Stable
W Wharf
M Mill
G Garden
T Tenant
O Owner
L Land
HL House and Land
BL Barn and Land
SL Shop and Land
HS House and Shop
HBS House, Barn and Shop
OH Owner of House
OS Owner of Shop
OB Owner of Barn or Stable
OW Owner of Wharf
OL Owner of Land
OF Owner of Farm

These and other combinations of the capital letters occurring, refer to the proceeding name, to indicate what improvements were on the land, and who the owner or tenant was.
Ebenezer Frost was tenant on Nathan Angell's Lane, who also owned the house.
Silas Fish was tenant on Felix Frazier's land, but he owned 1/2 a house with N. D. Greene, and B. Knowles lived in the house. 

McCann Patrick   XI B5 T S. Dexter & A. Peck Ho.  OH
McNeil Hopestill   XI D3 H Coville Dana T
McNeil Hopestill   XI D3 SL J. Stanhope T
McKenzie Lucy   III A2 T Patience Page OH
Macomber Ebenezer   III A1 HB    
Magee Mrs.   XIV C1 T W. F. Magee OH
Magee William F.    III C5 LH    
Magee William F.    XIV C1 H Mrs. Magee T
Main Street     III        
Main Street     XI        
Malbone Godfrey   III A4 LH    
Maitman William   VI B5 T Thomas Green OH
Man Aaron   III B3 H Wm. Goddard OL
Manchester John   I B2 T Sheldon C.  OH
Manchester Isaac   XVI E1 H Chas. Sampson T
Manchester Isaac   XII D5 F 57-Acre Farm  
Manchester Isaac   XII A4 HB Isaac Field Farm  
Manchester William   XI A6 H 1/2 Ann Mumford  
Manchester William   XI A5 H 1/2 Charles Sampson  
Manning James   III C5 H Jos. Brown Heirs OL
Market House     III B4 H XI E3  
Market Street     XI D3 L Page 18  
Marshall Benjamin   VI D5 L    
Marsh  Jonathan   VI B6 H John Lawton T
Marsh Jonathan   VI B6 H Nath. Searle T
Martin David   XI D4 HBS    
Martin David   XI A6 L    
Martin David   XIV E1 L    
Martin David   XIV D2 BG 1-2 Burial Ground  
Martin David   XIII E5 SL J. Mathewson OL
Martin John   XI D4 H    
Martin John   XI D4 W    
Martin Joseph   III B4 T Capt. Trotter, J. Corlis Ho.  
Martin Joseph   III B4 T N. Waterman OL
Martin Joseph   III B4 T See J. Corlis OH
Martin Philip   VI C4 HS    
Martin Philip   VI C4 H Cato Barrel T
Martin Philip   II  C5 HS Sam Mason T
Martin Philip   VI C4 H Thos. Field T
Martin Philip   VI C4 H Jack Hazard T
Martin Philip   VI C4 L 4 Acres  
Martin Sylvanus   VI C2 HSB    
Martin Sylvanus   VI D2 H Thos. Luther T
Martin Sylvanus   IX   L 5 Acres Pasture  
Martin Wheeler   VI C4 H    
Martin Wheeler   III B1 L    
Marvin Richard   XVI E1 H School Master  
Mason Aaron   VI D1 H Part 120 years old  
Mason Aaron   VI D2 H Mrs. Bradford T
Mason Aaron   IX A6 L    
Mason Edward   III B4 T Jabez Bowen OH
Mason John   XI D4 H    
Mason John   XI D4 H    
Mason John   XI D4 L    
Mason Obadiah   IX B5 H    
Mason Oliver   I E4 H    
Mason Pardon   XI A5 H    
Mason Peletiah   VI E2 T Timo. Mason OH
Mason Joseph   III B6 T W. and J. Everleith OH
Mason Samuel   II B5 H    
Mason Samuel   II B5 S Philip Martin OL
Mason Timothy   VI E2 H Peletiah Mason T
Mason Timothy   VI D1   Tanyard  
Mathewson John   XI C4 H    
Mathewson John   XI B4 H Saml. Spooner T
Mathewson John   XI B4 H Benj. Miller T
Mathewson John   XI C5 H Mrs. Peck T
Mathewson John   XI C4 S    
Mathewson John   XI C4 BG Garden  
Mathewson John   XI B4 H Partly covered  
Mathewson John   XI, XIII     25 Acres D. Martin T
Mathewson John, Jr.   III B4 S Arthur Fenner OL
Mathewson John, Jr.   XVII E6 L 1 1/2 Acres  
Mathewson Joseph   XVII E6 L    
Mathewson Mary   XI B4 H John Chiddel T
Mathewson Nicholas   I B2 S Wm. Ashton T
Mausry Joseph   XVI D2 L    
Mawney John   III B2 H Benj. Brown T
Mawney John   III B2 L Saml. Basto T
Mawney John   III B2 L Nathl. Smith T
Mawney John   III B2 L Nicho. Easton T
Mawney John   III B2 L Josiah Nelson OS
Mawney John   III B2 L Danforth Lyndon T
Mawney John       L Geo. Champlin OS
Mawney John   III B2 L Jona Cady T
Mawney John   III C2 L 8 Acres  
Mawney John   III B2 L    
Maxwell Ebenezer   I D3 T John Corlis OH
Meeting Ho. Old Bapt.     VI B6   John Brown OH
Meeting Ho. Wilson's     XI B6   Pardon Snow  
Mencher  John   III B4 T J. and William Brown  
Mencher  John   XI D5 T Stephen Harris  
Metcalf Abner   VI C5 T E. Angell OL
Metcalf Abner   III A1 T D. Sessions  
Metcalf Jesse   VI B6 H    
Metcalf Joel   III B1 H    
Metcalf Michael   VI B6 H    
Metcalf Michael & Joel   VI B6 S Slaughter House  
Metcalf Michael & Joel   VI A5 L    
Metcalf Thomas   II B6 H Stephen Harris OL
Middle Road     XIV A4   XVI D5  
Mil Street     VI B6      
Miller Benjamin   XI B4 T J. Mathewson OH
Miller John   XI C4 T Theo. Foster OH
Miller John   XIV D2 T John Smith Heirs OH
Miller Josiah   XIII D5 H Nathl. Brown T
Miller Nathan   VI C5 HB    
Miller Nathan   IX E5 L    
Miller Nathan   VIII A1 L 18 Acres Aplin Farm  
Miller Nathan H. Heirs   X A4 L    
Moffat Eleazer   XVI D2 L    
Monkey Town Road     XVI B3      
Mosher Caleb   XIII D6 L 1/2 Earl Potter  
Mosshasuck River     IX        
Mumford Ann   XI A6 H 1/2 Wm. Manchester  
Mumford John   XI B5 H    
Mumford John   XI B5 H Isaac Nobles T
Mumford John   XI B5 BS Sugar House  
Mumford John   XI B5 L    
Mumford John   XI B5 LB    
Mumford John   XI B4 BL    
Mumford John   XII  B1 L Cove Land  
Mumford John   XII C2 L    
Mumford John   XIV B3 L Spruce Swamp  
Munro James   XI A5 H    
Munro James   XI B5 H Lowry Aborn T
Munro James   XI B5 H Joseph Snow T
Munro James   XI B5 H Samuel Aborn T
Munro James   III B4 S Samuel Snow 1/2, Arthur Fenner OL
Munro James   XI B5 SLB    
Munro James   XVIII C6 L 30 Acres  
Munro John Lindsay   XI A6 H Daniel Box T
Munro John Lindsay   XI B6 H Caleb Barstow T
Munro John Lindsay   XI B6 H Town OL
Munro Thomas   XI C5 T S. Nightingale OH
---------- ------- - -- -- -- ---------- --
Nash John   VI B6 H    
Nash Joseph   VI B1      
Nelson Josiah   III B2 H John Mawney OL
Nelson Josiah   XI D4 T A. Whipple OH
Newell Robert   VI B5 H    
Newell Robert   VI B2 L Fulling Mills  
Newell Robert   VI B5 L    
New Light Church           Beneficent Church  
Newman Nathaniel   VI C5 T Wm. N. Rhodes OH
Nichols B.    II A5 L    
Nichols John   III B4 T R. and N. Waterman OH
Nichols W.    II B5 L    
Nightingale Elizabeth   I D2 L Windmill  
Nightingale Joseph Hrs.   I B1 H    
Nightingale Joseph Hrs.   I B1 L    
Nightingale Samuel   III B1 HW 1/2 A. Throop  
Nightingale Samuel   XI C5 H Thomas Munro Page 19 T
Nightingale Samuel   XI C5 DH Distill Ho. J. I. Clark T
Nightingale Samuel   I B3 DH Distill House Clark & Nightingale  
Nightingale Samuel   III D1 L    
Nobles Isaac   XI B5 T John Mumford OH
North Lane     II A4      
North Providence     X        
North Street     II A4      
Northup Cyrus   XII C3 T Thos. L. Halsey OH
---------- ------- - -- -- -- ---------- --
Observatory Hill     I D5      
Old Burial Ground     XIV E1   XI A6  
Old Chocolate Works     VI C2      
Old Ferry     V E4      
Old Goat Lane     III C3      
Old Goat Lane     IV A3      
Old Jail     III B3      
Old Power House     III C3      
Olney Anna Atwell   XVI C1 L    
Olney Asa   VI C4 H    
Olney Asa   VI D1 HS    
Olney Bristol   VI C5 L    
Olney Bristol   VI C3 T Isaac Angell OH
Olney Christopher   XVII B3 F Grist and Paper Mill  
Olney Christopher   XVII B5 H    
Olney Christopher   XVII A5 HS    
Olney Store     XVII A5 S    
Olney C.   XVII B6 T Pardon Thornton OH
Olney's Clover Lot     VII B5 L    
Olney's Pond     XVII B2      
Olney Daniel   I B2 H Benefit Street  
Olney George   VI D4 L 1/2 Jere Olney  
Olney George   VI C4 H 1/2 Jere Olney  
Olney George R.    XVI C1 L    
Olney Elisha   XIII A6 H Benoni Williams T
Olney Elisha   XV A4 L Benoni Williams T
Olney Elisha   XIII A6 HS Benajah Sweet T
Olney Elisha   XIII A6 HS J. Mathewson OL
Olney Esec   VI B5 H Henry Warner T
Olney Gideon   XVI D1 L    
Olney Hezekiah   X B6 L    
Olney Jabez   XV B3 L 8 Acres  
Olney Jabez   XIII B6 H    
Olney Jabez   VI D1 H Benj. Kingsley T
Olney Jeremiah   VI C4 H 1/2 George Olney  
Olney Jeremiah   I A1 LBS    
Olney Jeremiah   II B1 L Young Orchard  
Olney Jeremiah   VIII     XVIII, 27 Acres Meadow  
Olney Jeremiah   VI C4 HL R. and T. Jackson 1-3 each  
Olney Jeremiah   VI C4 HL Jos. Lawrence  T
Olney Jeremiah   I A1 H    
Olney Job   XIII D5 HLS 1/2 Moses Olney  
Olney Jos., Capt. Est.   VI C4 Hotel Olney's Tavern  
Olney's Lane     VII        
Olney Moses   XIII D5 HLS 1/2 Job Olney  
Olney's Pond     XVII B2      
Olney Simeon H.   III A2 HB    
Olney Simeon H.   III B1 HS Very Old House  
Olney Simeon H.   III B3 L    
Olney Stephen   VI C4 H    
Orange Lane     XI D4      
Ormsbee Caleb   I C3 H    
Ormsbee Elijah   I C3 H    
Ormsbee James   I C3 HB John Truman T
Ormsbee James   I C4 H Unfinished  
Ormsbee John Heirs   I C3 HL David Arnold T
---------- ------- - -- -- -- ---------- --
Pabodie Eph. Heirs   XI C5 H Jane Pabodie  
Pabodie William   XIII D5 HS    
Packard Melzer   III B1 T Nathaniel Wheaton Est. OH
Packard Nath.   III B1 H    
Packard Nath.   III A1 H Saml. Johnston T
Packard Nath.   III B2 H Saml. Sharp T
Packard Samuel   XI D4 HB    
Packard Samuel   XI C3 L Summer House  
Packard Samuel   III B1 B    
Page Ambrose Est.   III D3 HL Heirs  
Page Benjamin   XI C5 HL    
Page George   III D3 L Heirs A. Page  
Page Job   III D3 L Heirs A. Page  
Page Martin   III B6 H Demus Bishop T
Page Martin   III B6 H Stephen Harris OL
Page Martin   II B6 H Thos. Page Heirs OH
Page Martin   I E4 H    
Page Patience   III B3 H    
Page Patience   III B3 H Wm. Larned T
Page Patience   III A2 HS Lucy McKenzie T
Page Patience   III A3 HS Wm. Page T
Page Patience   III C3 L Heirs A. Page  
Page Patience   III C3 L Saml. Soule T
Page Patience   III D3 L    
Page Sally   III D3 L    
Page Sarah   III B3 HS Nicho. Cooke T
Paine John Heirs   VI B6 S Main Street, Adj. J. Wheaton  
Paper Mill     XVII B3   See Christopher Olney  
Paper Mill     IX A6   See Saml. Thurber & Sons  
Page Thomas Heirs   III B6 H See Martin Page  
Page William   III A3 T Patience Page OH
Parade Street     XVIII E3      
Parker Andrew   III A1   Thos. Green OH
Parsonage Lot     III C1      
Parsonage, Wilson's     XII B2 H New Light Church  
Pawtuxet Road     XI A6   XIV A5  
Pearce Daniel   I C3 H    
Pearce Nathaniel   III D5 L    
Pearce Nathan   XI B5 H 1/2 Oliver Pearce  
Pearce Nathan   XI B6 H 1/2 Oliver Pearce  
Pearce Nathan   XI C6 L 1/2 Oliver Pearce  
Pearce Oliver   XI B5 H Wm. Spencer T
Pearce Oliver   XI B6 H See Nathan Pearce  
Pearce Oliver   XI C6 L    
Pearce Oliver   XII B1 L 1/2 Nathan  
Pearce O. & N.       L On the Plains Unknown  
Pearce Samuel   XIII B6 H Randall Briggs T
Pease Joseph   III B6 T Chas. Field Heirs OL
Pease Joseph   III B6 T A. Robbins OH
Peck Aaron   III B3 S Wm. Goddard OL
Peck Aaron   III B2 H See Mary Wilkinson  
Peck Aaron   X C1 L Camp Hill  
Peck Allen   XI C4 H    
Peck Allen   XI B5 H Patrick McCann, Benj. West T
Peck Allen   XIII B6 L 4 Acres  
Peck Benjamin   XI C4 S S. Fuller & W. N. Rhodes T
Peck Elisha   XI A6 H    
Peck Isaac   XI A6 H    
Peck Joseph   III B6 H Hackers Hall, 1760  
Peck Joseph   III D6 L    
Peck Joseph   III D5 L    
Peck Lewis   XI D4 HS    
Peck Lewis   XI D4 HS    
Peck Lewis   XI D4 HW    
Peck Mrs.   XI C4 T John Mathewson OL
Peck Rufus   III C5 H    
Peck Rufus   XVI D2 L    
Peck Rufus   III B4 S Gov. Fenner Page 20 OL
Peck William   I B1 T Saml. Carlile OH
Peckham James   XI B6 L Frame of House  
Peckham Mary   III C5 L    
Peckham Peter   XIV E1 T Wm. Peckham OH
Peckham Philip   XII C2 H    
Peckham Silas   III B5 H Seth Fisher T
Peckham William   XI B6 H Vacant  
Peckham William   XVI E1 H Nathl. Gilmore T
Peckham William   XIV E1 H Peter Peckham T
Peckham William   XI D4      
Peckham William   XIV E3 BG Burying Ground  
Perrin John    XI A6 H    
Perry Thomas    XI C5 S Slaughter House, Adj. R. Taylor  
Peters Sally   XI D1 T Jere Sayles OH
Pettey Daniel   XIV C1 H    
Pettey James   XIII E5 H    
Pettey John   XI B5 HL Jas. Pettey, an error  
Philbrook Thomas   XI D4 T Saml. Aborn OH
Pike Sanford   XI A6 T Nicho. Power OH
Phillips John   VI C3 T Simeon Aldrich OH
Pitcher James   I C3 H    
Pitcher Mary   III C5 HB    
Pitman Isaac   III B3 SB Almy & Brown T
Pitman Isaac   XIII E5 H    
Pitman John   III C5 H    
Pitman John   XIII E5   Should be John Thurber  
Pitman John   II A3   Rope Walk  
Pitman John   II B5 L 1/2 Wm. Holroyd  
Pitman Saunders   III A2 H Unfinished  
Pitman Thomas   CI A4 H    
Pitts J.   II A4 H    
Pitts Michael   XI C4 T J. Black OH
Plainfield Road     XIII A6      
Plainfield Road     XVII B6      
Point Pleasant     XI B3      
Pole Bridge     XVIII A6      
Pole Bridge     XVII B6      
Pond Slow     XIV D1   now called Stow  
Pope John   XI C4 T Geo. Arnold OH
Pope West   III B6 T A. Fenner OL
Potter Abijah Heirs   XIII E5 HSB Wm. Potter  
Potters Ditch     XI C5      
Potters Street     XII C2      
Potter Earl   XIII D6 H 1/2 Caleb Mosher  
Potter Joseph   XI C5 H 1/2 Phineas Potter  
Potter Joseph   XI C5 S 1/2 Phineas Potter  
Potter Joseph   XI C5 H 1/2 Phineas Potter  
Potter Phineas   II B2 S Christopher Sheldon OL
Potter Phineas         see Joseph Potter  
Potter Sarah (dower rt)   XI B5 H Joel Hunt T
Potter Sarah (dower rt)   XI B5 H D. W. Hoppin OH
Potter William   XI B6 H Ebenezer Johnston T
Potter William   XI D4 L Kinnicut Estate  
Potter William   XIII E5 HSB Abijah Potter Heirs  
Powder House Lane     III C2 L    
Powder House (old)     III C3      
Power Anna and Mary   III B6 T Nicho. Power OH
Power Nicholas   III B6 H Anna and Mary Power T
Power Nicholas   I B1 H    
Power Nicholas   XI A6 H Sanford Pike T
Power Nicholas   I B3 H    
Power Nicholas   I B1 L Garden  
Power Nicholas   I B1 L Nancy Hoyle T
Power Nicholas   I B1 H Rich. Inman T
Power Nicholas   I B1 H 1/2 Jos. Brown  
Power Nicholas   III B6 H Saml. Spooner T
Power Nicholas   III B6 H 1/2 Jos. Brown  
Power Nicholas   II A4 H John Brulius T
Power Nicholas   II A4 H 1/2 Jos. Brown  
Powers Land     I C1      
Powers Land     II A2      
Powers Land     III C6      
Powers Street     I C1      
Powers & Brown     II B3   Rope Walk  
Prentice Thomas   XI B5 T Esther Carder OH
Prospect Street     XII B2      
Proud Daniel   XI B6 HB 1/2 Saml. Proud  
Proud Daniel   XI B6 SH 1/2 Saml. Proud, frame of house  
Proud Daniel   XIV E2 L 9 Acres  
Proud Daniel   XII C2 L    
Proud Samuel   XI B6   See Danl. Proud  
Proud Samuel   XI A6 L J. Kennedy OS
Proud Abigail   XVIII E5 L John Field Heir  
Proud Abigail   XIV E2 L See Danl. Proud  
Providence Bank     III B5   Olney Winsor T
Providence, Town of     III B4   Old Meeting House  
Providence Library     III B2   Room in State House  

Owners and Occupants CONTINUED

Thanks to Beth Hurd for photographing and transcribing this atlas, 2002-4.

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