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Owners and Occupants of the Lots, Houses and Shops in the Town of Providence Rhode Island in 1798

H House
S Store or Shop
B Barn or Stable
W Wharf
M Mill
G Garden
T Tenant
O Owner
L Land
HL House and Land
BL Barn and Land
SL Shop and Land
HS House and Shop
HBS House, Barn and Shop
OH Owner of House
OS Owner of Shop
OB Owner of Barn or Stable
OW Owner of Wharf
OL Owner of Land
OF Owner of Farm

These and other combinations of the capital letters occurring, refer to the proceeding name, to indicate what improvements were on the land, and who the owner or tenant was.
Ebenezer Frost was tenant on Nathan Angell's Lane, who also owned the house.
Silas Fish was tenant on Felix Frazier's land, but he owned 1/2 a house with N. D. Greene, and B. Knowles lived in the house. 

Hacker Hannah   I C3 H 1/2 Martha Grill  
Hall Levi   III A1 HW    
Hall Levi   III A1 H Nathan Fisher T
Hall Levi   III B1 BL    
Halsey Thomas L.   III B5 H    
Halsey Thomas L.   VII C4 L    
Halsey Thomas L.   III B6 W Joseph Brown Heirs OW
Halsey Thomas L.   III B5 WS Isaac Brown Heirs OW
Halsey Thomas L.   III B2 H Samuel Weeks T
Halsey Thomas L.   VI E4 H Vacant  
Halsey Thomas L.   III B1 H Joshua Smith T
Halsey Thomas L.   XII C3 H Cyrus Northup T
Halsey Thomas L.   XII D3 H Henry Randall T
Halsey Thomas L.   VI E4 H Michael Guido T
Halsey Thomas L.   XII D2 L Garden  
Halsey Thomas L.   XI C4 S Jas. Black OL
Halsey Thomas L.   I B2 S Wm. Tillinghast OL
Halsey Thomas L.   XII D2 WS    
Halsey Thomas L.   III B1 L    
Halsey Thomas L.   XII D2 L    
Halsey Thomas L.   VI E5 L    
Halsey Thomas L.   VII A6 L 38 Acres  
Halsey Thomas L.   VI D5 L    
Halsey Thomas L., Jr.   VII C5 H    
Ham Jotham   XI C4 H    
Ham Jotham   I C3 L    
Ham Levi   XI D4 H    
Hammon James   XI A5 HSB    
Hammon James   XIII C6   Tanyard, Jas. Burrill OL
Hardinberg Jacob       H    
Hamlin Samuel   III B1 T Richard Jackson, Jr. OH
Hancock John   XV D3 L Abbot Farm  
Harbor Line     XI, XII        
Harbor, Salt Water     II  A6      
Harding Richard   I D2 L    
Harding Walker   XI C4 H See Sarah Stoddard  
Harding William   I B1 H    
Harris Cyrus   XIII C6 T Richd. Fenner OH
Harris Jacob   VI C5 L 1/2 Henry Clark  
Harris John   XI C4 T Amos Atwell OH
Harris Stephen   III B2 H    
Harris Stephen   VI A5 HL Jere Simmons T
Harris Stephen   III C6 HL Joshua Weeks T
Harris Stephen   XI D4   1-7 Long Wharf  
Harris Stehen   XI D4   1-8 Spermaceti Works, J. Mencher T
Harris Stephen   III B6 L Thos. Page Heirs T
Harris Stephen   III B6 L Joseph Allen T
Harris Stephen   III B6 L Thos. Metcalf T
Harris Stephen   III B6 L Saml. Craft T
Harris Stephen   III C6 L    
Harvey James   VI B4 L Old Building in Ruins, 20 x 20  
Harvey James   VI B4 L Another Old Building  
Haskell Benjamin   VI C5 H Unfinished  
Hathaway Joshua   XI B6 L    
Hawkins Christopher   IX D5 T Thos. Green OH
Hawkins Edwin Heirs   XI A6 H Josiah Bacon T
Hawkins Edwin Heirs   XI B5 H Jeykel Dana T
Hawkins Rufus   XI A6 HBS    
Hayford Daniel   III D5 LB House raized  
Healey John   VI D1 H Moses Brown OH
Healey Joseph   III     Tanyard, Angell St.  
Healey Joseph   III B3 T Moses Brown OL
Healey Recompense   VI B6 S Nathan Angel OS
Healey Recompense   VI D4 L    
Heaton David   I E4   1/2 N. Whiting  
Hewes Jos., Dr. Heirs   VI C3 H    
Hicks David, Jr.   XI A4 L Adj. E. Hicks  
Hicks Elisha   XI C4 H D. Tifft OL
Hicks Elisha   XI A4 L Adj. David Hicks  
Hazard Jack   VI C3 T P. Martin OH
Herrendens Lane     VIII B1      
Herrendens Lane     IX E4      
Heath Mrs.   III B6 T Jos. Allen OH
Heath Mrs.   III B6 T S. Harris OL
Henry John   XI B5 T Wm. Bacon OB
High Street     XI        
High Street     XIII        
High Street     XIV        
Highway at head of Lots     IV        
Hill Christopher   XI B5 H See Nancy Hoyle  
Hill Jonathan   VI C3 H Unfinished  
Hill John   VI B6 T P. Tew OH
Hinman Richard   III B1 T Benj. Cozzens Page 16 OH
Hinman Richard   III B1 T N. Power OL
Holden Anthony   XIII A6 T John Williams OHB
Holden Charles   III B4 H N. Waterman OL
Holden Elizabeth   I C3 H    
Holden John   VI B5 H Unfinished  
Holden Oliver   XI C4 L Chas. Low T
Holden Thomas   XI C5 T Felix Frazier OH
Holloway George   I E4 H    
Holloway Mrs.   III C6 T Planet Street  
Holloway Mrs.   III C6 T Mrs. Cozzens H
Holroyd William   III D4 H Unfinished House  
Holroyd William   III A3 S Moses Brown OL
Holroyd William   II B5 L 1/2 John Pitman  
Holroyd William   I A2 S Wm. Ashton OL
Holroyd William   I A2 S 1/2 P. J. Tillinghast  
Holroyd William   I A2 S J. P. Sheldon T
Holroyd William   I A2 S Wm. Ashton OL
Holroyd William   II A3   2 Rope Walks  
Holroyd William   II A3   Rebecca Williams OL
Holroyd William   II A3   1/2 Rope Walk, J. Pitman  
Holroyd William   II B5 L 1/2 R. Waterman  
Hopkins Esec   VI B4 H Cornelius T
Hopkins Rufus   III B5 HL Ruth Hopkins T
Hopkins Rufus   V B4 L Snail Hill  
Hopkins Rufus   III B5 L Lane, Town as T
Hopkins Prime   VI D3 H D. Howell OL
Hopkins Samuel   VI C4 H    
Hopkins Uriah   IX B5 H    
Hopkins Ruth   III B5 T Rufus Hopkins OH
Hopkins Sarah   III D5 T Henry Smith OH
Hopkins Stephen   III B5 T Rufus Hopkins OH
Hopkins Street     XVI D1      
Hopkins William   XII C2 H    
Hopkins Zernah   XI A5 H Adj. Pardon Mason  
Hoppin Benjamin   XI B5 HBL    
Hoppin Benjamin   XI B5 H Saml. Warren T
Hoppin Benjamin   III B4 S A. Fenner OL
Hoppin Davis W   XI B5 H    
Hoppin Nicholas   III B3 T S. Dodge OS
Hoppin Nicholas   III B3 T John Updike OH
Horswell Ephraim   XII C2 H    
Horswell Philip   XII B2 H    
Horton Amos   III A2 H Negroes T
Horton Amos   III A2 HS Negroes T
Horton Amos   III A2 S Negroes T
Horton Amos   III C2 L    
Horton Amos   III B2 H    
Hospital, New     XII A6      
Hospital, Old     XII C6      
Howard Joseph   XIII E3      
Howell David   III B3 HB    
Howell David   VI C3 HB Saml. Smith T
Howell David   VI D3 L 45 Acres P. Hopkins T
Howell Jeremiah   III B6 L W. & J. Everleith TOH
Howell Jeremiah   III B6 T Chas. Field Heirs OH
Howell Jeremiah   X D2 L 7 Acres  
Howell Jere B.   VI B5 L Grist Mill  
Howland Benjamin   XI A4 T Zachr. Andrews OH
Howland John   III B1 H 1/2 J. Russell  
Howland John   III B4 S Richd. Jackson OL
Howland John   III B5 L    
Hoyle Joseph   XVI E1 HB    
Hoyle Joseph   XVI D1 L    
Hoyle Nancy   I B1 T Nicho. Power OL
Hoyle Nancy   XI B5 H Dower right C. Hill Ho.  
Hibbard Ezra   III B1 H    
Hudson Henry   I C2 T Nathan Simmons OH
Hudson Robert   II C5 T John Brown OH
Hudson & Sutton     II C5 H    
Hull Gideon Heirs   I B1 H    
Hull Gideon Heirs   IV A6 L    
Hull Peleg   XI A6 H See P. Hill  
Hunt Benjamin Heirs   VI B6 H    
Hunt Joel   XI B5 H    
Hunt John   I C1 T Sarah Potter OH
 -------------- ---   --  -- ---  --  ---------  -- 
India Bridge     II D6      
Ingraham Samuel   XII C3 SH    
Ingraham Simeon   I C3 H    
Ingraham Widow   III C6 H    
Irons Nicholas   XIII E3 L    
Ives Thomas P.   III B5 HBL    
Inman Richard   I B1 T See Hinman  
Inman Richard   I B1   N. Power OL
 -------------- ---   --  -- ---  --  ---------  -- 
Jackson Daniel   XII C3 HL    
Jackson Daniel   XI C4 S Danl. Tifft OL
Jackson Daniel   XI B5 H Sly (sic) Gardiner Ho. 4-10 T
Jackson Daniel   XI B5 H Lewis Bosworth T
Jackson Daniel   XI B6 HS Syl. Gardiner  
Jackson Richard   III B4 HB     
Jackson Richard   III B4   Stephen Jackson T
Jackson Richard   III B4 L John Howland T
Jackson Richard   III B4 BL    
Jackson Richard, Jr.   XI A4 L    
Jackson Richard, Jr.   III B1 H Saml. Hamlin T
Jackson Richard, Jr.   I B2 WS Butler, Wheaton & Jackson  
Jackson Richard, Jr.   III B3 T N. Waterman OH
Jackson R. & T.   VI C4 H Jos. Lawrence T
Jackson Stephen   XIV D1 L 1-3 Geo. And William  
Jackson Stephen   III B4 T R. Jackson  
Jackson Samuel, 2d   XI B5 H 4-10 S. Gardner House  
Jackson Samuel, 2d   XI B5 H See Danl. Jackson  
Jackson Samuel, 2d   XI A6 H 1/2 E. Hawkins, Josiah Bacon T
Jackson Samuel, 2d   III B2 H    
Jackson Thomas   I B3 HW 1/2 Moses Lippitt, C. Lasell T
Jackson Thomas   XI D4 HSB B. Gladding T
Jackson Thomas   VI B4 L    
Jackson Thomas   VI C3 L    
Jackson William   XIV D1 L George and Stephen  
Jacobs Nathaniel   XI D4 H Benj. Gladding T
Jacobs Nathaniel   XI D4 H Wilson Jacobs T
Jacobs Nathaniel   XI D4   Adj. Thos. Jackson  
Jacobs Nathaniel   XIII C6 HB Part 50 years old  
Jacobs Nathaniel   XI B6 H Ebenz. Wetherby T
Jacobs Nathaniel   XVIII D4 L 20 Acres  
Jacobs Nathaniel   XI B5 L    
James Samuel   XI D4 H    
James Samuel   XI D4 H Adj. D. Martin  
James Samuel   XI C4 S James Black OL
James Samuel   XI D4 S E. Thompson OL
Jeffers Sarah   III B4 T Welcome Arnold OH
Jenckes Amos   III B4 HW Widow Jenckes  
Jenckes Amos   XI D4 W 1-7 Long Wharf  
Jenckes Charles   I B2 H    
Jenckes Joseph   III B4 H David L. Barnes T
Jenckes E.    III D5 L    
Jenckes Joseph   VI C6 HL 7 Acres III D1  
Jenckes Joseph   XVII D3 L    
Jenckes Joseph   III E1 L    
Jenckes Scott   XI B5 T Benj. Tolbot Page 17 OH
Jenckes Widow   III B4 H Amos Jenckes  
Jenckes Jere   I B2 H    
Jenkins Jeremiah   XI D3 S Nancy Ensworth OL
Jenkins Jeremiah   XI D3 H Archibald Stewart OH
Jenkins Widow   I B3 T John Davis OH
Jeykel Dana   XI B5 T E. Hawkins OH
Jillet J.   XI B5 T B. Talbot  
Johnston E.    XI D4 T Saml. Aborn OS
Johnston E.    XI B6 T Wm. Potter OH
Johnston John A.   XIV C2 H    
Johnston Samuel   XI D4 T Saml. Packard  
Jones Gershom   XI C4 HLSB    
Jones Gershom   XV C2      
Jones Gershom   XI     1/2 Stone Ware Kiln, John Dorrance  
Jones John P.   XI A5 HB J. F. Jones, an Error  
Jones John P.   XIII C6 HL Mrs. Whipple T
Jones John P.   XV B2 L 1/2 Wm. Jones  
Jones Thomas   XI D3 HS 1/2 of store only  
Jones Thomas   XV C3 L    
Jones Widow   I C3 H 1/2 Saml. Brown, Mr. Whiting T
Jones William   XI D3 HS    
Jones William   XV B2 L 1/2 J. P. Jones  
Jones Timothy   XIII C6 T Theo. Foster OH
 -------------- ---   --  -- ---  --  ---------  -- 
Keene Ann   VI B5 HB    
Keene Ann   III D1 L Chas. Keene  
Keene Benjamin   VI B5   Mill Seat  
Keene Benjamin   XI D4 T S. Aborn OH
Keene Charles   VI D5 H Bristol Corlis T
Keene Charles   III D1 L 4 Acres  
Keene Charles   VI C6 L 3 Acres  
Keene John   XI A5 HS    
Keene John   XI A5 H Wm. Carpenter T
Kempton Samuel   I C3 L    
Kennedy J.   XI A6 S Saml. Proude OL
Killingly Road     X E2      
Kilton Wait, Widow   III A2 H    
Kilton Wait, Widow   III A2 H Joshua Rathbone T
King Asa   XVI D1 L Cranston Road  
King Caleb   XI A6 H    
King Caleb   VI C4 H Saml. Thurston T
King Caleb   XI A6 LS    
King's Church     III B1      
Kingsley Benjamin   VI D1 T Jabez Olney OH
Kinnicut Estate     XI D4 HW Several Owners  
Knowles B.   XI C5   F. Frazier House OH
Knowles Edward   III B3 H Unfinished  
Knowles Edward   VI D2 H Jas. Fledden T
Knowles Edward   III B3 S    
Knowles Edward, Jr.   VI D2 H    
Knowles Jonathan   VI D2 HB    
 -------------- ---   --  -- ---  --  ---------  -- 
Langford Holder   XI D3 H Jacob Whitman OL
Larcher James   XI A6 H    
Larcher John   I C2 H    
Larken William   III A3 T Rufus Waterman OH
Larned Augustus   III B5 T Jos. Brown Heirs OW
Larned Augustus   III A2 T Wait and Polly Arnold OH
Larned Augustus   III A2 T Oliver Arnold Heirs  
Larned William   III B2 L    
Larned William   III A2 T Patience Page OH
Laroche B.   III B6 T W. Arnold Heirs OH
Lassell John   VI B5 T Rufus Waterman OS
Lassell Charles   I B2 T Moses Lippitt OH
Latham James   XVII A5 L 1/2 Miner Latham  
Latham Miner   XVII A5 L 1/2 James Latham  
Lawrence Joseh   VI C4 T R. and T. Jackson OH
Lawrence John   XIII C6 T J. Burrill OH
Lawton John   VI B6   Jona Marsh OH
Lee Charles   XIII D6 H    
Lee William   XI D4 H    
Lee William   III B4 S Arthur Fenner OL
Lindenberger John   XVI D1 HB    
Lindenberger John   XIII A6 H Not Covered  
Lindley Joshua   XI C5 T Caleb Fiske OH
Lindsey Benjamin   VI D2 T Jesse Whitmore OH
Lindsey Thomas   VI D3 T Relief Thurber OH
Lippitt Charles   XI D4 HSB    
Lippitt John   XIII C6 T James Graves OH
Lippitt Moses   I B2 H 1/2 Thos. Jackson, Chas. Lassell T
Lippitt Moses   I A2 SW 2 Stores  
Lippitt Moses   I A1 T Clark & Nightingale OH
Logan William, Heirs   XI B4 H Part S. Thurbers  
Long Point     XIII D3      
Long Pond     XVI B6      
Long Wharf     XI D4   Back of A. Whipple  
Loring Simeon   VI E2 L    
Loring Simeon   IX B6 T Peter Randall OH
Lovett Benjamin   XCI A2 T Knight Dexter OH
Lovett Whipple   VI D2   Jesse Whitmore  
Low Charles   XI C4 H    
Low Charles   XI C4 T Oliver Holden OL
Low John   I B1 H Stephen Dexter T
Low John   III B4 T Elisha Waterman OL
            Opp. Baptist Meeting Ho.  
Love Lane     XV B3      
Luther Constant   III C2 H Oliver Luther T
Luther Oliver   III C2 T Constant Luther OH
Luther Royal   IX B6 LS    
Luther Thomas   VI D1 T Sylvanus Martin OH
Luther Thomas   I B1 T Rebecca Williams OH
Lyndon Danforth   III B2 TS John Mawney OL
Long Wharf Owners              
B. and E. Aborn              
Nathan Angell              
Zephaniah Brown              
Samuel Buller (sic)              
Arnold Whipple              
Simeon Aldrich              
Amos Jencks              
Stephen Harris              

Owners and Occupants CONTINUED

Thanks to Beth Hurd for photographing and transcribing this atlas, 2002-4.

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