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Owners and Occupants of the Lots, Houses and Shops in the Town of Providence Rhode Island in 1798

H House
S Store or Shop
B Barn or Stable
W Wharf
M Mill
G Garden
T Tenant
O Owner
L Land
HL House and Land
BL Barn and Land
SL Shop and Land
HS House and Shop
HBS House, Barn and Shop
OH Owner of House
OS Owner of Shop
OB Owner of Barn or Stable
OW Owner of Wharf
OL Owner of Land
OF Owner of Farm

These and other combinations of the capital letters occurring, refer to the proceeding name, to indicate what improvements were on the land, and who the owner or tenant was.
Ebenezer Frost was tenant on Nathan Angell's Lane, who also owned the house.
Silas Fish was tenant on Felix Frazier's land, but he owned 1/2 a house with N. D. Greene, and B. Knowles lived in the house. 

Daggett Abner   III B1 H    
Daggett Abner   III B4 S Nathan Angell OL
Daggett James   II C5 H Robt. Sutton T
Dailey Daniel   II B5 H    
Dana Jeykel   XI B5 T E. Hawkins OH
Davenport Jos. & Saml.   I C2 H 1/2 each  
Davenport Jos. & Saml.   I B2 S B. W. & Jacksons Wharf  
Davis Israel   I B3 H    
Davis John   I C3 H 1/2 Widow Sinkins  
Davis John   I B3 H    
Davis Preserved   VIII A3 T Dexter Brown OH
Davis Robert   XI D3 T Samuel Butler OH
Dawless Michael   I C3 T Clark & Nightingale  
Dawless Michael   XVI D2 L    
Dean Calvin   XIV C1 S    
Dean Calvin   XIII C5 S Tanyard  
Dean Calvin   XV C6 L    
Dexter Benjamin S.   I B2 H Or Benj. G.  
Dexter Daniel S.   I C3 T D. Stillwell  
Dexter Ebenezer   XIII B6 S Old Store 1723  
Dexter Edward   I C3 HL    
Dexter Edward   XVI D1 L    
Dexter Edward   III B4 T Jabez Bowen W
Dexter Edward   III C5 L    
Dexter John   VI C3 H    
Dexter John   I B2 T C. Sheldon, School Ho.  
Dexter John S.   III C6 T John Corlis OH
Dexter Knight   III B1 H    
Dexter Knight   III B3 H Wm. Barker T
Dexter Knight   XVI A2 H Benja. Lovett T
Dexter Knight   IV C2 LB Asylum Farm  
Dexter Knight   III B3 L Page 13  
Dexter Knight   XVI A2 F 38 Acre Farm  
Dexter Knight   XIII B6 SL Jona. Cary T
Dexter Knight   III B3 LB Wm. Barker T
Dexter Knight   XV A2 L XVII E2  
Dexter Stephen   XI B5 H See Wm. Dexter & McCan T
Dexter Stephen   XI B5 H 1/2 A. Peck, Benj. West T
Dexter Major   VI D5 L    
Dexter Stephen   I C2 S C. Sheldon OW
Dexter Stephen   I B1 T John Low OH
Dexter William   XI B5 H See Stephen Dexter  
Dexter Jonathan   I C3 L    
Dexter House     IX C4 H    
Dexter Lane     XVIII E2 L    
Dickens Edward   II C5 H Hezekiah Sabin T
Dickens Edward   III B5 T John Brown OW
Dill Swamp     XV B1      
Distill House     VI B6 DH Hy Smith & Co.  
Distill House Lane     XI C5      
Dode George   I E4 T Whiting & Heaton OH
Dodge Nehemiah   III B3 T Siril Dodge OH
Dodge Nehemiah   III B1 T Mary Tripe OH
Dodge Siril   III B3 HB N. Dodge, Nicho. Hoppin T
Donnison Jonathan   XI D3 HS    
Donnison Jonathan   XVI D1 L    
Dorrance John   XI D3 HB New House  
Dorrance John   XV A2 L    
Dorrance John   XI D3 S Nathl. Gladding T
Dorrance John   XI   S 1/2 Stone Ware Kiln  
Dorrance John   XI   K John Mathewson Land  
Draper Aaron   XI D3 H 1/2 J. Gibbs  
Draper Aaron   XI D3 H E. Thompson OL
Dring Thomas   III B5 H    
Drowne Sarah   III B4 H Solomon Drown (sic)  
Drowne Sarah   III B4 H    
Drowne Sarah   I C5 L See Solomon Drowne  
Drowne Solomon   I C5 L See Sarah Drowne  
Drowne Solomon   I C4 L Nathan Sweetland OH
Dunn Bernon   VI C5 H    
Dunwell David Heirs   XI D3 H 1/2 K. Carpenter  
Dunwell Widow   XI D3 H John Gibson T
Dunwell John   XI D4 T Saml. Butler OH
Durfee Ezekiel   XIII C6 H 1/2 Elisha Dyer  
Durfee Robert   XIII C6 H    
Durfee Robert   XIII C6 S Nathan Angell OL
Durfee Sarah   XIII C6 H E. Durfee  
Dyer Anthony, Jr.   XIII E5 H 1/2 Elisha Dyer  
Dyer Benjamin    XI C5 HB    
Dyer Eliphalet   III B2 L James Burr T
Dyer Elisha   XIII E5 H 1/2 Anthony Dyer  
Dyer Elisha   XI D3 TS John Fitton OL
Dyer Olney   XI A5 L Laban Vincent T
Dyer Olney   X D3 T Hy Smith House  
 -------------- ---   --  -- ---  --  ---------  -- 
Earl Abbot   VI C3 T Peter Randall OH
Earl John   VI D2 T H. Aplin & Wm. Earl  OH
Earl William   I B2 H    
Earl William   VI D2 H John Earl, 1/2 Hannah Aplin T
Earl William   III B6 S    
Earl William   VI D2 L 4 Acres  
Easton Nicholas   VI B5 H    
Easton Nicholas   III B2 T John Mawney OL
Eatsforth John   I C3 H Unfinished  
Eatsforth Samuel   I C3 H Unfinished  
Eddy Benjamin   XII C2 H    
Eddy Benjamin, Jr.   XI B5 H    
Eddy Barnard   XI C4 H    
Eddy Comfort   IX B5 L    
Eddy Esec   XI A5 HLB    
Eddy Esec, Jr.   XI A5 H Unfinished  
Eddy Jeremiah   XII C3 HL    
Eddy Jeremiah   XII C2 L    
Eddy Jeremiah   XII D2 L    
Eddy Joseph   XII C2 HL    
Eddy Moses   I A1 HWS    
Eddy Patience   XII C2 H 1/2 Rhoda Eddy  
Eddy Peleg   XIV E1 H    
Eddy Rhoda   XII C2 H 1/2 Patience  
Eddy Samuel   III D3 H    
Eddy William   XII C2 H    
Eddy William, Jr.   XII C2 H    
Eddy Street     XII C2      
Ellis James   VI D2 H    
Ensworth Nancy   XI D3 H    
Ensworth Nancy   XI D3 S J. F. Jenkins T
Ensworth Nancy   I B3 L J. F. Jenkins T
Everleith Wm. & John   III B6 H J. B. Howell OL
Everleith Wm. & John   III B6 H Jos. Brown Heirs OL
Everleith Wm. & John   III B6 H Jos. Mason T
Everleith Wm. & John   III B6 WS Jos. Brown Heirs OW
Everleith Wm. & John   III B6 L    
Everleith Wm. & John   III C6 L Well for Distill House  
Ewing Mrs.   XI C4 T Jas. Black OH
Exhange Coffee House     III B4 H Arthur Fenner OL
            Dr. Caleb Fiske owns a   
The above building            majority of shares. The  
opposite the market           builder fled to Canada,   
was 31 feet front, 45            committed treason, was tried,  
feet back and 3 stories           convicted and hung therefore  
high, slightly built.           by the Canadian Government.  

Owners and Occupants CONTINUED

Thanks to Beth Hurd for photographing and transcribing this atlas, 2002-4.

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