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Owners and Occupants of the Lots, Houses and Shops in the Town of Providence Rhode Island in 1798

H House
S Store or Shop
B Barn or Stable
W Wharf
M Mill
G Garden
T Tenant
O Owner
L Land
HL House and Land
BL Barn and Land
SL Shop and Land
HS House and Shop
HBS House, Barn and Shop
OH Owner of House
OS Owner of Shop
OB Owner of Barn or Stable
OW Owner of Wharf
OL Owner of Land
OF Owner of Farm

These and other combinations of the capital letters occurring, refer to the proceeding name, to indicate what improvements were on the land, and who the owner or tenant was.
Ebenezer Frost was tenant on Nathan Angell's Lane, who also owned the house.
Silas Fish was tenant on Felix Frazier's land, but he owned 1/2 a house with N. D. Greene, and B. Knowles lived in the house. 

Cady Jonathan   III B2 HS J. Mawney OL
Callender Mary   VI C4 H    
Carr Robt.   I A1 T Clark & Nightingale OH
Card Potter   XIV C2 T N. Waterman OL
Carder Esther   XI B5 HS Thos. Printice T
Cary Jonathan   XIII B6 T Knight Dexter OS
Carlile Benjamin   I C2 HB    
Carlile B. S. & J.   I A1 S Clark & Nightingale W
Carlile John   I B1 H    
Carlile John Heirs   I B1 H    
Carlile Samuel   I B1 H Wm. Peck T
Carpenter John   XI B5 SL Job Carpenter, error  
Carpenter Kinsley   XI D3 HL 1/2 Dunwell Ho.  
Carpenter Kinsley   XI D3   Z. Carpenter, error  
Carpenter Kinsley   XI D3 H John Gibson T
Carpenter Kinsley   VI C5 L    
Carpenter Oliver   XI B4 HL Housewright  
Carpenter Oliver   XIII B6 L 4 Acres  
Carpenter Oliver   XIII C6 L J. I. Clark T
Carpenter Oliver   XIII B6 L S. W. Greene T
Carpenter Oliver   XIII D6 HSB Wheelwright  
Carpenter William   XVI D1 L    
Carpenter William   XI A5 T John Keene OH
Carpenter Zachariah   I C3 H    
Carrington & Bowen     III B4 S Arthur Fenner OL
Carter John   III B3 HB    
Carter & Wilkinson     III B4 H Arthur Fenner OL
Chace Jonathan   IX B6 H    
Chace Amos   XI C6 T John Brown OB
Cat Swamp Lane     VIII B3      
Central Bridge     V E4      
Chafee Amos   XIV B1 T Jas. Atwood OH
Chafee William   I C3 H 1/2 Wm. Church  
Champlin George   III B2 S John Mawney OL
Champlin Christopher   III B2 S John Mawney OL
Chareteau Mons   III B6 T S. H. Smith OS
Charles Street     VI B5      
Charleston Plat     X E2      
Chase Amos   XI C6   John Brown OL
Chiddle John   XI B4 T Mary Mathewson OH
Chilson David   IX B6 T Peter Randall OH
Chiddle John   XI C4 T J. Black OL
Chocolate Mills     VI B2      
Church Nathaniel   I C3 H See Wm. Church  
Church William   I B3 T John Davis OH
Church William   I C3 H 1-3 Church & Chaffee  
Church Lane     III B1      
Church St. Johns   III B1      
Clapp Deborah   III B5 H    
Clapp Isaac   XIII B6 T 1/2 P. Williams OH
Clark Barney   VI B5 T E. Brown, Jr. OH
Clark Ellenor   III B1 T D. Wheaton OH
Clark Henry   VI C5 H 1/2 J. Harris  
Clark John   XI A6 T H. Seaver OH
Clark John I.   I C2 HB    
Clark John I.   XIII C6 L Oliver Carpenter OL
Clark Samuel   XI D4 H J. Whitman OL
Clark Thomas P.   XI C6 L J. P. Clark, error  
Clark William   VI B5 H    
Clark & Nightingale Page 12   I C3 H M. Dawless T
Clark & Nightingale     I A1 H Moses Lippitt T
Clark & Nightingale     I A1 H Robt. Carr T
Clark & Nightingale     III B1 H Samuel Green T
Clark & Nightingale     XI A5 H Mrs. Beckford T
Clark & Nightingale     I D2 H Vacant  
Clark & Nightingale     I D3 H Vacant  
Clark & Nightingale     I A2 WSS Coopers Shop  
Clark & Nightingale     I A1 WSS Block Makers Shop  
Clark & Nightingale     I A1 WS    
Clark & Nightingale     I B3 W Distill House,  
Clark & Nightingale     I B3 W 1/2 S. Nightingale  
Clark & Nightingale     I B3 W Distill House,  
Clark & Nightingale     I B3 W 1/2 Eph. Bowen  
Clark & Nightingale     VI E4 L    
Clark & Nightingale     I D3 L    
Clark & Nightingale     III E2 L    
Clark & Nightingale     XIV D2 L    
Claverick Street     XI A6      
Clemence Ephraim   XI B4 H    
Clemence Lane     XI B4 L    
Clifford Elizabeth   XI C5 H Abm. Smith House  
Coates Benjamin   III B5 H D. Stillwell OL
Coggeshall Cato   VI B4 H    
Coggeshall Charles   III C5 H    
Coggeshall Charles   III B4 S Ebenezer Tyler OL
Coggeshall Charles   IV A6 L    
Cole Andrew   I B2 H Cyrus Cole T
Cole Cyrus   I B2 T Andrew Cole OH
Cole Edward   III B4 H Ichabod Wade T
Cole John   II A4 L    
Cole Joseph and Cyrus   I C3 H 1/2 each  
Cole Thomas   XI A5 H    
Cole Thomas   XI A5 H Vacant  
Cole Thomas   XI A5 H    
Cole Street     II A4      
Coleman Eber   I C3 H    
College Street     III B4      
College Street     XI E3      
Comstock Benjamin   VI B6 H    
Condy T. H.   XI D4 T Saml. Aborn OH
Congdon Ephraim   I B2 H Elizabeth Congdon  
Congdon Jonathan   III C3 H    
Conners Widow   VI D1 H    
Constitution Street     VI        
Cook Nathaniel   XI C6      
Cooke Hezekiah   I B1 H    
Cooke Jesse   I B1 L    
Cooke Jesse   II B1 L Young Orchard  
Cooke John   II B1 L Young Orchard  
Cooke Nicholas, Gov.   II B1 L Young Orchard  
Cooke Nicholas   III B3 HSB Sarah Page OH
Cook & Roberts     XII B1 SL Dutee Roberts  
Cooper Moses   XVII E6 L    
Corlis Bristol   VI B5 T Chas. Keene OH
Corlis John   III B6 H    
Corlis John   III B4 H Capt. Trotter T
Corlis John   III B4 H N. Waterman OL
Corlis John   III B6 H    
Corlis John   I D3 H Ebenz. Maxwell T
Corlis John   I C1 H John Hunt T
Corlis John   I B1 H Caesar Wanlon T
Corlis John   III B6 WS    
Corlis John   III B6 S Arthur Fenner OL
Corlis John   III C6 H John S. Dexter T
Corlis John   I B4 WS Fox Point, 1/2 W. Arnold  
Corlis John   III C6 H    
Corlis John   I C1 L    
Corlis John   III E5 L 7 Acres  
Cory William   XI C5 H    
Coville Dana   XI D3 T H. McNeal OH
Cowing Ward   XI C6 H    
Cowing Ward   XI C5 T Wm. Watermans OS  
Cowpen Point     XII D2      
Coy J. W.    XI B6 H    
Coy J. W.    XI D4 H Zeph. Andrews OL
Cozzens Andrew   IX B6 H    
Cozzens Benjamin   IX B6 HSB    
Cozzens Benjamin   I B1 H Richd. Hinman T
Cozzens Benjamin   I B1 H N. Power OL
Cozzens Benjamin   IX A4 L 14 Acres  
Cozzens Benjamin   IX B6 L    
Cozzens Benjamin, Sen.   IX B6 HSB    
Cozzens Margaret   XIV A3 L    
Cozzens Mrs.   III C6 H W. Arnold OH
Cozzens Richard   III E6 H Adj. Geo. Weeden  
Craft Samuel   III B6 H Steph. Haris OL
Crandall Joseph    VI C5 T Wm. Russell OH
Cranston Line     XVIII B6      
Cranston Road     XVI C3      
Cranston, Town of     XVI        
Crapon Christopher   I C3 H    
Crapon Thomas   I C3 H    
Crawford Catharine   III B5 H    
Crawford Joseph Heirs   III B5 L    
Crawford Nancy   III B1 T Zach. Allen OH
Crawford Susanna   III A1 H J. Weight T
Crawford Susanna   III B5 W Zach. Allen  
Crawford Susanna   III B5 H    
Cross Freelove   III C6 H    
Currie James   VI B5 HSB A. Whipple OH
Currie Robert   V C4 HB    
Currie Samuel   VI B5 HSL    
Currie Samuel   VI C4 L    
Cushing Benjamin Est.         See Hannah Cushing  
Cushing Hannah   III B2 HL    
Cushing Hannah   III B2 LS Noah Smith T
Cushing Hannah   III E3 L John Smith T
Cushing Hannah   III C2 L    
Cushing Hannah   II B1 L 1/4 Young Orchard  
Cushing Nathaniel   III B2 HSB    
Cushing Prince   III B5 H Welcome Arnold OH
Curry Shop     VI D2      

Owners and Occupants CONTINUED

Thanks to Beth Hurd for photographing and transcribing this atlas, 2002-4.

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