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Owners or Occupants
of the Houses in the Compact Part of Providence in 1759
Showing the Location and In Whose Names
They Are to be Found on the Map of 1798
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Ownership in 1759 and 1798
Abbot Daniel III B4 Jabez Bowen
Allin Jonathan VI C5 Bernon Dunn
Andrew John III A1 Caleb  Wheaton
Angell John III A3 J.  Tillinghast
Angell James III A3 J.  Tillinghast
Angell Nathan III A3 Nathan Angell
Aplin John VI D2 Hannah  Aplin
Arnold Christopher B2 Christopher Arnold
Arnold Jonathan III B5 Welcome Arnold
Arnold Joseph I A1 Joseph Arnold
Arnold Uriah ? ? Distill House  
Ashton Joshua I B2 Same  
Ashton William I B2 Same  
Ashton William, Jr. I B2 Same  
Antram William III A1 Darius Sessions
Atwell Amos XI C4 Amos Atwell
Bacon Henry XI B5 William Bacon
Bass John, Rev. XI B5 Sylvester Gardner
Balch Nathaniel VI C4 Samuel Currie
Benett Joseph        
Benett Thomas        
Bowen Benjamin III B1 Joseph Bowen
Bowen Ephraim III B4 Ephraim Bowen
Bowen Jabez, Dr. III B1 Joseph Bowen
Brown Allin I A1 Clark & Nightingale  
Brown David        
Brown Elisha VI C4 Mary Bailey
Brown Esec III A2 Heirs of E. Brown  
Brown George I A1 Moses Lippitt
Brown James XI D4 William Peckham
Brown John III B6 John Brown
Brown Joshua        
Brown Nicholas III B5 Nicholas Brown
Brown Obadiah III B3 Mary Brown
Brown Mary III B1 Wheeler Martin
Brown William, son of Nathaniel III B1 Richard Brown
Bucklin Jonathan III A2 Sandra Pitman
Bucklin Joseph III B4 Dr. Amos Throop
Burges John III B    
Burkitt John III B6 Simon H. Smith
Burkitt Thomas III B6 Simon H. Smith
Burr David III B3 Old Jail Lot  
Burr David, Jr. VI C3 John Dexter
Butler Samuel XI D4 Samuel Butler
Cary Barnabas XIV E1 William Peckham
Chace Samuel III B4 Jabez and William Brown
Clark James IX A5 Moses Brown
Clark Jonathan III B4 Gov. Fenner Parade  
Cole John III A4    
Compton William XI B6 William Potter
Comstock Gideon XI C5 William Rhodes
Cook Nicholas I A1 Jeremiah Olney
Corlis George III B6 John Corlis
Cory Isaac XI A5 Nathan Arnold
Cory William I B3 Nicholas Power
Crawford Abijah III B3 John Updike
Crawford John Est. III B3 John Carter, J. Updike  
Crawford Gideon III B1 Nathaniel Wheaton
Crawford Joseph III B5 Joseph Crawford
Currie Samuel VI C4 Samuel Currie
Cushing Benjamin III B2 Hannah  Cushing
Davis Uriah        
Dexter John XI C4 George Beverly
Dexter Knight III B3 Dexter (sic) Knight (sic)
Dexter Peleg VI C5 Ezekiel Burr
Donnison William III B4 Dr. Amos Throop
Drowne Solomon III B4 Solomon Drowne
Dunwell John XI D3 Widow Dunwell
Earl William I B2 William Earl
Eddy Barnet XI C4 Charles Low
Eddy Daniel VI C5 William Russell
Edmonds James III B3 St. John's Glebe  
Fenner Arthur III B4 Arthur Fenner
Field Anthony VI C5    
Field James XI B5 Benjamin Talbot
Field John, Capt. XI D4 Joseph Martin
Field John Deacon XII B2 Lydia Field
Field Joseph III C6    
Field Thomas VI C3 John Dexter
Fiske Samuel        
Field Wait III B6 Charles Field Heirs  
Field Charles III B6 Charles Field Heirs  
Foster John VI C4 Philip Martin
Foster John, Jr. VI C4 Philip Martin
Frasier Alexander XI C5 Felix Frazier (sic)
Gibbs Robert, Dr. III B6 Mary Young
Gorham Benjamin VI C5    
Green Thomas III B5 William Barton
Green James III B3 William Allen
Hacker Joshua III B6 Joseph Peck 
Harding Eleazer XI C4 Walker Harding
Harding Thomas III B5 Dr. Henry Sterling
Harris David III B4 Seth Wheaton  
Hartshorn Jacob I B3 Caleb  Godfrey
Hawkins John VI B4 Esec Hopkins
Hawkins Luther VI B4 Esec Hopkins
Hewes Joseph, Dr. VI C3 Dr. Hewes Heirs  
Hide Christopher VI B6 Charles Thurber
Hide Patience VI B6 Charles Thurber
Hopkins Christopher III B3 Sarah Page
Hopkins Esec III B5 John Rogers
Hopkins Rufus III B5 Rufus Hopkins
Hopkins Stephen III B5 Rufus Hopkins
Hoyle James XI A6 Anthony Westcott
Hoyle John XI A6 Anthony Westcott
Hunt Benjamin Page 28 VI B6 Benj. Hunt Heirs  
Hunt Simeon VI D2 Sylvanus Martin
Jackson Susan III B4 Richard Jackson
Jackson Samuel III B2 Samuel Jackson
Jenckes Daniel III B4 Widow Jenckes
Jenckes Ebenezer XI D4 B. and E. Aborn  
        and A. Whipple  
Jenckes John III B4 Widow Jenckes
Jones John I C3 Mary Simmons
Keene & Payson          
Keene  Charles        
Kilton Dinah III A2 Oliver Arnold Heirs  
Kilton Stephen III A2 Wait Kilton
Kings Chapel   III B1 Kings Church  
Kinnicut Amos XI D4 Charles Lippitt
Kinnicut Edward III B4 Ebenezer Thompson
Kinnicut Mary III B4 Ebenezer Thompson
Kinnicut Roger XI D4 Kinnicut Estate  
Law George I B1 J. Tillinghast Heirs  
Lawrence John        
Lawrence Joseph        
Lovett James VI D2 Whipple Lovett
Man Benjamin XI C4 Henry Smith
Manchester Gideon XI C5 Caleb  Fiske, M.D.
Manchester Thomas XI C5    
Mathewson John XI C4 John Mathewson
Mathewson Nathan Estate XI C4 John Mathewson
Mawney John, Dr. III B2 John Mawney Heirs  
Mitchell James III B5 Welcome Arnold Heirs  
Mowry Daniel VI C3    
Moody Nathaniel Green III A1 Daniel Wheaton
Mooris Woodbury VIII B6 Welcome Arnold Heirs  
McCrary Alexander XI D4 Ebenezer Thompson
McGill Robert  XI D3 Widow Dunwell
Nash Joseph VI C4 Old Chocolate Works  
Nightingale Samuel XI C5 Saml.  Nightingale
Olney Charles VI B5 Robert Newell
Olney Joseph VI D4 William Rodman
Olney Richard III A2 Simeon H. Olney
Owen Joseph III B1 Simeon H. Olney
Owen Solomon VI B5 Oliver  Bowen
Packard Fearnot III A1 Nathaniel Packard
Packard Nathaniel  III A1 Nathaniel Packard
Page Ambrose III A2 Patience Page
Page William III A2 Patience Page
Paget Henry III B4 William Bowen
Pearce Benoni XI C5 Robert Taylor
Pearce Jabez XI B5 Elizabeth Carder
Pearce William III B5 Jabez and Wm.  Bowen
Peavey Abel I B1 Gideon Hull Heirs  
Peckham Giles III B5 Moses Brown
Potter Joseph XI C5 P. and J. Potter  
Potter Philip XI C5 P. and J. Potter  
Proud William        
Presbyterian Meeting House   III B4 Town of Providence  
Randall Peter IX B5 Peter Randall
Rawson Grindall XI B5 N. End of Richmond St.  
Richmond Barzillai XI B6 William Richmond
Robinson Benjamin VI C3 Near Wm. Seaser  
Russell Joseph XI D4    
Russell William XI D4    
Sabin Timothy I B2 Timothy Sabin
Seamans Gilbert VI B4 Thomas Green
Seamans John        
Seamans James I C3 Mary Simmons
Seamans Thomas VI B4 Thomas Green
Seaver Richard XI A6 Hannah M.  Seaver
Sessions Darius III A2 Darius Sessions
Sheldon Christopher I B2 Christopher Sheldon
Sheldon Joseph I C4 Christopher Sheldon
Sheldon Joseph, Jr. I C3 Joseph T. Sheldon
Smith Abraham IV B6 John Nash
Smith Benjamin VI B6 William Smith
Smith Edward III A1 Levi Hall Heirs  
Smith John VI A6 Job Smith
Smith Margaret VI C4 Samuel Currie
Smith Daniel VI B6 William Smith
Smith William III A2 John Smith
Snow Joseph        
Snow Joseph, Jr.        
Sprague Obadiah VI C5 Obadiah Sprague
Sterry Robert III A3 Widow Elizb. Sterry
Sweeting Joseph III B5 Moses Brown
Sweeting Job XI C5 Job Sweeting
Taylor George VI C4 Isaac Angel
Tew Paul III B2 Jacob Smith
Thomas John, Jr. XI D3 John Fitton
Thompson Ebenezer III B4 Richard Jackson
Thurber Edward VI B5 Edw. Thurber
Thurber James XI B5 Abraham Smith
Thurber Samuel VI B5 Samuel Thurber
Thurber James XI B5 Abraham Smith
Thurber Samuel VI B5 Samuel Thurber
Thurston Luke XI D3 Nancy Ernsworth
Thurston Peleg III B3 First Baptist Meeting Ho.  
Thornton Daniel        
Tillinghast Daniel III B5 William Barton
Tillinghast Charles I B2 J. Gifford Heirs  
Tillinghast Joseph Heirs I B1 Jos. Tillinghast Heirs Tillinghast
Tillinghast Lydia I B2 Wm. Tillinghast
Tillinghast Nicholas III B5 Isaac  Brown
Tift & Wise   XI B5 Nathaniel Salisbury
Tifft Daniel XI B5 Daniel Tifft
Turpin Joseph VI C3 Old Turpin House  
Tyler Ebenezer III B5 Ebenezer Tyler
Tyler William XI D4 William  Tyler
Tyler William XI D4 Geo. Jackson Est.  
Geo. Jackson Estate   XI D4 William Tyler
Geo. Jackson Estate   XI D4 Geo. Jackson Est.  
Walcott William VI C4 John Smith
Ward Nehemiah XI B5 Theatre  
Waterman Amaziah III B4 N. R. and E.  Waterman
Waterman John III B3 Glebe  
Waterman Phebe III B4 Richard Jackson
Waterman Susan III B4 Richard Jackson
Westcott Samuel III B4 Samuel Westcott
Westcott Thomas XI D4 Lowrey Aborn
Wheaton Ephraim VI C3 Ephraim Wheaton
Wheaton Nathaniel III B1 Hannah  Wheaton
Wheaton William XI D4 William Soule
Whipple Azeriah VI D1 Aaron Mason
Whipple Benjamin VI D1 Aaron Mason
Whipple Jabez IX B6 Sarah Gray
Whipple John VI B6 Joseph  Whipple
Whipple Joseph VI D2 Aaron  Mason, old house
Whipple Joseph III B6 Thos. Sabin
Whipple Joseph III B6 John Brown
Whipple William VI C4 Moses Brown
Whitman Jacob XI D3 Jacob Whitman
Wilkinson David XI D3 Mrs. Wilkinson
Winsor Samuel I B2 Saml.  Godfrey
Williams Theophilus XI B5 Benjamin Talbot
Wright Stephen XI B6 Near Wilson's Meeting Ho.  
Young Archibald III B5 Thos. P. Ives
Young Gideon III B2 Mrs.  Wilkinson

Thanks to Beth Hurd for photographing and transcribing this atlas, 2002-4.

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