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The material on this page was obtained on an eBay auction. The items were apparently found in the attic of a building in Providence that was about to be torn down. No other information about their history is known, but they were clearly treasured by generations, and will continue to live here on the Rhode Island USGenWeb internet site, and at the Rhode Island Historical Society, Providence, where they have been sent. Some other items from this large extended family related lot can be found on the Hopkins page.

Above is a scan of part of the cover of a notebook belonging to Albert Holbrook of Providence. As indicated on page nineteen (see graphic image below), he was writing the Holbrook genealogy.

Albert Holbrook, author of the genealogy at age 81
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Also included in the material were some glass negatives. On the left is a picture of a man I believe to be Albert Holbrook. On the right is a scan of the photograph of the Holbrook / Holbrooke coat of arms. This is not as clear, but is useful for comparison, for apparently there are many for the Holbrook family.

Probably Albert Holbrook - from a glass negative Click on each image for larger, more complete, versions.Holbrook Coat of Arms

The genealogy of the Holbrook Family, as written by Albert Holbrook in 1893, is presented in scanned format because the handwriting is subject to interpretation. For best results, save the images and print them from a graphics program.
    The descendancy to the son of Albert8:
  1. Thomas Holbrook
  2. John Holbrook (2)
  3. Ichabod Holbrook (15)
  4. David Holbrook (17)
  5. Ichabod Holbrook (22)
  6. Nathaniel Holbrook (31)
  7. Abel Holbrook (38)
  8. Albert Holbrook (85)
  9. Charles William (II) Holbrook (95)

Decorative top to half of Family Register
Decorative top to half of Family Register for Albert Holbrook and Abby Olney Angell
Enlargement of first panel | Enlargement of second panel showing dates of birth
Enlargement of marriage panel | Enlargement of died panel

Charles William Holbrook (II), son of Albert, died December 11, 1935, at the age of 87. The December 12th Providence Journal obituary states that he was "president of the Holbrook Raw Hide Company, continuously operated by the Holbrook family for more than a century..." The company was started by his father and uncle, Charles William Holbrook (I), as the A. and C. W. Holbrook Company. In 1906 the company was incorporated as the Holbrook Raw Hide Company.

His last residence was 24 Langham Road, Providence. He was first married to Miss Sarah D. King who died in 1918, and then, in 1925, Miss Carrie Jeffers, who died in 1927. Charles William Holbrook (II) was buried in the Holbrook family lot in the North Burial Ground, Providence. The picture in the obituary looks remarkably like the man above, including the full beard and the distinctive nose.

The Albert Holbrook family lived on a farm in what is now Lincoln. Charles' brother Uriah was a physician in Providence, and his brothers George A. and Albert Jr. worked with him in the family business. Mentioned as surviving were nieces Mrs. George W. Sweet, and Mrs. Norman M. Robertson.

Not part of the material purchased, but added as additional information, are pages from the 1885 Providence Directory. On page 238 are the Holbrook listings, and on page 615 is the business listing, under Pickers, for A. & C. W. Holbrook.

Images and transcriptions by Susan W. Pieroth Copyright October 2000.
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