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   Hall Tombstones: Wallingford, CT

   Hall - Pratt - Taylor from 1605

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[Mimi Taylor's Notes in brackets. Mimi states, "There is a Richard and a Daniel listed in my records, and they in turn have numerous descendants emmigrating to all over the country via RI. Many branches of the HALLS settled in the South, and in VA." ]

Double Tombstone of: ‘In Memory of’
Mr. Benjamin Hall (age79) d. 12/11/1806
and "his comfort"
Susanah Hall (age 44 ) d. 12/12/1779

"Indulgent, Kind and Affectionate ale Parents.
"Behold and look with triumph on the lamb
was the renform paid? It was:"

In this same plot is:

Mrs. Abigail Hall
‘comfort of"
Mr. Daniel Hall ‘who died age 66’ d. 01/01/1807

"Now may the rifing dead appear
Now the decisive sentence hear.
Now the dear martyrs of the Lord
Receive an infinite reward."


Multiple Tombstone of:

John Milton Hall June 13th,1830-Jan. 13th, 1913
his wife
Amorette Frances Morse Mar. 27th, 1837-Jan. 5th, 1920

Under these on same stone:

Nellie Elana Hall Feb. 9th, 1964-Dec. 27th, 1946
Walter Atwood Hall Jan. 7th, 1874-Sept. 19th,1956
His wife:
Lucille Carol Reynolds Dec. 25th, 1876-Dec. 11th, 1961


Joel Hall Nov. 3, 1806-Apr. 30th, 1884

[Need to verify if this is one of the named John/aka Joel in relation to the Hall to Taylor Lines –6th or 7th generation]


John Hall (age 79) b. abt. 1809-May 14th, 1888
his wife
Emily (age 83) b. abt. 1812-July 31st, 1895

and what looks to be in the same area:

Tombstone of:
Patty (age 5 months)
[sister of John Hall] b. abt. May 1823-Sept. 21st, 1823


Tombstone of:

Augustus Hall (age 80) b. abt. 1768-Sept. 9th, 1848
[Brother to Joel, JR- 1771-1850]

2nd tombstone:

Abigail Hall (age 58) b. abt. 1779-Oct. 22nd, 1837
‘wife of Augustus Hall’


Double Tombstone of: "In memory of"

Mr. Abraham Hall b. abt. 1708/28-Sept. 16th, 1761
‘who died in the
33/53 rd year of his age’
and also his wife
Mrs. Sarah Hall b. abt. 1704-Mar. [??th] 1781
‘who died in the 77th year
of her age’


Double Tombstone of:

Jeremiah A . Hall (age 85) b. abt. 1807-Feb. 2nd,1892
1st wife:
Jemima (age 52)

2nd wife:
Ursula/Ubsula Palmer (age 85/35] died: Feb. 16, 1903


Double Tombstone of:

Horace A. Hall b. 1821-d.1891
his wife
Anna M. b. 1824-d.1897


H. Beverly Hall (age 91) b. abt 1811-Feb. 1st, 1902
‘his wife’
Frances A. (age 70) b. abt. 1814-Jan. 4th, 1884


Tombstone of:

Martha b. July 13th, 179[6]- Mar. 27th, 1875
"wife of Isaac N. Hall and daughter of Benajah and Ruth Hall


1 Tombstone of:
Wiliam Burr Hall Dec. 16th, 1845-Aug. 4th, 1904

2nd tombstone of:
‘his wife’
Ella Marie Skinner Dec. 21st, 1849-Nov. 15th, 1904


Tombstone of: [related to the Hall-Beach-Cook-Street Families]

Rev. Samuel Street (age 82) b. abt. 1635 - Jan. 10th, 1717
"first Pastor of the FIRST CHRISTIAN TRUST
[The Congregational of Wallingford, CT
He was ordained in 1675]



There is also a monument, that looks like a stone casket in this cemetery in honor of Lyman Hall –1724-1790 a signer of the Declaration of Independence who was born in Connecticut, but later became Governor of Georgia. Unable to read the inscription on the original ‘tablet top’ , but the side panel states:

"The State of Georgia, having removed to Augusta, the remains of Lyman Hall, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and there erected a monument to his memory. The ‘tablet’ originally covering his grave, was in 1857 was presented by William D’Antignac to this state [CT] to whose order it is deposited in his native town." [Wallingford, CT]"

He was born in Wallingford, CT, April 12th, 1724 and died in Burke County, Georgia on October 19th, 1790. He was a physician who moved to Georgia, after time spent in South Carolina. Hall County in North Georgia, bordering on the South Carolina border is named after him.

He was married to [1st] Abigail Burr, who died at age 24. She was the daughter of Thaddeus Burr, related to Aaron Burr. His 2nd wife was Mary Osborne, who died in 1792.

These documents are made available free to the public for non-commercial purposes by the Rhode Island USGenWeb Project.  Contributed by Mimi Taylor <myke2@bellatlantic.net>.  Halls from Wallingford CT -- all info verified from family records. Donated by Mimi Taylor. She sent, " A very special thanx to both Bill Duprey and Pat Hall Rushton. Pictures taken by Pat Hall Rushton – Lyman Hall researcher Inscriptions verified by Bill Duprey  Negatives to Mimi Taylor – for reprints to Halls -  Elizabeth Harris - Rod Hall - Ross Andrews -Pat Rushton Hall all have many birth and death dates of their ancestors, John Hall and Jane Woolen.
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HALL - PRATT - TAYLOR - 1605 - [to 1977 available from Mimi Taylor <myke2@bellatlantic.net>]

England-Scotland > Wallingford, Conn.> all United States-Japan

John-1;                                 m.      Jeanne/Jane Woolen
Hartford>New Haven>Wallingford,                 [of N. Hvn.-1644]
[1605-abt. 1676]                                [abt. -1620-1690] 
                                                dau. of  John Woolen +

{1} A John Hall shown as serving in the Pequot War-May/June 1637 [verify] 

[See notes re Jane's arrival in the Colonies - James Shepard Monograph
p.24/25] with ref. to claims made against Roger Knapp in the right of
his wife, Jane: and claims against the estate of  a Mr. Wilkes circa
1643 to 1647]

{2} ref. made to a Hall Ancestry by Charles S. Hall, Esq. p.4
    -Shepard Monograph

Their [7] children:  John-2, bapt-1646: Sarah, bapt.-1646: Samuel,
bapt.1648: [see Ross Andrews] Thomas-bapt. 1649: [see Rod Hall]
Jonathon-1651: David-1652: Mary-abt. 1654
[see Elizabeth Harris & Shepard Monograph]

John-2;                         m.      Mary Parker  
[abt. 1644 -1721]                       [abt. 1648-1725]
                                        dau. of Edward & Elizabeth 
                                        [widow Potter] Parker 

Their [9] children:  a child -b. 1667: Elizabeth-1670: Daniel-1672:
Mary-1675: Nathaniel-1677: John-1681: Lydia-1683: Samuel-1686: Esther-1693

John-3; 'Deacon in 1720'         m.     Elizabeth Royce [1707]
[1681-1766]     p. 38/49                [1689-1755]
                                        dau. of Nathaniel & Sarah       
                                        {Lothrop/Lathrop} Royce
                                        [sp: Roys/Royse/Rice]

Their [10] children:  Peter-1708: John-1712: Abel-?: Capt. Asahel-1717: 
[see Mimi Taylor's family records] Royce-1718: Elizabeth-1725:
Benjamin-1728: Elisha-1730:  Sarah-1731

[Taylor-Hall-Pratt begins here with Captain Asahel Hall]

Capt. Asahel-4;      m.      Sarah Goldsmith [widow]
[1717-1795]                  [1719-1789]
Note: Elizabeth Harris shows Sarah Parmalee .. Conn. marriage records show
a widow Sarah Goldsmith in 1739. Elizabeth Harris show a 2nd marriage to a
Sarah Beach - No references to this made in Healy pprs of the Hall Tavern..

Find all Hall children from these marriages as siblings of Joel, Sr.

Joel Sr -5;             m.      Hannah Parmalee
[1741-1826]                     [abt. 1744-1826]

Tombstone pictures & inscriptions of Joel, Sr and Hannah Hall can be
located in the writings [1911] of Annie Isadore Pratt-Taylor's memories
of her parents below and the Hall Tavern  History [1807-abt. 1850]
Find Augustus Hall of Wallingford, Conn. - brother of Joel Jr...
Marriages and service records of Joel, SR and JR verified in CT records.

[Lois, a sister of Joel, Jr. below shown in Healy papers as m. to a
Dr. Holloway -Wallingford, Conn.> to  North Adams, Mass. where
Dr. Holloway died] 

Joel Jr-6;               m.      Lucretia Street [4 Feb. 1793-p66]
[1771-1850]                      [1773-1851]

of their [12] children: Catherine Hall Pratt-Taylor [7] is our direct line.  

1-      Anna Street Hall-1794 m. to Orrin Taylor>Ohio: 
2-      Miles -1795 m. to Polly Wheelock > Michigan: 
3-      Hannah- abt. 1796 > d. abt. 1815:  buried Charlemont, Mass.
4-      Major-1800:  noted as d. infancy - [Amma's pprs @ 2 years.] 
5-      Lucretia-1802  m. Augusta Fuller> Michigan: 
6-      Sallie-1804  m. Jonathon Wheelock> Michigan

The above six children born in Wallingford, CT 
Joel Jr and Lucretia Street Hall resided Rowe, Mass. circa 1807

Beginning with Catherine, b. Charlemont, Mass.
7-      Cathrine-1808 m. Josiah Pratt, Jr > in 1828 find all children
        - list Hall-Pratt-Taylor Journals

Annie Isadore-8th gen.  b. 1850 m. Homer Slate Taylor at Chicago, IL
in 1877 > back to MA 1920's > 2 known brothers Frank & Frances Pratt:
IL & MA cousins to Annie: Mary Hannah Pratt m. an Andrews >
Illinois and Katherine Augusta Pratt Whitney 

8-      Joel-1811 to abt. 1835 [24 years] 
9-      Joel aka Augustus-1813 [1/2 owner  Hall Tavern -1835] 
        This Joel was a leader in the great Temperance Wave of 1844
        causing Joel, JR his father to discontinue the sale of ale and rum.
10-     Luther -1816:
11-     Emeline-1817 [sp: Emerline]
12-     James S. Hall > Nebraska

(7th)   Cathrine-1808 m. Josiah Pratt, Jr> in 1828 find all children
        - list Hall-Pratt-Taylor Journals  

(8th)   Annie Isadore-Pratt m.  Homer Slate Taylor [1877]
        [1808-abt. 19__]                [1851-1933]

They resided in Chicago, Illinois, Greenfield & Shelburne Falls, Mass.
during their married years. Their [3] children, Kenyon Yale Taylor,
Madelene Isadore & Leslie [Pratt] Taylor were born in Chicago as stated
in all records available to me in 1997. 

This lineage established to John Hall Taylor & Jane Wollen of ENG &
Wallingford, CT

These documents are made available free to the public for non-commercial purposes by the Rhode Island USGenWeb Project. Contributed by Mimi Taylor <myke2@bellatlantic.net>.
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