Providence and Pawtucket Contributions from Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Carter III

These materials were generously loaned to the RIGenWeb Project for scanning. They have been donated to the Rhode Island Historical Society in Providence where they can be viewed.

This page contains items that did not fit elsewhere, such as a list of items available at a grocery store.

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Bill from Nickerson and Sibley, Dr. Publishers of the Gazette and Chronicle in Pawtucket to Helping Hands of Good Sheppard.
German announcement for February 8, 1885 event.
Stock dividend to Wilbour, Jackson & Co.
A list of the goods available at Capitola Hollingworth's "Little Red Store around the Corner." in Pawtucket. A better scan was not possible because of the condition, but this has been included because many of the entries can be read and they are often unusual.
A brochure for the Young Ladies' School which was established in 1875 and was located on the corner of Broad and Nickerson Streets, Pawtucket. Included is a list of the basic course for each year and the staff
  • Mrs. Thomas Daves, Principal
  • Miss Ednah F. Beane, Assistant
  • Miss Carrie W. Smith
  • Miss M. A. Potter
  • Mrs. A. S. Starbird, Worcester
  • Mr. A. C. White
  • Prof. John H. Appleton, Brown University
  • L. W. Parsons, M.D., Brown University
  • Prof. S. S. Greene, Brown University
  • Mr. W. W. Bailey, Brown University
  • Hon. T. A. Doyle, Mayor of Providence
  • Hon. Nicholas Van Slyck
  • Daniel Leach, D. D.
  • Prof. S. S. Greene
  • S. Augustus Arnold, M. D.
  • Prof. L. B. Munrok, Yale
Unsigned receipt from the Providence County Savings Bank of Pawtucket, 1882.
North Providence Bank of Pawtucket unused check from 186_.

Scanned by Susan W. Pieroth and contributed Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Carter III of San Diego, California, January 2004. You may not copy the scans to another web site, or publish them in any form without specific permission.

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