Providence and Pawtucket Contributions from Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Carter III

These materials were generously loaned to the RIGenWeb Project for scanning. They have been donated to the Rhode Island Historical Society in Providence where they can be viewed.

This page contains documents related to the Trinity Church and St. Paul's Church in Pawtucket.

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Page Four contains items that did not fit elsewhere, such as a list of items available at a grocery store.

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Parish Record - publication of the Trinity Church, Pawtucket, R. I. Easter, 1884 to Easter, 1885. 
Names on Page One
Names on Page Two
Rev. William P. Tucker
Claudius B. Farnsworth, William Warburton, Isaac Shove, Henry N. Wilkinson, John E. Clarner, William H. Clapp, Daniel M. Smith, Eastwood Eastwood, Alvin C. Cash, James Nisbet, Henry L. Danna, George C. Gates, Frederic W. Warburton, John E. Clarner, Charles O. Read, Claude J. Farnsworth, William Warburton, Daniel M. Smith, Martin Ballou, Charles E. Richardson, Henry L. Dana, George W. A. Downes, Reuben H. Gladding
Frederic W. Warburton, William I. Small, Claude J. Farnsworth, Louis G. K. Clarner, William Barclay, William O. Graham, Charles F. Small, John E. Clarner, Frank Leveck, Mrs. Nisbet, Mrs. Tucker, Miss White, Miss Chace, Mrs. P. Warburton, Miss A. Dunlop, Miss Gladding, Miss Farnsworth, Miss Whitney, Miss Mary Whitney, Mrs. Stiness, Miss Buffum, Mrs. Read, Mrs. D. M. Smith
Names on Page Three
Names on Page Four
Miss Buffum, Mrs. Stiness, Mrs. Read, Miss Whitney, Mrs. Dunlop, Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. McLay, Mrs. Bliss, Mrs. Barker, Miss Mary Whitney, Mr. Clarner, Mr. Read, Mrs. McLay, Mrs. Cronin, Mrs. Peckham, Mrs. F. Taylor, Mrs. P. Warburton, Miss Chaffee, Miss Allen, Miss Miller, Mrs. P. Warburton, Miss Aumann. Filumetacus Society President Miss Mary Whitney, and Treasurer Miss Grace Allen. Samuel Gardner Brayman, born 1806, died 1884. Mary Ann Plews, born March 31, 1808, died May 9, 1884. Mrs. Sarah Eastwood, daughter of Mary Plews. Phoebe Coggeshall Hutchinson, born June 6, 1800, died October 7, 1875. "It will be seen by reference to the reports of the treasurers of the Guild and the Filumetacus Society that the ladies have been at work... fulfilling the obligation assumed by them two years ago, to take care of the present debt of the Parish...."
Receipt from F. D. Morse & Son, Bookbinders, to Trinity Church for payment for binding 100 cook books, dated May 12, 1884.
Invoice from Joel Goldthwait & Co., Carpet Dealers of Boston, to the Trinity Church, Pawtucket, dated May 3, 1879. The envelope is addressed to Mrs. Farnsworth
Receipt by Boston & Providence Railroad for delivery of carpet to Trinity Church, dated July 14, 1880.


Information from the October 1939 St. Paul's Message, of St. Paul's Church, Pawtucket, RI.
Rector: Rev. Robert A. Seilhamer
Asssistant: Rev. Harold L. Hutton
Organist and Choirmaster: Richard T. Garland
Bishop: Rt. Rev. James DeWolf Perry, D.D.
Suffragan Bishop: Rt. Rev. Granville G. Bennett, D.D
April 2, 1939:
Doris Dennison Bleaklley
Shirley Belle Bruck
Sylvia Rose Calvert
Mary Louise Habershaw
Dorothy Jefferson
Richard William Barschdorf
Burnley Allen Johnson
April 9, 1939: Brenda Welch
April 30, 1939: James Douglas Duby
July 9, 1939: Harry Pratt Judson, 3rd
August 27, 1939: Sandra Hooper Smith
1939 Marriages

April 28: Edward James Lee & Mavis Clara Harris
April 29: Thomas Boyd Wilson & Ada Haworth
May 27: Harold Nelson Oden & Florence Helena Marshall
June 17: Ernest Edward Bruce & Mildred Elizabeth Sutcliffe
June 24: Harold Lawton Hutton & Lydia Frances Hunt
June 24: Raymond Henry Young & Emily Louise Margerison
Aug. 26: Frederick Louis Koehler & Doris Evelyn Wooley
Sept. 2: Kenneth Edmund Butler & Florida Cardin

Confirmations on Palm Sunday, April 2, 1939: Female
Marie Blance Alice Allen
Doris Dennison Bleakley
Shirley Belle Bruck
Sylvia Rose Calvert
Barbara Cartwright
Lillian Irene Cathers
Joan Crook
Margaret Frances Dailey
Marion Josephine Dailey
Beatrice May Dellow
Eleanor Farley
Marjorie May Fox
Mavis Helena Garland
Frances Martha Washington Gaylor
Mary Louise Habershaw
Carolyn Sigrid Hagman
Dorothy Howard Hokenson
Eleanor Adele Humes
Dorothy Jefferson
Dorothy Jane Jones
Ethel Dover Jones
Norma Catherine Kilpatrick
Ruth Emily Moffitt King
June Elaine Marchand
Maude Eugenia Perrin
Beverly Jane Raymond
Alice Patterson Rex
Elizabeth Margrett Smith
Mercy Louise Smith
Mildred Lyvonia Smith
Barbara Jane Suttell
Barbara Mae Taylor
Emily Taylor
Elizabeth Sophia Tewksbury
Suzanne Thornley
Irene Margaret Weyman
Confirmations on Palm Sunday, April 2, 1939: Male
Herbert Ernest Aldrich
Richard William Barschdori
Henry James Becker, Jr.
Arthur Willis Bussey
Herbert Stanley Degrafft
Harold Greenwood
Alfred William Hokenson
Raymond Garland Hutton
Burnley Allen Johnson
Norman Lewis Jollow, Jr.
William John Lees
Giles Samuel Makin
Horace Megathlin
Arthur Mellor
William Roberts Seilhamer
Fred Arthur Schultz
Robert Sheridan
Charles Smith
Laurence Everett Smith
Arthur Taylor
Ellis Lloyd Titmas
Clifford Elkanah Wagner, Jr.
Russell Alan Walton
Robert Alfred Werner
Joseph Zurba
1939 Burials
Mar. 19: Ellen W. Hill
April 10: John Montgomery
April 11: Thomas R. McKinley
April 14: John F. Clark
April 28: James A. Clark
May 6: James B. Payne
May 9: Florence D. Moies
May 12: Sophia McCauley
May 14: Anna C. Kay
1939 Burials
May 23: Mary A. Davenport
May 28: Archibald MacFarlane
June 3: Thomas Whyte
Aug. 6: Herbert W. Duckworth
Aug. 8: John M. Walton
Aug. 14: Frank H. Painter
Aug. 15: Ezra Slade
Aug. 17: Ada M. Slocum
Aug. 28: Ray G. Huling

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