Providence and Pawtucket Contributions from Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Carter III

These materials were generously loaned to the RIGenWeb Project for scanning. They have been donated to the Rhode Island Historical Society in Providence where they can be viewed.

This page contains programs for productions put on by the Filumetacus Society, as well as other miscellaneous programs and event announcements.

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Page Four contains items that did not fit elsewhere, such as a list of items available at a grocery store.

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"Amateur Theatricals" at the Armory Hall, Pawtucket, December 3, 1875. 
Listed in the program are: 
  • W. Howard Walker
  • Ben. W. Gardner
  • Jos. a. Duckworth
  • George C. Walker
  • Miss L. Vinnie Hill
  • Miss Mollie E. Gardner
  • Miss Stella F. Smith
  • Walter G. Sherldon
  • Miss Lilla E. Thompson
  • Miss Carrie P. Metcalf
Program for the Filumetacus Society presentation of The Blackbirds at the Batter Hall on October 24, 1877. Inside on pages two and three, are words to songs. Listed as performers are: 
  • Mr. C. O. Read
  • Mr. D. J. White
  • Mr. W. H. Walker
  • Mr. F. R. Mason
  • Mr. E. Clarner
  • Miss Thompson
  • Miss Dodge
  • Miss Miller
  • Mr. J. H. Hulse
  • Miss Whitney
Concert by Miss Carrie L. Dodge, December 19, 1878. Other surnames: Easton, Smith, Jenks, Park, Ryder, Molten, Read, Mason.
Lectures by James T. Fields at the Universalist Church, Pawtucket,  on two occasions in 1878. Pages two and three explain the program and the back has his picture. The first series included a ticket, and the program front and back.
Program for the Performance of Romeo and Juliet by the Filumetacus Society at the Battery Hall in Pawtucket, April 1880. Names in the production are: 
  • Mr. A. H. Metcalf
  • Mr. F. R. Mason (as Juliet!)
  • Mr. C. O. Read
  • Mr. C. J. Farnsworth
  • Mr. B. W. Gardner
  • Mr. D. J. White
  • Mr. D. F. Stearns
  • Mr. C. P. Moies
  • Mrs. H. L Reid (costumes)
  • Carroll J. Pullen (chorus)
  • Geo. A. Mason (scenery)
Advertisements for Chas. M. Read Hardware; Fisk & Co. Lotion; Reform Club Candy Store. 
Advertisements on page two for: Boston Store; E. W. Greene Groceries; Gurney Photographer; F. Cudworth, Jr. Teas; P. E. Tillinghast Attorney; Frank L. Lee & Co. Pharmacist; Dispeau Caterer; E. Jenks & Co. Factory. 
Advertisements on page three for: A. F. Salisbury Photographer; Annie M. Ledyard Hair Dressing; James Nisbet Greenhouses; S. R. Pierce & Sons Tailors; Isaac Shove Insurance; Orient Tea House; Chas. W. Clough Jeweler; S. W. Fifield Millinery; H. Cheek Tailor; Allen F. Bray Hardware. 
Advertisements on page four for: Chas. P. Adams Real Estate; Edmonds Spectacles; P. McNeal Fish; William H. Clapp; Spitz Hatter; Geo. T. Dana & Co. Pharmacist; Sibley & Lee Printers; Frederick Taylor Pastry; James O. Whitney, M. D. Surgeon; Joseph Smith Company Lumber.
Aunt Polly Basset's "Singin Skewl." No year provided. A daughter Belinda is mentioned.
Program for the Performance of Her Majesty's Ship Pinafore by the Filumetacus Society at the Battery Hall in Pawtucket. No year mentioned. Names in the production are: 
  • Mr. D. F. Stearns
  • Mr. C. O. Read
  • Mr. H. Molten
  • Mr. D. J. White
  • Mr. L. Clarner
  • Mr. Tomas
  • Master J. L. Smith
  • Miss Alice M. Horton
  • Miss Annie W. Miller
  • Mrs. Frederick Taylor
  • Mr. J. B. Ryder
  • Mr. W. H. Walker
  • Mr. B. W. Gardner
  • Miss L. Vinnie Hill
Advertisements on page two for: Ballou Dry Goods; H. N. Wilkinson Bookseller; Frederick Taylor Pastry; Fifield Millinery; Peter Chase Crockery Store. 
Advertisements on page three for: Geo. T. Dana & Co. Pharmacists; A. C. Cash Painter; Orient T House Teas and Coffee; N Bates & Son Trunks; Mackee, Edwards & Co., James Currie Manager, Dry Goods. 
Advertisements on page four for: Crawford the Grocer; Geo. C. Gates Shoes; Fisk & Co. Pharmacist; Charles D. Nichols Stable; American Sewing Machine Company; Thomas J. Burns Groceries.
German Tea Party in the Infantry Hall, Pawtucket, by the Filumetacus Society. No year given.

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