Providence and Pawtucket Contributions from Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Carter III

These materials were generously loaned to the RIGenWeb Project for scanning by the Carters. They have been donated to the Rhode Island Historical Society in Providence, where they can be viewed.

The documents have been split into four pages. This page contains deeds, an insurance policy, wedding and other invitations, and miscellaneous items associated with the Miller and Whitney families.

Page Two contains programs for productions put on by the Filumetacus Society, as well as other miscellaneous programs and event announcements.

Page Three contains documents related to the Trinity Church and St. Paul's Church in Pawtucket.

Page Four contains items that did not fit elsewhere, such as a list of items available at a grocery store.

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Click on the images to enlarge. Sizes range from 65 kb to 684 kb (for the insurance policy).
Deed between Timothy Greene & sons to Ebinezer Tyler, 1825. Also mentioned: Daniel Greene of North Providence, Samuel Greene of Bristol, Massachusetts. Signature in 1826 by John Baldwin, Justice of the Peace, E_ Rhodes, Nancy Greene, Lucy Greene, Sarah Greene, and the above mentioned. Other scans: one, two, three.
Deed for sale by the Providence and Worcester Railroad Company for property to Horace and Daniel Miller. Other signatures: B. B. Hammond; John Barston (?); J. H. Needen; Nathaniel Searle; James Smith; William Foster (or Fosters); John Barston. Other scans: one, two, three.
Invitation to the T. K. Club of Pawtucket, by James Nisbet to Miss Mary Whitney for July 4th, 1876.
Invitation to Miss Mary Whitney for Class Day at Brown University on June 14th, 1878. Card enclosed with name B. R. Wheeler. Names on invitation and program are: 
  • W. B. Winn
  • J. C. Thoms
  • W. S. Hayward
  • Harry F. Lippitt
  • Elton Hoyt
  • Bennett R. Wheeler
  • Albert N. Dary
  • James Rea
  • William H. Sweetland
  • E. G. Robinson
Invitation from Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Smith to the marriage of their daughter Stella F. Smith to F. Eugene Barker, May 11, 1880. It was addressed to Miss Mary Whitney and an at-home card is included.
Invitation to Miss Mary Whitney for the Exercises of Class Day, June 11, 1880. Committee members are: H. G. Hardy, L. Chafee, Jr., I. G. Lincoln.
Announcement of two lectures by Prof. Alonzo Williams of Brown University, February 1884. On the back are the following names: Mr. Wilkinson; Mrs. Taylor; Lindery (?); M. Whitney; Mrs. Barker; A. R. Whitney; Mr. Luckee (or Lucku).
Wedding invitation for the marriage of Cora B. Wheeler and Frederick R. Hoard on February 3, 1885. Sent to Miss Mary Whitney. Also including is an "at home" card from the couple.
Receipt from the Providence School of Languages, Edouard Larcher proprietor, for translation of a German reader. Made out to Miss Mary Whitney. Signed Theo Quest ?
Mutual Fire Insurance of Pawtucket policy mad out to Elizabeth B. Miller, August 1893. All these scans are large. The only other page with blanks filled in is this, however the second and third pages were also scanned.
Agreement by the M. Steinert & Sons Co. of Providence to provide tuning of a piano belonging to Mrs. Horace Miller. Dated June 29, 1893.
Receipt from the Benjamin F. Smith, Co. to Horace Miller Estate for erecting a building. Dated Sept. 29, 1900. Signed C. P. Whipple ?
Season's Greetings from the Pawtucket Boys' Club to Miss Mary Miller of 75 Park Place, Pawtucket. No date.

Scanned by Susan W. Pieroth and contributed Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Carter III of San Diego, California, January 2004. You may not copy the scans to another web site, or publish them in any form without specific permission.

These documents are made available free to the public by the Rhode Island USGenWeb Project for individual use only. Images may not be published in any form, or copied to another web site without specific permission.

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