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  Old St. Paul's in Narragansett

  Recollections of the Jersey Prison Ship (Revolutionary War)

Old St. Paul's Church in Narragansett

The church of St. Paul's is located in the Village of Wickford at the end of Church Lane and is better known as the Old Narragansett Church. The Episcpal church was built in 1707.

Rectors of the Old Narragansett Church

Christopher Bridge 1706-1708
William Guy 1717-1718
James MacSparran 1721-1757
Samuel Fayerweather 1760-1781
William Smith 1787-1790
Walter Gardiner 1791-1794
Joseph Warren 1796-1805
Isaac B. Pierce (Lay Reader) 1809-1813
James Bowers 1812-1814
Lemuel Burge (Lay Reader) 1817-1819
Patrick H. Folker 1819-1820
Lemuel Burge 1820-1834
Francis Peck 1834-1836
Lemuel Burge 1837-1840
John H. Rouse 1840-1849
Daniel Henshaw 1849-1853
Alonzo B. Flanders 1854-1866
William H. Collins 1861-1862
James A Sanderson 1866-1868
Daniel Goodwin 1869-1874
George J. Magill 1875-1876
William W. Ayres 1876-1887
Albert J. Thompson 1887-1890
Samuel Borden-Smith 1890-1897
Frederick B. Cole 1897-1907
Richard R. Graham 1908-1912
H. Newman Lawrence 1912-1920
Herbert J. Piper 1920-1937
Harold Conant Whitmarsh 1937-1942
Leonard H. Flisher 1942-1948
Frederick H. Belden 1948-(1957+)

List from the book, Old St. Paul's in Narraganset, by Col. Hunter C. White, published by the Wakefield Printing Company, Wakefield, Rhode Island, 1957.


Few names compiled for genealogical purposes by Gaytha Wallace from RECOLLECTIONS OF THE JERSEY PRISON SHIP, written by Albert Green, from the manuscript of Captain Thomas Dring's account as a prisoner of war on the Jersey moored in the East River, New York, during the Revolution. Applewood Books: Bedford Massachusetts, 1829.

Crew members of The Chance held prisoners on the Jersey Prison Ship.

Thomas Dring, born 3 Aug 1758, Providence, RI.  Died 8 August 1825, Providence RI.
Thomas Dring was held as a Prison of War on the Jersey Prison ship.  The book describes in wretching detail the horrors of illness, starvation, and brutality meted out to Americans held prisoner on The Jersey.

Officers of The Chance:

Additional names mentioned: Deaths during summer of 1782

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