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History of Providence County, Vol I & II

Ed. by Richard M. Bayles; W.W. Preston & Co., NY.  1891

Biographical sketches, "Town of Foster" Volume II

p. 636: Harley P. BARDEN was born in Scituate, R.I., April 20th, 1820.  His grandparents were John Barden and Elizabeth *Cowell, and his parents Isaac C. Barden and Susanna Eldridge. He was educated in the district schools. He was a manufacturer at Scituate three and a half years, spinning yarn and weaving.  He has held the office of overseer of the poor.  He was married October 7th, 1847.  Mr. Barden is a democrat.
*Note: Family member reports surname was COLWELL.

p. 636: Samuel BENNETT, born in Foster, March 14th, 1823, is a son of Arnold and Portia Bennett. He was a miner in California from 1851 to 1857. He married first Olive L. Crossman, January 1st, 1857, and second Fidelia Pearce, March 26th, 1881.  His children are: Walter M., Barnard M., Warren M., Ezra A. W., Dewitt, Portia and Jane H.

p. 636: William P. BLANCHARD, born in Foster, October 11, 1805, is a son of William B. Blanchard and Martha Hall. He was married to Sarah B. Simmons, October 11th, 1830. They have had six sons and two daughters:  John J., Matthew, Reverend Albert D. (Prohibitionist, Christian minister), Ira L. (lost at sea), Sarah A., Asenath P. (deceased), Sheldon L. (deceased), and Chester (deceased).  Mr. Blanchard is a republican.

p. 636: Iri BROWN (deceased) was born in Foster, near Ponagansett, September 4th, 1785, and was a son of Esek and Patience (Hill) Brown.  He was a school teacher in Foster and later a farmer.  He was a director in the bank at Mount Vernon.  He married Rhoda Adams, of Sterling, Conn., in 1820.  They had one daughter, Ann Eliza, died August 30th, 1871.  She married Sterry K. Foster in 1845.  Curtis H. Foster is the son of Sterry K. Foster and was born in December, 1861. Iri Bown was a whig and afterward a republican. The second wife of Sterry K. Foster is Mary C. Crook, born May 17th, 1831.

p. 636: Vincent BROWN, son of Stephen B. and Mary Brown, was born in North Kingstown, R.I., March 12th, 1810, and was educated at the district schools. He married in 1830 Susan Gardner, and in 1873 married for the second wife Mary Pearce. He has seven children living.  Mr. Brown is a democrat.

p. 636: Horace BURGESS was born in the town of Killingly, Conn., November 8th, 1824, and is a son of Jacob Burgess and Esther Williams.  He was married in 1852 to Olive L. Gibson. Their children are: Maria M. and Lillie E. Mr. Burgess is a republican.

p. 636-637: James Greene COOKE was born in Killingly, Conn., August 10th, 1807.  He was the son of William and Betsey (Burgess) Cooke, and the oldest of the family of ten children, seven of whom lived to grow up, and three are yet living. The parents soon after his birth moved to Rhode Island, locating first at Pascoag, and then at Chepachet, and afterward purchasing a farm in the southern part of the town of Glocester, which was the established home for many years, and where the children grew to manhood and womanhood. Here he acquired the love of nature which was always a strong characteristic of later years, and which prevented, in some degree, his entering into business in the city, where his integrity, good judgment and sound common sense might have yielded him much more financial success; he had a good common school education, and was enabled to teach for several terms. After the age of 22 he learned the carpenter's trade, working at it in various places until he was 27, when he married, February 9th, 1834, Eleanor Fisher, of Cumberland, R.I., and soon after went to Foster to live in the house which was in 1803 occupied by Theodore Foster as a law office. This house, said to have been built in 1780, is still standing, and is a well known landmark in the surrounding country. The first summer after moving here he worked in Pawtucket, walking home every Saturday night and back Monday morning, a distance of 25 miles.  The next year he bought of his younger brother the store (which was kept in the west part of the house) and entered into business for himself, having previously bought 70 acres of land, which comprised the farm.

In 1837 he was appointed postmaster, and held the office until his death, a period of 46 years.  In politics he was a strong republican, never caring for, or holding any office, excepting that of postmaster, yet taking always a keen interest in town affairs.  A strong anti-slavery man, fearless in his opinions, and his own peculiar way of uttering them giving them added force; during the war he gave freely of his sympathy and means to help the soldiers. In times of sickness and death he was the valued friend and counselor in many a household.  Said one: 'I remember the kindly grip of his hand as something better than I can say.' His cheering words and courage, even when his own strength was waning, and at times when it seemed as if he would be justified in giving up care for others, never failed. By working early and late, by perseverance and economy, aided and helped at all times by a loving, faithful wife, he succeeded in acquiring a moderate competence, so that his later years were blessed with plenty. His death, in July, 1883, left a vacant place in the community that will never be filled, and it is to such lives of energy and enterprise that the country towns owed their prosperity in the years that are past and gone.

p. 637: Thomas FULLER, son of Thomas Fuller and Annie Potter, was born in Foster March 13th, 1815. He has been a farmer and a manufacturer of brooms in Providence. He was a miner in California in 1851. His first wife was Mary Eliza Burlingame. He married Chloe M. Randall May 24th, 1849.  His children are: Marcy E., Clarinda A., Caroline J., Ella M., Angeline L., John H. and Byron T.

p. 638: Charles R. GREEN was born in Foster January 30th, 1829, and is a son of Nathaniel Green and Sally Richardson.  He was educated in the district schools of Foster, Coventry and Johnston.  He is a road surveyor. He married his first wife, Charlotte Burrows, in 1859, and his second wife, Emilie E. Padd, in 1871. His children are: Charles R., Mary E., Ida A., Annie E. and Hattie M.

p. 638: William B. HOPKINS, son of Mathewson Hopkins and Mahla Bennett, was born in Foster May 8th, 1823, and is a farmer. He has held the offices of assessor of taxes and constable.  He was married April 28th, 1844, to Cyfantus Taylor. Their children are: Ira A., Eliza M. and Lucy I.

p. 638: Dwight R. JENKS, son of Joseph Jenks and Esther Tyler, was born in Foster March 28th, 1813, and married Nancy Johnson, in March, 1847. Their children are: Oreeley, Henrietta, Mary Esther and Oscar. Mr. Jenks is a democrat.

p. 638: John T. LAWTON, son of James E. Lawton and Sarah Tilley, was born in Newport, R.I., August 19th, 1833. His father was a sea captain.  John T. was educated in the schools of Newport and Scituate. He married Harriet E. Wood October 20th, 1861, and their children are James E. and Charles E.

p. 638: Daniel N. PAINE was born in Foster March 17th, 1811. He is a son of John Paine and Polley Wade, and is of Welsh descent. He has held the offices of justice of peace, trial justice, captain of a military company, and senator in the general assembly.  He was married in 1833 to Electa B. Hopkins.  They have had four children: Cordelia E., William H., Horace D. and Emma B. One daughter, Cordelia E. Ford, born at Woonsocket, July 11th, 1837, is now living. Mr. Paine is a democrat, and a member of the Congregational church.

p. 638: Aaron B. PLACE, son of Job W. Place and Asenath Pierce, was born in Foster December 15th, 1822.  He has been a member of town council.  He was married to Hannah L. Wood October 8th, 1847.  Their children are: Mary Sweet, Job D., Myron P. and Flora B. Young.  Mr. Place is a republican.

p. 638: Nehemiah K. POTTER, son of Moses Potter and Susan Angell, was born in Scituate March 22d, 1818, and married Nancy E. Phillips. Their children are: ; William H., Susan, Annie E. and Pardon J. P.

p. 638: Pardon P. PRAY, born in Glocester December 16th, 1834 is a son of William Pray and Rebekah Spencer. His ancestor, Hugh Pray (1), came from England and settled in Wrentham, Mass., removing to Foster in 1742. He had three sons, of whom Hugh (2) had five sons, one of whom, Hugh (3), was born in Foster and settled in Glocester. He had five sons, one of whom, William, was the father of Pardon P. The latter married Hannah M. Jenks, December 16th, 1868.  Their children are: Grace M., Lottie Peora, Evelyn Adeline and Emily Josephine.

p. 638-39: James B. PRESTON, born in Foster March 14th, 1809, is a son of Sampson Preston and Olive Baker. He was married to Pollina Walker, September 3d, 1833. Their children are: Henry O., Martha, Ruth, Charles A., and Emogene. He is a republican.

p. 639: Aldin ROUND, born in Foster July 3d, 1810, is a son of Parley Round and Lizzie Phillips. He was married November 25th, 1849, to Hannah Chappell. Their children are: Mary Ann, Sarah E. and Cynthia M. He is a republican.

p. 639: Lewis A. ROUND, son of George Round and Hannah A. Phillipd, was born in Foster, February 13th, 1825, and married Celinda Round February 12th, 1846. Their children are: John A., William L., Salvania P., George P. and Sessimon B. Lewis A. Round died March 26th, 1890.

p. 639: Miss Mary C. SLATER, born in Foster, August 11th, 1821, is a daughter of Silas Slater and Polly Randall.

p. 639: Wheaton SWEET, born January 18th, 1840, is a son of John Sweet and Hannah Weaver. ; He was married to Abbie Griffin, December 3d, 1868.  He is a republican.

p. 639: Henry D. WILLIAMS, born in the town of Scituate, April 3d, 1813, is a son of Xerxes and Dorcas (Bickford) Williams. He was married to Lavina Simmons in February, 1841. Their children are: Harley, Betsey Almina, William Henry and Almeda. Mr. Williams subsequently married Lydia Alexander. They had one child, Ella Isabel. Mr. Williams is a descendant in the sixth generation from Roger Williams.

p. 639: Pardon WILLIAMS, born in Foster, May 11th, 1815, is a son of Sheldon Williams, and a descendant, in the sixth generation, from Roger Williams. He has been a member of the town council and justice of the peace. He was married to Lydia S. Bishop, December 2d, 1842. Their children are: Sarah M., deceased; Stephen S., deceased; Mary E., Warren B., Ann E., deceased; Martha, deceased; Almira, Lydia M. and Estella, deceased.

p. 639: Ira WINSOR, son of Stephen Winsor, was born in Foster, March 7th, 1812, and is a farmer. He has been a member of the town council. He has been married three times: first to Luraneh C. Round, May 7th, 1832; second to Sarah Smith, September 27th, 1840; and third to Susan Sweet, January 26th, 1860. He has one son, Stanton A. Winsor, who has been elected several times to the legislature.

p. 639: George A. WOOD, born in Foster, July 23d, 1826, is a son of Daniel Wood and Mary Johnson. He was married to Hannah Bennett in 1849. Their children are: Clayton, Daniel, Burrell and Melvin.

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