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  Biographical sketches, "Town of Lincoln Continued"

History of Providence County, Vol I & II

Ed. by Richard M. Bayles; W.W. Preston & Co., NY.  1891

Biographical sketches Volume II (except as noted), "Town of Lincoln"

p. 475-76: GEORGE C. STILLMAN, son of David Stillman and Rebecca Bliven, was born in North Stonington,Conn., December 7th, 1842. There he spent his early life and received his education. He was married to Louise A., daughter of Elisha R. Coe, in 1870. They had no children. In 1878 he made his residence in Lincoln, while traveling as salesman. January 1st, 1888, he started in the commission business under the firm name of George C.Stillman & Co., which has prosperously continued since. Among the offices which Mr. Stillman accepted in Lincoln was that of member of the council during 1887 and 1888. He is past master of Jenks Lodge, F.& A.M., and a member of the Pawtucket Royal Arch Chapter.

p. 444: JOSEPH THOEN was born at St. Mary's, Province of Quebec, November 19th, 1842, and was the eldest son of Joseph Thoen. He came with his father to Putnam, Conn., where he remained till 1855, when he removed to Wauregan, Conn., and resided there till 1873, when he came to Manville. He was employed in the mills, but on removing to Manville engaged in the livery, coal, and wood business. He married Emile Woisard and has seven children: Lydia, Walter, Hector, Annis, Oliva, Alma and Ollier.

p. 476: The Vose family came from Wrentham, Mass., first to Woonsocket. Amaziah Vose had the following children: Alva, Alanson, Willing, Eliza Ann, died single; Aaron, emigrated to New York state; Melissa, married Dutee Mowry; Margaret, married first a Ballou afterward William Butler. Willing, son of Amaziah, was born January 15th, 1793. He was brought up on a farm and received only a common school education. At the age of 18 he learned the carpenter's trade and about 1825 moved to Woonsocket and was engaged with Hosea Ballou in building cotton machinery. In 1843 he commenced the practice of medicine (Thompsonian school) which he followed till his death, March 20th, 1875. His first wife was Mercy Jillson and their children were: Albert C., Mary Emily, married Robert Blanchard; and Alonzo D., resides in Woonsocket. His second wife was Rhoda Wilkinson and they had but one child, Julia A. (deceased), who married Lewis L. Miller of Woonsocket. Doctor Vose married for his third wife Lydia B. Peckham of Middletown, RI. Albert C., son of Doctor Willing, was born in Cumberland June 15th, 1815, and died March 26th, 1875. He married Minerva Easton and had 11 children: George L., resides in Providence; Laura A.(deceased), married Rensselaer Mowry; Mary, wife of George Miller of Woonsocket; Ellen, wife of Isaac Aldrich of Mansfield, Mass.; Henry, died in infancy; Sarah M., wife of E.M. Clarke of Woonsocket; an unnamed infant; Alonzo W., Harriet, died two years of age; Phebe, wife of Daniel Lawton of Central Falls; Alice, died young. Albert C. was a resident of Lincoln since 1842. Alonzo W., son of Albert C., was born in what is now Lincoln August 6th, 1849, and married Ida E.Sprague. They have the following family: Flora A., Willing, Lydia, Belinda P. and Howard Winfield. He is a farmer and resides in Lincoln. Alanson, son of Amaziah, was born in 1793 and died in January, 1880. He married Abby Remington of Warwick, RI. Their children were: Lucy, died aged two years; Carlisle, Orlando R., Josephine Ellen, wife of William Davis of Providence,and Warren L., wounded at the first battle of Bull Run from the effects of which he died. He left no male issue. Alanson was engaged in the mercantile business and came to what is now Lincoln in 1826-6. Carlisle, son of Alanson, was born in what is now Lincoln February 3rd, 1833, and married Caroline Ballou, a native of Cumberland. They have four sons: Arthur R.(married Alice Inches, has one child, Carl); Everett A.(married Nellie Marble, has two children, Carrie and James Everett); Elmer C. and Walter I. Mr. Vose is engaged in the mercantile business at Manville, RI.

p. 477: PATRICK WHALEN, born in Ireland December 25th, 1823, in 1847 emigrated to America and soon afterward came to what is now Lincoln and engaged in farming, where he now owns two good farms. He married Jesse McManus and has the following family: Mary Ann, Thomas, James, John, Frank and Lizzie.

p. 477-81: The Whipple Family - Among the first settlers of New England there were several by the name of Whipple. There were two brothers, Matthew and John, who came to this county about 1630 and settled in Ipswich, Mass., about the year 1635. John was born in England in 1616 or 1617 and was married to Sarah ____about 1640. He was a house carpenter by trade and at one time owned a house and 40 or 50 acres of land in what is now Neponset, Mass. This he sold to James Minot in 1658 and removed to Rhode Island. Of his eleven children all but the three youngest were born in Dorchester, Mass. The house he occupied in Providence was on the east side of the river a little north of Star Street, between North Main and what is now Benefit Street. He died May 16th, 1685. Of his children John was baptized March 9th, 1640, and married for his first wife Mary Olney. Their children were: Mary, who married a carder; John, and Elnathan, married a Rice. His second wife was Rebecca, widow of John Scott. Their children were: Deliverance and Dorothy, who married a Rhodes. He died December 15th, 1700.

John, his son, married Lydia Hawes of Taunton, Mass., and their family were: Mary, John, Lydia, Ethan, Patience, Hezekiah, Mary and Sarah. We are unable to give any more facts in relation to this branch of the family. Sarah, daughter of the settler John, married John Smith of Providence. Samuel, son of Captain John, was baptized March 17th, 1644, and married Mary Harris. Their family were; Noah, who probably died young; Samuel, Thomas, and Abigail and Hope, both married Robert Curry. Samuel died March 12th, 1711, and was the first to be interred in the North burial ground. In his will he speaks of his grandsons, Noah, Enoch and Daniel, who were probably sons of Noah, as he is not mentioned in the will. His son, Samuel, settled in Groton, Conn., and was an iron manufacturer. Eleazer, son of Captain John, married Alice Angell. He died August 25th, 1719, and while he had a large family the supposition is that his sons had no male issue. His children were: Eleazer, Alice, Margaret, married John Mowry; Elizabeth, Job, James and Daniel. Mary, daughter of Captain John, married Epenetus Olney. William, son of Captain John, married Mary _____and his children were: Mary, who married a Sprague; William and Seth. He died March 9th, 1712. We have no further records of this family. The other children of Captain John were: Benjamin, David, Joseph, Jonathan, and Abigail, who married first Stephen Dexter, second William Hopkins.

Benjamin Whipple, son of Captain John, was born in Dorchester, Mass., in the year 1653-4. He was baptized June 4th, 1654. He married Ruth Mathewson, and settled on a farm near Fruit Hill, now in the town of North Providence. He died March 11th, 1704. his children were: Benjamin, Ruth, Mary, Josiah, who died young; John and Abigail. Benjamin, son of Benjamin, was born at Providence, November 11th, 1688, and died in 1788, in the one-hundredth year of his age. He lived on a farm given him by his father, and was a farmer, tanner, currier and shoemaker. Owing to an accident, he lost one of his legs at the age of 75. He was twice married. His first wife was Sarah, daughter of Gabriel Bernon, a French Huguenot. Their children were: Andrew, died young; Benjamin; Content, married Esek Olney; Daniel, Ephraim, Esther and Mary. His second wife was Esther Miller, and her children were: Benajah, who emigrated to New York state; Stephen, removed to Massachusetts; Joseph, located in Connecticut; Benedict, Jessie, Freelove, John and Abigail. Ephraim, son of Benjamin, was born in Providence, November 7th, 1729. He was a farmer, and settled on part of the homestead farm near Fruit Hill. He married Mary Hawkins. His children were: Emer, Benjamin and Ephraim. The two latter were twins, and as no further record can be found of them, they are supposed to have died young. Emer, son of Ephraim, was a farmer, and lived near Fruit Hill. He was called captain, having been connected with the militia. He married Abigail Brown. His children were: Amasa, left no male issue; Ephraim, Mary, Dorcas, married a Gilbert; Sarah and  Benjamin. Ephraim, son of Emer, was born July 8th, 1800, and married Susan Farnum. Their children were: George B., who removed to North Adams, Mass., where he died; Ethan, James A. and Mary E., all died young; Albert A., resides in California; Sarah  A., wife of Orin  Spencer, lives in Providence; Andrew B., Henry, died aged about six years; Ruth A., wife of Henry  C. Arnold, lives at East Providence; Emeline F., wife of Henry C. Bowen, resides at Providence; William A., John E. and Susan F., wife of John E. Mowry, lives in Chicago, Illinois. Ephraim died April 14th, 1876. William A., son of Ephraim, born in Smithfield, March 11th, 1840, married Cinderella Bennett, and had three children: Florence H., died aged six years; Helen G. and Earl B. He is a teacher and resides at Pawtucket. John E., son of Ephraim, born in Smithfield, May 11th, 1842, married Ann E. Arnold. Their children are: Everiane B., died 13 years; John H., William A. and George. William A. is a farmer, and resides in Smithfield.

Benedict Whipple, son of Benjamin, was born October 13th, 1739, and settled in Scituate, RI in 1772. He was a farmer and blacksmith, and served during the Revolutionary War. He married Elizabeth,, daughter of James Mathewson of Scituate. He died June 16th, 1819. His children were: Esther, who married Asa Phillips; James, John, Elizabeth, married Samuel Wilbur, and died at the age of 83 years, and Benedict, who lived single and died aged 80 years. James, son of Benedict, was born December 26th, 1768, and died July 16th, 1839. He was a farmer and blacksmith. His first wife was Margaret, daughter of John Batty of Scituate. By her he had one child, Ruth L., who married Martin Howard. His second wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Parker, and their children were: Margaret B.(deceased), married Robert Rounds; James M., died at Warwick, RI; Thomas P., Almond O., died single; Henry E., resides in Providence, and Benedict M. Thomas P., son of James, was born in Scituate, April 24th, 1813, is a carpenter and millwright by trade, and resides in Pawtucket. He married Roby Rounds, and their children were: Phebe B., wife of George Matteson, of East Providence; James A., died young; Nathaniel  B., resides at Central Falls; William D.; Harriet F., died young; Lathera A., resides in Pawtucket; George M., died young; John B., died young; and Anna, wife of Asa Newell, of Adamsdale, Mass. William D., son of Thomas P., was born in Scituate, December 3rd, 1843, and married for his first wife, Amy Clark. His second wife was Mercy W. Ellsbree. He has no children, is a carpenter, and lives in Central Falls.

John Whipple, son of Benedict, was born November 24th, 1771, and died in 1856. He lived in Foster, RI., and kept stage tavern and store. He married for his first wife, Abigail Stone, of Scituate, and their children were: Nehemiah K., died young; Polly, married Richard Howard; Alfred, was twice married, but left only one son that arrived  to maturity, John; Cynthia, married Olney Williams; Selinda, married Reverend Gardner Howard;  Robert S., and Jason S., removed to Waterbury, Conn. Robert S., son of John, was born December 6th, 1806, lived most of his days in Foster, and was a farmer. His first wife was Orrila, daughter of Deacon Knight Hill. His second wife was widow Abby Tanner, formerly a Pollard. His children were by his first wife: George, died in Minnesota; Albin, resides in Fiskeville, RI; Abigail S., wife of Thomas Hopkins, of Scituate; Harvey O., lives in Minnesota; Knight F., resides in California, and Moses F., born in Foster, January 31st, 1839, married Mary H. Tayer, and has no children. He has been a resident of Pawtucket since 1867, and is a grocer.

David Whipple, son of Captain John, was born in 1655 or 1656, and was baptized September 28th, 1656. He purchased of John, the son of Reverend William Blackstone (one of the first settlers of Rhode Island), land in Rehoboth, Mass., now Cumberland, RI, in 1692. On this property was "Study Hill". His first wife was Sarah Hearnden, by whom he had one child, David. His second wife was Hannah Tower, of Hingham, Mass., and their children were: Israel, born August 16th, 1678; Deborah, married a Tower; Jeremiah, born June 26th, 1683; William, born May 27th, 1685; Sarah, married a Razee; Hannah, died young, and Abigail, died young. David, the son of David, lived on the old homestead and the property descended to his son David. David, son of David, married Martha Read, and had the following children: Simon; David, born July 14th, 1740; George, born July 11th, 1742; Otis, born August 19th, 1744; Cynthia; Amy; Jonathan, born September 8th, 1752; Benjamin, born November 17th, 1754, and Joseph, born March 21st, 1761. Simon, son of David, was born in Cumberland, September 28th, 1738, and married Mary Blake. Their children were: Sally, died single; Martha, married Captain John Hallowell, of Providence, a seafaring man; Molly, died single; Simon and John Gray. Simon bore the title of colonel, having served in the Revolutionary War. He died March 2nd, 1824. Simon, son of Simon, was born in Cumberland, May 28th, 1776, married Jemima Miller of Cumberland and had three children: Martha, single, resides at Pawtucket; Simon, and Alfred, who resides in Cumberland and owns part of the land deeded to his ancestor, David, in 1692, by Blackstone. Simon died May 12th, 1824. John Gray, son of Colonel Simon, was born in Boston and died at Lonsdale, RI, December 21st, 1865, in his 93rd year . He married for his first wife, Nancy Walcott, of Providence, and though they had five children, all of them died single. His second wife was Eliza Barton, of Warren, RI, and their children were: Emmeline Barton, who resides at Central Falls; Joseph Barton, resides west; Eliza Hemans, died aged four years, and Frederic Eddy, killed during the war in 1862. Simon, son of Simon, was born in Cumberland February 8th, 1816, and married Nancy M. Polsey. They have had six children: Sarah, died aged 13 months; Simon, died ten years of age; George S.T., born December 19th, 1851, married Annie E. Jerauld, has no children, resides at Pawtucket; Nancy, died aged 17 months; Albert Blake, died aged 17 months, and Charles P.,  born September 9th, 1860. the latter has in his possession the original deed given in 1692 to David Whipple. He resides in Pawtucket. Simon was a resident of Cumberland till 1871, when he came to Pawtucket, and is now engaged in the grocery trade.

Jeremiah Whipple, son of David, was born June 26th, 1683. He married Deborah Bucklin and died in 1760. He seems to have had three sons, David, Jeremiah, and Oliver, who emigrated to New Hampshire. Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah, was born about 1718 and died in  1800.  He married Hannah Bowen, and their children were: Lucy, who married John Dexter; Hannah and Betty, died single; Bela, a surgeon in the Revolutionary Warm died unmarried; Jabez, Anna, and Eseck, died young. Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah, was born March 27th, 1748, and died in 1819. He married Nancy Dexter. Their children were: Bela, died single; Betsey, married Preserved Arnold; Louis and Betsey, died single, and Jeremiah, born 1802, married Sarah Smith. He died in 1852. His children were: Nancy and Elizabeth, who died single, and Jeremiah, born in 1838, died in France in 1871. His wife was Isabella Carlota Hobson, and no children are living.

William Whipple, son of David, was born May 27th, 1685. He settled on a farm near Smithfield, now Lincoln. his wife's name was Elizabeth, and they had the largest family of any of the Whipples on  record, as follows: Mary, Elizabeth, Jemima, Amy, William, Mercy, Jeremiah, Hopestill, John, Anthony, Sarah, Benjamin, Moses, Joseph, Annie, Eleazer, and Hannah. Benjamin, son of William, was born June 3rd, 1728. He was a farmer and lived in Smithfield, near Lime Rock. His first wife was Jerusha Peck and their children were: Jeremiah, Phebe, who married William Dexter, and Mollie, married a Thompson. The two last were twins. His second wife was Sarah Mattson and their children were: Hannah, who married Ahab Mowry; Elizabeth, died single, and Sarah, married Seth Sprague. Jeremiah, only son of Benjamin, married Amy Sprague and his children were: Reuben, died single; Jerusha, died single; Lebbeus, and Arthur, died in what is now Lincoln. Lebbeus, son of Jeremiah, was born August 9th, 1790, and married Amy Clark. He died August 19th, 1869 and his two children, Amy Ann, who is single, and Susan Scott, widow of General Lysander Flagg, reside in Central Falls. Moses, son of William, was born January 13th, 1729. He was a farmer and lived in Cumberland. He married Patience Matteson. Their children were: Patience, who married Nathaniel Jencks, William, Joseph, and Thankful, married Nathaniel Spaulding. Joseph, son of Moses, married Annie Matteson and their children were: Mary Ann, married Stephen Dexter; Amy, died single; Joseph, died single; Welcome, died in Cumberland; Susan, died single; Rebecca, died single; Stephen V., and Bela, died single. Joseph married for his second wife Nancy Weatherhead, but she had no children. He died March, 1849, in his 66th year. Stephen V., son of Joseph, born in Cumberland February 14th, 1813, married Adaline, daughter of Hartford Jenckes. Of their eleven children, nine are living, as follows: Albert J., resides in Woonsocket; Sarah E., wife of Amos W. Clark, resides in Nebraska; Lucy A., widow of Leonard Brown, resides in Worcester, Mass.; Amanda F., lives in Central Falls; Joseph M.; Susan M., wife of Alva Trask of Bellingham, Mass.; Delia M., wife of Charles Huling, of Valley Falls; Louis F., resides in Providence; Abby J., wife of Samuel Fleming, of Central Falls. Stephen V. died October 2nd, 1876. Joseph M., son of Stephen V., born in Cumberland March 27th, 1851, married Esther L. Graham. Joseph Whipple, son of Joseph (called stub foot), was born in Cumberland November 19th, 1828. He was engaged in boat building in his early days, and in 1864 came to Central Falls and engaged in carpentering, which business he finally changed to stair building, which he carried on till his death April 22nd, 1889. He left a widow and two daughters.

p. 481-82: THOMAS E. WHITE was born in Canterbury, Conn., January 7th, 1822, and was the third son and sixth child (also being one of a pair of twins) of George S. and Marcy (Walmsley) White. His father was an Englishman and came to America in 1814 and settled at Freetown, Mass; he was an Episcopal clergyman and was ordained at St. John's Episcopal Church in Providence, and afterward preached at Boston, Brooklyn,Conn., and Canterbury, Conn. At the latter place he died in 1850. He was the author of various works, among which was the "Life of Samuel Slater", published in 1836. Thomas E. left home at the age of 13 and engaged in the mercantile business at Norwich, Conn., for two years. He afterward learned the trade of tinner, and that business he followed at Brooklyn and Hamben, Conn., and came to Chepachet, RI in 1842 and from that time till 1879 carried on business at that point, also in Scituate, RI, and was for 27 years located at Providence. In 1879 he purchased a farm in Lincoln on which he now resides. He married Louisa G., daughter of Pardon Sheldon of Cranston, RI, and he had eight children: Maria L., wife of Charles N. Fisher, of Valley Falls, RI; Edward Aborn, died at the age of four years; George Edward, lives at Providence; Mary Aborn, wife of George W. Elliott; Andrew James, of Providence; Robert, died aged two years, and Robert, resides in Woodstock, Conn. For his second wife he married Mrs. Susan Marble.

p. 482: CHRISTOPHER WILBUR married Rachel Sayles and had the following children: Reuben, Rachel, married Eleazer Shuman; Ann, married George Brownell; David, Sayles, and Mercy, married John Smith. David, son of Christopher, married Phebe Brown and had a family of 12 children: William, died single; Christopher, Martin, Jane, married first Orin Wright, second Richard Lincoln; Reuben, lives in new Milford, Conn.; Benjamin, Dexter, Esther (deceased), married Crawford Manton; Rachel, wife of Andrew B. Whipple, of Smithfield; Thomas, died young; Phebe Ann (deceased), married William Adrich; and David. Benjamin, son of David, married Augusta Richards and had eight children: Joseph B., Maria J., wife of Edward Ford of Pawtucket; Ada R., married a Bolster; Charles E., Howard, Walter B., William E., and Flora E., died aged 18 years. Joseph B., son of Benjamin, born December 17th, 1850, married Ada A. Keene, and has four children: Edward R., Clarence, Joseph B. Jr., and George. Dexter, son of David, born Novembe 20th, 1831, married Sarah Harris and has two children: Harriet and George.

p. 482-84: HENRY B. WOOD, a highly respected citizen of Central Falls, was born in the town of Rehoboth, Mass., February 14th, 1803, and died September 27th, 1886, in the 84th year of his age. He was a member of a large family and a son of Jonathan and Betsey Wood, whose residence at the time of his birth was on a farm about six miles from Pawtucket. Here was the place where the late and venerable Mr. Wood spent the earlier years of an active and highly useful life. Hard work on the farm, interspersed with a few months of each year at the district school, constituted the employment of his time when a mere lad. Possessed of a studious mind, apt in learning, and ever restive under intellectual restraints, he sought and obtained means of acquiring a broader education, even when a mere youth. His father being a poor man and unable to assist him financially, he was permitted to find employment during the summer months away from home, and in the winter time to study and teach school. He pursued this course until he had taught school ten winters. He was very fond of mathematics and excelled in those branches of study. His time during the summer months was employed in various occupations. He worked as a mason for some time and helped to build the wharf at Providence.

Mr. Wood was a very thoughtful man, a deep thinker, and during all these earlier years of his life, by his wisdom in husbanding and expanding his financial resources became eminently successful in laying that foundation of his business career, from which in later years he reaped a great reward. As means would accumulate he would invest as he could, mostly at first, on account of his limited resources, in woodlands. The wisdom and foresight of these ventures soon became apparent. Having some taste for farming, he began to make clearings. The logs were drawn to mill, shingles were manufactured, and in 1832 he erected for himself a neat cottage, still standing on Centre Street, Central Falls, near the depot. From this time fortune began to smile upon him, and he commenced to expand his energies, engaging for a time in the manufacture of cotton cloth. Soon after this he started his lumber yard, a business which he subsequently conducted with great success for half a century. His beginning in this line of business was in coparnership with Gideon Smith, an honest, upright Old Quaker, who died shortly after ward, leaving Mr. Wood as the head of the now long established and well known firm of H.B. Wood & Co. As the sole owner of this enterprise for many years. Mr. Wood constantly added to all his former gains until he acquired an independent fortune.

Mr. Wood was one of the earliest temperance advocates of the state. As a man he was remarkably simple in his habits, thoroughly genuine in his character of manliness and uprightness and was one of nature's noblemen in the true sense of that term. Possessed of a sound mind, of a healthy body and correct habits, he enjoyed the best of health throughout his long life. He was an exemplary member of the Baptist church for many years. he was one of a band of men who left the First Baptist Church, Pawtucket, to form a similar society in Central Falls and now known as the Broad Street Baptist church. Honesty was Mr. Wood's policy, both in and out of the church. He was also discreet as well as honest. Retentive in memory, learned in the school of experience, he wisely assisted those in need, and to such an extent his right hand did not know what the left did. In his domestic life he was known only as the complete man that he was. There he was kind and generous, even to a fault. There charity abounded in the plenitude of its beauty, and there this man's legacy is greater than his uncounted thousands.

Mr. Wood was married in the 29th year of his age to Miss Eliza Gage, a very loveable and amiable woman. Four children were born to them. Mrs. Wood died October 27th, 1878. His second wife was Minnie C., a daughter of the late Henry H. and Emily G. Wightman of North Kingstown, who survives him. Mr. Wood was a genial, kindhearted husband, full of sympathy, treating the rich and the poor with the same hospitality, and always having a word of encouragement for the depressed.  During the later years of his life he was fond of riding and spent much time in this way outdoors. "Old Ned," his favorite horse survived him but a few years. and when he died, out of regard for his master, this old servant of the family was decently interred, with his head carefully pillowed to rest. And thus it is, the good and the just ever receive our highest tokens of esteem in the remembrance even of the small things in life.

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