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Spragueville, Town of Smithfield, RI, World War II Memorial

Village of Spragueville, Town of Smithfield, RI, Rt. 116, Pleasant View Drive, corner of Swan Road
Honor Roll - 1941 - 1945
Dedicated to the men and women of Spragueville
who answered the call of colors of World War II:
*Richard O. Austin
*Peder A. Johnson
Robert Crompton, Jr.
Carl J. Breckel, Jr.
Mary V. Connor
Clovis A. Crosby
Joseph F. Dio
Adelard A. Ducharme
Edwin A. Greene
Theodore F. Greene
Ernest Hebert Jr.
Theodore Hebert
Walter A. Hardman
Daniel A. Jaswell
Douglas D. Johnson
Gordan L. Johnson
Stanley J. F. Johnson
Edward S. Jones
Walter E. Larmie
John Martin
Joseph C. Parent
Raymond E. Paulhus
Roland A. Paulhus
William O. Austin
*Robert M. Martin
*Francis H. Payette
Alfred G. Payette
Edgar W. Payette
Irving A. Rothwell
Alfred V. Rathier
Anthony G. Rathier
Bertrand M. Rathier
Ralph L. Rathier
Thomas A. Rathier
Victor M. Rathier
Albert K. Smith
Edwin H. Smith
Frank H. Smith
Walter J. Smith
William W. Smith
Anthony R. Stone
Edward H. Taillon
Joseph F. Taillon
Raymond White, Jr.
Calvin C. Williams
Henry O. Williams
Prescott J. Williams
Ralph R. Williams
George H. Young
Dedicated December 5, 1943

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