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Johnston War Memorial Park, Johnston, RI

Johnston War Memorial Park, Johnston, RI, Hartford Ave.
dedicated Nov., 1945, rededicated June 1990
World War II - U.S. Army
Joseph DiDonato
Anthony J. Russo
Anthony K. Wiakaski
Anthony Riccitelli
Michael Macera
William R. Mills
Harry C. Arnold
Anthony Cialo
William R. Thorpe, Jr.
George G. Harrington
Joseph R. Searle
Emery O. Picotte
James Paterson, Jr.
Alfred A. Chartier
Vincent Mongone
Rocco Stanish
William F. Hickey
Raymond DePetrillo
John A. Paglio
Carlo A. Coletti
Walter Charboneau
Leo S. Arguien
Raymond J. Herther
Walter J. Hagerty

World War II U.S. Marines
Anthony Altieri

World War II U.S. Navy
Robert T. Moran
Raymond B. Smith
Arthur LaPrade
George Spink
William B. Richardson
Joseph Carrara, Jr.
Raymond Draper
Alfred A. Ricci
James F. Cavanaugh
Bernard Pitocco

Korea - U.S. Army
Anthony R. Mazzulla
John K. Burrows

Vietnam - U.S. Army
Ronald E. Blake
John F. Bulpitt

Vietnam - U.S. Marines
Alphonse Macchioni

Vietnam - U.S. Navy
Andrew J. Wang

"In Honor of the West End Community service men
and women  - World War II.
Appleton, Charles N.
Argand, Edmund A.
Argand, Joseph A.
Argand, Raymond J.
Arnold, Richard C.
Biedermann, Marie A.
Bishop, Gilbert R.
Bishop, Howard G.
Bishop, Walter G.
Bremges, Walter
Broadhurst, Harris
Brown, Richard C.
Brown, Robert P.
Campanini, Rocco M.
Carlisle, Robert T.
Chadwick, Adrian
Chadwick, Hector J.
Chadwick, Thomas R.
Colwell, Richard W.
Cook, Clarence H.
Cote, Everett J.
DiLullo, Isadore
Everett, Norman E.
Farrell, James E.
Ferri, Gabriel V.
Furey, Francis T.
Frederick, Eugene E.
Frederick, Frank L.
Graham, Bernard A.
Grist, Wilfred N., Jr.
Grist, Helen A.
Guy, Frank C.
Hainsworth, James E.
Hallock, Robert L.
Jackson, Kay
Jackson, C. Kenneth
Judge, George R., Jr.
Judge, Robert W.
Kimm, Virgil M.
Kugler, Robert M.
MacDonald, George R.
MacFarlane, Walter J.
MIller, George H.
Murray, Christopher J.
Murray, Christopher J., Jr.
Palazzi, John
Palazzi, Thomas
Pepin, Roland J.
Reedy, Raymond E.
Shuman, Edgar L.
Smith, Walter K.
Swenson, Philip L.
Walch, Willis L.
Walch, Willis L., Jr.
Whitehead, Wilfred, Jr.
Young, Charles F.
Young, Earl H.
Young, Lester L.
Presented by the West End Community Neighbors, Nov. 11, 1945" 

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