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Graniteville, Town of Johnston, RI, World War Monuments

World War monuments, Graniteville, Town of Johnston, RI, Rt. 44, Putnam Pike
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Remembering our young men and women from the village of Graniteville - who served with honor in the United States Armed Forces during WWII: 
Louis Allien 
Freddie Atkinson 
Jordan Atkinson 
Wilfred Atkinson 
William Aurecchia 
Harry Balme 
Frederick Bennett 
Robert Bennett 
Doris Berry 
Russell Blanding 
Russell Blanding 
Russell Brown 
Fred Brown 
*Ralph Bridges, Jr. 
David Burrows 
*John K. Burrows 
John Cafferty 
William P. Cafferty 
Angelo Carlino 
James Carroll 
Angelo Casale 
Dorothy Catley 
*Walter Charbonneau 
Gil Charnley 
Raymond Charnley 
*Alfred A. Chartier 
Anthony Cini 
John Cini 
Alfred Clapham 
Joseph Cobb 
Edward Conaty 
James Countie 
Francis Cox 
Omar P. Cyr 
Ernest Dahlin 
Joseph Danty 
Bertrand Demers 
Frank DiBenedetto 
Lawrence DiBenedetto 
Michael DiBenedetto 
*Raymond Draper 
William Elvin 
Pasquale Fetta 
Thomas Fetta 
Fred Finley 
Leslie Foster 
Walter Foster 
Fred Forrest 
Charles Fowler 
Richard Fowler 
Douglas Fox 
Harold Gagnon 
Fred Gaunt 
Bertrum Goff 
Joseph Goff 
Harry Graham 
Philip Gravel 
Jack Green 
Luke Green 
William Green 
William Green 
Henry Hampson 
William Hampson 
David Hargreaves 
Thomas Harring 
George Harring 
Alex Harrington 
*George G. Harrington, Jr. 
Donald Hassett 
Richard Hassett, Jr. 
Clifford Healy 
Arnold Hellewell 
Sidney Hellewell 
*Raymond J. Herther 
Samuel Hesketh 
Joseph A. Hickey 
John G. Hickey 
*William Hickey 
W. Gordon Hill 
Thomas Hopper 
Herman Illingworth 
Gilbert Isles 
Theodore Ives 
Robert E. Izzo 
William E. Jackson 
Kenneth Jackson 
Arland James 
Joseph F. Johnston 
James Kemp 
Edward Kenopka 
Herman Kreusche 
George Lacerte 
Milton Lacerte 
David Leblanc 
William E. Leblanc, Jr.
Honor Roll - World War - 1914 - 1919
*Charles Ellison
Earl H. Adams
Oscar W. Anderson
James Angell
Edgar Atkinson
Edward Barraclough
Stanley Brooks
William Charboneau
Clarence Charnley
Charles Clapham
Herbert Coates
Romeo Colando
Ralph Copley
Spencer Cowbourne
James Countie
Alberto Ciuccio
Charles Decker
Ralph DiLucia
Thomas Duckworth
Stephen Firth
Samuel Forrest
William Forrest
Thomas Gregory
*Charles Forrest
Phillip H. Haigh
Fred Hammond
Robert Hardman
Lloyd W. Harris
Linwood Hart
William I. Hastie
Willard E. Hawksley
James H. Hesketh
John W. Hollingsworth
Hubert Holt
Albert J. Howard
Carmine Iannuccilli
Ernest Jackson
Ernest Johnson
Seriel B. Johnston
John W. Jowett
Clinton T. Keema
Percy W. Leach
Samuel H. Leach
Michelo Leoncavallo
John W. Luty
Ralph Pesaturo
*Giovanni Gorzerro
Vincent Pesaturo
Sam Priestley
John Rhodes
Thomas Rhodes
Herbert Riley
Samuel Robinson
Joseph Rowley
Harvey D. Searle
Edward Scungio
Charles Shallis
Kenneth Shawcross
Newton A. Shawcross
Howard E. Sherman
Warren E. Sherman
Elisha Smith
Herbert Smith
William H. Taylor
Albert A. Thornton
Norman Thorpe
William R. Thorpe
Ben Valentone
John W. Wallace
This monument is dedicated to the soldiers and sailors of Graniteville who served their country in the war for liberty.

These Graniteville men paid the supreme sacrifice while serving their country in World War II, 1941 - 1945:
Walter Charbonneau
Alfred A. Chartier
Raymond Draper
George G. Harrington, Jr.
Raymond J. Herther
William F. Hickey
James Paterson, Jr.
Joseph R. Searle
William R. Thorpe, Jr.
For Justice Freedom and Democracy"
Korea, 1950 - 1955
John K. Burrows
Vie-nam, 1961 - 1975
*Ronald E. Blake
*John A. Bulpitt

Leslie Leech 
George Leigh 
Herman Leonard 
Henry Leoncavallo 
Harry Libby 
Russell Lizotte 
George Lofgren 
Donald McLean 
Douglas McLean 
Frank Mitchell 
James Mitchell 
Howard Moorehead 
Joseph Morra 
Nicholas Morra 
Bertrum Mountford 
Donald Mountford 
Gordan Mountford 
Martin Murphy 
Graham Naylor 
Arthur Nelson 
Anthony Neri 
Michael Neri 
Peter Neri 
Harold Nicholson 
William Northup, Jr. 
Andrew F. Oates 
Charles Page 
Frances Page 
Joseph Page 
Russell Parr 
Claude Paterson 
Dan Paterson 
*James Paterson 
John S. Paterson 
Walter Pearson 
A. Bamby Pezzullo 
Roland Picard 
William Pickett 
Armand Pincins 
Lawrence Priestley, Jr. 
Donald J. Proctor 
Alexander Rankin 
William J. Reynolds 
John Rhodes 
Thomas Rhodes, Jr. 
Anthony Ricci 
Benny Ricci 
Nicholas Ricci 
Donald Robertson 
Eric Robinson 
George A. Robinson 
Harry Robinson 
Thomas Robinson 
Alfred Rossi 
Frank Rotondo 
Harry Rotondo 
Julio Rotondo 
Robert Scott 
William Scungio 
Herbert V. Searle 
Norman Searle 
*Roy J. Searle 
Raymond Searle 
Ernest Shackleton 
Charles Shaw 
Larry Sheers 
Enoch Silva 
John Silva 
Edward Simpson 
Mildred Snell 
Otis Snell 
William E. Snell 
Harry Stockwell 
George Sutcliffe 
Joe Sutcliffe 
Albert Thornton 
*William R. Thorpe, Jr. 
James Tracy 
Louis Turgeon 
Anthony Vacca 
Charles M. Vacca 
Joseph Villari 
Thomas Villari 
Shirley Waterhouse 
Franklin Williams 
George Williams 
Robert Youhess 
Auggie Zuccaro 

William Barry 
Rocco T. Colarusso 
J. Walter Fortin 

*Killed in Action

Graniteville, town of Johnston... located in War Memorial Park
"In memory of those who fell in the service of their country by land and by sea from Graniteville:
George G. Harrington, Jr., U. S. Army
Raymond J. Herther, U. S. Army
William R. Thorpe, U. S. Army
James Paterson, Jr., U. S. Army
Raymond Draper, U. S. Navy
Joseph R. Seale, U. S. Army
Walter Charbonneau, U. S. Army
Alfred A. Chartier, U. S. Army
Presented by Graniteville Mothers' Service Club
Nov. 11, 1945" 

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