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Greystone Honor Roll, World War  1917 - 1919
Village of Greystone, in North Providence, along the Woonasquatucket River.
The monument is located on Rt. 104, Farnum Pike

WWI monument, on Rt. 104
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To Honor the Men and Women of Greystone who served their country in the World War. (WWI)
Arthur Addyman
Alton Ainley
John Anderson
John Ashworth
Joseph Atherton
Edgar Atkinson
Harry H. Barker
John Barnard
George Barwick
Harry Bradbrook
*William Bradbrook
Adolph Brunnell
James Buckley
David Chalmers
Ernest Cleary
George Clough
James E. Coates
Joseph B. Coates
Ralph Copley
John Cunliffe
Walter Darby
Joseph Denton
Ralph DeLucia
Umberto DiCristoforo
Robert Elder
Maurice Fearnley
*Charles Forrest
William Forrest
*Fred Duckworth
Fred Fall
Peter Green
Thomas Green
William Green
William Gregson
Peter Grimshaw
L. E. Godin
James H. Hesketh
William Hewitt
Albert Hill
Arnot Hirst
Bertha Holt
Harold Holt
Hubert Holt
William Horne
Edgar Howard
Ernest Jackson
Charlie Jagger
Edmund Jagger
Ernest Johnston
John W. Jowett
Michael Leoncavallo
A. D. Lind
Joseph Lowe
Edgar Lund
George T. Lund
Thomas Lund
Irvin E. Madden
Robert H. Mangan
Benjamin Manson
John Meehan
Lawrence Northrop
Albert J. Owen
Herbert J. Owen
*Charles Parkin
Abraham Pearson
Sam Pickles
Homer W. Porier
Percy Raynor
John Rhodes
Thomas Rhodes
Robert Scott
Elisha Smith
Gilbert Smith
Henry Smith
James Spencer
Ralph Sweet
*Arthur Sykes
William H. Taylor
Albert Thacker
Frank Thornton
Norman Thorpe
Charles Waite
Victor Whelan
Joe Whitfield
Joseph Wood
Arthur E. Woodhead

Greystone Honor Roll, World War II
Village of Greystone, in North Providence, along the Woonasquatucket River.
The monument is located on Rt. 104, Farnum Pike
World War II Monument
To honor the men and women of Greystone who served their country in World War II   1941 - 1945
Ackroyd, Reginald
Ackroyd, Stanley M.
Balfour, David
Bentley, James A.
Berry, William
Blanchette, Andre R.
Blanchette, Norman L.
Bottomley, Jack H.
Bradshaw, Dudley K.
Brasarro, Novat N.
Brown, Byron A.
Burrows, David H.
Burrows, John K.
Burrows, William A.
Campbell, Donald H.
Carleen, Walter E.
Charlwood, Albert
Cleary, Norman B.
Coates, Earnest
Crosby, Jr., William T.
Crosby, Vincent H.
Crowther, Harry M.
Crowther, Jack
Crowther, Thomas B.
Cunningham, George N.
Cunningham, James N.
Cunningham, Robert R.
Dobson, Donald
Dobson, John
Dobson, Raymond
Dugas, Norman C.
*Ellis, A. Howard
Ellis, Edgar W.
Ellis, Ralph J.
Favreau, Albert J.
Fay, Walter T.
Fell, Jr., Lambert
Firth, Ernest G.
Garnett, Edwin D.
Hannifan, Francis E.
Heffron, George J.
Hill, William G.
Hulme, John
Hunter, Charles F.
Ingham, Stanley E.
Jeffries, Kenneth D.
Jennison, Robert W.
Kellett, Stanley
Lambie, Janet B.
Lambie, Thomas
LaRossa, Donato
*LaRossa, John P.
LaRossa, Michael
Lowe, Matthew
Lowe, Thomas W.
Malone, M. Winifred
Martin, John G.
McDonald, Raymond F.
Morgan, Albert L.
Morgan, Robert W.
Murphy, James P.
*Northrop, Harry M.
Norton, William E.
Parker, Arthur
Parr, Ralph
Parsons, Charles W.
Parsons, Robert E.
Parsons, Verne E.
Pawson, Alan E. Y.
Pearson, Albert S.
Pearson, Herbert M.
Pedder, Norman
Pickles, Kenneth W.
Pickles, Sidney
Quigley, Helen M.
Rhodes, Jr., John
Rigby, Jack
Rigby, Seth
Roberts, James A.
Rook, Frank S.
Rothwell, Nora T.
Rowntree, Urwin
*Salisbury, William E.
Shallis, Albert
Sharp, George H.
Sharp, John E.
Simpson, Elmer F.
Smart, William H.
Smith, John A.
Spivey, William H.
Stott, Samuel
Thacker, Albert E.
Thornley, Charles R.
Thornley, Raymond
*Unsworth, Norman
Waddington, John
Waite, Harold C.
Waite, Stanley B.
Wareham, Mack H.
Wareham, Roy E.
Whitaker, Thomas H.
Whitecross, Leon H.
Whitecross, Russell A.
Williams, Paul P.
Williams, Vincent
Winterbottom, Jr., Arthur
Wolstencroft, William
Wood, Donald G.
Wyman, John J.
Yeager, Howard P.
"They stood ready for the sacrifice that liberty and justice might not perish"
"Valor"   "Freedom"

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