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Scituate Civil War Memorial

Scituate Honor Roll, World War  1917 - 1919
Erected by the town of Scituate, 1926

WWI monument, on Rt. 116
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Scituate Honor Roll, World War  1917 - 1919 erected by the town of Scituate, 1926
Angell, Guy B.
Anthony, William H.
Austin, George L.
Barker, George
Barstow, Albert G.
Battey, Walter P.
Blair, Bernal E.
Bressette, John
Briggs, Fred E.
Brocoli, Felice
Brown, Charles E.
Brown, Robert C.
Burgess, Wayland M.
Burnside, Earl P.
Burton, Raymond H.
Cadwell, Joseph
Caron, Joseph
Chase, Otto H.
Cisco, Charles
Clarke, Harold R.
Clarke, Raymond E.
Collins, Cedric H.
Colvin, George A., Jr.
Cook, Daniel P.
Congdon, Winfield S.
Corbin, Edward
Cote, Joseph
Davidson, Horace F.
Dexter, Horace E.
Dexter, Irving A.
Dexter, Theodore P.
Durfee, Alvin W.
Durfee, Carroll A.
Durfee, Harold E.
England, John E.
Fague, Thomas P.
Fahey, Raymond A.
Farrell, Charles
Franklin, Clarence F. N.
Freeman, George
Goosey, Oscar
Grant, Ronald B.
Greene, George M.
Greene, Peter
Greenwood, David M.
Gross, Allen B.
Groves, Kenneth A.
Harris, Laroy G.
Harrington, Ambrose C.
Harrington, Henry
Hartman, Herman
Hill, Ina Viola
Hopkins, Adolphus G.
Hopkins, Charles E.
Hopkins, Harold S.
Hopkins, Roland
Ide, Fred E.
Ide, Walter W.
Jones, Carleton W.
King, John H.
Lachappelle, George
Lacroix, Edward H.
Laroche, William
Lambert, William H.
Lawton, Thomas S.
Limerick, Joseph
Limerick, William
Lowell, Proctor E.
Luther, Raymond A.
Lux, Rudolph
Madden, Bert F.
McCauley, Louis F.
McCauley, Thomas A.
*McComisky, William H.
*McShane, Martin E.
Mehan, Leroy A.
Mohr, Ralph S.
Mulligan, John
Mutch, Herbert
Needham, Alfred A.
Northrup, William T., Jr.
Obediencia, Francis
O'Clair, William N.
O'Clair, Harry H.
Olney, Phillip A.
Pare, Walter J.
Parenteau, Joseph
Parker, Samuel A.
Pagano, Sully
Paul, Albert N.
Paul, Diland
Pauwe, John
Peck, Raymond A.
Pelletier, Alcide
Phillips, Walter L., Jr.
Poole, Arnold L.
"Poole, Irving R.
Potter, George P.
Potter, Herbert F.
Rapaluella, Luigi
Rathbun, Raymond H.
Remington, Raiford W.
Robinson, Andrew J.
Salisbury, Frederick J.
Salisbury, Lloyd M.
Salisbury, Leroy E.
Sayles, Frank E.
Sayles, Harris E.
Scott, Thomas F.
Segee, Leslie H.
Shaw, Albert
Shaw, Elias
Sherman, Robert A.
Shippee, Ernest P.
Shippee, John W.
Slader, Arthur A.
Smith, Irving S.
Smith, Merritt P.
Spencer, Robert F.
Stewart, Fred A.
Suddard, Arthur W.
Taylor, Chester R.
Thebarge, Alfred
Tripp, Howard E.
*Walker, Grover C.
Waterman, Frederick W.
Waters, James
Wells, M. Clifton
Whaley, Phillip B.
Whitman, Frederick J.
*Whitman, William H.
Whitford, William P.
Wilbur, Frank B.
Williams, George I.
Wilson, George H.
Winward, William J.
Wright, Herman H.
Yeaw, Harold
Andrews, Clarence R.
Dempsey, Edward M.
Dempsey, John J.

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