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  Biographical sketches, "Town of Scituate"

History of Providence County, Vol I & II
Ed. by Richard M. Bayles; W.W. Preston & Co., NY.  1891

Biographical sketches, "Town of Scituate"

p. 613: Gilbert ALDRICH, born in Scituate in 1836, is a son of William, grandson of David, and great-grandson of Noah Aldrich, all  of whom were residents of Scituate.  Gilbert was married in 1881 to Susan S., daughter of Halsey Aldrich.  He has always been in the lumber business and farming.

p. 613: James ALDRICH, born in Scituate in 1800, was a son of Oliver and grandson of James Aldrich, who came from Smithfield and settled in this town.  He was married in 1835 to Abigail C. Colwell.  They had six children.  Two sons, James C. and William H. H., and two daughters, Asenath S., wife of William A. Pirce, and Desire, are living.  In early life Mr. Aldrich was engaged in mercantile business, but after marrying, settled on the farm now occupied by his children.  He was elected senator from Scituate.  He died in 1877.

p. 613: Simon S. ALDRICH was born in Scituate in 1845.  His father was Arthur F. and his grandfather John Aldrich.  Arthur F. was elected to the assembly several terms.  He married Mary Harris.  Simon S. married in 1874 Susan F., daughter of Lyman Brown.  Mr. Aldrich has always been a farmer.  He was elected to the town council in 1884.

p. 613: Jonathan H. ARNOLD, son of Russell and grandson of Simeon Arnold, was born in Scituate in 1814.  Simeon came from Smithfield and settled on a farm, a part of which is now owned and occupied by Jonathan H.  He was married in 1844 to Minerva Arnold.  They had one son, John A., who is a physician, and is now general superintendent of Kings County Hospital, N.Y.  He was educated at the Lapham Institute and Harvard Medical School, and Bellevue Hospital College, N.Y., taking his degree in 1872.  Minerva Arnold died in 1869, and Jonathan H. was married again in 1871 to Louisa Buffinton.

p. 614: George A. ATWOOD, born in Scituate in 1820, is a son of William and grandson of Abraham Atwood, both being millwrights.  George A., early in life, entered a store and made that his business for many years.  He was married in 1846 to Harriet Monroe.  They have no children.  He was deputy sheriff for over 26 years and president of the Scituate National Bank for the past 12 or 15 years.

p. 614: William C. ATWOOD was born in Scituate March 19th, 1807.  His father was Kimball Atwood, and his grandfather was John Atwood of Scituate.  He was in the war of the revolution six years, and an officer in the continental army. William C. married Julania Andrews, October 5th, 1827.  She died in 1861. They had twelve children.  There are living:  Kimball, Richard A., John H., William A. and Adeline.  She, with William A., resides with their father. He was married again in 1864 to Mary A. Phillips.  She died in 1879.  His mother's maiden name was Colegrove.  He had four sisters and two brothers. One brother, John, settled in Killingly, Conn.  He had two sons, James S. and William A.  They were engaged in cotton manufacturing in Connecticut. Both are dead.  William A. left two sons, Henry C. and William E., and one daughter, Mary E.  They are engaged in cotton manufacturing at Wauregan and Taftville, Conn.  William C. has been a member of the South Scituate Baptist Church for over forty years.  He lives on what was called Blackmore farm, settled on by his father.

p. 614: Olney H. AUSTIN, son of Samuel Austin, was born in Scituate in 1819.  He was married in 1845 to Maritta, daughter of Richard Bishop of Scituate.  He is a mason and builder and has followed that business all his life.  He was elected to the assembly in 1862 and 1863.  He is a member of Hamilton Lodge, A. F. & A. M., of Clayville.

p. 614: John H. BARDEN was born in Scituate in 1816.  His father and grandfather were both named John.  His father married Priscilla, daughter of John Hill. John H. married Ann E. Harrington in 1843.  They had four children.  None are living.  He is engaged in cotton manufacturing at Ponaganset.  He was elected to the assembly in 1869, and to the senate in 1870 and re-elected in 1871.  He was justice of the peace several years.  In politics he is a republican.

p. 614: Richard E. BARDEN, born in Scituate March 4th, 1827, is a grandson of John Barden, and his father bore the same name.  He was married June 12th, 1851, to Marcia A. Hopkins, of Foster.  They have three daughters living: Clara J., married William T. Olney; Bessie P., married Benjamin Wood, and Annie M. His principal business has been farming.  He was in the war of the rebellion, in Company I, First Rhode Island Regiment.  He is a strong prohibitionist.  Mrs. Barden is a poetess of considerable ability, her writings have been published in some of the leading papers of the state.

p. 614-15: Robert L. BECKWITH was born in Providence in 1855.  His father was Amos N., and his grandfather Truman Beckwith, both residents of Providence.  Robert L.'s business has always been in cotton mills.  In 1844 he came to South Scituate and engaged in cotton manufacturing for one year, then settled at North Scituate, manufacturing corset lacings and yarns.  He was married in 1879 to Carrie Joslin.  They have four sons and one daughter.

p. 615: Charles A. BRAYTON, son of James M. Brayton (deceased), grandson of Israel, and great-grandson of Freeborn Brayton, was born in Scituate in 1850.  He was married in 1873 to Adelaide V. Steere, of Scituate.  They have two sons and one daughter.  In early life he was in the insurance business in Providence, and later in the grocery and milk business.  In 1878 he settled in Scituate on a farm formerly owned by his father and grandfather.  He is a Six Principle Baptist.

p. 615: George W. BROWN, brother of Stephen and son of Henry Brown, was born in Scituate in 1817.  He was married in 1840 to Betsey Phillips, who died in 1853.  They had two sons, Gilbert and Leander W.  Gilbert is living.  He was married again in 1854 to Phebe Woodmansie, daughter of John Woodmansie.  Mr. Brown is a farmer.  Gilbert married Pamelia Peckham, widow of Stephen Peckham, and they have one son and two daughters.

George W. BROWN, 2d, born in Glocester, in 1836, is a son of Stephen Brown, and grandson of Henry Brown.  He was married in Mary J. Mathewson in 1856. They have one son, Frank F.  Her father's name was William Mathewson.  Mr. Brown was a sash and blind manufacturer in Providence for about 30 years. Several years ago he settled in this town, and is extensively engaged in fruit growing.

p. 615: George H. BURGESS was born in Providence in 1843.  His father, Samson, and grandfather, Welcome Burgess, were natives of Foster.  He was married in 1868 to Amey M. Phinney, of Foster.  They have one son, G. Frank Burgess. Most of his life has been spent in Foster and Scituate.  He was in the war of the rebellion, First Regiment, Battery E., R.I. Light Artillery.  His
father was in the same regiment.

p. 615: Elber O. CARD, born in Warwick, in 1861, is a son of Reverend Elisha Card. His mother was Harriet F. Taylor.  His grandfather was Elisha Card of Warwick.  He was married in 1884 to Carrie A. Bucklyn, of Scituate.  They have one son, Clifford E.  He resided in Warwick until 1882.  He has been a teacher, being engaged several years at North Scituate and other places.  In 1889 he engaged in mercantile business at North Scituate.

p. 615-16: Daniel A. CLARKE, Sr., was born in Unadilla, N.Y., in 1818.  His father was Daniel and grandfather Daniel Clarke, who settled in Foster.  Daniel, Sr., was married in 1839 to Mary E. Harrington of Foster.  They had three sons and one daughter, two sons living, Daniel A., Jr. and Charles K., who is a physician.  Mr. Clarke followed farming until 1866, when he engaged in the mercantile business.  Daniel A., Jr., is associated with him.  Daniel, Jr., was justice of the peace three years, town sergeant six years, and was appointed deputy sheriff in 1888.  He was born in Scituate in 1848, and was married in 1881 to Ella G. Randall.  Daniel, Sr., has been member of the town council and collector of taxes, and has held other town offices.

p. 616: John C. COLVIN, born in Warwick, in 1835, is a son of John Colvin and Lucy Arnold.  Moses Colvin was his grandfather, and Benoni his great-grandfather. They were farmers.  John C. was married in 1881 to Matilda R. Lawton, of Scituate.  They have two sons and two daughters.  He has been notary public for over 15 years, and justice of the peace almost continuously since 1867, trial justice three years, and assessor in 1885.  He was a member of the town council in 1884, 1885 and 1888, and president in the latter year. Although never admitted to the bar, he has practiced in justice courts for many years.

p. 616: Amos Williams COOKE was born in Glocester, R.I., September 28th, 1824, being the youngest of a family of ten children of William and Betsey (Burgess) Cooke.  He was educated in the schools of his native town, and at Lapham Institute in Scituate (then Smithville Seminary).  He was a diligent scholar, and remarkable as an expert mathematician.  Subsequently he taught school several winters, working on his father's farm summers, and reading such books as he chose from Foster Manton Library.  May 31st, 1852, he was united in marriage to Elizabeth Tourtelott, daughter of Williams Tourtelott, who was a lineal descendant, in the sixth generation, from Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, also a lineal descendant from Gabriel Tourtellot, a Huguenot who came from France after the revocation of the "edict of Nantes."  Mr. Cooke with his wife settled in Providence, R.I., where in connection with his brother, he was engaged in the lumber business nine years.  In 1865 he purchased a farm in Scituate, where he has since resided.  Mr. and Mrs. Cooke have two children: a son, William Tourtellot, born in 1853, a daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth, born in 1860.  Seven grandchildren have been added to the family.

p. 616: Byron J. COWEE, born in Scituate in 1838, is a son of Ira Cowee, who came from Warren, Mass.  He was married in 1860 to Mary E., daughter of William W. Durfee.  He was superintendent of the machine shop of the Scituate Manufacturing Company for some years.  From there he entered the counting room and was there for 15 years.  His father was superintendent of this factory for 30 years.  Mr. Cowee has been cashier of the Scituate National Bank for nine years.  He has also been treasurer of the town for the past nine years, and is a member of the town council.  In 1889 he was made treasurer of the Moswansicut Manufacturing Company at North Scituate.

p. 616-17: Leonard K. DURFEE was born in Blackstone, Mass., in 1823.  His father's name was Darius and his grandfather was James Durfee.  He was married in 1853 to Celinda M. Waldron.  They had no children.  She died in 1874.  In 1880 he was married to Mrs. Emily F. Pray, whose maiden name was Corey.

William P. DURFEE, son of Darius (married Mary SWEET, daughter of Jeremiah Sweet of Glocester) and grandson of James Durfee, was born in Glocester in 1821.  He was married in 1853 to Emeline A., daughter of William Pray.  They have two sons, William H., who married Agnes E. Vallett, and Charles A., who married Mercy A. Baton, and one daughter, Adeline, who married Herman G. Tucker.  Mr. Durfee is a carpenter by trade and made it his business for 20 years.  Later he engaged in farming.

p. 617: Almond L. FIELD is a son of Caleb and grandson of Stephen Field of Cranston, and was born in that town in 1846.  He was married in October, 1867, to Melissa J. Knight, daughter of William W. Knight of Scituate.  They have one son and four daughters.  He was in the war of the rebellion in Battery C, First Rhode Island Light Artillery.  He is an Odd Fellow, a member of the G.A.R., and a member of the R.S. of G.F.  He has been a resident of Scituate most of his life and is engaged in the milk business and farming .

p. 617: Nathan FISKE, born in 1841, is a son of Ebenezer and Amey (Colvin) Fiske. His grandfather was Stephen K. and his great-grandfather was Daniel Fiske. Nathan was married in 1867 to Melissa E., daughter of Wardwell G. Matteson. They have one daughter, Pernella M.  In early life Mr. Fiske was a farmer. Later he learned the machinist trade, which has been his business except from 1874 to 1879, during which time he was station agent at Hope.  He is a member of Warwick Lodge, No. 16, F. & A. M.

p. 617: Isaac GROVES, son of James, was born in Monaghan county, Ireland, in 1827, came to this country in 1853 and settled in Scituate, where he has resided since.  He married Susan Somerville in 1859.  They have one son and a daughter.  For about 25 years he was in the employ of the Hope Company, and in 1882 engaged in farming.

p. 617: Charles A. HARRIS, born in Scituate is 1812, was married in 1837 to Susan Fenner.  They had one daughter, Georgiana A., who married Banjamin F. Smith. His wife died in 1867 and he was married in 1871 to Henrietta Tourtellotte. They have one son.  He has been several times a member of the town council and assessor of taxes.  His father, Charles, grandfather, Asahel, and great-grandfather, Gideon Harris, were all residents of Scituate.  Mr. Harris owns and occupies the farm settled on by his grandfather.

p. 617-18: George P. HOWARD is a son of Ephraim and grandson of John Howard.  His mother's maiden name was Hannah Green.  He was born in West Greenwich in 1849 and married in 1869 Triphenia H., daughter of Philip Johnson of Coventry.  They have one son, Goerge H., and three daughters, Hertilla B., Vivenia W. and Mary E.  The early part of his life was spent in West Greenwich.  In 1867 he settled inCoventry and in 1888 came to Scituate.  He is a farmer and milk dealer.

p. 618: Richard G. HOWLAND was born in 1840 in Warwick, R.I.  His father's name was Daniel, and also his grandfather's.  They were residents of East Greenwich and were Quakers.  His mother's maiden name was Susan Greene.  He was married in 1868 to Isabel J. Allen.  They had five children; one son, Daniel, and one daughter, Alice M., are living.  Mrs. Howland died in 1884. In 1886 he was married to Alice Sisson.  He settled in Scituate in 1868, and until 1872 was assistant superintendent of the Hope Company.  Since that time he has been superintendent.  He was elected to the assembly in 1870 and again in 1884.  He was a member of the town council in 1870 and 1872.

p. 618: William E. JOSLIN, born in Johnston, R.I., March 13th, 1842, is a son of Robert and grandson of George Joslin, who was a native of Thompson, Conn., and who married Eleanor Snowman.  Robert married Eliza Thornton.  Benjamin Thornton, her great-grandfather, came from England and settled in Rhode Island, holding title deeds to a very large tract of land situated in Providence county.  This property was sold by the guardian of his son without any authority, and suit was afterward brought by Benjamin Thornton, grandson of the original owner, and James Smith to recover the same, but the courts of the state decided against them, not on account of non-validity of their title, but because of the length of time that had elapsed and the many hands the property had passed through.  The case was finally thrown out of court.  Robert Joslin was born on Fox Island, Maine.  In 1865 he began the manufacture of thread at South Scituate, and was engaged in that business until 1876, at which time the factory was destroyed by fire.  The site was purchased by William E. Joslin, who rebuilt the mill in 1878, since which time he has been engaged in the manufacture of shoe and corset lacings.  He was married in 1865 to Therese Joslin.  They have one son, William H. Joslin.

p. 618: Benoni C. KNIGHT, born in Scituate in 1825, is a son of William W. and grandson of George Knight.  His mother was Elizabeth Colvin.  He was married in 1879 to Mrs. Eliza Colvin.  Her maiden name was Potter.  His principal business has been wood dealing and later farming.  There were 14 children in his father's family, 12 of whom are living.

p. 618: Henry A. LAWTON was born in Newport county, R.I., in 1811, and settled in Scituate when a young man.  He was married to Sarah A Searle in 1833.  They had three children:  Elisha G., Frances R. and Alice P.  Mrs. Lawton died in 1840, and in 1841 he married Charlotte, daughter of Doctor William Richardson.  They had six children: Theodore F., Henry A., Charlotte, Mary E., Sarah A. and Maggie G.  His wife died in 1862.  He married Mrs. Elmira Williams the same year.  They had no children.  He died in 1880.  He was in the assembly one term, and at the time of his death one of the largest farmers in Rhode Island, owning about 1,000 acres of land.  This property is now owned by his son, Henry A. Lawton.

p. 618: Wheaton H. LUTHER was born in Glocester in 1822.  Soon after his parents moved to Foster and a few years later he came to Scituate and has resided there since that time.  His father was Zadock, his grandfather Benjamin (he was sergeant in revolutionary war), his great-grandfather was Constant Luther of Johnston.  Wheaton H. was married in 1842 to Amity, daughter of George Davis of Foster.  In early life he entered a cotton factory and was afterward overseer and superintendent of like institutions.  He is at present engaged in undertaking at Rockland.  He has been a member of the town council and is superintendent of the Scituate town asylum.

p. 619: George W. PAINE, born in Wrentham, Mass., in 1833, is a son of Thomas and grandson of Abner Paine, who was a resident of Cranston and was in the revolutionary war.  George W. Paine was married in 1854 to Susan E. Wilbur of Warwick.  They have two sons and one daughter.  In his early days he learned the carpenter's trade and until 1888 was employed in factories in Massachusetts and other states.  About 1886 he settled near North Scituate upon what is known as the Kimball homestead.

p. 619: William N. PATT is a son of Captain David Patt, born in Warwick in 1770. He followed the sea for many years.  William N. was born in Scituate in 1808, and married to Alzada Steere in 1827.  They had nine children; two sons are living, David A. and Edward N., and one daughter, Rebecca A., who married Frederick Clark.  He died many years ago.  Mrs. Patt died in 1862, and in 1863 he married a Mrs. Waterman.  In early life he was a builder, but for over 40 years has been an ordained minister of the Free-will Baptist church.    He has always taken an interest in education and is an active worker in the temperance cause.

p. 619: Stephen PECKHAM was a son of Stephen and was born in Scituate in 1801.  He was married in 1826 to Elmira Phillips.  They had one daughter, Elmira Louisa, and one son, Stephen, named after his father.  He married Pamelia Ward.  They had no children.  He died in 1872.

p. 619-20: James B. PHETTEPLACE is a son of Arnold and grandson of Arca Phetteplace. His mother's maiden name was Mary Smith.  Her father was Rufus and her grandfather Richard Smith.  Rufus married Nancy Whipple.  James B. was born April 22d, 1832, in Glocester, and married in 1850 to Ann M.T., daughter of Sayles Brown.  They have one son and one daughter.  He carried on the meat and grocery business for over 20 years in Providence.  He settled in Scituate some years ago and is engaged in farming, and with his son is engaged in the wholesale oil trade in Providence.  He was elected to the town council in 1888 and 1889.

p. 620: Virgil V. PHILLIPS, born in Scituate in 1831, is a son of Eber and grandson of Elisha.  He was married in 1877 to Sarah E. Sheldon of Johnston, daughter of Angell Sheldon.  They have one son, Charles V., and one daughter, Josephine.  In early life he worked  in a factory, but since 1869 has carried on the business of carpenter and builder.

p. 620: Joshua C. POTTER was born in Richmond, R.I., in 1830.  His father, Freeborn, and grandfather, Joshua, were both residents of that town, Joshua being in the war of the revolution.  Joshua C. settled in this town over 25 years ago.  He was married in 1849 to Lydia W. Thurber, of Scituate.  They have two children living -- Albert C. and Eliza.  Mr. Potter has been engaged in the wood and lumber business, and is a farmer.  He was a member of the town council in 1886, 1887, 1888.  He is a member of Hamilton Lodge, No. 15, F. & A. M.; Royal Arch Chapter, No. 7; Covenant Lodge, No. 40, I.O.O.F.; Moshassuck Encampment, No. 2; and Mary Lodge, No. 10, Daughters of Rebecca.

p. 620: Moses POTTER, son of Moses, was born in Scituate in 1795, and married Susan, daughter of Israel Angell, who was a colonel in the revolutionary war.  In early life he was a farmer, and for 15 years kept a hotel.  In 1847, in company with his sons, he engaged in the manufacture of spools and bobbins.  He died in 1867, since which time the business has been carried on by his sons.  Emra, born in 1816, was married in 1843 to Phebe Wilbur.  They have one son and one daughter.  Moses O., born in 1821, married Harriet A. Carpenter.  They have one son, Samuel P., born in 1824, married in 1853 to Catherine F. Wilbur.  They have three sons and three daughters.  Nehemiah K., born in 1818, married Nancy Phillips.  They had two sons and two daughters.  Harley W. Potter, born March 7th, 1827, married Joanna Franklin. They had four daughters and one son.

p. 620: Earl A. POTTER, born in Scituate in 1859, is a son of Emra and grandson of Moses Potter.  He married in 1879 Cora E. Cole.  They have one son, Wallace C.  Mr. Potter was elected to the town council in 1888.

p. 620: James K. RALPH, born in Scituate in 1857, is a son of Samuel, grandson of Ezekiel, and great-grandson of Thomas, a major in the revolutionary war. James K. was married in 1864 to Lucy E. Card, of Scituate.  Mr. Ralph has spent most of his life in a store.  About seven years ago he engaged in mercantile trade at Jackson, which business he still continues.

p. 621: Roswell A. RANDALL was born in Scituate in 1815.  His father was Thomas Randall.  He was married in 1876 to Louisa J. Blanchard.  He is a carpenter and wheelwright.

p. 621: Raymond A. RATHBUN was born in Scituate in 1845.  Olney Rathbun was his grandfather, and Joshua his great-grandfather.  He was married in 1869 to Ella J. Barnes, of Sturbridge, Mass.  They have five children: Clarabel J., Mattie A., Byron R., George O. and Raymond A., Jr.  In early life he learned the mason's trade and followed it some years.  He has since been engaged in the lumber business.  He was elected to the town council in 1884, 1885, 1886 and 1887, and was president of the same three years.  He was elected to the assembly in 1888 and reelected in 1889.  At the May session of the general assembly, 1890, Mr. Rathbun was elected sheriff of Providence county.

p. 621: Thomas J. REMINGTON was born in Coventry in 1835, and soon after his parents came to Scituate.  His father was John, grandfather Thomas, and great-grandfather Thomas Remington.  They were residents of Coventry.  In 1859 Thomas married Letitia White, of Scituate.  They had three children. One son, Frederick, and one daughter, Lydia, are living.  He was elected to the town council in 1887 and 1889, and was president of the same for last term.  He was in the war of the rebellion, in First Connecticut Heavy Artillery.

p. 621: Job ROGERS was born in Coventry, in 1852.  His father, Albert and grandfather, Abner, were both residents of Coventry.  Job settled in Providence in 1873, and later at Pawtucket.  He was overseer of factories at these places.  In 1889 he came to Scituate as superintendent for S. R. Weeden & Son, manufacturers of cotton yarn at Clayville.  He was married in 1873, and has two sons and two daughters.

p. 621: Richard B. ROUNDS is a son of Alvah and Mary W. (Arnold) Rounds.  His grandfather was Constant Rounds.  Richard B. married Mary J. Esten.  They have one daughter, Allie M.  Mr. Rounds carried on a tin shop at Rockland for 15 years, and afterward entered the store of Byron L. Steere as clerk. About 1884 he engaged in the mercantile trade at Rockland, in partnership with Albert N. Luther, and two years later he purchased Mr. Luther's interest, and has since conducted the business alone.  He is postmaster at Rockland at the present time.

p. 621: Joseph B. ROUNDS, born in Scituate, in 1838, is a son of Alvah, and grandson of Constant Rounds.  Of his father's family there are four sons and three daughters living.  Joseph B. was married in 1866 to Maria Rathbun. They have one daughter.  When young he learned the carpenter trade, and has followed that business.

p. 621-22: Isaac SAUNDERS, born in Providence, in 1808, was a son of Caleb and Esther (Harkness) Saunders, of Hopkinton, R.I.  Mr. Sanders was three times married.  In 1830 he married Mary Ann Cushman, who had two children, one daughter living.  In 1834 he was married to Maritta M. Salisbury.  They had seven children: one son and a daughter are living.  In 1865 he married Ann E. A. Chamberlain.  They had one son, Robert H., who is studying medicine in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York city.  From 1833 to 1861 or 1862, Mr. Saunders was engaged in cotton manufacturing.  He was also prsident of the Citizens Union Bank (afterward changed to Scituate National).  He was also collector of internal revenue, and member of the state board of valuation.  He was a member of the assembly several terms, and was in the senate for a number of years.  He was also president of the town council, and justice of the peace.  He was elected lieutenant governor in 1859.  He died April 7th, 1888.

p. 622: Thomas W. D. SIMMONS, born in 1845, in Scituate, son of Otis and Barbara (Colvin) Simmons, of Foster, was married in 1867 to Maria Perkins, of Scituate.  In early life he was engaged in a factory.  Since 1875 has been engaged in the grain and feed business at North Scituate.  He was in the war of the rebellion, being a member of the Battery E, First R.I. Light Artillery.  He is a member of Temple Lodge, No. 18, A. F. & A. M., of Greenville, and Royal Arch Chapter, No. 8, of Scituate.

p. 622: Martin S. SMITH is a son of Martin, and grandson of Israel Smith, who was born in Smithfield, and came to this town in 1785.  Martin S. was born  in Scituate December 21st, 1844, and was married in 1881 to Marcelia, daughter of Joseph Dexter.  They have two sons and two daughters.  Mr. Smith was educated at the Smithville Seminary and Brown University, being a member of the class of '67.  He entered the rebellion as lieutenant of Company K, 14th Heavy Artillery, afterward changed under orders of War Department to 11th U. S. Heavy Artillery.  He was in mercantile business at Blackfoot City, Mon., for three years.  He afterward engaged in same business for five years in Providence.  In 1876 he engaged in farming on the farm settled by Israel Smith.  He was elected to the assembly in 1874 and 1875, and again in 1879, and held that office for five successive years.  He was trial justice from 1879 to 1883, member of town council in 1878, and is at present superintendent of schools.  He is a republican.  He is a member of the First Baptist church of Providence, and a member of the G. A. R.; joined Prescott Post in 1867, afterward transferred to Rodman Post, of Providence.  His father was a member of assembly in 1867.

p. 622-23: Henry D. SPRAGUE was born in 1832, in Banston, Canada.  His father was Daniel Sprague.  He was born in Methuen, Mass.  He married Dorothy Heath. Henry D. was married in 1853 to Mary A. Fish, in Lowell, Mass.  They had two daughters and one son.  This wife died in Providence, R.I., in 1884, and he was married again in 1887 to Mrs. Chloe Pratt, of Scituate, daughter of Allen Staples, of Taunton, Mass., and Mary Lucas of Freetown, Mass.  Mr. Sprague is a carpenter and contractor.  He came to Providence in 1872, and in 1887 settle in Rockland, town of Scituate.  He is a member of Oriental Lodge, Knights of Pythias, also a mason.

p. 623-24: Alanson STEERE, a manufacturer, is distinctively one of the self-made men of the county.  His life, covering a period of over 80 years, has been one of incessant activity and usefulness.  He was born in the town of Glocester, this county, September 2d, 1810, and from the sixteenth year of his age has been engaged in manufacturing of some kind.  His education was limited to the curriculum of studies of our district schools, and from the district school house he entered immiediately upon the active pursuits of life.  In the middle of April, 1826, he began work with his father, Hosea Steere, at building mills, and worked on mills at several places in Rhode Island and Connecticut till 1838.  Mr. Hosea Steere was born in July, 1784.  He was a carpenter and millwright.  In 1840 he retired from mill work to his farm, where he died in April, 1866, in the 82d year of his age.

In 1838, he and his brother Otis Steere purchased the saw mill property at Kent Corners, fitted it up with the necessary machinery and spun cotton yarns, continuing there till 1847, when they sold out to Ralph & Field.  In 1847 he went to Phenix, R.I., as the superintendent of a mill, but at the expiration of one year he and his brother rented the Brown Mill, in Johnston, and commenced the manufacture of cotton cloth.  They remained here about four years and a half, when they began operating the mills now owned by Henry White, then belonging to Samuel Hunt, at Chepachet.  They carried on business at this point quite successfully till 1856, when arrangements were made with Thomas P. Remington and Isaac Saunders for a lease of the mills now owned by him and his son at Rockland.  The Honorable W. O. Arnold, present member of congress, worked for Mr. Steere in his mills at Chepachet. Mr. Steere has now been at the head of the firm at Rockland for 34 years, and under his management there the business has doubled as to the number of looms operated and hands employed.  In addition to this, a mill has been built and in various ways the property improved.

Mr. Steere has also been a very active man in political work.  His first vote for president was cast for William Henry Harrison in 1840, and since then for every republican candidate for presidential honors.  He was a member of the town council in all, nine years, four years of which time he was chairman of that body.  In 1865 he was elected state senator and held that office till 1869.  While reporesenting the people in this capacity he prepared a petition to the legislature for a charter for a railroad, to run from Providence through the towns of Scituate, Foster and west to Springfield, Mass., and succeeded in getting the necessary legislative enactments passed relative to it.  For 20 years since that time he has persistently advocated this enterprise, until now he has the satisfaction of seeing his efforts taking a more substantial form - as the road will undoubtedly be built in the near future.  Mr. Steere has several times been sent as a delegate to the varous state conventions, and in 1872 he was sent as a delegate to the national convention at Philadelphia, at which General Grant was nominated for the second term.  Mr. Steere was married February 14th, 1836, to Julia, daughter of Jeremiah and Freelove Westcott of Coventry.  She died April 8th, 1877.  One daughter and two sons were born to this union.  Byron L., the youngest, is a member of the firm of A. Steere & Son.  Hiram, the other son, died June 20th, 1872.  Mr. Steere is a public spirited man, and has donated freely of his means toward the upbuilding of our public institutions.  He has always taken an active part in temperance work.  He was a member of the Temple of Honor, and of the Sons of Temperance, and for the last 40 years has advocated the principles of temperance.  He became a member of the Hamilton Lodge, No. 15, in 1866, and was master of that Lodge one year, and treasurer  23 years.  He was a charter member of the Scituate Royal Arch Chapter, No. 8, organized in 1867, and has been treasurer of this Chapter from its beginning to the present time.

p. 624: Andrew STEERE was born in Scituate in 1844, and is a son of Asahel D. Steere and a grandson of Hardin Steere of Cranston.  His mother was Cyrena Andrews.  He was married to Freelove B. Hopkins in 1873.  She died in 1874. He is a farmer and dealer in horses and carriages.  He owns the farm formerly occupied by his father.  Of his father's family four children are living: Andrew and Hardin, and two daughters, Adelaide V. and Abbie A.

p. 624: Samuel R. STONE is a descendant of Hugh Stone, who came from England in 1665.  He was born in Scituate in 1838.  His father, Samuel Stone, married Abbie Bennet.  His grandfather was Edmands and great-grandfather Samuel Stone.  Samuel R. married Roxanna Shippie in 1856 and had two daughters. The elder died March 15th, 1878, leaving a son, Charles Elmer Stone, born March 21st, 1877, adopted by his grandfather.  The younger has one daughter, Nellie M. Tucker, born in North Scituate May 12th, 1879.  His wife died in 1861.  January 4th, 1863, he was married to Harriet M. Fiske.  They have had three sons and two daughters, all of whom are deceased.  Mr. Stone has been engaged in the lumber business for many years and was one of the directors of the Scituate National Bank.  He was a member of the town council in 1886 and 1887.

p. 624: Byron W. WELLS, born in Foster in 1849, is a son of Dexter Wells and Marcelia Bennett.  He was married in 1870 to Mercie A., daughter of Joseph Wells, of Foster.  He has lived in Foster and Scituate, and is in the lumber and mill business.

p. 624-25: Josiah WESTCOTT was born in 1781 in Foster, and was a son of Reverend John Westcott.  He was married in 1807 to Marcy Peckham.  They had ten children, only two of whom are living:  Andrew J., who has recently settled in California, and Josiah E., who resides in Scituate  Josiah settled in Scituate in early life and engaged in farming.  He was several times elected to the assembly and to the senate; was also judge of court of common pleas, member of town council several times and was president of that body.  He was also justice of the peace and town clerk for a long time.  He died June 19th, 1867.  Josiah E. Westcott was born in 1828 in Scituate, and was married in 1875 to Fannie G. Russell of Chester, Conn.  They have two sons: Harry H. and Leslie P.  He has always been engaged in farming.  He has been assessor of taxes.

p. 625: Charles L. WHITMARSH, born in Scituate in 1861, is a son of Thomas B. Whitmarsh of the same town.  He was married in 1879 to Ella M. Place of Johnston.  They have one son.  In early life he followed farming, later learned the carpenter trade and afterward that of machinist, which is his present business.

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