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This section contains articles of genealogical and historic interest on Rhode Island in general, from old Rhode Island books and newspapers.

The Narragansett Historical Register
Volume XI. April 1891. No. 2.
A magazine devoted to the antiquities, genealogy and historical matter illustrating the History of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. James N. Arnold, Ed.
Narragansett Historical Publishing Co., Hamilton, R. I.
E. L. Freeman & Co., Printers, Central Falls, R. I.

Military Returns and Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of the Revolution

p. 131 - 139:

The organization of the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution in this and other States has awakened much interest among the descendants of Revolutionary Soldiers.  Many persons are seeking for such information as they can obtain relative to their ancestors service in the war for independence.  The only publications at the present time in which may be found Regimental and Company Rolls is the 'Spirit of '76', by Benjamin Cowell, published in 1850.  The Muster Rolls which are published in this volume were mostly collected by the author from the families of officers in the Continental Army.  There are today in private hands many of these Old Rolls which contain information now eagerly sought for.  It is the desire of the publisher to perpetuate these documents by reproduction in the Register, and if any person having such papers in their possession will send copies of the same to the Editor, they will be reproduced in these pages for the benefit of our readers and those seeking such information.  The Editor proposes to publish as far as possible, such as have not heretofore appeared in print.  Persons interested in these matters can have queries and answers inserted in the Register, without charge, the desire being to both receive and convey information.  It is to be hoped that sufficient interest can be awakened in these matters as to make this department one of the most interesting features of the Register.

Contributed by Edward Field, Registrar of the Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

A Return of the men inlisted by Lt. Henry Alexander in Colonel Christ'r Smiths Regiment, raising for Fifteen Months.


Seth Sprague
John Smith
Daniel Bragg 
Ishmel Harris
John Robinson
Joseph Fourd 
Isaac Kindell  
Daniel Cooke 
Benjamin Verry
Daniel Monks
James Lowrey
Patrick Foy 
William Parker 
Amos Thurbur 
Darias Thurbur 
Benjamin Bishup
Uriah Jones
William White
William Everton
Edward Beatles
Prince Brown


Dec. 19, '76
Jan'y  1, '77
Dec. 18, '76
Dec. 21, '76
Dec. 18, '76
Dec. 23, '76
Dec. 24, '76
Jan'y 14, '77
Jan.  8, '77
Jan. 10, '77
Dec. 23, '76
Jan. 23, '77
Dec. 18, '76
Dec. 19, '76
Jan. 15, '77
Jan. 15, '77
Jan'y 3, '77
Jan. 10, '77
Jan. 13, '77
Dec. 18, '76


Thomas Everton
Thomas Baile
John Bawl
Samuel Smellage
John Brown
Benjamin Barber
John Rogers 
John Rogers, ye 2d.
William Brown
Richard Widrow
John Waite
Bryant Ryant
William Greene
Elisha Hopkins
Bristol Prince
Benja. Sherman
Laurance Clarke
John Howard
William Wilson
Coles Yatts
David Smith


Dec. 24, '76
Dec. 23, '76
Dec. 24, '76
Jan'y 8, '77
Jan'y 14, '77
Jan'y 16, '77
Jan'y 13, '77
Dec. 18, '76
Jan'y 22, '77
Jan'y 18, '77
Dec. 18, '76
Dec. 20, '76
Dec. 18, '76
May 31, '77
June 3, '77
Dec. 19, '76

For an account of the Bounties, Wages and Clothing received; reference will have to be had to the original return on file in the Office of the Secretary of State, in Military Returns, 1776 to 1777, page 53; see also Military Returns 1778 to 1782, page 47.

p. 131 - 139:

Camp Tiverton May ye 6, 1777.
To the Honorable Governor and Generel [sic] Assembly of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in America.
A Return of what is inlisted by Philip Traffarn First Liut. under Josiah Gibbs, Capt. in Colo. Stanton's Reg't.

John Paull, Sarg't.
Philip Traffarn, Fifer
Peter Paull, private
Joshua Phillips, Sarg't
Jonathan Bushee, private
James Reed, private
Daniel Fisk, Corporal
Abial Traffarn, private
Daniel Page, private
Zebulon Phillips, Corporal
Oliver Simmons, private
Sylvester Alvers, private

Distribution of what is listed in the Standing Army.  
James Peirce, Private.
Jobe Peirce, private.
Wheeler Peirce, private.
Nathan Barney, private.
Wheaton Turner, private.
Joseph Thresheir, private.

Philip Traffarn, Lietu.

[Rhode Island State Papers, Military Returns, 1776 - 1777, page 38.]

p. 131 - 139:

Cumberland, May 1st, 1777.
I am Sick and on able to Attend my Duty.  I have Send you an A Count of men I have Inlisted into the fifteen months Service, viz:
William Foster
Gideon Dexter
Joseph Chase
Salsbury Freeman
Michel Field
Nathan Wever
Timothy Freeman
Thomas Freeman
Tobe Brown
Jonathan Peter

I Shall A Tend my Duty as Soon as I am able  Still I Remain yours &c.
Seth Sprague, Ensign.

[Rhode Island State Papers, Military Returns, 1776 - 1777, page 35.]

To the Honourable, the General Assembly of the State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations - a List of the men Inlisted by Leut. Rufus Barton, in Capt. Churches Company, Colo. Smith's Rigt. [sic]

Israel Luther, Sergant  [sic]
Russel Handy, Corporal
Daved Maxwell,    do
Nelson Miller, Drummer
John Wilbor, Fifer
Jeames Luther, Private
Peleg Luther, Private
Jabez Pierce, Private
Daved Scudder, Private
Nathanel Wilson, Private
Elihu Bates, Private
Jabez Barney, Private
Jessee Purce, Private
Dominik Dicell, Private
Levy Wheaton, Private
Daved Edwards, Private
Reuben Woodmansee, Private
Abiel Cheney, Private
John Innis, Private
Henry Guildersleve, Private
Constant Turner, Private
John Carmeron, Private
Ephraim Whorton, Private
Daved Daveds, Private

  total     25
inlisted into the standing army:  16
Present on duty:  9
April 29, 1777.    Rufus Barton, first Lieut.

[Rhode Island State Papers, Military Returns, 1776 - 1777, page 17.]

p. 131 - 139:

Camp Tiverton, April ye 30th, 1777.
To the Honourable Governor and General Assemble in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in America.

A Return of what men inlisted by Elisha Parker in Capt. Gibb's Company, in Colo. Stanton's Regement.

Robert Love
John Greene
Ezekeel Parker 
Joshua Straight
Thomas Parker
Arter Alswith  
Salvanus Ames 
Benjamin Jackson
Joseph Brown
Zebulon Mellett
Alexander Love
Alexander Parker

Total    12;  Seven inlisted into the Standing Army
Elisha Parker, 2d., Lieut.

[Rhode Island State Papers, Military Returns, 1776 - 1777, page 18]

Return made to the Town Council of Providence.
September 30, 1777, of delinquents in certain companies with the names of those hired in their places.
Return made by Colo. Richmond of Delinquents in his Comy.

Name of Delinquents.      Persons Hired for them.
1.  Nicholas Tillinghast    Thomas Chaffey, Rnt. No. 1,
      Hired Sept. 30, 1777,  £15    0
2.  Henry Stirling             Clement Peckham, No. 2  18  --
      Hired Oct. 2, 1777.
3.  Sam'l Hill                   Ebenezer Hill, No. 3  £19  10
       Hired Oct. 1, 1777.
4.  Jonathan Hanmon        Benjamin Reynold, No. 4   15   0
       Hired Sept. 30, 1777.

Returns made by Capt's Russell and Keen.
1.   Benjamin Aplin          Daniel Knower, No. 5   15  0
         Hired  Sept. 30, 1777.
2.   Benjamin Taylor         Benjamin Knower, No. 5  15  0
        Hired Sept. 30, 1777.
3.  Samuel Jackson         Henry Robey, No. 4,  15  0
4.  Aaron Mason              Rich'd Windstanley, No. 6, 18
        Hired Oct. 3, 1777.
5.   Moses Brown            Jonathan Brownell,  19  10
              Oct. 3, 1777.
6.  Caleb Greene             Benjamin Keen, No. 7,  15  0
         Hired Oct. 1, 1777.
7.  Rufus Waterman        Nathan Merrill, No. 8,  18  0
        Hired Oct. 2, 1777.
8.  John Burrough           Isaac Barker, No. 9, 18
          Hired Oct. 3d.
9.  John Smith               William Loring, No. 1,  15
          Hired Sept. 30, 1777.

Capt. Snow's Comp'ay.
      Charles Lee              Ralph Merry, R'nt No. 10  18
         Hired Oct. 1, 1777.

Capt. Lindley's Company.
      William Morris          Elihu Robinson, Jr., No. 11,  15
           Hired Oct. 2, 1777.
                                                         £252  0   0

Col. Tillinghast's Company,
       William Proud            William Larsher.

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