Daily Records of Alonzo Mills, Pascoag, Burrillville, RI

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Each page has been scanned and is linked here. Single pages average 140 kb and double pages 280 kb. These are formatted for viewing on a computer, instead of printing. To print a page, save it and print from a graphics program rather than your browser. The names listed for each scan are in order with those listed in the same paragraph listed on the same line.

Included are funeral notices (under F), marriages, births and, most predominantly, deaths. There are other notations about the weather and local events. No sources are mentioned. His name is on the flyleaf with book right side up, but all the entries were done upside down - probably so he could start on a line close to the top. There are some pages torn out, but, since some were deliberately left blank, it's hard to tell if anything is missing. Typed as written - check scans for to verify and to obtain details.

Alonzo was born in 1847 and died in 1917.  He is buried in Burrillville Cemetery #2 (BU002) in back of the former Brown Farm, on East Wallum Lake Road in Bridgeton, which is now Pascoag, RI.

 For an 1870 map showing Pascoag, Burrillville, Providence County click here.

Mr. Alonzo Abram Standish Mills
Burrillville, R. I.
Daily Records
Scan 1 Single Page
Fred F. Arnold, Fred W. Perkins, Edward F. Lovejoy
Clara Allen, Milton Cady Allen, Henry J. and Lena Stapleton
Mrs. Roscoe S. Steere
Luther Capron Angell
Mrs. Deborah (Benchley) Allen
James Angell
Desire L. Aldrich
Scan 2 Two Pages
Stephen Angell
Clarissa Almy, Capt. Andrew Almy
Mrs. Mahala S. Aldrich, Stephen A. Aldrich, Hazel Cooper
Adam Anthony
Eugeene F. Allen, Ader B. Homer, Rev. Messenna Goodrich
Moses Angell
Alfred Angell
Adelbert Angell
Scan 3 Two Pages
Miss Vilittia Angell
Sylvester Angell
Mrs. Mary O. Angell, Moses Angell, Mowry Randall
Smith F. Angell, Emma F. Smith
Luther Capron Angell, Brown Angell
Scan 4 Two Pages
George N. Archambeault
Dexter Brown Allen
J. Melvin Arlin, Jessie F. Dolbeare, Rev. J. J. Lockett
Capt. Andrew Almy
Scan 5 Single Page
Thomas J. Boyce
Nathaniel Bump, Nathan Bump
Mrs. Rhoda E. Barber
Andrew J. Barber
Joseph B. Baker, M. Medora Lovell
Mrs. Betsey Ann Bracket
Betsey B. Benchley
George Bacon
Sylvia W. Bligh, Otis W. and Lydia Bligh
Scan 6 Two Pages
Mr. H. W. Bee, Susan R. Hive [Vermont]
Henry F. Sayles
Horace A. Ballou, Ellen M. Taft, Rev. M? Phillips
George Brown
Miss Olive Bailey, Lydia and Lewis T. Bailey
Mrs. Caroline H. Brown
Frank Gustus Ballou
Mrs. Caroline Rozetta Buxton
Eldridge Buxton Caroline Rozetta
John A. Bailey
Edward F. Buffum
Scan 7 Two Pages
Edwin S. Bates
John A. Bailey, Susie F. Angell, Rev. Thomas Fillmore
Arnold Benchley
Mrs. Deborah Benchley
Charles S. Bellows, Martha L. Mills, Rev. Streeter
Spencer Beers
Otis W. Bligh
Hattie Bump, Nathanel and Harriet Bump
Nahum Bates
Mrs. Mary T. Bump, Stephen Bump
Mr. Henry W. Barrett, Minerva Chase, Rev. Mr. Biscoe
Scan 8 Two Pages
Mr. Francis L. Bates
Elisha Bartlett, Hon. Fayette E. Bartlett
Hiram A. Bailey, Therish E. Taft, Rev Hopkins Brown Cady
Eliza J. Barnett, James and Mary Barnett
Mrs. Elizabeth Benchley, Arnold Benchley
Richard Burlingame
Mrs. Mary Bacon, Abner Bacon
John Pierce Baker, David C. and Mary Jane Baker
Scan 9 Two Pages
Charles Still Bellows, Charles S. and Martha L. Bellows
Benjamin F. Butler
Mrs. Louisa Bailey
Mrs. Rhode Elizabeth Barber, Andrew Barber, Mrs. Emma Steere
Mrs. Caroline Brown, William R. Wilson
Edward M. Brown, Samuel Spring
Arnold Bishop, Ellen Winsor, Rev. A. Lovejoy
Scan 10 Two Pages
Betsey T. Benchley, Nathan and Betsey Benchley
Etta L. Baker, Charles H. and Clara Baker
Nahum Bates
Mrs. Rachiel Brown, George Brown
David Benchley, William and Deborah Benchley
Buffum Chace
Frank C. Chace
Mary Chace
Mrs. Charlotte T. Chace
Albert H. Chace
Leander G. Cary, Corelia E. J. Putnam
Frederick Carter
Reuben R. and Izola F. Merrifield, Arthur Sydney Merrifield, Ogarita Dell Merrifield, Richard Forrester Merrifield, Dorothy Florence Merrifield
Scan 11 Two Pages
Mrs. Beatrice R. Clutts
Charles and Beatrice Rosalie Clutts, Charles Edward Clutts, Ogarita Mary Clutts
Mrs. Emma Cragin, Samuel Cragin, David and Mary Jane Baker, Robert Kennedy
Dr. George Capron
Chester Cooper
Edith Blanchie Carter, Frederick and Zelphe Carter
Dr. Hiram Cleveland
Ebenezar Carey
Mrs. Marion Cheswell
Mrs. Mahala Chase
Samuel J. Cole
Charles Chapman
Scan 12 Two Pages
Mrs. Marion Cheswell, Robert Cheswell
Patrick Campbell
Rev. Dr. Curry
Mrs. Mary Coyle, James Coyle
Dean Chace
Adin Ballou Capron, Carlile W. and Abby (Bates) Capron
Lyman Copeland
Scan 13 Two Pages
Williston A. Cady, Orianna O. Inman, James O. Inman, Rev. Hopkins Brown Cady
Rev. Henry F. Conboy, Henry and Jane Conboy
Flavian Chabot
Remember R. Carpenter
Mrs. James S. Cook
Robert Cheswell
Mrs. Charlotte Chase, Asa P. Chase
Scan 14 Two Pages
Rev. J. Aubrey Chace, Ada Lovejoy, Rev. Azael Lovejoy
Mrs. Almira Chapman, Charles A. Chapman
Leander G. Carey, Cordelia E. J. Putnam, Rev. E. N. Maynard
John A. Dailey
Smith F. Dean
Arthur Dolbeare
John P. Davis, James Ducharme
Elisha Daggett, Mary A. Olney
Scan 15 Two Pages
Jacob Dunnell Jr.
Thomas J. Dean, Lillis O Phillips, James and Almira Phillips, Rev. John Oldham
Alexander Duncan
Mrs. Lydia J. Dines, David Dines, Mary and Jonah Steere
Eliza M. Dean, Smith F. Dean
Edward Dexter, Jeremiah and Prudence Dexter
Mr. L. Eugeene Darling, S. Grace Chamberlin, Rev. F. C. Flint
Byron E. Dewey
Scan 16 Two Pages
Elisha Dyer, Elisha and Anna Jones (Hoppin) Dyer
Elisha Daggett, Thomas Daggett, Serrill and Susan (Logee) Daggett, Mrs. Eliza Lee, Charles Daggett, Mrs. Lizzie Brodie, Mrs. Marietta Cook, Thomas Daggett, Rev. Mr. Knowles, George J. Eddy, Henry C. Sayles, Henry Eddy, Peter Frazler
Mrs. Dennett, Rev. Wilber E. Dennett
Scan 17 Two Pages
Rev. Lorenzo Dow
Mrs. Melitta L. Durfee, Samuel Durfee, Sabin and Sarah Mathewson, Rev. Wilber E. Dennett, Gideon Durfee, Henry Esten, Hammond Metcalf, Dennis Mathewson
Rev. Wilber E. Dennett, Mrs. Eva L. Delano, R. M. Kelley, Rev. Arthur Given
Mrs. Annie Dunn
Thomas A. Doyle
Scan 18 Single Page
Mrs. Lillis O. Deane, Thomas J. Deane, James K. Phillips
Mr. Iseral De Valve
Scan 19 Single Page
Mrs. Mercy Everitt, Ebenezer Everitt
William B. Esten, Adaline Taft, Rev. Thomas Taylor
Moses Esten, Mahala Salley
Scan 20 Two Pages
Rev. E. A. Lyon
Cornelius Esten
Mrs. Ella Eddy, William Eddy, Nelson Cooper
John S. Eddy
Arca W. Esten
Mrs. Lois Esten, Amasa Esten
Amasa Esten
Edmund Emsley, Ellen M. Mellor, Rev. T. D. Sargent
John Eddy, Narcissa M. Salisbury, Rev. E. N. Maynard
Miss Mary B.  Eddy, Hon. Amasa and Mary (Owen) Eddy
Maria A. Esten, George W. Esten
Scan 21 Two Pages
Mrs. Richard B. Rounds
Ebenezer Everitt
Miss Cornelia E. Esten
Edward Eddy, Estella Frances Angell, Nelson Angell, Rev. Samuel T. Patterson
Eli Eddy
George W. Esten, Mercy Wight
Scan 22 Single Page
Marvin Wilson
Lewis T. Bailey, Rev. William Kirkby
Mrs. Martha Salisburg
Miss Olive Bailey, Rev. John Oldham, Rev. A. Lovejoy
Scan 23 Two Pages
Mrs. Emma Cragin, Robert Kennedy, Rev. a. Lovejoy, Chauncey L. Salisbury, George Angell, John Millard, Arnold Bishop
Mrs. Maria A. Esten
Squire French
Benjamin Green
William Thomas Fagan, Catherine Trimble, Rev. Father Cooke
Scan 24 Two Pages
Miss Beatrice Mildred Fletcher, Mrs. George E. Wilcox, Jennie W. and Walter I. Fletcher
Mrs. Samuel Durfee
Rev. William Fitz
Amos Griffith, Rev. Abraham H. Granger, Otis Wood, Henry J. Stewart, Louis Ballou, William J. Tracy
Rev. Ara Paine, Rev. John Oldham, John A. Thayer, Gilbert S. Taft, Sylvester Manchester, Horace Arnold
Edwin Mowry Phillips, Rev. Mowry and Sally S. Phillips
Scan 25 Two Pages
Amos Stone, Marvin Wilson
Arthur Salisbury Fitz
Mrs. Rhoda E. Barber, Mrs. Emma Steere
David Mowry
Mrs. Kershaw, Frederick Kershaw, Rev. A. Lovejoy
Mrs. Candis Fairfield, Atwell Salisbury, Rev. William Fitz, Easten Angell, Samuel W. Millard, Rev. Ara Paine, John Lackey, Olney Fairfield
Scan 26 Two Pages
Mrs. George Stephenson, Rev. John Mason, Rev. Joseph Holden, George Wheater, Edward Deverall, James Carpenter, James Daughtery
Willard Fisk
Mrs. Joseph Briggs, Rev. A. Lovejoy
Scan 27 Two Pages
Area Thayer, Rev. Mowry Phillips
Smith Wheelock, Rev. Walter Ela
James A. Geer
Charles Green, Benjamin and Esebele Green
Julia A. Gibbs, William H. Gibbs, Julia and Albert A. Hawkins
Scan 28 Two Pages
William H. Gould, Ann Chapple, Rev. Azael Lovejoy
Loren C. Gould
Benjamin Green
Harriet Gould, Loren C. Gould
James Monroe Green, Benjamin Green
Charles Brown Gifford, James Urania Gifford, Mrs. Chloe Ann (Briggs) Gifford, Charles Gifford, Earle Gifford, George Gifford, Maude Gifford, Olive Gifford
Scan 29 Two Pages
Ira N. Goddard
George Gifford, Earle Gifford, George Joslin
William Gregory
Rev. Abraham H. Granger
Sophronia Greene, John S. Greene, George and Harriet Hawkes
Scan 30 Single Page
Homer H. Huot
Mrs. Harriet B. Hawkins, Joseph B. Hawkins, Benjamin and Lydia Angell
Rev. Mrs. Charlotte D. Holmes
Sally C. Horton
Scan 31 Two Pages
Henry B. Hawkins, Joseph B. and Harriet B. Hawkins
Anthony Hopkins
Rev. Samuel Deforest Hopkins, Lydia Whitehorn, Rev. Daniel A. Sweet
Arthur Hull, Mary Ann Blake, Rev. Azael Lovejoy
Chrisintine A. Hollingsworth, Mrs. Fran [hole] Hopkins, Lt. Stephen M. Hopkins
Horatio L. Hopkins, Merrick Sly
Hattie E. Harrington, Edward V. and Eliza A. Harrington
Husea Ballou Hopkins
Scan 32 Two Pages
Edwin W. Hawkins
Annie Handy, Charles H. and Ruth A. Handy
Dora Ardell Hopkins
Bro. Horatio L. Hopkins
Thomas Hill
Joseph M. Hopkins, Layfaette Hopkins
Carver Hopkins
Zilpha Hicks, Lyndon Hicks
Alfred Hicks
Mahala Hicks
William Hicks
Scan 33 Two Pages
Nancy Hicks, William Hicks
Joseph Hopkins, Celia A. Corp, Rev. Mr. Burlingame
Julia F. Hum [Hurn ?]
James O. Inman, Rubamah P. Whaley, Rev. J. B. Breed
Abner Inman
Laban Irons, Rev. Azael Lovejoy, Henry Nichols, George S. Chace, Henry L. Smith, Royal Waterman, Hazael Cooper
Scan 34 Two Pages
James Ide, Sada Moore
Mrs. Nancy Inman
Monroe S. Inman, Donaldson A. and Hannah (Staples) Inman, Ida Inman, Henry B. Munyan, Louis Inman, Ellen Inman, Euda Inman
Scan 35 Two Pages
William H. Steward, Lester E. Inman
Olney T. Inman, Lenore Salisbury, Edward Salisbury, Rev. George M. Hamlen, James O. Inman
William Ide, James and Sada Ide
Scan 36 Single Page
Edward S. Jepherson, Julia S. Mowry, Rev. Adin Ballou
Mrs. Harriet Johnson, James V. Johnson
James W. Johnson
William Jenks
Isaac T. Jenks
Mrs. Dorcas Jenney, Albert D. Kimball
Scan 37 Single Page
William H. Jenks, ruth A. Alexander
Jonathan P. Jenks, Hannah Whitman
George A. Joslin
Scan 38 Single Page
Huldah J. Keggan
Rev. William and Mrs. Kirkby
James Henry Kershaw, Mary Foss Pattison, Rev. John Oldham. Rev. C. D. Foss
Charles F. Kershaw, Frances L. Schofield, Rev John Oldham
Scan 39 Two Pages
John T. Kenyon
Mrs. Sarah S. Kenyon
Robert Kennedy
Deacon Olney Keech
Eliza Maria Kenyon, Dr. George H. Kenyon, John T. and Sarah S. Kenyon
Mrs. Maria Kershaw, Frederick Kershaw
Myra Kimball, Lucian A. Kimball
Lucian Kimball, Eller Frances Knight, Rev. William Fitz
Scan 40 Two Pages
Lydia C. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy
William Keegan, Annie Gilligan, James Gilligan, Rev. Fr. Mahon
Washington Logee
Thomas C. Le Valley
Mrs. Betsey Lee, Royal Lee
Frank H. Lewington, Mary J. Johnson, Rev Azael Lovejoy
Mrs. Josephene Langley, Pardon Langley
Scan 41 Two Pages
Candace Lewis
Duty Logee
Rev. Azael Lovejoy [death], Azael and Mercy (Wing) Lovejoy
Andrew Luther
Mrs. Martha Lewis, Alfred Lewis
Jonathan Lackey
Mrs. Rachel Lapham
Lydia Logee, Zenus Logee
Scan 42 Two Pages
John W. Lackey, Woodbury and Betsy (Smith) Lackey, Rev. Wilber E. Dennett
Charles Luther, Andrew Luther, Nellie Presbrey, Daniel Presbrey
Mrs. Izola F. Merrifield
Miss F. Maynard
Leonard D. Mountney, Isabella A. Rodina
Reuben R. Merrifield
Maud Morton
Samuel Merry
Scan 43 Two Pages
Mrs. Huldah Millard, Samuel Arter Millard, Henry N. Millard, Samuel W. Millard
Samuel Arter Millard
John Wescott Millard
Abram A. Mills, Caroline H. Jencks, Rev. Benjamin Taylor
Elverton A. Manchester, Luella P. Sayles, Rev. Mowry Phillips
Daniel Mathewson, Darling and Celistina Mathewson
Mrs. Celia Manchester, Sylvester Manchester
Daniel Neuton Millard, Lucy Burnett Carter, Rev. Charles Plummer
Scan 44 Two Pages
Abram Amherst Mills
Mrs. Mary Millard, William H. Millard
A. A. S. Mills, William Carter
Bro. George M. Morse
Samuel W. Millard, Frank Patterson, Alonzo A. S. Mills
David Mowry
Russell K. Mathewson
Lorenzo D. Millard
Scan 45 Two Pages
A. A. S. Mills, Mrs. Martha L. Stevenson
Alvah Mowry
John Millard
Abram Amherst Mills
Hattie N. Bates, James A. Potter, George Bacon
Alma Newton
Scan 46 Two Pages
Warren W. Logee
James Monroe Wilson
Mrs. Caroline H. Brown, Varnum Steere, Alonzo A. S. Mills, Joseph Brown, Gilbert S. Taft, Mrs. Frances Kershaw, Rev. Walter Ella, Rev. Mr. Beele
Scan 47 Two Pages
Mrs. Caroline H. Brown, Andrew Luther
Mrs. Lydia A. Ormsbee, Jesse Ormsbee, James and Deborah Wilson
Jerry Neil
Scan 48 Single Page
James A. Potter
Henry A. Potter
Ephran Pagnatte
Edward Perry
Ira Pidge
Miss Ellen Maria Pearce, Benjamin and Elizabeth T. Pearce
Eugeene E. Paine, Elizabeth L. Green
Scan 49 Two Pages
Mrs. Priscilla Paine
Byron Harris Potter, Henry A. and Hannah L. Potter
Mrs. Cynthia H. Pike, Jonathan Pike
William A. Potter, Mary A. Hollinsworth, Rev. Mowry Phillips
Allen Patterson
Mrs. Dorcas Paine
Rev. Ara Paine, Rev. Moab Paine
Everitt James Phillips, James and Lomira P. Phillips
Mr. Dennis Paine
Jonathan Pike
Scan 50 Two Pages
William H. Prendergast, Annie M. Corcoran, Rev. M. J. Cook
Franklin E. Paine
Charles Peck
Daniel N. Paine
Ellen Maria Pearce, Benjamin and Elizabeth T. Pearce
Edwin James Potter, Charles T. Potter
Etta Patterson, Allen and Jane Patterson
Emory Peckham
Frank H. Potter, Blanchie E. Olney, Rev. Wilber E. Dennett
Dr. Fenner Peckham
Scan 51 Two Pages
Mr. Dana Paine, Burrill Paine, Rev. Edward Edson, Rev. A. Lovejoy
Scan 52 Single Page
William Randall
Mrs. Patience Rex, George Rex
Mowry Randall
Will Ross
Orville M. Reynolds
Edward S. Ross
Scan 53 Two Pages
Orville M. Reynolds, Bethiah C. Paulson, Rev. Alfred Austin Presbrey
Hiram L. Ross
Gilbert K. Ritchie
Mrs. Joann Ross, Samuel Ross
Patience S. Robinson
Earl Angell Ross, Jessie Diana Salisbury
Bro. John Rollinson
Chloe Robbins
Mrs. Mabel Wade Cole Ross, Oscar W. Ross
Edwin M. Reynolds
Scan 54 Two Pages
Rev. Dr. Ezekiel G. Robinson
Rev. Mowry Phillips, Rev. Alfred Austin Presbrey, Mrs. Hannah Standfield, Jonah Steere
Seth A. Ross
Joseph P. Smith
Hiram Smith Salisbury, Harriet Jane Humes, Rev. W. Silverthorn
Albert L. Sayles
Lucy L. Smith
Columbus Smith
Hannah Standfield
Scan 55 Two Pages
Irene Caroline Stevenson, John H. and Martha L. Stevenson
Mrs. Martha Salisbury, Martin S. Salisbury
George A. Swan, Caroline S. Pidge, Rev. W. W. Sever
John H. Stevenson, Mrs. Martha L. Bellows
Perley Salisbury, Hiram Smith Salisbury
Chauncey L. Salisbury
George Barton Smith, Mary Bailey
Martin A. Smith
Hiram Smith Salisbury, Chauncey L. and Caroline M. Salisbury
Samuel Millard Salisbury, Mary E. Bates, Rev. Hopkins Brown Cady
Scan 56 Two Pages
Mrs. Caroline M. Salisbury Chauncey L. Salisbury, James Scott
Jonah Steere
Perley Salisbury, Hiram Salisbury
Mrs. Caroline M. Salisbury, Chauncey L. Salisbury
William H. Sheldon, Nancie E. Baker, Rev. E. N. Maynard
Joseph Taft
Edith Alace Traver
Mrs. Sylvester Taft
Scan 57 Two Pages
Gilbert S. Taft, Ellen S. Seagraves, Rev. N. G. Axtell
Bartlett Taft
Rev. Wilber E. Dennett, Easten Angell
Joel Taft
Walter Verity, Dr. Henry J. Bruce
George Verity, Maud Eleanor Corbin, Albert Verity, Walter Verity
Scan 58 Two Pages
Mrs. Albert Gingell (maiden name Verity)
Nelson H. Waleott, L. H. Sage
Sarah Wilson
Mrs. Lucy A. Waterman, William R. Waterman
Charles Wight
Rachel Wight, Charles Wight
Scan 59 Two Pages
Mrs. Sarah Ann Whiteley, Joseph Whitely
Mrs. Frances Caroline (Brown) Wilcox, Dr. Robert Wilcox, Edwin and Eliza Brewer
William R. Wilson, Marvin F. and Susan W. Wilson
William R. Waterman, Servillia M. Warner
Bro. Clark Walling, Samuel W. Millard
Asa A. Wescott
Joseph Whiteley
Mrs. Nancy Wood, Smith Wood
Scan 60 Two Pages
Mrs. Phebe H. Willey, John D. Willey, William and Phebe Morris
Smith Wheelock, John Standfield, James O. Inman
Augustus W. Wescott, Hattie A. Steere, Rev. M. J. Tallbot
Bro. Edwin Walling
Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson, Samuel Wilkinson
James H. Wilkinson, Samuel and Sarah I. Wilkinson
John D. Willey
Charles H. Wilcox, Robert & Deborah Wilcox
Scan 61 Single Page
Job A. Walden
Rhodes Waterman
Whipple Walling, Josephine Sayles, Rev. Azael Lovejoy
Isaac Wynn
Mrs. Albert Waterman
Cover - Outside of front cover

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