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Farnum Family, Smithfield Historical Cemetery

Smithfield Historical Cemetery #35
Caleb Farnum
Died May 25, 1857
Aged 72 years
Phebe, wife of Caleb Farnum
Died Dec. 17, 1881
In the 90th year of her age
Abigail W.
Wife of -----, d. April 1?, 18??, aged ?? [1810c - 4 APR 1843]
Joseph Farnum
Died Sept. 8, 1873
In the 63rd year of his age
Elizabeth T., daughter of Joseph & Abigail W. Farnum died July 1?, 18??, in the 18th year of her age [1835c - 17 JUL 1852]
Joseph W. Farnum, June 24, 1841, died Oct. 16, 1889
Elizabeth J.
Wife of Joseph Farnum
Died Aug. 26, 18??, aged ?? [1818c - 26 AUG 1863]
Hannah Farnum, relict of Joseph Farnum, died 12th mo. 24, 1838, in the 84?th year of her age. [1755c - 24 DEC 1838] Alwin R.
Son of
Edwin and Sarah Farnum
Oct. 12, 1845 - Dec. 12, 1906

Sarah J.
Wife of
Edwin Farnum
Feb. 28, 1824
Dec. 21, 1914

Edwin Farnum
Dec. 26, 1820
April 21, 1853

Also in same cemetery:
(broken stone, face down on ground) might be: [FARNUM, JOSEPH 1752c - 27 MAR 1832]

<two broken stones, with the surname of Mahoney>
Betsey Chase, widow of Seth Chase, of Pomfret, who died -------- B. C. 1814 (footstone for above?)

Information in [brackets] is from the RI Historical Cemeteries Database Index

For the biographical sketches of the Farnum family, see article197.html

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