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DeWolf Family, Juniper Hill Cemetery

Bristol Historical Cemetery, #003
Harriet DeWolf Edwards
beloved wife of
John Richard Edwards
born May 10, 1859
died July 13, 1942
In Memory of Lawrence Sterling Edwards
beloved son of
Harriet De Wolf
and John Richard Edwards
born November 28, 1901
died October 6, 1931
Rear Admiral John Richard Edwards
born July 9, 1893
died December ..... 1922
(veterans marker)

Nathaniel T. Allen
1861 - 1923
Isabel Peck Allen
1866 - 1955
Harriet De Wolf Allen
1897 - 1987
Ashes scattered 
Clifford Kyler Rathbone
son of John K. and Myrtle P. Rathbone
of Denton, Texas
April 8, 1893 - March 27, 1944

Dorothea De Wolf Brownell
wife of Clifford K. Rathbone
and daughter of Ernest H. and A. May A. Brownell
October 16, 1893 - February 13, 1982

In Memory of Henry Brownell Rathbone
LtJG U.S. Navy
son of Clifford K. and Dorothea B. Rathbone
September 13, 1925 - August 4, 1951
killed in action in Korean waters
...... this monument
lies the remains of
Charles D'Wolf
who was born March 9, 1745
and departed this life
August 20, 1822
in the 78th year of his age
(other stone - Mary DeWolf?) 
George D'Wolf
died June 7, 1841?, aged 66 years
Charlotte P., wife of George D'Wolf
June 5?, 1857?, aged 69? years
George B. D'Wolf, died Nov. 15, 1845, aged 40 years
Henry C. D'Wolf, died Oct. 7?, 1833, aged 24 years
Isabella D'Wolf Woodruff, died Sept. 7, 1856, aged 34 years
Julia B. D'Wolf, died Nov. 28, 1825, aged 13 months
Maria A. D'Wolf Bouton, died (hard to read) Oct. ???
Walter W. D'Wolf, died Aug. 6?, 1813, aged 7 days??
Frank Taylor Fulton, M.D., son of Robert Fulton & Harriet Jewett Trusell
born April 23?, 1867?, died April 10?, 196??
Physician ..... (can't read)
Marshall Nairne Fulton, son of William Jewett Fulton and Jessie MacQueen Fisher
born March 13, 1899, died May 16, 1977
Mary Howe DeWolf Fulton, daughter of Halsey DeWolf and Edith Howe,
born July 22, 1917 (no date of death listed)
married June 22, 1949, "None shall part us from each other, one in life and death are we."
Halsey DeWolf, son of Winthrop DeWolf and Eugenia Tams,
born Dec. 31, 1870, died Dec. ????
Edith Howe DeWolf, daughter of Herbert Marshall Howe and Mary Wilson ??? (can't read)
born ??? died ????
married March ???, 1916
To the Memory of Mark Anthony DeWolf Howe
First Bishop of Central Pennsylvania
born in Bristol 5 April 1808, died in Bristol, 31 July, 1895
"My trust is in the tender mercy of God
through Jesus Christ our Lord."
Elizabeth S. Marshall, wife of M. A. DeWolf Howe
born Dec. 25, 1820??, departed Oct. 5, 1855??
group of DeWolf stones, including
Elizabeth DeWolf, wife of John DeWolf (can't read)
William DeWolf, born Dec. 19, 1762, died April 19, 1829
Charlotte Binney, wife of William DeWolf, born Feb. 10, 1764, died May 15, 1829
Lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not divided
William, second son of William and Charlotte DeWolf
born Dec. ??? died Oct. ?????
Charlotte, eldest daughter of William and Charlotte DeWolf
born June ??? died April ??? 
Mark Anthony DeWolf, born Nov. 8, 1726, died Nov. 7, 1793
Abigail Potter, wife of Mark Anthony DeWolf, born Feb. 12, 1726, died Feb. 7, 1809
"They were both righteous before God
walking in all the commandments
and ordinances of the Lord blameless."
Abby DeWolf, wife of Robert Davis, daughter of William and Charlotte DeWolf
born April ??? died April ???
Robert Davis, died June 19, 1821??, aged 32 years??son of M. J. Robert Davis of Boston
[last side blank]

For the biographical sketches of the Colt and DeWolf families, see article210.html

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