Excerpts from the 1904 Providence Real Estate Register and Rental Guide

Index to Ads

p. 1.
Isaac L. Goff Co., 171 Westminster St.
Starkweather & Shepley, 17 Custom House Street
Union Trust Co., Dorrance and Westminster Streets.
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co., Jesse M. Wheelock, Gen. Agt., Union Trust Building.
S. A. Nightingale & Co., 4 Weybosset Street.
Henry W. Cooke & Co., 15 Westminster Street.
Ralph C. Watrous & Co., Industrial Trust Company Building
Charles J. Burdick Real Estate and Fire Insurance, 262 No. Main Street.
G. L. & H. J. Cross, Union Trust Building.
Narragansett Real Estate Co., 72 Weybosset Street.
U. S. Gutta Percha Paint Co., J. William Rice, Pres., Herbert W. Rice, sec'y, 34 Mathewson St.
William S. Todd, Real Estate & Insurance, R. I. Hospital Trust Building.
H. F. Horton & Sons, 87 Weybosset Street.
J. A. Latham, Civil Engineer & Surveyor, 87 Weybosset St., rm 50 & 51

p. 2.
Classified Building Trades Directory (transcribed in full)

p. 3.
Architectural designs.
Harrison's Town & Country Paint, Starkweather & Williams, 47 Exchange Place
Lunt, Moss & Co., 45 Eddy Street.

p. 4
Building and Architecture.
The Frank G. Rowley Co., contractors, Pawtucket, R. I.
Wm. A. Chapman & Co., Mill builders, 614 Industrial Trust Building.
A. C. J. Learned & Co., Mill Building, 7 Charles Street.
C. H. Hathaway Co., Building Contractors, 221 Industrial Trust Building.
William J. Halcrow, carpenter, builder, 88 Clifford St.
Smith Concrete Co., 535-A Banigan Building, yard, Ridge street.
The Norcross Bros. Co., General Contractors, Providence, R. I.
J. W. Bishop Co., General Contractors, 417 Butler Exchange
Horton & Hemenway, Builders, Providence, R. I.
J. C. Walsh Co., General Contractors, 9 Pleasant Street.
E. K. Watson, General Contractor, Warren, R. I.
William Douglas & Co., Contractors & Builders. 109 Waterman St.
J. J. Nugent, contractors and builders, 258 Plain Street.
Maurice R. O'Neill, contractor and builder, 143 Dyer Street.

p. 5.
Heating and Plumbing.
Household Furnaces, The White-Warner Company, Taunton, Mass.
D. F. Sherwood, office, 44 Washington Street, works, Peck & Dyer sts.
A. J. Magoon & Son, 313 Weybosset St.

p. 6.
L. Sweet & Co., 709 Harris Ave., near Broadway & Olneyville Sq.
Manchester & Hudson, 55 Point St. & 35 Weybosset St.
Westcott, Slade & Balcom & Co., 38, 40 & 42 Washington St., & 41 Eddy St.
The Ardrey & Adams Co., hardwood floors, 174 Washington St.
M. N. Cartier & Sons Co., gravel roofing, 293 and 295 Canal St.
Wm. M. Harris, Jr., lumber, corner Atwells & Harris avenues, Providence.
Potter & Gardiner, flooring, 258 Eddy Street.
James C. Goff, masons' materials, 31 to 49 Point St.
Crooker Mantel & Tile Co., 230-232 Weybosset St.
Geo. A. Sayer & Son Co., turning and moulding mill, 64 Globe street.
Cull & Williams, wood mantels, 180 and 182 Washington St.

p. 7.
New England Steam Brick Co., works at Barrington & Nayatt, R.I., offices 302-4, Banigan Bldg.
Union Hardware and Electric Supply Co., cor. Weybosset & Eddys sts.
C. G. Brunnckow Co., copper and iron, 223 to 231 Globe Street.
Giese & Logan, wall paper and paints, 39 and 41 No. Main Street.
Benjamin W. Peck & Son, general painters, 128 Richmond St.
Providence Architectural Metal Works, sheet metal, fire escapes, 237 Dyer St.
Bush Electric Company, Charles S. Bush Co., Proprietors, 17 to 21 Richmond St.
Ferris & Salisbury, Electric Contractors, 54 North Main St.
J. McCormick, General Contractor and Teamster, 315 Taunton Ave., East Providence.
J. S. Fuller & Son, Practical Plumbers, 14 Page St.
L. F. Pease Co., Roofing ducks, Nos. 7 and 13 Crawford St.
The A. C. Casey Co., Inc., Gas & Electric fixtures, 892 - 896 Westminster St.
R. I. Cement Drain Pipe Co., 500 Valley St.
J. W. Moore Company, Roofing, Gravel, Tin & Slate, 161 Orange St.
J. T. Maguire & Co., Asphalt, roofing materials, 75 Westminster St. & 118 Spring St., Pawtucket.
Providence Concrete & Roofing Co., T. J. Sullivan, President and treasurer, 35 Westminster St.
F. M. Ballou & Co., concreaters and roofers.  1323 Broad St.
Providence Ornamental Iron Works, John G. Lundgren, Mgr. fire escapes, wrought iron fences, 288 Dyer St.
James Burgess, copper & galvanized iron cornice work. 254 Prairie Ave.

p. 8
Real Estate and Auction News.
Real Estate Directory (transcribed in full)

p. 9.
Special List of Real Estate Offered for Sale this Week.
Money to Loan: Edward McCabe & Son, Auctioneers.  524 Westminster St.
Geo. H. Burnham, auction sales of real estate.  4 Equitable Building.

p. 10.
Real Estate to Let.  Tenements, offices, stores, rooms, etc.
Dust Proof Rooms: Orrin E. Jones Storage Warehouses. 53 to 67 Central St.
Murphy & Fries, Practical Plumbers, contractors and jobbers. 31 Eddy St.

p. 11.
Bezazian Brothers, Oriental and Domestic Rugs, 369 Westminster St.
Joseph M. Mann Piano Co., pianos, moving, tuning. 347 Westminster St.
Providence Ash Co., ashes removed.  Corner Pearl and Central sts. Fred L. Pearce, treasurer.

p. 12.
W. N. Chadsey & Co., sewer & drainage work. 3 Custom House St.
Roxbury Tapestry Carpets & Rugs.  Flint & Co., 208 & 210 Weybosset St.
Eastern Coal Company.
Providence Seed Co., 6 Exchange Place

p. 13.
American Sheet & Tin Plate Company, Frick Building, Pittsburgh, PA, W. C. Cronemeyer, agt.
Chas. Pay & Co., Blacksmiths & Wheelwrights.  301-312-31 South Water Street.
Joseph A. Miller & Co.,  patents solicitors and experts, 435 Butler Exchange.
O. F. Ostby Advertising Agency, 75 Westminster St., J. H. Chapman Coombs, mgr.

p. 14.
The Real Estate Register and Rental Guide,
published every Wednesday by B. S. Lake & Co., 37 Weybosset St.
One dollar per year in advance.  Single copies, five cents.
For sale by Newsdealers.
Rates for advertising given upon application.
Entered at the Providence Post Office as Second class Matter.
Providence, R. I., May 4, 1904.

R. I. Supreme Court Decisions.

p. 15.
Municipal Court. Exercising probate jurisdiction.
Proceedings for week ending April 30, 1904.   Wills Proved; Administrators appointed. (transcribed in full)

p. 16.
Representative Banking Institutions.

American National Bank, No. 10 Weybosset street, Banigan Building.

Citizens Savings Bank, 846 Westminster St., President, James B. Paine, V.P., Arther E. Austin.  Directors: Lester S. Hill, Charles Law, Edwin Lowe, Charles F. Irons, E. C. Ostby, Daniel P. Williams, Ezra K. Perkins, William A. Wilkinson.  E. Allen, Secretary & Treasurer.

Industrial Trust Co., 49 Westminster St., Samuel P. Colt, Pres., J. M. Addeman, V.P. Cyrus P. Brown, Treasurer, Walso M. Place, Asst. Treasurer, Ward E.Smith, Secretary, Henry B. Congdon, Asst. Secy.

Old National Bank, Opposite Post Office.

Mechanics Savings Bank, 80 Weybosset St., Pres., Charles C. Harrington, V.Presidents, Henry F. Richards, Joseph Davol, Louis H. Comstock.  Directors, Zechariah Chafee, William P. Chapin, Edward S. Aldrich, Herbert F. Hinkley, Herbert N. Fenner, Horace A. Kimball, James F. Field, Charles Briggs, H. Martin Brown, Eugene F. Phillips, William H. Ballou, Fenner H. Peckham.  Edwin F. Smith, Treasurer.

Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company.

Manufacturers Trust Co., 73 Westminster St., J. Edward Studley, Pres., Geo. W. Lanphear, Treas. & Sec.

Fourth National Bank, 79 Westminster St., John D. Lewis, Pres., Aurther W. Claflin, V.P., Thomas Boyd, Jr., Cashier.

Merchants National Bank, 20 Westminster St.

Equitable Fire & Marine Insurance Co.

Pawtucket Fire Insurance Co., 205 Main St., Pawtucket. Incorporated in 1848. A. A. Mann, Pres., Isaac Shove, Sec., Charles P. Moies, Treas.

Imports at Providence last Week.

p. 17.
Financial News.  Local Stock Market.  New Corporations. Business Failures last week.
Leading Investment Houses.
The Providence Banking Company, 141 Westminster St.
D. A. Peirce & Co., 509 Union Trust Company Building.
Davis & Davis, Bankers & Brokers.  Second Floor, Banigan Building.
Richardson & Clark, Bankers, No. 25 Exchange St.
Albert P. Miller, Jr., Specialist in local investment securities, Industrial Trust Building.
G. L. & H. J. Gross, Investment Bonds & local securities, Union Trust Building.
Lewis H. Tappan & Co., stock and bond brokers, street floor, Banigan Building.

p. 18.
State Records.  Providence Real Estate Conveyances.
Isaac L. Goff Company, Real Estate, General Insurance, 171 Westminster St.

p. 19.
Discharge of Real Estate Mortgages.  Chattel Mortgages. Transfer of Mortgages.
Boston Electric Co., 123 Dorrance St.
Roger Williams Savings & Loan Association, commenced business Feb. 8, 1881, 96 Westminster St.
The Co-Operative Savings Society of Conn., Jas. J. Fine, R. I. Manager, 86 Weybosset St., rooms 33 & 34.
Old Colony Co-operative Bank, 49 Westminster St.
Peoples Sanitary Storage Warehouse, Rhodes Street & Allen Av., F. M. Chenery, Supt.
The P. & J. Tierney Co. Plumbers, 522 Westminster St.

p. 20,
State Records, continued.  Pawtucket.  Central Falls, Cranston, Cumberland, Lincoln, Woonsocket.
Title Guarantee Co., of Rhode Island, 66 South Main St., W. L. Hodgman, pres., R. L. Walker, Sec'y & Treas., General Council: James Tillinghast, Joseph E. Spink.  Charles N. Harrington, counselor and Examiner-in-chief.
William H. Draper & Co., No. 86 Dorrance St., loans, mortgages.

p. 21.
State Records, continued.  East Providence, Johnston, Newport.
The H. B. Smith Co., J. M. Smith, Manager, 11 South Main St. Boilers.
Facts about Providence (transcribed in full)
Overland Express. (train schedule)

p. 22.
Railway Time Tables.
New York, New Have & Hartford Railroad.
Shore Line Division, Worcester Division, Pawtuxet Valley Branch, Willimantic Branch, Pascoag Branch, Taunton Division, Providence Division, Warren & Bristol Branch (electric car service).

p. 23.
photo: Our Tourists' Information Bureau is open in its seventh season with new fittings and greatly enlarged space, making it one of the best equipped bureaus in New England.  Three hundred and seventy seven hotels and boarding houses have sent us booklets for distribution, and new ones are coming in every day.  All sections of New England, the Adirondacks, and Canadian Provinces are covered.  If you are going away this summer, come in and look them over.  You will find many hints of value in forming your plans, and save the time and vexation of miscellaneous correspondence.  No charge for booklets or personal information.

Suburban Electrics. (train schedule)
Providence to Buttonwoods.  Providence to River Point.  Providence to East Greenwich.  Providence to Fall River, via. Swansea.  Providence to Warren and Bristol.  Providence to Danielson.

The Field Automatic Valve & Faucet Co., 162 Dorrance St., Arthur W. Dennis, Pres., L. H. Tillinghast, Treas., F. F. Field, Supt.

p. 24.
Classified Business Directory. (transcribed in full)
Post Office Information.
poem:  Stage Timber.

Macullar Parker Company, 166 Westminster St., makers of Men's and Boys' clothing.
The Congdon & Carpenter Co., 155 Canal St., 102 North Main St.  Metal, paint, iron, carriage hardware, saddlery.

Passenger Steamboats (schedule).
Steamers leave from Providence to Newport, Block Island, Seaconnet, Fall River, New York, Norfolk.

p. 2.

Classified Building Trades Directory.

Building Brick.
New England Steam Brick Co., Banigan Bldg.; see adv page 7.

Builders' Hardware.
Thomas, Wm. B., 855 Westminster St., full line of Builders' Hardware; agt for Felton, Sibley & Co.'s Paint.
Union Hardware & Electric Supply Co.; see adv on page 7.

Carpenters and Builders.
Bebeau, J. J. Jr. & Co., 77 Orange St.; carpenter work of all kinds; plans and specifications furnished.
Beck, Vere W., 108 Orange St. and 75 Westminster St., room 24; jobbing and repairing promptly attended to.
Bigney, Eden H., 891 Westminster St.; carpenter and mason; jobbing promptly attended to; telephone.
Buffington, E. L., 135 West Clifford Street; Jobbing; telephone.
Cruickshank, S. C., 180 Benefit street; jobbing of all kinds promptly attended to; hardwood floors a specialty.
Douglass, D. P. & Co., 254 Thayer street; all kinds of jobbing done at short notice.  Hardwood floors, etc.
Famiglietti, R. & V. N., 598 Charles St.; Contractors & Builders; drain laying; rustic stone fence work.
Glover, David & Co., 358 Benefit street; particular attention paid to jobbing; telephone.
Halcrow, Wm. J., 88 Clifford St.; see adv on page 4.
O'Neill, Maurice R., 143 Dyer street; see adv on page 5.
Phillips, Lemuel O., 15 Camden ave., all kinds of Building and Jobbing; estimates furnished; telephone.
Rising, L. E., 1261 Eddy street; Jobbing promptly attended to; telephone 337-4 Broad.
Smith, Thomas P., -- Stair building, office fitting and jobbing, No. 1076 Westminster street. Telephone, 2939-4.
Turgeon, E., 16 Babcock street; General Contractor and Builder.  Telephone 345-2 Broad.

Cellar Excavating.
Perfetto, Joe S., 77 Orange St.; mason contractor; all orders will receive prompt attention.

Concrete and Roofing.
Ballou, F. M. & Co., 1323 Broad street; see adv on page 7.
Fulton Granolithic Co., 75 Westminster St.; granolithic, asphalt and concrete walks.  D. F. Grady & Co., Props.
Maguire, J. T & CO., 75 Westminster St.; room 24;  see adv on page 7.
Moore, J. W. Co., 161 Orange St.; see adv on page 7.
Prov. Concrete & Roofing Co., 35 Westminster St.; see adv. on page 7.
Smith Concrete Co., 535 A, Banigan Building; see adv on page 4.

Doors, Sash and Blinds.
Arnold, Wm. E., 324-328 Dean St.; window and door frames, mouldings, plate and fancy glass.

Drain Layers.
Chadsey, W. N. & Co., 3 Custom House street; se adv on page 12.
Deary, John, 232 Dudley street; Sewers and Drains built and connected.

Electrical Contractors.
Boston Electric Co., 135 Eddy street; see adv on page 19.
Bush Electric Co., 17 Richmond street; see adv on page 7.
Ferris & Salisbury, 54 North Main street; see adv on page 7.
Rhode Island Electrical Equipment Co., 45 South Main St.; F. W. Godfrey, General Manager.
Rhode Island Telephone & Electric Co., office, 24 Calender street; everything electrical; telephone, 3630.
Rust, H. B. & Co., 22 Peck street, Contracting, Dynamos and Motors; Diesel Engines.

Gas and Electric Fixtures.
Casey, A. C. Co., Inc., 892-896 Westminster street; see adv on page 7.

General Contractors.
Bishop, J. W. Co., 417 Butler Exchange; see adv on page 4.
Chapman, Wm. A. & Co., 614 Industrial Trust Bldg.; see adv on page 4.
Horton & Hemenway, 86 Weybosset street; see adv on page 4.
Learned, A. C. J. & Co., 7 Charles street; see adv on page 4.
Norcross Bros. Co. (The), 822 Industrial Trust Bldg.; see adv page 4.
Rowley, Frank G. Co., 161 Main St., Pawtucket; see adv on page 4
Walsh, J. C. Co., 9 Pleasant street, see adv on page 4.
Watson, E. K., Warren, R. I.; see  adv on page 4.

Gravel Roofing.
Cartier, M. N. & Sons Co., 293 Canal St.; see adv. on page 6.

Heating Apparatus.
Heath, Wm. G. & Co., 60 Friendship St.; Agents for Boynton Low Pressure Steam and  Hot Water Heaters.
Magoon, A. J. & Son, 313 Weybosset street; see adv on page 5.
Putnam Foundry & Machine Co., 73 South Main street; Putnam and Plummer Boilers; W. J. Turner, Manager.
Sampson, J. A., 10 Summer St., tinsmith and sheet metal worker; agent for the Famous Palace Queen Furnaces.
Smith, The H. B. Co.,  11 South Main street; see adv on page 21.
Thompson, Wm. B., 853, 855 Westminster St., sole agent for the Celebrated Boynton Hot Air Furnaces.
White Warner Co., Taunton, Mass., see adv on page 5.

Hard Wood Floors.
Ardrey & Adams Co., 174 Washington street; see adv on page 6.

Iron and Sheet Metal Work.
Brunnckow, C. G. Co., 223-231 Globe st.; see adv on page 7.
Burgess, James -- 254 Prairie avenue; see adv on page 7.
Providence Architectural Metal Works; see adv on page 7.
Providence Ornamental Iron Works; see adv on page 7.
R. I. Cornice Co., 76 Point street; all kinds of sheet metal work; jobbing and repairing; tel.

Lumber Dealers.
Grimwood, H. A. Co., 1163 Westminster street; lumber, doors, sash, mouldings, paints, mantels and tiles.
Harris, Wm. M. Jr., corner Atwells & Harris avenues; see adv on page 6.
Potter & Gardner, 258 Eddy street; see adv on page 6.
Sweet, L. & Co., 709 Harris avenue; see adv on page 7.

Mantels and Tiles.
Armstrong, William H., Masonry and drain laying.  33 Kinfield street.
Barney, O. C. & Son, 3 Custom House St., Masons and Builders; jobbing promptly attended to; tel. 3282-2.
Lewis, George F., 142 Waverly St., all kinds of Masonry, Brick and Stone Work; also Sewer Contractor; tel.
Peck, James C., 75 Westminster and 344 Blackstone streets; General Mason Contractor.
Peirce, T. L. & Co., 41 Cranston st.  Mason work and plastering in all its branches; defective chimneys repaired.
Smith, Henry S., Mason and Chimney builder; general jobbing a specialty.  No. 4 Lawrence street, Olneyville.

Masons Materials.
Goff, James C., 31 to 49 Point street; see adv on page 6.
Horton, H. R. Co., 459 South Water street, lime, cement, hair plaster, Kings Winsor Cement Dry Mortar, etc.
Manchester & Hudson, 55 Point street; see adv on page 6.

Paints and Window Glass.
Bender Bros. Co., 745 Westminster St., lead, oil, brushes and colors for fresco, sign, house & carriage painters.
Congdon, Carpenter & Co., 102 North Main St., see adv on page 13.
Starkweather & Williams Co.; see adv. on page 3.
Westcott, Slade & Balcom Co., 38-42 Washington St.; see adv on page 6.

Painters and Decorators.
Ahrweiler, S. W., 8 Chestnut St.; Painter and Interior Decorator; dealer in Wall Paper.  Telephone 2784-2.
Bushee, Octave J., 213 Broad St.; wall papers, general painting, picture mouldings; tel. 3272-3.
Carlson, S. & Son -- Fine exterior and interior work; wall papers and mouldings; cor Plain & Dudley. Tel. 3198-4.
Giese & Logan, 39-41 North Main St.; see adv on page 7.
Peck, Benj. W. & Son, 128 Richmond St.; see adv. on page 7.
Righton, Wm. J., 132 Sabin street; Painter, Paper Hanger and Interior Decorator; telephone 2782-3.

Planing and Moulding Mills.
Randall, E. R. & Co., corner of Gano and Fremont streets; all kinds of House Finish telephone.
Sayer, Geo. A. & Son Co., 64 Globe St.; see adv. on page 6.

Plasters and Stucco Workers.
Dempster, Andrew, 12 Friendship St.; plastering, whitening and repairing, also cornices, centre  pieces, etc.
Norton, John, 47 South Main St.; jobbing promptly attended to; ornaments of every variety on hand; tel. 37.
Welch & McGreen, 43 Meeting St., corner Benefit, repairing, whitening, tinting, etc.; telephone 3054-5.

Dunn, John C., 45 Broadway, practical plumber and gas fitter; estimates furnished; telephone 1122 Union.
Fuller, J. S. & Son, 14 Page St. see adv. on page 7.
Hudson, Thomas I., 13-15 Cranston St.; practical plumber, also steam, hot water and hot air heating.
Hunt, J. W. & Co., 24 Chestnut St.; plumbers, steam and gas fitters; agents for Glenwood Heaters.
Manney, Thomas E., 164-66 So. Main St., Plumbing and Heating Contractor; machine lead burning.
McPhail, D., 8 Chalkstone Ave., plumber and gas fitter, special attention given to jobbing.
Murphy & Fries, 31 Eddy St.; see adv. on page 10.
Murphy, M. F., General Plumbing Contractor, 374 Elmwood avenue.
Tierney, P. & J. Co., 522 Westminster St.; see adv. on page 19.

Sand and Gravel.
Nugent, J. J., 258 Plain St.; see adv. on page 4.

Stone Dealers.
McCormick, J., 315 Taunton ave., East Providence.  See adv. on page 7.

Window Glass.
Cole, J. B. Co., 58 Friendship St., plate and window glass; beveling and resetting glass a specialty.  Telephone.

p. 8.

Real Estate Directory.
Atwood, Charles, 29 Weybosset St., Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance, Business Chances; Estates cared for.
Aylsworth & Hood, 146 Westminster street, Real Estate and Mortgages; Insurance a Specialty.
Baker, George S., 72 Weybosset street, Real Estate, Mortgages and Insurance; Auctioneer.
Burdick, Charles J., 262 North Main street; see adv on page 1.
Burnham, George H., 4 Equitable Building; see adv on page 9.
Beach & Sweet, Banigan Building; Real Estate, Mortgages and Insurance.
Barney & Carpenter, 48 Weybosset street, Real Estate Auctioneers; telephone 3739 Union.
Calef, Herbert C, room 624 Banigan Building; Real Estate, Mortgages and Insurance; Auctioneer.
Cooke, Henry W., & Co., 15 Westminster street; see adv. on page 1.
Drowne, Edward I., 49 Westminster St., Buying and Selling of Business Property a specialty; tel. 634 Union.
De Benedictis, Guistino, 276 Atwell's avenue, Real Estate and Mortgages; telephone 4039 Union.
Goff, Isaac L. Co., 171 Westminster St.; see advs on pages 1 and 19.
Goff, Adelbert, 3 Weybosset St.; Farms for Sale.
Gross, G. L. & H. J., Union Trust Building; see adv on page 1.
Herrick, Wm. H., 201 Banigan Building; Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance; Auctioneer, Appraiser, Notary Public.
Horton, H. F. & Sons, 87 Weybosset Street; see adv on page 1.
Hazard, Charles L., 4 Weybosset St., rooms 108 and 109; Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance, Auctioneer.
Hurley, Richard A., 414 Banigan Building; Real Estate, Mortgages and Insurance.
Latham, J. A. & C. O., 87 Weybosset street, room 50; Real Estate, Mortgages and Insurance.
McCabe, Edward & Son, 524 Westminster St.; see adv on page 9.
Mulvey, Joseph L., 712 Banigan Building; Mortgagees at 5 and 6 per cent. per annum.
Nightingale, S. A. & Co., 4 Weybosset street; see adv on page 1.
Pettee, Charles S., 441 Banigan Building; Real Estate, Insurance and Investment.  Notary Public.
Randall, William R., (Narragansett Real Estate Co.,)  72 Weybosset street; see adv on page 1.
Stone, Henry P., 86 Weybosset St., Special attention given to Care and Rental of Estates; Mortgages, Insurance.
Todd, William S., 15 Westminster street; see adv. on page 1.
Watrous, Ralph C. & Co., 49 Westminster St.; see adv on page 1.
Walker, Robert L., 29 Weybosset street; Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance, Auctioneer;  Money to loan.
Walsh, James E., 96 Westminster street; Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance; Auctioneer, Notary Public.

p. 15.

Municipal Court.
Exercising probate jurisdiction.

Proceedings for week ending April 30, 1904:

Wills proved
Estate of Mary A. McLinden, Patrick McLinden, executor; bond exempt.
Estate of Owen Gartland, Catherine Gartland, executrix; bond $400.00.
Estate of Mary Egan, Annie Egan, executrix; bond exempt.
Estate of James G. Kenyon, Olive H. Kenyon, executrix; bond exempt.

Administrators appointed.
Estate of Edgar L. Daniels, Mary Eleanor Daniels, administratrix; bond, $400.00.
Estate of Asaph Wilder, Edward A. Wilder, administrator; bond, $2,500.00.
Estate of Mary A. Whipple, Ellen Ockel, administratrix; bond $1,000.00.
Estate of Francis J. Kennedy, John Kennedy, administrator; bond $100.00.
Estate of Mary A. Cosgrove, Luke Kavanaugh, administrator; bond $800.00.
Estate of George B. Horton, T. Fred Chase, administrator; bond $300.00.
Estate of Sarah M. Aldrich, Edward De V. O'Connor, administrator; bond $2,500.00.

Guardians appointed.
Estate of Beatrice Mowry, Eleanor R. Mowry, guardian; bond $1,600.00.
Estate of Henry T. Cosgrove, Mary A. Smith, guardian; bond $600.00
Estate of Mary Traynor, Edward F. Traynor, guardian; bond $500.00.

Inventories accepted.
Estates of Catherine Nugent, John F. Hayden.

Petitions for Sale of Real Estate Granted.
Estate of William N. Ross, et al.

Accounts allowed.
Estates of Catharine E. Stanley, Ellen Kennedy, Mary F. Thompson, Charles McCabe, Elizabeth B. Keith.

Miscellaeous Orders.
Estate of Emma B. Barth, petition that executrix be required to give bond; denied and dismissed.
Estate of William E. and Vincent Robinson, petition for appointment of guardian; dismissed for want of jurisdiction.
Estate of Catherine E. Stanley, petition for order of distribution dismissed; account ordered certified to Appellate Division Supreme Court.
Estate of Flora C. Capron, petition to mortgage real estate; granted.
Estate of Horatio N. Moulton, list of claims allowed and disallowed by administrator; ordered recorded and placed on file.

p. 18.

State Records.
Providence.   Real Estate Conveyances.
McGhee, Robert to Samuel Smith et ux., Elizabeth A., lot with improvidences on south side of Elmdale avenue, subject to mortgage for $1,800; $100.
Booth, William A., et ux., Harriet A., to Jefferson Aldrich, lot with buildings on east side of Almy street; $100.
Aldrich, Jefferson to Harriet A. Booth, lot with buildings on east side of Almy street; $100.
Post, Rose D. W. to Damase Bouchard, lot on east side of Hamilton street; $10.
Peckham, Richard to New England Land Company, release of interest as mortgagee in lot near Smith street; $1.
Lassone, Edward R. and William H. Doyle et ux., Mary E., by mortagee, to Mary E. Doyle ux of Wm. H., lot with buildings on north side of Cushing street; $6,500.
Testa, Domenico and Vincenzo Lupoli to Filippo Bruno, two lots on Amory and Hampton streets; $10.
Turner, Mary A. to Rose Coyle, four lots with improvements on Jasper street and Cook avenue; $10.
Andrews, Sarah M., et al. to William Graham, two lots on Andrews and Cliff avenues, mortgagee releasing; $10.
Lifschitz, John to Lena Goldenberg, lot with buildings on north side of Willard avenue; $100.
Deio, Manuel J. to John H. and Clara Martin, lot on north side of Dana street; $1.
McGinness, Sarah to Nathan Wiesel et ux., lot with buildings on north side of Willard avenue; $100.
Dunlap, James to Domenico Testa and Vincenzo Lupoli, release of interest as mortgagee in two lots on Amory and Hampton streets; $150.
Quinn, Patrick J. to Ann Quinn, interest in following:  Lot on southerly side of Gillen street, two lots on northerly side of Gillen street, lot on northerly side of Marietta street, also interest in all other real estate owned by the father of the grantor, Dennis Quinn, at the time of his death, and in all personal property forming a part of his estate; $100.
Beverly, Lucille, by guardian, to Charles C. Mumford, one undivided twenty-seventh part of lot with buildings on west side of Fenner street; $189.62.
McCarthy, Mary J. to Joseph Summer and Jacob Kotler, lot with buildings on south side of Rhodes street, subject to a mortgage for $1,000; $100.
Flint, George H., et ux., Emma L., to Mary A. B. Flint, ux., of Eliot, lot with buildings, corner of Rhodes street and Allen's avenue; $10.
Morgan, John F., to Patrick J. Quinn, lot with buildings on Luna street; $10.
Bunce, George H. to Alfonso D'Elia, two lots with buildings on north side of Tappan street; $10.
Smith, Samuel et ux., Ada, to Robert McGhee, two lots with improvements on north side of Dora street; $100.
Byrnes, Rose to John C. Byrnes, Jr., lot with buildings on north side of Fourth street, subject to mortgage for $400; $10.
Griffin, Peter P. to Lizzie Rawl, undivided ninth part of lot with buildings on north side of Gillen street; $10.
Conlon, Maria, ux, of Patrick, to said Patrick Conlon, lot with buildings on west side of Judith street; $10.
Conlon, Patrick to Martin Conlon, undivided half of lot with buildings on west side of Judith street; $10.
Hammond, Esther D., Enid H. Slater and Charles G. Washburn et ux., Carole S., to Joseph H. Swift, lot on west side of Vinton street; $100.
Swift, Joseph H., to Sarah Finley, ux of Patrick, lot on west side of Vinton street; $100.
Swift, Joseph H. to Michael Swift et ux., Mary J., lot on west side of Vinton street; $100.
Cook, Edward S. to Willis H. White, lot with buildings corner of Highland avenue and Tenth street, subject to mortgage for $350; $10.
Rosenthal, Mary A. to Charles F. Marston, lot with buildings on south side of Bacon street; $100.
Mathewson, Frank C., to Catherine Maguire, lot on east side of York street; $100.
Goodchild, Jeremiah et ux., Annie E. to George P. Chambers et ux., Mary J., lot with buildings on north side of Atlantic avenue; $10.
Faunce, Daniel W. et ux., Mary E. T. to trustees for Rhode Island Baptist State Convention, lot with buildings on west side of Dean street; $100.
Lincoln, Harvey T. to Domenico Pasquarelli et ux., Felicia, lot with buildings corner of Mountain and Bond streets, subject to two mortgages aggregating $1,200; $10.
Trottier, John B. to Samuel A. Lavallee, two lots with buildings on south side of Wendell street, subject to two mortgages; $100.
Bromley, Richard to Mary A. Gallagher, lot with improvements on south side of Calais street; $10.
Collins, Elizabeth to Joseph E. Collins, lot with buildings on north side of Transit street; $1.
Leonard, Sarah J. to William H. Leonard, lot with buildings on south side of Superior street, subject to mortgage for $2,500; lot with buildings on north side of Wendell street, subject to mortgage for $1,600, and lot with buildings on Seabury street; $10.
City Savings Bank to James McMahon, lot with buildings on south side of Atwells avenue; $10.
Mahar, Richard to Luigi Parrillo, lot on north side of Douglas avenue; $100.
Cusson, Phil E. to Ernestine Cusson, lot with buildings on east side of Lowell avenue; $10.
Connecticut Loan and Realty Company to Francesco Abanesi et ux., Sabatina S., release from mortgage of lot with buildings on west side of Charles street; $10.
Co-operative Savings Society of Connecticut to Albert O. Coates, 10 lots with buildings on north side of Crary street; $100.
Reardon, Edward V. to Domenico Testa and Vincenzo Lupoli, lot with buildings on west side of America street; $100.
Phillips, Eugene F. to Adeline H. Sears, ux. of Lorenzo, lot on east side of Butler avenue; $100.
Narragansett Real Estate Company to Matilda J.  J. Dawson, lot with improvements corner of Webster and Progress avenues; $100.
Walker, P. Francis to John Marcett, lot on west side of Allen's avenue; $10.
Rhode Island Hospital, Home for Aged Men, Home for Aged Women and Providence Children's Fiend Society to Alfonso Soriero, lot on south side of Chalkstone avenue; consideration $10.
Galeone, Angelo et ux., Maria, to Filomena Zaccaria, lot on northerly side of Union avenue; $10.
Galeone, Angelo et ux., Maria, to Andonetta Zaccaria, lot on south side of What Cheer avenue; $10.
Reardon, Mary E. to Elizabeth A. Pailthorpe, lot with buildings on north side of Wisdom avenue; $10.
Union Manufacturing Company to Joseph R. Burke, lot with buildings on north side of Julian street; $100.
Ward, Bridget to Joseph H. and William J. Ward, lot on west side of Putnam street and lot with buildings on E. N. Steere plat; $10.
Massey, Sarah to Annie M. Hackett, lot with improvements junction of Concannon and Delahunt streets; $10.
Chase, Abbie W. and Lavina W. Chase to Giuseppi Tavano et ux., Guiseppine, lot with buildings on north side of Jones street; $10.
The Shepard Co. to the John Shepard, Jr. Real Estate Co., lot with improvements on northeast corner of Westminster and Clemence streets; lot with improvements corner of Washington and Union streets, and all interest in land and buildings lying within the square bounded by Westminster, Clemence, Washington and Union streets whether held under deeds, lease, agreements or otherwise, also lot with buildings on west side of Sycamore streets; portions of said property are subject to mortgages for $200,000 and $6,000; $1.
Petrosinelli, Vincenzo et ux., Clementina M., to Allessandra Gema et ux., Gaetana C. and Giuseppe and Giovanni Gema, lot with improvements on westerly corner of Ethan and Moorfield streets, subject to a mortgage of $1,100; $100.
McCulla, Bernard to Susan Mullen ux of Francis, interest in two lots with improvements corner of Regent and River avenues, also four lots with improvements on Regent avenue; $100.
Card, Laurence M. and Abbie F. of Pawtucket, in her right, to Warren E. Smith, lot on north side of Carpenter street; $10.
Smith, Warren E. to Andrew W. Smith, lot with improvements on north side of Carpenter street, also lot with improvements on Barrows street; $100.
Sauriol, Michael to John J. Dooley, lot with improvements on west side of Lynch street, near Atwells avenue; $10.
Carpenter, Alfred I. to Byron Waterman, lot with improvements corner of Day street and Fenner avenue, subject to a mortgage of $1,200; $10.
Fildes, Herbert W. commissioner, to Wm. Hadfield of Cranston, two lots with improvements on west side of Dexter street, also lot in rear of same; $1,675.
Hadfield, Wm. to Susan E. Hadfield, his wife, undivided nine twenty-fourth parts of above described property; $10.
Hadfield, Wm. to Nancy A. Lowe and Lucy E. Ashworth of Providence and Mary J. Summer of St. Paul, Minn., undivided fifteen twenty-fourth parts of above described property; $10.
Simmons, Henry E. to Harry Handy, lot with improvements on east side of Alverson avenue, subject to two mortgages amounting to $2,500; $10.
Hilger, Wm. H. et ux., Clara L., in her right, to Martha A. Marks, lot with improvements on south side of Friendship street, subject to a mortgage of $3,000; $1.
Sambrady, Samuel and Rosie to Nathan and Rebecca Volpe, lot with improvements on Kane street, subject to a mortgage of $1,200; $100.
Williams, Wm. to Beatrice De Napoli, two lots on west side of Rowley street; $1.
Draper, Wm. H. to Wm. Mulhearn, release of interest as mortgagee in lot with improvements on north side of Hendrick street; $1.
Murphy, Thomas F., et ux., Mary A., to Wm. Mulhearn, lot with improvements on north side of Hendrick street; $10.
Fox, Patrick J. to Michael Butler, lot on east side of Ellery street; $10.

Real Estate Mortgages.
Doyle, William H. et ux., Mary E., to Alice G. Snow of Coventry, lot with buildings on northerly side of Cushing street; $3,500.
Maselli, Carmine et ux., Dominca, to Daniel G. G. Carpenter of New York City, lot with buildings on easterly side of Bond street; $600.
Nass, Julius to Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company, lot with buildings on southeast corner of Corliss and Studley streets; $1,000.
Graham, William to William O. King, two lots on Andrews and Cliff avenues; $170.
Rushton, John et ux., Sarah J. to John C. Tucker, lot with buildings on southerly side of Eastwood avenue, near Ralph street; $2,400.
Kurze, Adolf G. to Ana M. Adams of Massachusetts, lot with buildings corner of Cumerford and Dora streets; $1,500. 

p. 21.

Facts about Providence.
Area, 18.29 square miles.
Population, 190,000.
Rate of mortality, 21.05 per 1,000.
Valuation of real estate, $157,427,460.
Valuation of personal property, $43,241,080.
Tax rate, $16.50 per $1,000.
Total net indebtedness, exclusive of water debt, $9,303,536.85
Sinking fund, $4,527,482.49.
The credit of the city is high in financial circles.
Revenue from tax on franchises in 1903:
   Street Railway Co., $66,275.46
   Electric Light Co., $34,780.29
   Providence Gas Co., $27,093.54
   Telephone Co., $10,059.60
There are 1,650 streets, extending 238 miles, and maintained at a cost of $301,728 and guarded by 300 patrolmen at an expense of $389,999.73 during the last fiscal year.  A most excellent system of lighting is in operation, which combines 1898 arc lights at an annum cost of $109.50 each,  2,024 incandescents, at $24 each and 806 Welsbach gas lights at $30 each, per year.

Streets are constructed as follows:  188.84 miles with gravel or crushed stone, 30.62 miles with granite blocks, 5.64 miles with cobble stones, .42 miles with brick, 4.92 miles with Trinidad asphalt and .47 miles with vulcanite.

There are 341.75 miles of water pipe laid in the street, and 5.57 miles of high pressure fire service pipes.

The sewerage system of the city is 196.28 miles in extent.

There are 19 parks, containing an aggregate of 570 acres.

There are 100 public day schools graded as follows:  4 high, 15 grammar, 71 primary, 7 schools for individual work and 3 for backward children; also 18 evening schools, employing in all 885 teachers; number children of school age, 34,281; expense during last fiscal year, $688,880.76.

Churches and missions, 145.
Hotels, 20.
Theatres, 6.
National banks, 15.
State banks, 2.
Savings banks, 4.
Trust companies, 7.
Combined capital of banks and trust companies, $12,661.000.
Deposits in savings banks, $39,996,034.
Bank clearings for 1903, $357,276,100.
Value of imports last year, $1,624,923; amount of duty collected, $272,206.17.

There were 655 new buildings, costing $3,321,900 erected in 1903, and 451 additions and alterations were made, for $473,600.

Providence is the first city in the country in manufacture of jewelry, worsteds and silverware.  It has the largest mechanical tool factory, file factory, engine factory, screw factory and silverware factory in the world, and a total of 784 manufactories, employing 34,781 operatives, with an annual production of $76,975,533, according to the United States census of 1900.

It has the most efficient fire department in the country, composed of 29 companies, numbering 256 officers and men, maintained at a cost of $360,000 in 1903.

It has good water, furnished to consumers at 20 cents per thousand gallons.  Average daily consumption, 12,000,000 gallons.

Gas costs $1.05 per thousand feet.

It has the best equipped street railway in the country, operating 148 miles of track within the city limits and carrying 58 million passengers annually.

One hundred and forty seven telephone operators answer 57,000 calls daily for 7,600 subscribers in Providence.

It is the largest city between Boston and New York and has the best natural harbor in New England.

It offers better facilities for business than any city in New England.

Its officials are courteous and conduct their offices on approved business lines.

The departments in City Hall are easily accessible if you know where to go.  Open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Saturday's, when it closes at 12m.

p. 24.

Classified Business Directory.

Antique Furniture.
Breitenstein, S. G. -- Antique furniture dealer and general furniture repairer.  Tel. 3246-4, 74 No. Main St., Room 2.

Automobile Repairing.
Corp Bros., corner Mathewson and Sabin streets; Automobile and Bicycle Repairing a Specialty.

Carpet Cleaning.
Hall Cleansing Co., 23 Central St.  Improved Machine Carpet Cleaning.  Telephone, 2465-5.
Providence Steam Carpet Beating Co., 239 Globe street; established 35 years; all work guaranteed.  Tel. 3796-4.
Payson & Co. -- Steam carpet cleaning.  Office, 22 College street;  Works, Arsenal lane.  Tel. 2773-2.  Cartage free.
Star Carpet Cleaning Works, C. J. Finley, Prop., 25 Calender St., all cartage free; telephone, 3093-2.

Carpets and Furniture.
Whipple, Wm. L. -- House Furnishings; new store; new goods, 1850 to 1856 Westminster street.  Tel. 145-1 West.

Dorg Kollars Att Kost -- Ernest Hunold, 33 Aborn street, Proprietor of the famous Hunoldine Razor.

Caterers and Confectioners.
Gelb, Victor -- Caterer & Confectioner, Cafe St. George, 191 Westminster street 25 Weybosset st., & Roger Williams Park.

Furniture Movers.
Greene, C. H. -- Pianos and Furniture moved.  Parties accommodated.  Dorrance street.  Telephone 1690.

Hoisting Machinery.
Mason, Volney W. & Co., Inc. -- Friction Pulleys, Clutches, Elevators, Wire Rope in stock.  Lafayette street.  Tel. 1146.

Putney, J. & Co., 76 Westminster st.; we make no charge for fitting eyes.  Good glasses from 50c up.  Tel. 3161-4.

Picture Frames.
Cole, Geo. E. & Co. -- Artistic frames of latest patterns.  Gold frames and regilding, 258 Weybosset street.

Eat at Mink's Quick Lunch & Chop House at popular prices; Never closed.  Cor. Snow and Chapel Sts.

Watch and Clock Repairing.
Kerr Repairing Co., 7 Arcade.  T. A. Congdon, formerly with Wm. Kerr, 543 Westminster St., Mgr.

Breen, David F.  -- Fine Upholstering, Re-upholstering and Repairing, No. 358 Weybosset street.
Ehrlich, 119 Charles street, all kinds of furniture repaired at lowest prices; best prices paid for second hand furn.
Parlor Suits, Odd Pieces and Mattresses, best work; lowest prices; estimates.  Send postal to New York Upholstering & Bedding Store, 177 No. Main St.

Transcribed by Beth Hurd 2004

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