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Puerto Rican Day Parade 2000

From Colonia to Community (The History of Puerto Ricans in New York City) © 1983 by Virginia E. Sanchez Korrol University of California press pages 158 (1) and 226 (2)

The Puerto Rican neighborhood clubs or hometown groups of the twenties and thirties evolved at a time when the survival of the individual and the community was at it's most tenuous. The hometown club provided migrants with an oasis in an otherwise hostile territory, served to link the New York environment with the village or island town they had left behind, and in general cushioned the inevitable adjustment (1)

The Desfile Puertorriqueño (the coordinating council for the Puerto Rican Day Parade) and El Congreso del Pueblo (the Council of hometown Clubs) also worked closely with the Migration Division of the department of labor of Puerto Rico.

But under the umbrella of El Congreso , the clubs took a broader, more militant stand and led mass demonstrations against injustice, racism, police brutality, and discriminations. The most significant display of solidarity, however, was a cultural one, the Puerto Rican Day Parade (2)
The first Parade was held in the year 1956.
Special Thanks to Ariel Blondet, Jr.
for the pictures of the Parade
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