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NOTES by Justin Kirk Houser: The following names appear on a monument on the site of Zawadka Morochowska, woj. Podkarpackie, Poland.  The monument is located in the old parish cemetery where several delineated trenches mark mass graves of the victims.

The abbreviation "ks." (father) designates a priest.

[In Ukrainian and Polish]
Memorial to the Victims of the Totalitarian System
Village Zavadka Morokhivska [Ukr] / Zawadka Morochowska [Pol]
Here 73 of its inhabitants were killed
25 January, 28 March, 13 April [Ukr] / 14 April [Pol] 1946

[Names and ages given on the monument in Ukrainian are as follows:]
[Dates of death are presumed to be 25 January 1946 unless otherwise given.
Differences in names and ages, and supplemental information from a report
later circulated by the UPA, are given in brackets. This report frequently listed
the specific injuries and brutalities inflicted on each victim, which are not
reproduced here. Some additional family information from Justin Kirk Houser's
research is also given in brackets.]

Bilas, Kateryna, 50 [age 60]
Bilas, Pelaheia, 50 [Melania; age 50]
Bilas, Eva, 38 [age 30; mother or grandmother of Jerzy Bilas, who has
   written much about Zawadka]
Bilas, Teodor, 65
Bilas, Ivan, 48 [age 46; 28 March]
Bilas, Mariya, 38 [age 33]
Bilas, Sophia, 7
Bilas, Kateryna, 9
Bilas, Ivan, 36
Bilas, Teodor, 40 [28 March]
Bonchak, Osyp
Bonchak, Mariya
Bonchak, Kateryna, 11 [wife of Osyp]
Bonchak, Dmytro, 50 [brother of Ivan]
Bonchak, Ivan [brother of Dmytro]
Hrynio, Ivan [age about 76; son of Dmytro and Anastasia Hrynio]
Bonchyk, Volodymyr, 18 [possibly 13 April; possibly the older brother of
   Stefan Bonczak who lived in Mokre ca. 1998]
Dobrianskiy, Mykola
Dobrianskiy, Vasyl, 35 [28 March]
Dobrianskiy, Volodymyr, 15 [13 April]
Dobrianskiy, Ivan, 22 [13 April]
Dudynchak, Osyp, 40
Dydynchak, Anastaziya, 40
Izdebska, Kateryna, 6 months
Izdebska, Eva
Izdebskiy, Mykhailo
Izdebskiy, Petro
Izdebskiy, Nestor
Kereleyza, Mariya, 41 [born in the United States; wife of Ivan]
Kereleyza, Anna, 16 [daughter of Ivan and Mariya]
Kereleyza, Kateryna, 15 [daughter of Ivan and Mariya]
Kereleyza, Dmytro, 48
Kereleyza, Ivan, 42 [13 April; born in the United States; a wealthy resident
   who kept an oil-mill]
Kereleyza, Yaroslav
Schurkalo, Yakym [age 40; 28 March]
Rofychak, Volodymyr [age 18; 13 April]
Klemchyk, Anna
Klemchyk, Mykhailo, 28 [Klepchyk; 28 March]
Kmatchyk, Dmytro [Klemchyk]
Kozlyk, Kateryna
Kozlyk, Anna
Kozlyk, Eva
Kozlyk, Stepan, 18 [28 March]
Maksym, Andriy, 70 [age 50]
Maksym, Mariya
Maksym, Anastaziya
Maksym, Stepan, 10
Maksym, Kateryna, 4
Maksym, Anna, 1
Nechysta, Anna [age 45] [wife of Hryhoriy (George) Nieczysty, 1899-1982, of
   Pottsville, Pa.]
Nechysta, Kateryna, 20 [daughter of (George and) Anna]
Nechystiy, Mykhailo [28 March; age 38]
Nechysta, Kateryna
Nechysta, Sofia, 8
Nechysta, Mariya, 6
Nechystiy, Taras, 3 [age 7]
Nechysta, Mahdalyna, 17
Nechystiy, Andriy [brother of Ivan]
Nechystiy, Ivan [brother of Andriy]
Nechystiy, Mykhailo, 38 [father of a number of the children]
Nechystiy, Senko, 3 [13 April]
Tomash, Kateryna
Tomash, Mariya [son of Kateryna]
Tomash, Anna [daughter of Kateryna]
Tomash, Stepan [son of Kateryna]
Tsyhanyk, Vasyl [survived 3 weeks after being shot]
Tsyhanyk, Kateryna [mother of Vasyl]
Tsyhanyk, Ivan
Masliuk, Ivan, 46 [28 March]
Masliuk, Mykola, 26 [28 March; son of Ivan]
Masliuk, Teodor, 25 [28 March; son of Ivan]
Masliuk, Orest, 27 [13 April]
Zhadorsky, Nestor, 40
[Total: 73 names]


Correspondence on the construction of the monument provided by gmina Zagorz

© 2011 Justin Kirk Houser; used at this web site by express permission; all other rights reserved.


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