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Nowa Wieś Wielka Cemetery

(old woj.) Bydgoszcz, Poland


Main memorial states:


Miejsce spoczynku ofiar rozstrzelanych przez Hitlerowcow w 1939 r w lasach I wsiach Na terenie gminy I okolic.  Odebrano nam zycie pozostawiamy pamieć.

The following information was located on several monuments in one section of the Nowa Wieś Wielka cemetery. In most cases the stone has a little more information inscribed on it, none of which is genealogical in nature. Names are typed in groups as they were found on the individual memorials/headstones.



Władysław Krajecki

Stanisław Leszczyński

Bronisław Wożniak

All Died in Autumn, 1939

Franciszek Sodomirski

Died in Autumn 1939

Edward Kubicki

1918                               30 October 1939


Józef Gotkowski              98 years old

Tadeusz Gotkowski        16 years old

Kazimierz Kowalski        21 years old

Edward Majewski           16 years old

All Died in Autumn, 1939

Wojciech Ratajczak

7 April 1882                    18 October 1939

Józef Ratajczak

18 April 1918                  20 October 1939

Ignacy Błochowiak

7 January 1889               12 September 1939

Marcin Szulc

29 September 1893        20 October 1939

Józef Lewandowski

Stanisław Płociennik

All Died in Autumn, 1939

Michał Maciejewski

14 September 1886        10 October 1939

Franciszek Grazel

19 October 1907             2 October 1939


Stanisław Dudek            17 years old

Antoni Podeszwa 

Edward Sieluk                16 years old

Died in Autumn, 1939

Stanisław Maniaj (?)

Died 10 October 1939

Stanisław Szol

Died in Autumn, 1939

Feliks Grol

1 January 1893               1 October 1939

Marian Papierski

1894                               9 September 1939

Józef Dziadoń

Jadwiga Zabuda             58 years old

Ludwik Zabuda               60 years old

Jan Kasprzak

Józef Kasprzak

Jan Lemka                      Born 1887

Bronisław Lemka           Born 1920

Jan Lemka                      Born 1918

All Died in Autumn, 1939

Mateusz Pacharzyna

Ludwik Pacharzyna

Michał Pacharzyna

Franciszek Pacharzyna

Józef Okada

All Died in Autumn, 1939

Franciszek Glapa

Wojciech Buda

Kacper Bembenek

All Died in Autumn, 1939



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