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(old woj.) Przemyśl, Poland

This list was transcribed from a book which can be found in the Bukowsko parish office. The list includes pastors, vicars and parish administrators. The records have a little more information than what is listed below. I have digital images of the information. Interested parties should contact me, see below. This information was gathered in 2008.

Jan Starzecki Pastor 1748-1772
Wojciech Strzechowski Administrator 1772-1772
Jan Krulkiewicz Administrator 1772-1772
Antoni Rogayski Pastor 1772-1797
Armens Fontani Administrator 1797-1797
Ignacy Maczarowski Administrator 1797-1802
Clemens Fontani Administrator 1802-1803
Jakub Wasylowski Pastor 1803-1812
Aleksander Kwiatkowski Administrator 1813-1813
Krzysztof Sroczynski Administrator 1813-1815
Ksawery Mroczek Administrator 1815-1827
Antoni Marczynski Administrator 1828-1829
Józef Jankowski Administrator 1829-1832
Jan Skoczynski Pastor 1838-1861
Piotr Warchalewicz Cooperator 1845-1846
Józef Zieleniecki Priest 1846-1847
Ferdynand Stumfoll Priest 1848-1849
Jan Nowotarski Priest 1849-1850
Wincenty Meclinowski Priest 1851-1852
Kazimierz Adamowski Priest 1852-1853
Jakub Filar Priest 1855-1855
Tomasz Jastrzebski Priest 1860-1862
Ferdynand Golikowski Pastor 1861-1872
Jan Gwidzeowski Administrator 1873-1873
Jan Jakubowski Pastor 1873-1885
Jan Rędra Priest 1877-1877
Marcin Lazarowicz Priest 1878-1878
Wojciech Sarna Priest 1879-1880
Kasjan Serwin Priest 1885-1885
Jan Stoch Pastor 1885-1920
Wojciech Błażewski Priest 1895-1896
Andrzej Slisz Priest 1896-1899
Teofil Garbacki Priest 1899-1900
Antoni Szkodziński Priest 1900-1901
Stanisław Bulichowski Priest 1901-1903
Adolf Majewicz Priest 1903-1904
Wojciech Dobrowalski Priest 1904-1906
Franciszek Tenczar Administrator 1906-1911
Michał Świdnicki   1911-1917
Stanisław Machnik Priest 1917
Józef Chmurowicz Administrator  
Franciszek Majewski Pastor 1925-1940
Piotr Roztocki Vicar 1926-1928
Jakub Przybyłowicz Vicar 1930-1931
Michał Dymiński Priest  
Gaweł Krawczyk Pastor 1940-1945
Antoni Szymczak Vicar 1941-1945
Gabriel Marszałek Administrator 1945-1945
Andrzej Czyż Administrator 1945-1949
Jan Baj Administrator 1949-1952
Walerian Rudnicki Chaplain for Zboiska 1946-1979
Adam Garbacik Pastor 1957-1977
Józef Linek Vicar 1971-1977
Stanisław Kopeć Pastor 1977-1989
Stanisław Adamski Chaplain for Zboiska 1979
Jan Koszacka Vicar 1986-1987
Czesław Vicar 1987-1989
Stanisław Kudła Pastor 1989-
Marian Fortuna Vicar 1989-1991
Stanisław Błądek Vicar 1991-1993
Janusz Krygowski Vicar 1993-1997
Janusz Dudziak Vicar 1997-1999
Jarosław Pacanowski Vicar 1999-2002
Józef Stepan? Vicar 2002-2005
Jacek Magoń Vicar 2005-

For more information contact Debbie Greenlee.

Transcription and English translation © 2008 Deborah Greenlee; no claim made to original records; used at this web site by express permission; all other rights reserved.

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