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Sandy Wilber has done a tarrific job of collecting and transcribing records brought to Oregon by the pioneers.

 The Oregon Trail Story.

Other Trails by Condor Stories by Sandy Wilber

After discovery of gold in California, not all wagon trains continued west to Oregon. Some in 1848/49 left the Oregon Trail at Green River, Idaho to turn south to the gold fields of California.

These are all included here because when the gold played out, many families came north to Oregon.

There are many more trains to add as soon as they are transcribed.

Finding your Overland Trail Ancestors

Arrivals in Oregon 1851

Arrivals in Oregon 1852

Arrivals in Oregon 1853


James Clyman and Colonel Nathaniel Ford's 1844 Wagon Train

More 49ers: The St. Clair Mining Company

Colonel Webb's California Company 1849

The Names of the "Wolverine Rangers" 1849

The "Ikenberry Party" of Iowa to CA 1849

Forty-niners of the Charlestown Mining Company

The Washington City and California Mining Association 1849

John Bailhache's 1850 Journal

The Johnson Wagon Train - Iowa to Oregon 1851

1851 Arrival Dates in Donation Land Claims

1851 Arrival Dates in Manuscripts

Index to 1851 Overland Travelers

The 1852 McCully Train - Iowa to Oregon

New Information on Participants of the 1852 McCully Train

The Aiken-Ingram-Booth-Richey Wagon Train 1852

1852 Arrival Dates in Donation Land Claims

1852 Manuscripts at Oregon Historical Society

Index to 1852 Overland Travelers

1853 Arrival Dates in Donation Land Claims

1853 Manuscripts at Oregon Historical Society

Index to 1853 Overland Travelers

Asa McCully's from Iowa 1853 Wagon Train

Up the Missouri River in 1862 on the Steamer "Emilie"

What were their cooking recipes?

Preperations for the trip west