Stormont Births in 1909


StorkThe following birth registrations for Stormont County in Ontario includes all four townships of Cornwall, Finch, Osnabruck and Roxborough. This index is FREE and has been transcribed from microfilm by the Stormont GenWeb Coordinator - Wendy Anctil.

Names are recorded as they appear in the original document, which may not be phonetically correct.

This index is a work in progress and additional years will be available online as soon as they are completed - if you cannot find an individual, either the registration did not occur or the name has yet to be indexed. Records are publicly available on microfilm from the Archives of Ontario.

What information is recorded in the Registrations?

The information below was requested at the time of registration but was not always recorded. The information given to the Registrar and/or the data recorded can be incomplete, entered on the wrong line, or incorrect.

BIRTHS (July 1869-1912)
  Year of birth
  Father's name
  Mother's maiden name
  Father's rank or occupation
  Signature and residence of informant
  Accoucheur's name
  Registration date
  Registrar's signature
  County or District of registration

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Surnames are listed alphabetically by year.

Year 1909

658 births

Child's NameGenderDate BornWhereFatherMotherReg #
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ADAMS, Gertrude L.F15 May 1909Cornwall Twp.Gideon AdamsNina A. Warner045477
AIREY, Bessie E.F24 Jan 1909Cornwall TownEdward G. AireyElsbeth J. Sullivan045256
ALAIR, Eva M.F04 Aug 1909RoxboroughJohn AlairMary Louise Brabant046303
ALEXANDER, Ruth E.F12 Feb 1909Osnabruck Twp.William H. AlexanderMary G. Adams046157
ALGUIRE, Bernard W.M25 Aug 1909Osnabruck Twp.Oscar AlguireLizzie Doran046216
ALGUIRE, Annie M.F31 Jul 1909Finch VillageCory AlguireMargaret E. Delaney045662
ALGUIRE, Carman B.M14 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Carman G. AlguireJosephine Campbell045519
ALGUIRE, Etta I.F15 May 1909Osnabruck Twp.John W. AlguireAnna B. Eamer046133
ALGUIRE, Helen C.F06 Feb 1909Cornwall Twp.Simeon AlguireBernice Derousie045427
ALGUIRE, Loyd E.M27 Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.Elden AlguireGertie Stata046210
ALLISON, Harry M.M07 Apr 1909Osnabruck Twp.Alexander W. AllisonNellie I. Markell046127
AMYOT, Maryann C.F14 Jul 1909Cornwall TownEmile AmyotAnna Qusnel045336
ANDERSON, Milton A.M16 Jul 1909Cornwall Twp.William A. AndersonMaud C. Hamilton901038
ANNABLE, Arnold EdsonM14 July 1909Cornwall Twp.Albert E. AnnableLillian M. Milross045498
ANTWOINE, EthelF02 Jul 1909Cornwall Twp.Alexander AntwoineIda Locey045489
ARBUTHNUT, Marion G.F09 Aug 1909Finch VillageLawrence ArbuthnutGertrude Waterman045663
ARMSTRONG, Annie E.F5 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.Douglas W. ArmstrongAnnie E. Morgan045415
ARMSTRONG, FredM16 Jan 1909Cornwall TownJohn W. ArmstrongHannah M. Clark045270
ARMSTRONG, Ray G.M03 Dec 1909Roxborough Twp.George ArmstrongEllen Dupuis046347
ARNOLD, Iven J.M28 Dec 1909Roxborough Twp.William ArnoldMinnie Judge048412
ATCHISON, William R.M08 Aug 1909Cornwall TownRobert AtchisonEva Fitzpatrick045347
AUBE, Mary G.T.F07 Jun 1909Finch Twp.Damien AubeCorine Charlebois045566
AUBE, Josephine M.F09 May 1909Finch Twp.Henry AubeArthemise Bennoit045610
AUBE, Leo E. J.M14 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Joseph AubLouisa Racine046306
AUBIN, John A.M03 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.Joseph AubinJosephine Ammellote046258
AUBIN, Joseph A. W.M05 Jan 1909Roxborough Twp.Matthias AubinCaesina Boisvenu046239
AUBNEY, William A.M03 Sep 1909Cornwall TownPaul J, AubneyAlice M. Buley045354
AULT, Clinton R.M26 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.Hugh AultMabel Tilton045491
AULT, Douglas A.M28 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.Charles S. AultFlora McArthur046167
AULT, EarleM06 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Nelson AultMary Stilwell045429
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BAKER, Arnold F.M07 Feb 1909Cornwall TownRanald BakerEllen M. Laplante045258
BAKER, Elva M.F09 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.Simeon J. BakerMary Warner046162
BAKER, FrankM09 Feb 1909Finch Twp.Howard BakerEdith O'Neal045573
BAKER, WilliamM27 Mar 1909Finch Twp.William BakerMary M. Kearns045596
BARBER, Keith D.M09 Feb 1909Cornwall TownCharles H. BarberLaura E. Weagant045271
BARKER, Stanfred J.M27 Jul 1909RoxboroughRory BarkerTheresa M. Rupert046300
BARNHART, ArthurM22 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.Shurbert Barnhart[ - ] Beaupre046123
BARNHART, Earnest H.M22 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.Thurbert BarnhartLucy Beaupray046195
BARRY, PercyM28 Nov 1909Cornwall TownEdward BarryGeorgina Brisson047662
BAZINETTE, ClephasM17 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Alsime BazinetteOthelia Piche045652
BEAUCHAMP, [ - ]F13 Dec 1909Roxborough Twp.Elgon BeauchampHelen Emelle048407
BEAUCLARE, Alvina M.F02 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Frank BeauclareRosa Lapierre046329
BEAUCLARE, Virginie M.F26 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.Alexander BeauclareMarguerite Allaire046263
BEAUDETTE, JosephM22 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Ernest BeaudetteAlbina Watters045449
BEAUDETTE, Wilfred J.M23 May 1909Roxborough Twp.Ferdinand BeaudetteLaura Laroux046277
BECHLER, [ - ]F03 Sep 1909Finch Twp.William BechlerKate Barrett045632
BECKSTEAD, GarnetM21 Jan 1909Osnabruck Twp.Henry BecksteadElla Holland046150
BELCHER, VictorM24 Apr 1909Cornwall TownHarry BelcherMary Fisher045334
BENDER, ClarenceM13 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.George BenderMary Loucks045479
BENDER, RoyM16 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.John S. BenderMary A. Armstrong045486
BENEDICT, EvaF06 Jul 1909Cornwall Twp.Charles BenedictJulie Jangrau045503
BENNETT, Martha H.F08 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Fred L. BennettEva P. Empey046187
BENNETT, Verna E.F23 Oct 1909Cornwall TownErnerst F. BennettAnnie Atkins045383
BENNOIT, Leo J.M18 Mar 1909Finch Twp.Felix BennoitHermelin Charlebois045595
BENTON, Christina M.F01 Sep 1909Finch Twp.Alonzo BentonJessie McCrimmon045631
BERCIER, ReneM02 May 1909Cornwall TownJames BercierEmma Lalonde045307
BERGERON, Mary S.F22 Mar 1909Cornwall TownJoseph S. BergeronEdith Plamondon045289
BERTRAND, LindsleyM25 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Charles BertrandMary Leclare046318
BETHUNE, Mabel C.F15 Jan 1909Roxborough Twp.Edward BethuneEllen Mahoney046242
BEYOR, Maud S. M. C.F19 Jun 1909Roxborough Twp.Donald A. BeyorEmily M. Beyor046293
BIAIRD, Sarah M. C.F21 Jun 1909Roxborough Twp.Donald BiairdEmily Leblanch046285
BILLINGS, AlbertM03 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Simon BillingsIda Bruce045533
BLACK, JamesM30 Oct 1909Cornwall TownJames BlackLizzie Ross045399
BLACKADDER, Herbert E.M31 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Ernest C. BlackadderCatherine Reynolds045456
BLACKWOOD, Earl W.M08 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Robert J. BlackwoodEliza I. Johnson502243
BLAIR, [ - ]F20 Dec 1909Cornwall TownFrederick A. BlairIda Branchaud045400
BLAIR, Hazel M.F08 Nov 1909Roxborough Twp.James BlairMaggie Tait046342
BOLTE, Edith V.F17 Feb 1909Cornwall TownHerbert BolteEdith Wilson045263
BOLTON, Alton H.M20 Sep 1909Finch Twp.Jay BoltonHattie Armstrong047993
BONHOMME, Pearl {twin}F02 Oct 1909Cornwall TownNapoleon BonhommeMary J. Tyo045371
BONHOMME, Ruby {twin}F02 Oct 1909Cornwall TownNapoleon BonhommeMary J. Tyo045372
BONNEVILLE, Clifford K.M20 Dec 1909Cornwall Twp.Zephirin BonnevilleAddie Roubideaux047803
BORTHWICK, Edith V.F02 May 1909Cornwall Twp.Alexander R. BorthwickEllen I. Runions901122
BOUCHARD, Mary D.F24 Feb 1909Cornwall TownJoseph BouchardLizzie Larue045273
BOURGEOIS, Emery J.M22 Jun 1909Finch Twp.Moise BourgeoisIzeline Clement045569
BOURGEOIS, Fredrick L.M15 Nov 1909Finch Twp.Eugene BourgeoisPalmela Rochon045641
BOWEN, May V.F19 May 1909Cornwall Twp.Andrew BowenMary M. Bowen045465
BOWMAN, Harold G.M11 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Henry T. BowmanGeorgie L. Hawn048320
BOYCE, Elsie C.F04 Aug 1909Finch Twp.William BoyceEdith Pitcher045628
BOYCE, Winfield A.M04 Aug 1909Cornwall TownArthur BoyceMinnie Warner045353
BRANCHAUD, Alberta I.F04 Dec 1909Cornwall Twp.Charles BranchaudMary J. Leblance047800
BRANCHAUD, Alice G. L.F20 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Maxime BranchaudVitaline Sabourin045521
BRAY, WilfredM11 Feb 1909Roxborough Twp.Francis BrayHenrietta St. Denis046249
BRAZZEAU, [ - ]M03 Feb 1909Roxborough Twp.George Brazzeau-----046265
BRIDGES, Theresa M.F04 May 1909Finch Twp.Charles BridgesMillie Swirl045608
BRIERE, LevinaF03 Apr 1909Finch Twp.Frank BriereAnnie Seguin045600
BRILL, Sophia D.F08 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.James N. BrillMary J. Harpo045462
BRISBOIS, Gordon E. J.M14 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.Joseph BrisboisEmma Casselman046259
BRISSON, Dominick R.M07 Sep 1909Cornwall TownDominick BrissonRosa Vardon045369
BRITTON, Ruth B.F03 Aug 1909RoxboroughJames BrittonAlberta Montgomery046301
BROWN, Lera A.F07 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Richard BrownBertha Empey046181
BROWNELL, William R.M03 Jan 1909Finch Twp.Ezra BrownellIda Warner045575
BRYAN, Kenneth W.M23 Oct 1909Finch Twp.Purcy BryanMary Cameron045639
BRYERE, AliceF09 May 1909Finch Twp.Michael BryereGeorgianna Bryere045611
BUEL, Corel I.M07 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Alfred C. BuelLena Myers045459
BURO, Mary G.F21 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.Johill BuroEllen E. Maloney045460
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CAINE, Veronica M.F03 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Edward CaineEsther Votra501230
CALDWELL, Ian K.M24 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.James S. CaldwellMamie L. Bolton046175
CAMERON, Alexander G.M20 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Alexander J. CameronEthel E. Bush045539
CAMERON, John J. E. J.M21 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.John R. CameronMary S. Preare045529
CAMERON, Matilda E.F30 Mar 1909Finch Twp.Russell Cameron
[ Kenneth ]
Rebecca J. Steele045598
CAMPBELL, [ - ] F03 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.-----Ida Campbell046253
CAMPBELL, Archibald D.M11 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.Angus K. CampbellCatherine McIntyre045419
CAMPBELL, John C.M26 Apr 1909Roxborough Twp.Duncan CampbellJean-Netta McDermid046270
CAMPBELL, Margaret J.F08 Jul 1909Roxborough Twp.David CampbellMary S. A. Hough046296
CAMPBELL, Mary C.F01 Oct 1909Roxborough Twp.Herbert CampbellChristy A. Shaver901450
CAMPBELL, Maurice G.M01 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.-----Mary E. Campbell045446
CAMPEAU, Alexander A.M23 Jan 1909Roxborough Twp.Francis CampeauMaggie Grant046243
CAMPEAU, Francis L. J.M03 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.Joseph CampeauAdelina Lalonde046256
CAMPEAU, Lavina I.F15 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.Peter CampeauRose Scarboro045501
CARON, Adelard M04 Jan 1909Cornwall TownEdward CaronLydia Belanger045253
CARTER, Frederick C.M01 Dec 1909Cornwall TownAlbert CarterEmma Chapman045402
CASSELMAN, Hilda A.F09 Jul 1909Finch Twp.Aden Casselman[ Eloda ] Casselman045622
CASSELMAN, Laura L.F16 Apr 1909Osnabruck Twp.Wilbert N. CasselmanMary L. Cook046129
CASSELMAN, Marion K.F16 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Simeon CasselmanJean Moffat045650
CAZA, Joseph H.M18 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Thomas CazaDelina Sylvester045523
CHAMPAGNE, [ - ]M28 Oct 1909Finch Twp.Easib ChampagneMaria Lapointe045640
CHARLEBOIS, ErnestM04 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Emile CharleboisGloria Laroue045644
CHARLEBOIS, Margaret B.F07 Aug 1909Cornwall TownDennis CharleboisEmma Deruchie045338
CHARLEBOIS, Marie A.F14 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Napoleon CharleboisMaria L. Aube045645
CHARLEBOIS, Martin E.M11 Jun 1909Cornwall TownAlonzo CharleboisEllen Laviolette045361
CHAUSSE, ErnestM17 May 1909Finch Twp.Leon ChausseMax Masse045614
CHEVRIE, Eva G. M.F04 Dec 1909Roxborough Twp.Xavier ChevrieAlida Villeneuve048405
CHISHOLM, Loretta C.F31 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Myles D. ChisholmMargret E. Cameron045541
CHRISTY, Harriet I.F26 April 1909Cornwall Twp.William C. ChristieJennie R. Smith045448
CLARK, Norman A.M19 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Austin E. ClarkEva J. C. Brown045515
CLEMENT, Edith M.F08 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Charles E. ClementAnn S. Sheets901365
CLOUTHIER, Victor J.M24 May 1909Finch Twp.Adalore ClouthierSophina Genier045615
COCKBURN, John R.M23 Jan 1909Finch Twp.John CockburnEthel Fulton502751
COLEMAN, JohnM20 Jul 1909Roxborough Twp.William ColemanMary Lemons046328
COLEMAN, RobertM25 Jul 1909Roxborough Twp.William Coleman[ - ] Lemon046229
COLEMAN, Walter J.M06 Jun 1909Roxborough Twp.Walter ColemanHattie Seguin046280
COLLIN, George J.M06 Jan 1909Cornwall TownPeter CollinSophia Dupuis045248
COLLINS, FlorenceF18 Feb 1909Osnabruck Twp.George CollinsMildred Witherbee046139
COLLINS, Frank E.M21 Dec 1909Cornwall Twp.Thomas G. CollinsHenrietta Lagdon045546
COLLINS, Wallace E.M24 Jun 1909Osnabruck Twp.Thomas CollinsLawra Alguire046198
COLQUHOUN, Audrey K.F11 Jul 1909Cornwall TownNeil ColquhounKate B. Idler045329
COLQUHOUN, EdwinM16 Feb 1909Cornwall TownAlexander ColquhounElizabeth McDonald045284
COLQUHOUN, Gretta E.F16 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.Frank ColquhounEva P. Barkley046223
CONLEY, Charles B.M18 May 1909Cornwall Town-----Bella Conley045317
CONTANT, EdwardM12 May 1909Cornwall Twp.Nelson ContantRose Larrin045470
COOK, WalterM03 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.John CookDenah Gillispie046160
CORBETT, Victoria I.F12 Aug 1909Cornwall TownWilliam F. CorbettIra Higgs045368
COSTELLO, Bernard G.M04 Sep 1909Cornwall TownHenry J. CostelloMary A. Little045350
COTÉ, Joseph W.M15 Oct 1909Cornwall TownWilliam CotAnnie Jesmer045380
COTE, LeviM06 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Paul CoteChristy Cote045428
COTTRELL, FrankM04 Aug 1909Cornwall TownHarry J. CottrellSarah Watt045331
COUNTRYMAN, Grace E.F08 Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.David CountrymanBertha Hilliard046202
CRAIN, JessieF23 May 1909Finch Twp.W.E. CrainIsa Dey045620
CRAWFORD, Burnis C. E.F28 Sep 1909Roxborough Twp.Mathew CrawfordJennie McEwen046324
CRAWLEY, Max A.M05 Jun 1909Cornwall TownArthur CrawleyEthel McKinnon045320
CREWSON, Hazel D.F14 Mar 1909Cornwall TownJoseph W. CrewsonMargaret Binnie045288
CROW, Charles J.M05 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Charles J. CrowMary St Louis046304
CUMMINGS, Edgar J.M27 Dec 1909Roxborough Twp.William CummingsMary Willett046348
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DAFO, [ - ]M20 Mar 1909Cornwall TownCarl DafoEllen Dusfresne045279
DAFOE, [ - ]M16 Sep 1909Osnabruck Twp.William DafoeRuby Froats046183
DAFOE, Roy E.M22 Sep 1909Osnabruck Twp.William J. DafoeMinnie L. Empey046191
DALEY, Francis E.M08 Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.Arthur DaleyMargaret McMahon046201
DAVY, Enid M.F21 Jun 1909Cornwall TownWilliam C. DavyBlanche Hickey045327
DAYE, William T.M29 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Thomas G. DayeLillian Humes045651
DAYHAW, [ - ]F12 Nov 1909Cornwall TownEdward DayhawCarrie Lafountaine045397
DAYON, Leona J.F04 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.George DayonAlice Branchaud045454
DEBO, ElizabethF12 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Frank DeboSarah Debo045534
DEGAN, AlbertM05 Jun 1909Cornwall TownThomas DeganJennie Bourget045322
DE GRAY, Mary E.F14 Jan 1909Cornwall TownLawrence De GrayEdith Laviolette045264
DEMERS, Hector A.M01 Feb 1909Finch Twp.Sifrid? DemersEmilia Bazinette045583
DENNY, Myles J.M10 Dec 1909Cornwall Twp.John L. DennyEva Breyere047801
DEROCHIE, Gerald R.M12 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.Norman DeRochieElizabeth McLennan502463
DEROSIER, Mary AnnF12 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Frank DerosierSophie Perault045516
DEXTRAS, Marie M.F18 Apr 1909Cornwall TownZenon DextrasRosalie Branchaud045304
DEXTRAS, Marie R.F13 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Joseph DextrasElizabeth Quinville045536
DILLABOUGH, George H.M21 Jun 1909Osnabruck Twp.Mahlon DillaboughLydia Alguire046144
DILLABOUGH, Margaret C.F26 Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.Sylvester DillaboughJane Froats046209
DILLABOUGH, StanleyM22 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Walter DillaboughIda Hummel045647
DIONNE, [ - ]F03 Mar 1909Cornwall Town-----Mary Dionne045292
DISHAW, John F. B.M16 Sep 1909Osnabruck Twp.Franklin DishawCatherine Bowen046188
DISHEAU, Anna M.F11 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Fred DisheauTena McPherson046308
DIXON, Verna E.F24 Oct 1909Osnabruck Twp.William B. DixonDelia D. Rombaugh046219
DONIHEE, Harold T.M09 Jul 1909Cornwall TownThomas J. DoniheeMary L. Johnson045349
DONIHEE, KathleenF28 Aug 1909Cornwall TownAillean F. DoniheeCatherine McKinnon045352
DOHERTY, Fred M.M03 Feb 1909Cornwall Twp.Fred DohertyEtta Cunningham045420
DONNELLY, Joseph E.M13 Feb 1909Osnabruck Twp.Joseph DonnellyMargaret E. McClelland046147
DOOLEY, GeorginaF16 Oct 1909Roxborough Twp.Arthur DooleyLydia McMillan046336
DORAN, Margaret A.F24 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.Samuel DoranLuella Mattice046226
DORAN, Viola E. E.F31 Oct 1909Roxborough Twp.John DoranEthel Lemon046339
DORAN, Winnie E. T.F29 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.Oscar DoranMary E. Rupert046228
DOREY, Bruno E. J.M29 Jun 1909Roxborough Twp.Henry DoreyMatilda Provost046294
DRAPPO, Elizabeth L.F04 Nov 1909Finch Twp.W. F. DrappoMargaret Fawcett047925
DRAPPO, Ernest R.M27 Mar 1909Finch Twp.Geo. R. DrappoAnnie Coughler045597
DRAPPO, Hazel V.F28 Jun 1909Finch Twp.Simeon DrappoAgnes Beckstead045621
DUCHENE, ArthurM12 Sep 1909Cornwall TownAlexander DucheneMaggie Bert045376
DUMOND, CelinaF13 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Dedier DumondClara Bergeron045532
DUNBAR, KathleenF16 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.Daniel DunbarAda McMillan046165
DUSFRESNE, FraserM17 Mar 1909Cornwall TownHorace DusfresneRosa Daulte045281
DUPUIS, EugeneM09 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Moses DupuisRose A. St. Germain045514
DUPUIS, George L.M03 Feb 1909Cornwall TownJoseph DupuisJeanie Jodoin045257
DUPUIS, PercyM17 Apr 1909Cornwall TownHenry DupuisEva Rivet045295
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EAMAN, Elsie M.F31 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.Wm. A. EamanMary M. Warner046122
EAMER, Harold W.M11 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Preston S. EamerHettie M. Markell046177
EAMER, Helen L.F07 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Michael EamerJanet G. Fickes045517
EAMER, Mabel M.F22 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.James H. EamerFlorence A. Rutley045480
EAMON, Elizabeth M. A.F26 Oct 1909Osnabruck Twp.William L. EamonCaroline Rickett046220
EARL, Catharine M.F10 Dec 1909Cornwall TownAlbert EarlJanet Gibson047633
EASTMAN, Corral A.M22 Jul 1909Cornwall Twp.Percy G. EastmanCaroline Pratt045494
EASTMAN, Esther E.F16 Nov 1909Cornwall Twp.Arch EastmanJennie T. McDonald045543
EASTMAN, John A.M16 Feb 1909Cornwall Twp.George O. EastmanAnnie E. Neill045433
EASTMAN, Margret M.F23 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.Alva S. EastmanRebecca C. Cline045490
EMELL, Jean Baptist J.M11 Oct 1909Roxborough Twp.Leander J. EmellRose E. Racinenne046334
EMERATON, ElizabethF15 Jan 1909Cornwall TownJames EmeratonCaroline Gelinet045254
EMMELL, Edgar J.M10 Sep 1909Roxborough Twp.David EmmellDora Villenue046314
EMPY, LulaF16 Feb 1909Finch Twp.Geo EmpyBertha Empy045587
ESDALE, Robert J.M14 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.John EsdaleSarah J. McLaurin045424
EVE, FlorenceF27 May 1909Osnabruck Twp.James H. EveJane E. Goodwin046138
EZARD, Anna J.F21 Jul 1909Cornwall TownGeorge E. EzardBertha A. Grant045340
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FAWCETT, Mary E.F11 Jan 1909Roxborough Twp.George FawcettHelen Valadas046241
FEADER, Arnold S.M01 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.William A. FeaderFlorence M. Davidson046159
FEADER, Harold S.M13 Jan 1909Osnabruck Twp.Alfred L. FeaderSarah E. Mooney046149
FELDER, Sylva M.F14 Sep 1909Cornwall TownFrederick J. FelderDora Poirier045366
FERGUSON, { still birth }F26 Apr 1909Roxborough Twp.Nathaniel E. FergusonMary McDonald046271
FERGUSON, Charles N.M31 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Alexander FergusonMary J. McLeod045475
FETTERLY, Myrtle M.F28 Jan 1909Osnabruck Twp.Gordon FetterlyEdith Price046194
FETTERLY, Thomas S.M18 Jun 1909Osnabruck Twp.Thomas R. FetterlyAgnes Snyder046143
FICKES, Garnet H.M16 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.Oscar E. FickesSarah Rupert045487
FISHER, Kathleen A.F14 Nov 1909Cornwall Twp.Alexander FisherEmma E. Carpenter047805
FLANIGAN, Florence E.F11 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Hiram FlaniganMary M. Riviere502453
FLANIGAN, LindsayM13 Feb 1909Cornwall TownGeorge FlaniganGeorgina Miron045269
FLEMING, Susanna C.
F12 May 1909Finch Twp.James FlemmingCora Froats045612
FLYNN, Mamie K.F24 Jan 1909Osnabruck Twp.German FlynnGertrude M. Hollister046151
FOBERT, Clarence E.M24 Sep 1909Cornwall TownJoseph FobertMay Jesener045370
FORGET, Belina E.F28 Nov 1909Cornwall TownOson ForgetJosephine Lalonde045396
FORSYTH, May M.E.F13 Jul 1909Finch VillageJno. ForsythCatherine McMaster045658
FORSYTHE, Loyd A.M25 Apr 1909Finch VillageD.R. ForsytheCatherine Cameron045655
FOUBERT, Joseph L.M29 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Joseph FoubertLena Miller045513
FOUNTAIN, JosephM05 Feb 1909Cornwall Twp.Frederick FountainElizabeth Curren045422
FRANKLIN, Charles E. {twin}M09 Jun 1909Cornwall TownCharles FranklinAda J. Iles045314
FRANKLIN, Robert L. {twin}M09 Jun 1909Cornwall TownCharles FranklinAda J. Iles045315
FROATS, Margaret A.F21 Jul 1909
28 Jul 1909
Finch VillageJames FroatsAda Carr045661
FURNACE, Moses W.M20 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.Stephen L. FurnaceEmma E. Beaupre045452
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GALLINGER, Evelyn B.F14 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.Fred GallingerEdith Wegant046222
GALLINGER, Gladys M.F10 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Frank GallingerBertha Cornell046176
GALLINGER, Verna M.F14 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Daniel GallingerJennie Kirkey045511
GATES, John H.M25 May 1909Cornwall TownJohn GatesAlethea Bleecker045335
GIBAUELT, Joseph A.M11 Mar 1909Finch Twp.Moise GibaueltRegina Patinaude045592
GIBAULT, Ovila L. J.M09 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.Medrick GibaultLaura Beauchamp046255
GIGURE, AntoinetteF02 Jan 1909Finch Twp.Gilbert GigureMarie L. Racine503028
GIGURE, Mary H.F02 Jan 1909Finch Twp.Gilbert GigureMary L. Brien045574
GIROUARD, Howard J.M12 Apr 1909Roxborough Twp.Joseph GirouardCatherine Britton046283
GIROUX, HattieF07 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Victor GirouxDelia Leduc045432
GLANCEY, Ellen M.F29 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Frank GlanceyJennie Beattie045504
GLENESK, Charles A.M08 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.Alexander M. GleneskFlorence A. Duby045451
GODARD, James E.M02 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Alphonse GodardOlivina Labien045642
GODARD, Mary T.F02 Feb 1909Finch Twp.Camille GodardMarien Provost045584
GOOD, Elizabeth L.F21 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.William GoodLela A. Clark045525
GORMAN, OliveF17 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.William GormanLouisa Bissett045526
GOVE, Harry N.M26 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.Nathaniel GoveMay F. Dafoe046172
GRADY, Charles C.M29 Jul 1909Finch Twp.Thomas GradyCatherine Moran045625
GRANT, ElsworthM15 Nov 1909Roxborough Twp.Lloyd GrantFlorence Papineau046343
GRANT, George G.M27 Jul 1909Cornwall TownKenneth M. GrantGertrude M. Hartle045337
GRANT, IsabellaF16 May 1909Cornwall Twp.Duncan GrantSarah J. Alguire045476
GRANT, Ralph F.M29 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.John F. GrantLottie H. Warner046168
GREFF, LouisaF16 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.Frank GreffBertha Losey045450
GROVES, Robert L.M16 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.James N. GrovesOlive Gordon045481
GUERTIN, EuphemiaF16 Dec 1909Roxborough Twp.Jean B. GuertinMathilde Lamarre502797
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HALE, EvaF18 Apr 1909Cornwall TownThomas HaleMartha M. Chaffers045296
HALLETT, Iowa V.M01 Apr 1909Cornwall TownGeorge E. HallettAlice B. Bissillion045290
HALLIWELL, Percy N.M13 Jun 1909Cornwall TownAshworth HalliwellLouise Goslin045324
HAMILTON, Pryor S.M14 Jul 1909Cornwall TownJohn E. HamiltonEdith A. Gillard045330
HAMILTON, Wallace L.M23 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.John D. HamiltonMargaret McRae046173
HANNA, Etta L.F25 Apr 1909Finch Twp.Edward HannaEtta Brown045605
HARRIS, Cassie A.F30 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Edward Harris[ - ] Stevenson046313
HART, Edith M.F30 Jun 1909Osnabruck Twp.Jacques HartEdith Hesson046199
HARTLE, Harry G.M06 Apr 1909Cornwall TownJames F. HartleRuby Day045299
HARTLE, Hazel A.F5 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.Robert HartleSarah Norrie045411
HARTWELL, Adam W.M18 Jun 1909Osnabruck Twp.Adam HartwellDelia Hopper046141
HAY, Catherine A.F24 Feb 1909Cornwall Twp.Angus HayMargret McDougall045436
HELMER, Millen W.M11 Oct 1909Osnabruck Twp.John J. HelmerLaura Hill902015
HENES, [ - ]M07 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.Richard HenesCelina Marion045438
HEPPELL, GertrudeF21 Mar 1909Cornwall TownJoseph HeppellAmanda Berube045282
HIGGINS, [ - ]M29 Sep 1909Cornwall TownSpencer HigginsMary C. Smith045374
HILL, Mildred M.F20 May 1909Osnabruck Twp.George HillAmelia A. Shambine046134
HOADLEY, [ - ]F08 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Fred HoadleyMary A. Pettit045495
HOLLIDAY, Alice M.F02 Oct 1909Cornwall TownWilliam J. HollidayAda J. Smith045379
HOLLISTER, Alma M.F24 Jun 1909Osnabruck Twp.Albert E. HollisterCarrie Dafoe046171
HOLLISTER, GlenM03 Apr 1909Osnabruck Twp.Barney HollisterMary Hart046125
HOMUTH, Eleanor M.F30 Oct 1909Cornwall TownEdward HomuthGertrude Payment045387
HOOPLE, Roy T.M14 Aug 1909Osnabruck Twp.Simon HoopleEthel [ ? ]046213
HUBIE, Mary AliceF05 Feb 1909Finch Twp.Camille HubieRosanna Charlebois045586
HUNTER, Agnes M.F24 Feb 1909Finch Twp.Ambrose HunterMary E. Monch045591
HURLEY, Edna M.F29 Mar 1909Cornwall TownAlexander HurleyElizabeth Flaherty045286
HURLEY, Robert M.M28 Mar 1909Cornwall TownRobert J. HurleyAnnie A. Gray045287
HURTIBISE, [ - ]F17 Nov 1909Roxborough Twp.Joseph HurtibiseMarion Chevrier046345
HUTT, Leita M.F12 Jun 1909Finch Twp.Lorne A. HuttSusie McMartin045564
HUTT, Mary J.F03 Feb 1909Cornwall Twp.Charles HuttMargret Plamadon045425
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JACOB, Edward M.M09 May 1909Cornwall TownSamuel W. JacobRose J. Simon045309
JARVO, AlbertM05 Aug 1909Cornwall TownEdward JarvoVictoria Aiken045342
JARVO, Alfred A.M26 Aug 1909Cornwall TownJohn F. JarvoEliza M. Wattie045351
JESMER, [ - ]F27 Dec 1909Cornwall TownJames JesmerHarriett McDonell045405
JESMER, LinyM22 Oct 1909Cornwall TownCharles JesmerIsabelle Lefebvre045377
JOHNSON, John B.M13 Sep 1909Roxborough Twp.Boyd JohnsonLaura Begg501251
JOHNSON, Samuel GilbertM28 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Jacob JohnsonFannie Gallinger045447
JOHNSTON, Emma B.F28 Apr 1909Cornwall TownFred JohnstonOlive Clement045305
JOHNSTON, Ethel J.F26 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Chris JohnstonMaud Hunter045648
JOHNSTON, JohnM13 Sep 1909Roxborough Twp.Boyd JohnstonLaura Begg046319
JOHNSTON, Norman F.M06 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Oscar JohnstonHilda Erickson045522
JOHNSTON, PearlF11 May 1909Roxborough Twp.Frank JohnstonHannah Lalonde046282
JOINDAIN, Angus A.M27 Jan 1909Roxborough Twp.-----Laura Joindain046291
JULIEN, Camile P.M06 Jun 1909Finch Twp.John JulienCliofids Turpine045565
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KENNEDY, John A.M08 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.Daniel KennedyFlora O'Brian045458
KENNEDY, Mary K.F20 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.John A. KennedyMary A. Snetsinger045463
KENNEDY, William W.M13 May 1909Finch Twp.John KennedyKate Morrison045613
KINGHORN, CatherineM15 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.John KinghornNellie Alguire045445
KIRK, Bessie L.F27 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Robert W. KirkMinerva E. Letrace045453
KITTLE, Hector S.M21 Jul 1909Finch Twp.Frank KittleOlive Mattice045624
KNIGHT, James A.M05 Jun 1909Finch Twp.Jas. KnightEllen McMahon045618
KYER, Lillian G.F08 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Carman KyerSarah E. Holmes045508
KYTE, Dorothy M.F16 Nov 1909Cornwall TownCharles W. KyteMary McIntyre045398
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LAFLEUR, [ - ]M08 Jun 1909Cornwall TownThomas LafleurIda M. Adams045310
LAGUE, Joseph W.M10 Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.James LagueMaggie E. Ledger046203
LALONDE, Abel J.M26 Sep 1909Roxborough Twp.Luke LalondPhilemon Pilon046341
LALONDE, AntoinetteF09 Jul 1909Cornwall Twp.Telesphore LalondeMary Gauthier045492
LALONDE, Bertha A.F09 Jan 1909Roxborough Twp.Adelard LalondeElise Racine046240
LALONDE, EdmundM20 May 1909Cornwall TownGeorge LalondeMinnie Dufresne045318
LALONDE, Francis J.M03 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.Abraham LalondeAime Racine046257
LALONDE, Leonard G.M23 Nov 1909Cornwall TownGeorge LalondeAgnes Lafave045401
LALONDE, Mary E.F25 Aug 1909Cornwall TownFred LalondeEllen Labonte045345
LALONDE, Peter M.M22 Aug 1909Cornwall TownDuncan LalondeLaura E. Durant045344
LANDRY, MargueriteF15 Jan 1909Finch Twp.Ovide LandryRegina Des Jardine045578
LANGEVIN, Garnet R.M04 May 1909Cornwall Twp.James H. LangevinSarah Wilson045464
LAPAGE, Joseph A. E.M20 Jun 1909Finch Twp.Alex W. LapageMarie L. Renaud045568
LAPIERRE, Willis J.M31 Oct 1909Roxborough Twp.Paul LapierreMary St Louis046340
LAPLANTE, Roy A.M07 Jan 1909Cornwall TownAlbert G. LaplanteMary Dion045261
LAPOINTE, AgurneM02 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Alphonse LapointeOlivina Labelle045643
LAPOINTE, OmelaF14 Apr 1909Cornwall TownCalixte LapointeOdena Dextras045302
LAPRISE, RebeccaF01 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.George LapriseAgnes Mero045472
LAROSE, Charles W.M14 Apr 1909Cornwall TownHenry LaroseEmma Hence045303
LATOUR, Harvey L.M18 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.Omer LatourDevica Poirier902230
LAUBER, Elwin R.M06 Aug 1909Cornwall TownRichard W. LauberEdith Snider045341
LAURENT-JOLICOUR, AliceF22 Feb 1909Cornwall TownLouis Laurent-JolicourAuralie Bouchard045276
LAUSON, Annie D.F05 Feb 1909Cornwall Twp.Sam LausonAnnie McDonald045426
LAVIGNE, Marie E.F27 Jun 1909Finch Twp.Ben LavigneCorine Brine045562
LAVIOLETTE, Mary H.F02 Nov 1909Cornwall TownLouis LavioletteCatherine M. Stove045385
LEBLANC, Barbara R.F22 May 1909Osnabruck Twp.Albert LeblancEthel Groves046135
LECLAIR, [ - ]M22 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Benjamin Leclair[ - ] St John046317
LECLAIR, Allan J.M07 Jul 1909Roxborough Twp.Peter LeclairFlora McBane046295
LEFEBVRE, Mary E. F.F01 Jan 1909Roxborough Twp.-----Elizabeth Lefebvre501612
LEGER, Benjamin L.M10 Dec 1909Cornwall Twp.Edgar N. LegerMaude Barney047776
LEGER, Blanche A.F12 Nov 1909Cornwall TownAlfred LegerEthel St. Amour045388
LEGER, Ellen N.F06 Dec 1909Cornwall Twp.Frank LegerMary A. Guay047799
LEGROULX, Florence K.F22 May 1909Cornwall TownAlexander P. LegroulxAdora B. Corrigan045306
LEPAGE, Marie J.F07 Jan 1909Finch Twp.Arthur LepageAlma Goulet045576
LEPINE, Joseph A.M12 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Alfred LepinePolliann Charbonneau045443
LEROUX, Mary L.F10 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.Benjamin V. LerouxDelina Sabourin045461
LISCUMB, Olive J.F31 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Asa. LiscumbAnna M. Lough048322
LOCEY, Frederick C.M05 Mar 1909Cornwall TownEdgar M. LoceyHarriet Airey045277
LOKE, Grace G.F07 Feb 1909Cornwall TownM. LokeRene Auty045268
LORTIE, Oscar J.M27 May 1909Finch Twp.Hermedos LortieAgnes Lapage045617
LORTIE, RomeoM05 Sep 1909Finch Twp.Adrien LortieEmilia Champagne902345
LOSEY, Helen L.F22 Sep 1909Osnabruck Twp.Osborne W. LoseyBertha A. Stevenson046190
LOUCKS, Doreeny C.F18 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.William N. LoucksRena Gilmore045414
LUPIEN, JosephM02 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Alfred LupienPauline Sherlona045455
LYNCH, HubertM09 Nov 1909Finch Twp.W.J. LynchMaggie Featherstone045653
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MacDONALD, Bernard J.M31 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Francis MacDonaldMary Gagnon902640
MacFARLANE, Neil C.M09 Sep 1909Cornwall TownJames C. MacFarlaneChristina Poluck045363
MacPHEE, John D.M19 Oct 1909Cornwall TownJohn E. MacPheeMary E. Nichol045386
MacPHERSON, Agnes I.F17 Feb 1909Cornwall TownJohn N. MacPhersonHelen G. Carr045272
MAGWOOD, Marguerite E.F19 Apr 1909Cornwall TownWilliam H. MagwoodMay Percival045301
MALONEY, William G.M08 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Edward J. MaloneyMary T. Quinn046180
MARCELLUS, Ethan F.M26 Jun 1909Finch Twp.Asa MarcellusOva Wells045570
MARSH, James A.M26 Jun 1909Cornwall TownJames A. MarshAda Holiday045323
MARTIN, [ - ]M30 Dec 1909Cornwall TownJoseph MartinEdith Boyer045404
MARTIN, ErnestM06 Mar 1909Cornwall TownJesse MartinMelina Lalonde045293
MARTIN, George E.M01 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.Ernest WilsonLucy Letts902489
MARTIN, LauraF20 May 1909Cornwall Twp.Henry MartinAnnestine Leduc045471
MARTIN, LeoM26 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.George MartinMary J. Martell045482
MARTIN, PaulM29 Apr 1909Cornwall TownAnthony MartinEmma Sampson045308
MATTICE, Clifford A.M25 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.John MatticeElizabeth Runions045507
MATTICE, Dwight S.M16 May 1909Osnabruck Twp.Ewart O. MatticeGertrude Irvin046142
MATTICE, Ethel I.F18 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Henry H. MatticeJennie Jackson045444
MATTICE, Margaret E.F09 Oct 1909Cornwall TownWilliam A. MatticeMary C. Liddell045382
MATTICE, Muriel R.F31 Jul 1909Finch Twp.Albert MatticeTina Kittle045626
McALEER, Jeremiah P.M12 Nov 1909Cornwall Twp.Dennis McAleerAda M. Bender045542
McARTHUR, Edith G.F20 Jan 1909Cornwall TownAlexander McArthurMary Stephenson045251
McCLEAVE, Roy G.M17 Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.Arthur S. McCleaveEvalina Eamon046206
McCONNELL, Leila M.F18 Apr 1909Roxborough Twp.Oscar McConnellAggie Flannigan046268
McCONNELL, Miles R.M05 Mar 1909Finch Twp.Geo. McConnellChristina McMillan045599
McCOURT, Daniel A.M12 Oct 1909Cornwall TownAlexander D. McCourtMary F. Moloney045378
McCULLOCH, Mary M. F19 Nov 1909Cornwall TownJohn W. McCullochCatherine E. Calder502139
McDONALD, [ - ]M03 Jul 1909Cornwall TownDonald A. McDonaldAnnie McDougall045356
McDONALD, EllenF30 May 1909Roxborough Twp.Duncan A McDonald[ - ] McElheran046289
McDONALD, Florence M.F29 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Samual J. McDonaldCassie McRae046312
McDONALD, John A.M10 Jun 1909Roxborough Twp.Archie A. McDonaldBarbara Stephenson046284
McDONALD, Mary A.F01 Jul 1909Cornwall TownJohn A. McDonaldMildred Turfle045357
McDONALD, NormanM06 Aug 1909Cornwall TownArchibald N. McDonaldCatherine J. McDonald045333
McDONALD, Stella M.F07 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Hugh D. McDonaldFlorence McPhail503490
McDOUGAL, KeithM01 Dec 1909Roxborough Twp.Alexander D. McDougalDaisy I. Kennedy046346
McDOUGALD, Allen M.M23 May 1909Finch VillageA.J. McDougaldMaggie Munroe045656
McDOUGALL, Jean E.F07 Jun 1909Cornwall TownEdward L. McDougallMargaret E. Davidson045313
McELHERAN, Clifford M.M10 May 1909Roxborough Twp.John G. McElheranMaggie Steel046273
McELHONE, John A.M01 Mar 1909Cornwall TownHenry McElhoneAnnie Cousineau045285
McEWEN, Elizabeth J.F16 Nov 1909Roxborough Twp.Ernest McEwenIda Ferguson046344
McEWEN, Gavin J.M07 Feb 1909Roxborough Twp.John J. McEwenMary McDiarmid046248
McEWEN, Ralph H.M13 Feb 1909Roxborough Twp.Ernest A. McEwenMary A. Begg046250
McEWEN, Vincent A.M20 Oct 1909Roxborough Twp.Vincent S. McEwenMaud Finlayson046335
McGILLIS, Mary E.F24 Jul 1909Cornwall Twp.Hugh McGillisHannah McDonald045493
McGILLIVARY, [ - ]M15 May 1909Roxborough Twp.Donald McGillivary-----046276
McGRUER, Clara A.F15 May 1909Cornwall TownEd McGruerJane E. Britton045311
McGUIRE, Mildred V.F06 Jun 1909Cornwall TownWilliam C. McGuireIsabella McLennan045325
McINTOSH, Alexina C.F05 Dec 1909Roxborough Twp.Robert A. McIntoshChristena McDougall048406
McINTOSH, ArchibaldF17 Oct 1909Finch VillageWm.A. McIntoshSarah Cameron045657
McINTOSH, Florence M.F26 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.Donald J. McIntoshCatherine A. McDonald045484
McINTYRE, Ellen M.F25 Oct 1909Roxborough Twp.Alexander McIntyreCatherine McElheran046337
McINTYRE, HughenaF18 Sep 1909Roxborough Twp.Hugh D. McIntyreJane E. McElheran046322
McKENZIE, Angus A.M17 Feb 1909Roxborough Twp.Duncan McKenzieMary A. Emburg046251
McKILLICAN, Katherine C.F19 Jan 1909Roxborough Twp.James A. McKillicanMary A. McIntosh046244
McLAUGHLIN, Hilda B.F30 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.Oscar McLaughlinLea Walker046229
McLAUGHLIN, Margaret B.F14 Jan 1909Finch Twp.Wm. McLaughlinBertha Campbell045577
McLAUGHLIN, Mary A.F22 Feb 1909Cornwall Twp.Nathan McLaughlinCatherine McDonald045506
McLEAN [ - ]F31 Aug 1909Finch Twp.Alex H. McLeanBeth Robertson045630
McLEAN, Christina J.F14 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Andrew J. McLeanMargret A. Grant045531
McLEAN, Gladys R.F04 Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.[ - ] McLeanMable Warner046200
McLEAN, Grant A. M.M27 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Alex M. McLeanBella Holly047926
McLENNAN, Gertrude PearlF11 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.John M. McLennanAnnie Munro046266
McLEOD, Jessie I.F18 Jan 1909Roxborough Twp.Murdoch McLeodMary McLeod046246
McMAHON, Jas. E.M15 Aug 1909Finch Twp.Thos. McMahonAlice Crosgrove045629
McMARTIN, William M.M01 May 1909Finch Twp.George McMartinChristy Gray045607
McMILLAN, Alice E.F21 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Daniel McMillanJane McElheran046174
McMILLAN, David J.M28 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Peter D. McMillanCatherine McDonald045512
McMILLAN, Donald N.M19 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Neil McMillanSarah McMillan045646
McMILLAN, Golda M.F30 May 1909Cornwall Twp.Donald McMillanJessie Rupert045483
McMILLAN, IsabellaF03 Oct 1909Finch Twp.D.H.D. McMillanJulia Munro045636
McMILLAN, John E.M02 Apr 1909Finch Twp.Alex McMillanCatherine McMillan045601
McNEIL, Malcom W.M26 Jul 1909Roxborough Twp.John McNeilCharlotte Blair046316
McPHAIL, Basil W.M25 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.Alexander McPhailAugusta Vail046267
McPHAIL, Francis J.M08 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.Allan J. McPhailCatherine A. McDonald045478
McPHAIL, Mary JaneF27 Jan 1909Cornwall TownJames McPhailNellie McDonnell045255
McPHAIL, William B.M01 Nov 1909Cornwall Twp.Roderick McPhailMary J. Chisholm045538
McPHERSON, Edna M.F06 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Alexander McPhersonMary Servage046185
McPHERSON, CatherineF03 Oct 1909Finch Twp.Donald McPhersonMaggie Servage045637
McPHERSON, Iva C. J.F16 Sep 1909Roxborough Twp.Finlay McPhersonCatherine [Bell] Bethune046321
McRAE, Donald E.M26 Dec 1909Finch Twp.Donald McRaeMary Lochurst045649
McRAE, George H.M28 Jan 1909Roxborough Twp.Donald A. McRaeMinnie Thompson046247
McVAGH, Ellen R.F01 Jun 1909Roxborough Twp.Edward A. McVaghEllen J. McPhail046315
MEEK, David E.M07 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Cyril MeekMadge Waldrof045502
MESSECAR, Sousie, E.F07 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.John W. MessecarElsie M. Ryerse045510
MILLER, Loretta M.F10 Jun 1909Roxborough Twp.Louie Miller[ - ] Seguean046292
MILLER, Luella A.F07 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.William MillerEva Eamon046186
MILLER, Claude V.M23 Feb 1909Roxborough Twp.A. O. MillerJane S. McIntyre046245
MILLROSS, James F.M 17 Sep 1909Osnabruck Twp.Curtis MillrossIda Flemming046217
MILLWARD, Charles H.M07 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.William E. MillwardLillian G. Hoople046179
MOAK, Glenn W.M23 May 1909Osnabruck Twp.James J. MoakRemina Rupert046136
MOKE, Helen E.F02 Apr 1909Osnabruck Twp.Johiel MokeGertie Rupert046124
MONTGOMERY, Mervin D.M16 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.Howard S. MontgomeryEllen P. Oderkirk046224
MORPAW, Flossie M.F11 Jul 1909RoxboroughFrank MorpawMinnie Shorts046327
MOSS, Enid M.F02 Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.Albert G. MossMary J. Morgan046204
MOSS, HughM15 Aug 1909Cornwall TownSamuel MossMary E. McGillivray045364
MURDOCK, Seal Jno.M05 Apr 1909Finch VillageArthur J. SealChristie McQuaig045654
MURPHY, Violet R.F24 Apr 1909Finch Twp.Jas. MurphyCatherine Lynch045604
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NELSON, SylvesterM02 Feb 1909Finch Twp.Thomas NelsonMaggie McGillivray045585
NEWMAN, William G.M19 Dec 1909Cornwall TownWilliam F. NewmanAlice M. Bowdler045403
NORRIS, Howard V.M11 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Herbert NorrisAlice D. Perry045434
NORTON, William S.M11 Oct 1909Finch Twp.James NortonKatherine Bechler045638
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O'BRIAN, NelsonM05 Jan 1909Cornwall TownCharles O'BrianMaggie Dor045249
O'CONNELL, Myles J. R.M05 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.George O'ConnellChristina McMillan046254
O'MALLEY, Bridget R.F02 Aug 1909Finch Twp.Jas. O'MalleyMary McDonald045627
O'NEIL, StellaF20 Jul 1909Finch Twp.John O'NeilAnnie Erratt045623
OUDERKIRK, Nettie J. E.F12 Sep 1909Finch Twp.Simion OuderkirkGertrude Bake047930
OUDERKIRK, Ola B.F09 Sep 1909Finch Twp.Isiah OuderkirkEliza A. Lang045633
OUDERKIRK, Romeo H.M27 Oct 1909Finch Twp.Saul OuderkirkHenretta Green047923
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PARADIS, GeorgeM19 Feb 1909Cornwall TownGeorge ParadisMary Miron045275
PARKER, Edith V.F04 Dec 1909Cornwall Twp.John A. ParkerAgnes J. Locey045544
PATTERSON, Ethel S.F23 Feb 1909Finch Twp.M.H. PattersonSusie Smirl045590
PAUPST, LydiaF27 May 1909Cornwall Twp.Edwin PoapstGertrude Parks045467
PAYETTE, Joseph A.M30 May 1909Cornwall Twp.Joseph PayetteAdelia Samson503104
PAYETTE, Mary P.F29 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Israel A. PayetteMargret E. Lalonde045528
PELLERIN, IdaF14 Aug 1909Cornwall TownAdolphe PellerinJennie Cadorac045348
PENAS, WilliamM12 Jun 1909Finch Twp.Frank PenasMarguerite Rocheford045567
PERKINS, Mary B.F16 Sep 1909Cornwall TownJoseph PerkinsMary E. Tyo045389
PHILLIPS, B.M28 Jan 1909Finch Twp.John PhillipsJanet Steel045581
PIGEON, Mary A.F14 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.George PigeonJosephine Deroshier045457
PITTS, Edna M.F28 Jan 1909Cornwall TownHerbert PittsCatherine Higgins045265
POAPST, Gertrude I.F28 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.Howard PoapstAnnie M. Markell045473
POIRIER, Eugene A.M23 May 1909Roxborough Twp.Daniel PoirierHenrietta Pigeon046286
POIRIER, Dora M.F13 Jun 1909Cornwall TownPeter PoirierElizabeth Zuber045316
POITRAS, George P.M5 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.William P. PoitrasMary Martin045413
POITRAS, Margaret Y.F04 May 1909Cornwall TownJohn PoitrasLouise Masson045300
POITRAS, Mildred M.F30 Apr 1909Roxborough Twp.James PoitrasIsabella Simpson046288
POTOSSE, FrederickM26 Dec 1909Cornwall TownCharles PotosseLouisa White045406
POND, PercyM26 Sep 1909Cornwall TownAntoine PondMaud Lalonde045325
PRESTON, Sarah J.F08 Apr 1909Finch VillageJohn PrestonMaggie McIntosh045659
PREVOST, Rodolph J.M19 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.Emery PrevostEmma Leroux046260
PRICE, Lela E.F31 Jan 1909Osnabruck Twp.Clarence PriceLucey Baker046152
PRIMEAU, Joseph EarlM05 Sep 1909Cornwall TownJoseph A. PrimeauGertrude MacDonald045365
PRIMEAU, Deneige M.F07 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Domina PrimeauVictoria Lassier045430
PRUNNER, Howard K.M25 Sep 1909Osnabruck Twp.Jeremiah J. PrunnerEmma J. Barkley046192
PURCELL, Lillian E.F10 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.Philip J. PurcellClara A. Brown046163
PYKE, ConnerM25 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.Richard PykeLizzie Crombie046227
PYKE, Melvin C.M15 Jun 1909Roxborough Twp.Charles PykeViolet Perry046281
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QUAIL, Augusta A.F29 Oct 1909Roxborough Twp.Ranald QuailHelen Wheeler046338
QUINN, John M.M10 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Frank QuinnAnnie Moloney045499
QUINN, Russell H.M16 Mar 1909Finch Twp.Gordon Quinn[ - ]045594
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RACINE, [ - ]F15 Sep 1909Finch Twp.Cleophus Racine[ - ]  Racine045634
RACINE, Joseph A.M05 May 1909Finch Twp.Joseph RacineHermeada Bazinette045609
RACINE, OvideM13 Mar 1909Finch Twp.E. RacineCatherine Newhouse045593
RAINEY, DanielM18 Nov 1909Roxborough Twp.William RaineyAnnie I. M. Aumell502303
RAINY, LeonardM21 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.Joseph RainyMary Wiseman046262
RAINY, MargaretF18 Sep 1909Roxborough Twp.John RainyAlice Sauve046320
RANSOM, Kathleen A.F02 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Fredrick RansomEmma Brown046184
RATCLIFFE, JohnM22 Jun 1909Cornwall TownRobert RatcliffeHelen Dobbins045328
RAYMOND, George A.M16 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.Arthur S. RaymondAnnie L. Alguire045500
RAYMOND, Margret I.F16 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Arthur RaymondEmma E. Paupst045520
RAYMOND, MarthaF07 Oct 1909Osnabruck Twp.William RaymondLydia Snetsinger046218
RAYMOND, Thelma M.F[ ] Aug 1909Osnabruck Twp.Isaiah RaymondBessie M. Fickes046212
RIDSDALE, GeorgeM13 Mar 1909Cornwall TownErnest RidsdaleFlorence Clee045280
RIVIER, ClaranceM20 Feb 1909Cornwall TownJoseph A. RivierFlorance Bergeron045267
ROACH, Elizabeth I.F09 May 1909Roxborough Twp.Joseph RoachMary Lemon046272
ROACH, MaudF10 Feb 1909Cornwall TownPeter RoachMartha Nero045260
ROBERTS, Mary AbieF22 Mar 1909Cornwall TownRobert W. RobertsSarah J. Moore045283
ROBERTSON, Harry E.M01 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Charles W. RobertsonTheresa E. Roys045537
ROBERTSON, James S.M10 May 1909Cornwall Twp.John RobertsonMartha Scott045466
ROBERTSON, JessieF28 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.William RobertsonBeatrice Osborne045431
ROBINSON, Eunice E.F26 May 1909Roxborough Twp.Walter W. RobinsonClara J. Bennett046278
ROCHON, Leo N.M22 Jul 1909Cornwall Twp.William RochonMary Caza902881
RODERICK, Alice E.F21 Apr 1909Cornwall TownJoseph H. RoderickEmma Primo045297
ROMBAUGH, Cecil B.M20 Jan 1909Osnabruck Twp.Johiel RombaughEdna Hollister046148
ROSS, Paul W. C.M23 Jan 1909Cornwall TownWilliam RossMaggie Ostler045262
ROSS, Vincent J.M24 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.Fred RossChristy Jarvo045488
ROSS, Walter R.M25 Jul 1909RoxboroughAlexander RossIsabella McIntosh046298
ROUSSE, George J.M22 Jul 1909Roxborough Twp.Philias RousseChristina Brazeau046326
ROUSSEAU, Rapheal H. J.M14 May 1909Roxborough Twp.Alfred RousseauClara Villeneuve046274
ROWE, Edward F.M17 Sep 1909Cornwall TownJoseph RoweKate Gillespie045360
RUEST, Bernadette A.F29 Jun 1909Cornwall TownLeon RuestLea Lemire502376
RUNIONS, [ - ]F08 Jun 1909Cornwall TownEdward RunionsMary [ not given ]045326
RUNIONS, Doris M. {twin}F20 Oct 1909Cornwall TownSylvester RunionsMalvina Conliff045390
RUNIONS, GeorgeM22 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Edward C. RunionsLillian Miner902902
RUNIONS, Helen V.F09 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.James E. RunionsNellie V. Simmins045485
RUNIONS, Mary B. {twin}F20 Oct 1909Cornwall TownSylvester RunionsMalvina Conliff045391
RUPERT, Evelyne I.F14 Aug 1909Osnabruck Twp.James H. RupertLottie M. Shaver046214
RUPERT, Kenneth N.M07 Feb 1909Osnabruck Twp.Cyril W. RupertMartha E. Harris046156
RUSSELL, George L.M07 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.George T. RussellHattie M. Duby045518
RUSSELL, Ralph F.M02 Jan 1909Cornwall TownFrederick RussellClara Hess045247
RUTLEY, Bessie A.F27 Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.Josiah W. RutleyChristina Johnston046211
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SABOURIN, EvelineF11 Feb 1909Cornwall Town[?] SabourinEdith Lapointe045259
ST DENIS, Gertrude {twin}F16 May 1909Cornwall Twp.Abram St DenisGertrude Bergeron045469
ST DENIS, Regiest {twin}M16 May 1909Cornwall Twp.Abram St DenisGertrude Bergeron045468
ST DENIS, Lawrence J.M31 May 1909Roxborough Twp.Albert St DenisMarguerit Sauve046287
ST DENIS, Leo H.M31 Dec 1909Cornwall TownNapoleon St DenisMaggie Dupuis047634
SAUVE, Christena M.F03 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.Peter SauveChristy A. St. Louis045441
SAUVE, Ida M.F16 Aug 1909Cornwall TownJames SauveMary A. Mathison045359
SAUVE, Mabel L.F03 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Lucien SauveMary Louise Alguire046302
SAUVE, Wilfred J. F.M14 May 1909Roxborough Twp.Magloire SauveAlbina Marlowe046275
SAVAGE, Joseph L.M19 Feb 1909Finch Twp.Joseph SavageVergina Lafrance045589
SCARBEAU, [ - ]M31 Jan 1909Roxborough Twp.Levi Scarbeau-----046264
SCARBO, GeorgeM31 Jan 1909Finch Twp.Levi ScarboNina Levique045582
SCHARF, Harold C.M02 May 1909Finch VillageAbram ScharfMay Simpson047909
SECOURS, Evelina C.F22 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.Esdras SecoursDelia Lassier045416
SEGUIN, [ - ] -19 Jan 1909Finch Twp.Leon SeguinAnnie McRae045579
SEGUIN, Alzear L. J.M25 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Napoleon SeguinCaeserina Gauthier046333
SEGUIN, Reeta S.F20 Mar 1909Martintown [ ? ]Arthur SeguinGrace Neal903035
SENTPEER, John E. {St. Pierre}M07 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.Frank SentpeerTheodochia Thompson046221
SHAE, [ - ]M05 May 1909Osnabruck Twp.Morris ShaeJosephine Hart046131
SHARROW, Henry J.M01 Aug 1909Cornwall TownJoseph SharrowHarriet McDonald045332
SHAVER, Carl L.M01 Jun 1909Roxborough Twp.Frank A. ShaverAda Rombough046279
SHAVER, Dorothy E.F19 Aug 1909Osnabruck Twp.Herman ShaverElizabeth M. Dixon046215
SHAVER, Earl B.M04 Apr 1909Osnabruck Twp.John H. ShaverBertha M. Runions046126
SHAW, Lawrence P.M20 Jun 1909Roxborough Twp.Dalton ShawMinnie Armstrong046290
SHEETS, Lottie G.F19 Nov 1909Osnabruck Twp.George E. SheetsEllen Esther Heathe046225
SHELBURN, Robert C.M05 Sep 1909Cornwall TownFred ShelburnBertha Rohr045362
SHIELLS, Evelyn G.F25 Sep 1909Cornwall Twp.Arthur ShiellsAlice Wood045535
SILMSER, Rebecca L.F09 Mar 1909Cornwall TownEdwin H. SilmserSarah Hunt045294
SHENEY, Mary C.F05 Jun 1909Cornwall TownFrederick SheneyElizabeth Edwards045312
SMITH, Irene L.F04 Jul 1909Cornwall TownHarry SmithMaggie Coleman045358
SNETSINGER, [ - ]F29 May 1909Osnabruck Twp.Austin SnetsingerAlberta Warner046137
SNETSINGER, Hilda M.F29 May 1909Osnabruck Twp.Charles A. SnetsingerAlberta Warner046196
SNIDER, Bazil W.M05 Nov 1909Cornwall Twp.Simon G. SniderLillian E. Conliff045540
SNYDER, Mary G. F09 Jan 1909Osnabruck Twp.James S. SnyderMary E. Eamon046146
SOLLY, Thomas H.M23 May 1909Cornwall Twp.William SollyAnnie Stubbs045474
SOLOMON, John B.M06 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.Wilburn D. SolomonMargaret J. Johnston046161
SPOTTAN, PetronillaF28 Sep 1909Finch Twp.William SpottanJulia Kavanaugh045635
STACEY, ChristinaF21 Oct 1909Cornwall TownMichael StaceyCharlotte Mason045381
STARK, Adam A.M25 May 1909Finch Twp.William StarkBella McQueen045616
STATA, Roy C.M14 Sep 1909Osnabruck Twp.Reuben StataMinnie Miller046182
STEEL, [-]M16 Sep 1909Osnabruck Twp.William J. SteelNellie Warner046189
STEEL[E], Byron A.M20 Jan 1909Finch Twp.Willie SteelMary McNiel045580
STEELE, Laurence EarlM16 Sep 1909Roxborough Twp.William J. SteeleNellie M. Warner046323
STEPHENSON, Essie V.F29 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.William H. StephensonJessie I. Quinn501482
STEVENS, Howard W.M16 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.Albert N. StevensKathleen Rand046166
STEVENSON, Viola E.F29 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Henry StevensonJennie Quinn046310
STEWART, [ - ]F22 Apr 1909Finch Twp.David StewartMargaret McElheran045602
STEZIK, BogdenM11 Nov 1909Cornwall TownGeorge StezikEva Zukowski903228
STONE, Hessie M.F12 Apr 1909Osnabruck Twp.Harvey StoneMary A. Hartwell046128
STRUTHERS, Blanche E.F24 Oct 1909Cornwall TownPhilip StruthersMelina Billette045395
STRUTHERS, Mary V.F19 Aug 1909Cornwall TownWilliam StruthersDelia Billette045346
SUTHERLAND, Mary L.F23 Apr 1909Finch Twp.Thomas SutherlandMary McRae045603
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TABRAM, GraceF23 Aug 1909Cornwall TownAlfred TabramHarriet Bowling045355
TAILLON, Cletus P.M29 Apr 1909Cornwall Twp.Peter W. TaillonEva V. Faubert501708
TAIT, Luella M.F04 Feb 1909Osnabruck Twp.William TaitLizzie Baker046140
TASSIER, BurnetteF22 Nov 1909Cornwall Twp.Medrick TassierEmme Dufrense047804
TERRANCE, MargretF28 Jul 1909Cornwall Twp.Abram TerranceMargret Oak045505
TESSIER, BernadetteF22 Nov 1909Cornwall TownMederic TessierEmma Dufresne045394
THOMPSON, Ellery J.M30 Jun 1909Finch Twp.James L. ThompsonElizabeth Lindt045563
THOMPSON, GoldieF23 Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.Daniel ThompsonFlora Lafleur046207
THOMPSON, Irene G.F06 Sep 1909Roxborough Twp.Walter ThompsonIda Myers046311
TINKESS, Blanche M. E.F19 Mar 1909Roxborough Twp.George TinkessAlice Walker046261
TRUAX, GeorgeM13 Jul 1909Roxborough Twp.John TruaxLoucinda Sproul046307
TYO, Annie P.F22 Sep 1909Cornwall TownJoseph TyoJessie Brebant045367
TYO, Benjamin B.M30 Mar 1909Cornwall TownAdolphe TyoRosanna Elderbrown045298
TYO, William H.M19 Feb 1909Cornwall Twp.Alexander G. TyoFlorance A. Good045435
TYRILL, Ellen C.F28 Jun 1909Cornwall Twp.William J. TyrillMary N. Eamer045496
TYRILL, George E.M28 Jul 1909Cornwall Twp.Henry A. TyrillJosie Mary Guyse045497
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VANCE, Clair D.F12 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Gordon VanceCassie Dawson046178
VANDYKE, Dalton J.M02 Aug 1909Finch Twp.John VandykeBurnice Brown903367
VANIER, AlbertineF27 Apr 1909Finch Twp.Joseph VanierAlexcina Theoret045606
VILLENEUVE, Edna L.F08 Aug 1909RoxboroughArthur VilleneuveMary M. Dorey046305
VILLENEUVE, Evonne M. B.F03 Jul 1909Roxborough Twp.Arthur VilleneuveLamentia Bourgon046297
VILLENEUVE, OscarM23 Jul 1909Roxborough Twp.Hormidos VilleneuveEmerige Laflesh046325
VILLENEUVE, Villina M.F08 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Calxtie VilleneuveAgnes Hurtubise046332
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WAGNER, Florence B.F[ ] Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.William D. WagnerEthel L. Empey046205
WALDROFF, [ - ]F27 Feb 1909Roxborough Twp.Herman WaldroffIda M. Armstrong046252
WALDROFF, Vera C.F20 Feb 1909Osnabruck Twp.John WaldroffMatilda Thompson046158
WARNER, [ - ]F17 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.Emerson WarnerSelena Grant046309
WARNER, Bella E.F12 Jun 1909Osnabruck Twp.Henry WarnerLillie C. Steel046197
WARNER, PaulineF30 Nov 1909Cornwall Twp.Silas A. WarnerHannah M. Weegar047780
WARNER, RossM16 Jun 1909Osnabruck Twp.Fred WarnerAda Wesley903471
WARNER, RothwellM26 Nov 1909Cornwall Twp.Mansen WarnerElizabeth Shanepine045545
WATCHORN, Daisy E.F23 Feb 1909Cornwall TownRichard WatchornRose D. Cousineau045274
WATSON, KeithM12 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.Ira WatsonLeila Shaver046164
WATSON, Ruth E.F19 Nov 1909Cornwall TownJames WatsonAnnie Fetterly045393
WATTERS, Peter L.M23 Aug 1909Cornwall Twp.William D. WattersMargret A. McLaurin045509
WATTIE, Thomas A.M07 Mar 1909Cornwall TownAlfred J. WattieGeorgina Sauve045278
WATTIE, Viola S.F20 Jun 1909Cornwall TownJames A. WattieJanet B. Jarvo045319
WELLS, Percey A.M12 Dec 1909Osnabruck Twp.Percy C. WellsOrena C. Barry048321
WERELEY, Aileen L.F29 Jan 1909Osnabruck Twp.Willis A. WereleyMary A. Steele048423
WERELEY, Douglas E.M12 May 1909Osnabruck Twp.Cory E. WereleyFlorence M. Coughlar046132
WERELEY, Rossie A.M14 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Ebert WereleyNettie Helmer045530
WERELY, [ - ]M31 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.Arthur WerelyLizzie Bender045423
WERELY, Howard E.M10 Mar 1909Cornwall TownGeorge C. WerelyFlora C. McDonell045291
WERLEY, EvelynF29 Apr 1909Osnabruck Twp.Howard WerleyNellie Helmer046130
WERT, Olive F.F31 Mar 1909Osnabruck Twp.John P. WertAnnie D. Shaver046169
WHEELER, Anna E.F27 May 1909Cornwall TownErnest A. WheelerMary Gibson045321
WHEELER, BernardM14 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Walter WheelerMargret Moloney045527
WHITE, Peter A.M01 Oct 1909Cornwall Twp.Albert WhiteJosephine Primeau045524
WHITHAM, Gordon V.M10 Jan 1909Cornwall Twp.Albert V. WhithamElla M. McConnoll045421
WHITING, Willie S.M10 June 1909Osnabruck Twp.Sheldon WhitingIda Ledger046145
WHITNEY, James C.M23 Jul 1909Osnabruck Twp.Garnet M. WhitneyMarie K. Colquhoun046208
WHITTAKER, William S.M18 May 1909Cornwall Twp.John J. WhittakerMary J. Scott501290
WILLARD, Ellen M.F08 Aug 1909Roxborough Twp.John WillardMary I. Disheau502013
WILSON, Harold E.M02 Oct 1909Osnabruck Twp.Thomas H. WilsonMable Brown046193
WINTERS, Ruby L.F11 Jun 1909Osnabruck Twp.James WintersLillie McLean046170
WISEMAN, Evelyn I.F21 Jul 1909Finch VillageRonald WisemanMaggie McIntosh045660
WOOD, Frances E.F23 Dec 1909Cornwall TownFred WoodLevina E. Wood047637
WOODRUFF, Robert S.M04 Feb 1909Cornwall TownHoward R. WoodruffHannah E. Hartle045266
WOODS, Lawrence P.M05 Jun 1909Finch Twp.Eli WoodsRose E. Lalonde501432
WYATT, Mary K.F27 Oct 1909Cornwall TownArthur C. WyattMargaret A. Munro045392
WYSLOP, Barbara O.F12 Mar 1909Cornwall Twp.James WyslopCatherine Doyle501656
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YELLE, [ - ] M05 Feb 1909Finch Twp.Frank YelleMarie Bazinette045588
YOUMELLE, ErnestM22 Aug 1909Cornwall TownAndrew YoumelleRegina Baker045343
YOUMELLE, Peter R.M08 Oct 1909Cornwall TownPhilip A. YoumelleEliza Snell045373
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