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r.A. McLENNAN is twenty-five years of age and owns and occupies a fine 120-acre farm just east of Cornwall, on the Montreal Road. He is a patron of the Glen Walter Cheese Factory and has a fine herd of 15 cattle, 4 horses, 7 swine and over a hundred fowl. His farm yields yearly 500 bushels of grain, 80 tons of hay, 8 acres of corn, 75 bushels of potatoes, 75 bushels of vegetables and 100 bushels of assorted apples. He has been farming five years and during that time has been a patron of the Cornwall Cheese Board. He daily draws, during the season, 250 pounds of milk.
       Mr. McLennan is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Angus McLennan. He is married and has a son and a daughter. He is a Presbyterian in religion, a Conservative in politics and of Scotch descent.

jAMES DARCY McGEE is twenty-eight years old and occupies and operates the fine farm located Lots1 and 2, First and Second Concessions, Indian Lands, Charlottenburg Township, Glengarry. He is a patron of the Glen Walter Cheese Factory and owns 20 cattle, 3 horses, 10 swine and over 50 fowl. His farm produces 400 bushels of grain, 60 tons of hay and 100 tons of ensilage yearly. He has been farming over ten years and daily draws to the factory, during the season, some 300 pounds of milk. Mr. McGee has admittedly the finest team of horses in the section where he resides.
       Mr. McGee's father's name was Oliver McGee, and his mother's maiden name was Catherine McDonald. He married Laura McLennan and has one son and two daughters. He is an Anglican in religion, Conservative in politics, and of Irish descent.

jAMES R. CRAIG is perhaps, in point of years, one of, if not the, oldest patrons of the Glen Walter Cheese Factory, being eighty-four years of age. His farm is on Lot Number 3, Front, Indian Lands, Charlottenburg Township, Glengarry County. It consists of 100 acres on which are grown annually 600 bushels of grain and 30 tons of hay, besides corn and other farm produce. He has 24 cattle, 5 horses, 10 swine and over 50 fowl. A fine orchard of assorted apples adjoins the home. Mr. Craig has been farming for over sixty years and has been a patron of the Cheese Board for fifteen years. He sends an average of 300 pounds of milk per day, for the season, to the Glen Walter Factory.
       Mr. Craig's father's name was John Craig and his mother's name Mary Wesley. He married Ann Adams and has one son and four daughters. In religion he is a Presbyterian, in politics a Conservative, and his nationality is Scotch. Mr. Craig was appointed Justice of the Peace by the late Premier Whitney. He has been a School Trustee for a great many years.

jOHN HARVEY CRAIG is thirty-seven years of age and a son of James R. Craig. Since the retirement of his father, Mr. Harvey Craig operates the farm at Glen Walter. Mr. Craig, who is generally regarded as a "good fellow" in the better sense of the term, is considered one of the best practical farmers in this district. He has been actively engaged in farming for eighteen years and a patron of the Cornwall Cheese Board for fifteen years, drawing milk to the Glen Walter Cheese Factory. He is a successful breeder of Ayreshire cattle.
       His mother's name was Ann Adams. He is unmarried. Mr. Craig's nationality is Scotch Canadian. He is a Presbyterian in religion and a Conservative in politics. "Harvey," as he is generally known, has a splendid future before him as a farmer and agriculturist.
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