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sIMON FRASER was born on his farm, West 1/2 Lot 7, Sixth Concession, Cornwall Township, February 16th, 1867. His parents were Angus Fraser (deceased) and Jennett McDonald, and by his wife, Mary Maloney, he has six sons and two daughters. He is a Roman Catholic and a Liberal.
       His farm of 100 acres is stocked with 20 cattle, 3 horses, 10 swine and 80 fowl, and yields 400 bushels grain, 35 tons hay, 5 acres corn and 100 bushels potatoes.
       Mr. Fraser delivers daily 250 pounds milk to the Island Factory. His life work has been farming and for twenty-one years he has been a patron of the Cheese Board. He also has a small sugar bush on his farm.

p.J. McDONNELL was born on his farm, part Lots 11 and 12, Fifth Concession, Cornwall Township, May 1st, 1858. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. McDonnell, and by his wife, Jessie Wood, he has three daughters. He is a Roman Catholic and a Unionist.
       He has a large farm of 260 acres, well stocked with 40 head of cattle, 6 horses, 85 sheep, 15 swine and 100 fowl, the annual yield of which is 1,000 bushels grain, 80 tons hay, and fruit, potatoes and vegetables for own use. He delivers daily 500 pounds milk to the St. Andrews Cheese Factory, and for twenty-one years has been a patron of the Cheese Board. Mr. McDonnell is cheese salesman as well. He has also been in the Council for ten years, two of which acting as reeve, two as deputy reeve and six years as commissioner.

s.G. LAWSON, perhaps one of the best-known expert cheese makers operating a factory on the Cornwall Cheese & Butter Board, was born at St. Andrews, September 4, 1870. Mr. Lawson owns the St. Andrews Factory and has operated it continuously for the past twenty-five years. It is one of the best-appointed and up-to-date in the district. It has a splendid patronage list of about thirty-five members, and the quality of the cheese manufactured is not excelled. In conjunction with the factory he runs a well-cultivated 4-acre farm.
       Mr. Lawson's father's name was A. Lawson, and his mother's was Mary Anne McGuire. His wife's maiden name was Annie J. McDonald. He is the father of four sons and three daughters. In religion he is a Roman Catholic and in politics a Liberal.
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