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cHARLES A. WILKINS is forty-nine years of age and is perhaps one of the best-known cheese manufacturers on the Cornwall Cheese Board. Starting some thirty-two years ago when dairying was in its infancy, Mr. Wilkins has progressed with the times. He has been manager of many factories in Glengarry and Stormont and was a protégé of the late D. M. McPherson, the Cheese King of Canada. Tyotown and Glen Walter were two of the factories where Mr. Wilkins served as proprietor and manufacturer. Mr. Wilkins has been a consistent winner of prizes for superior cheese-making at many of the big exhibitions throughout the country, notable among these being the Chicago World's Fair and the Toronto and Ottawa Fairs. His latest achievement was the winning of the Silver trophy at the Perth mid-winter fair, 1918, where the contestants numbered over two hundred.
       Mr. Wilkins' father's name was George Wilkins, and his mother was Margaret Maloney. His wife's maiden name was Charlotte McRoberts and he is the father of three sons and one daughter. He is a Protestant in religion and a Unionist in politics.


  Thurston A. Doherty
Thurston A. Doherty
tHURSTON A. DOHERTY is forty-six years old and owns the splendid 150-acre farm located East 1/2 Lot 34 First Concession, Charlottenburg Township, Glengarry.
       His farm annually produces 800 bushels of grain, 40 tons of hay, 3 acres of vegetables, 100 tons of corn, 1 acre of beans and 2 acres of potatoes. He has 30 fine head of cattle, 5 horses, 20 sheep, 15 swine and a large number of fowl. Mr. Doherty has been farming all his life and has been a patron of the Cornwall Cheese Board for twenty-one years.
       His father's name was James Henry Doherty and his mother was Cecilia Bailey. He married Catherine Curry and is the father of two daughters, both deceased. He is a Presbyterian in religion, a Liberal in politics and of Scotch-Irish descent. Mr. Doherty has always been active in church matters and has acted for seven years as Secretary of the Glen Walter Public School. He was a member of the Township Council for two terms.
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