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  C. E. Wert
C. E. Wertc.E. WERT is fifty years of age. His parents were George Wert and Sarah Ann Markell. His wife was Elma Shaver. He has three sons. He is a born Canadian of U. E. Loyalist descent, an Anglican and a Liberal.
       His farm of 150 acres is located West 3/4 Lot 9, Second Concession, Osnabruck Township, having the following crop acreage annually: 30 acres grain, 35 acres hay, 6 acres corn. About 60 bushels potatoes and 75 barrels fruit are to be included in the products.
       Mr. Wert has farmed for thirty-two years, and has been a member of the Cheese Board for twenty-one years. His daily average of milk sent to the Wales Cheese Factory is 350 pounds.

  Patrick Pruner
Patrick PrunerpATRICK PRUNER was seventy-three years old at his last birthday. He was born in Canada, but is of Irish descent. He is a Roman Catholic and a Liberal.
       His family consists of four sons and three daughters.
       His farm of 150 acres, located Lots 19 and 20, Second Concession, Osnabruck Township, is stocked with 22 cattle, 7 horses, 4 swine, and 100 fowl. The annual crop acreage is: 30 acres grain, 30 acres hay, 5 acres corn, 1/2 acre potatoes, also including a small orchard.
       Mr. Pruner has experienced forty-five years of farm life, and has been a patron of the Cheese Board for twenty-one years. He sends an average of 300 pounds of milk daily to the Wales Factory.
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