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rOBERT VALLANCE was born November 16, 1857, on the farm, Lot 16, Third Concession, Osnabruck Township. He is the son of Robt. Vallance (deceased), while his mother's maiden name was M. Stean. His family consists of his wife, one son and two daughters. He is a Presbyterian and a Unionist.
       His farm of 150 acres has a stock composed of 30 cattle, including a pure-bred Ayrshire bull, 6 horses, 16 swine and 125 fowl. Two thousand bushels of grain, 50 tons of hay, 10 acres corn, 100 bushels potatoes and 1/2 acre fruit comprises an average yearly crop for Mr. Vallance. Our subject, who has been a patron of the Cheese Board for twenty-one years, ships daily 300 pounds of milk. He has had a life's experience of farming. Mrs. Vallance's grandfather settled here seventy-seven years ago, coming from Glasgow, Scotland.


  A. A. Fournelle
A. A. Fournelle
a.A. FOURNELLE was born in North Augusta, Ont., in 1875, where, thirty-three years ago, he started to serve an apprenticeship as a cabinet-maker, latterly establishing himself independently in business there. Twenty-five years ago he came to Cornwall where he has resided ever since. Mr. Fournelle first assumed the managership of the old established firm of Farlinger & Auty, and then became manager for the late Jerry Buckley. This latter position he held for seven years. He was for a time salesman for the well-known furniture firm of Alex. McDonald & Co. He subsequently embarked independently in the furniture repairing and cabinet making, and latterly in the furniture business. Mr. Fournelle, who has made a splendid success of this last venture, has his store located in the Adams Block, first door north of A. F. Mulhern's Coal Office, Pitt Street. He carries a full line of all kinds of furniture, window shades, pictures and picture framing. He particularly features bedroom sets, parlor sets, dining room sets, and in fact all furniture used in connection with housekeeping. He also handles antique furniture, and is well equipped to supply the public in any of these lines. His services as a repairer and upholsterer are in general demand. Mr. Fournelle is a believer in moderate prices consistent with good value.
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