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wILLIAM C. ROBERTSON was born February 10, 1868. He is the son of William N. and Eliza (Bassett) Robertson. His wife's maiden name was Beatrice Osborne and he is the father of four sons and four daughters. In religion he is a Methodist and in politics a Unionist.
       Mr. Robertson owns and operates the splendid 107-acre farm located Lot 20-21, First Concession, Cornwall Township. He has been farming all his life and is at present a patron of Cornwall Dairy where he delivers daily, during the season, 340 pounds of milk. He has been a member of the Cornwall Cheese Board since it was established.
       Mr. Robertson's farm yields, annually, 500 bushels of grain, 100 tons of hay, 50 barrels of fruit, 75 bushels of potatoes, 2 acres of vegetables and 12 acres of corn. He owns 38 head of cattle, 7 horses, 10 swine and over 100 fowl. He has won prizes in poultry at the Cornwall Fair, exhibiting Rhode Island Reds and Rocks.

jOSEPH TILTON was born November 20th, 1861, on Sheik's Island. He owns the 118-acre farm located East 1/2 Lot 22-23, Second Concession, Cornwall Township. He is the son of David S. and Emeline (Eamer) Tilton. His wife's maiden name was Marich Eamer and he has four sons and two daughters. In religion he is an Anglican and in politics a Liberal. Mr. Tilton delivers 500 pounds of milk daily during the season to the Lake View factory. He has a fine herd of 40 cattle, besides 6 horses, 15 swine and some 75 fowl. His farm produces, annually, 1,000 bushels of grain, 75 tons of hay, 100 bushels of potatoes, 15 acres of corn. He has a fine sugar bush on his farm. Mr. Tilton was formerly steward of the Provisions Department for the Lake Ontario & Bay of Quinte S. S. Company.
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