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  Gilbert Rancier, Proprietor
  Wales Cheese Factory

Gilbert Rancier, Proprietor Wales Cheese Factory
gILBERT RANCIER is proprietor of the Wales Cheese Factory. He was born forty-six years ago, and is recognized as one of the best cheese manufacturers on the Cornwall Board. His factory produces annually over 75 tons of cheese. He has exhibited colored cheese successfully at Toronto, Ottawa, Peterborough and other exhibitions.
       He served a lengthy apprenticeship in cheese making and is a graduate of the Kingston Dairy School, being the possessor of one of the first certificates issued by that institution.
       Mr. Rancier's father's name was William Rancier, his mother's maiden name being Mary Victoria Retta. He married Maude M. Hyland. Mr. Rancier is a Methodist in religion, a Conservative in politics and a staunch Canadian.

s.RALPH JOYCE was born in Madrid, N.Y., July 26th, 1876. His farm of 100 acres is situated West 1/2 Lot 4, Second Concession, Osnabruck Township. It has a stock equipment of 18 cattle, 3 horses, 11 swine and 127 fowl. The yearly production of the above property is 500 bushels grain, 40 tons hay, 6 acres corn, 75 bushels potatoes, and about 1/2 acre fruit. Mr. Joyce, who has enjoyed ten years of farm life, has been a patron of the Cheese Board also for the same length of time. He sends, daily, 200 pounds of milk to the Wales Factory. Mr. Joyce's herd of cattle is composed of pure-bred Holsteins and Ayrshires.
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