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  Charles E. Phillips
Charles E. PhillipscHARLES E. PHILLIPS was born at Maple Grove, June 17th, 1877. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Phillips. He married Margaret Shields, and has one son and two daughters. He is an Anglican in religion and a Unionist in politics.
       He has a farm of 75 acres located North West 1/4 Lot 14 and South East 1/4 Lot 15, Second Concession, Cornwall Township. He has been farming for twenty-eight years and a patron of the Cheese Board for twenty-one years. He is Secretary-Treasurer of the Farmer's Lea Factory and School Trustee. His farm stock consists of 17 cattle, 4 horses, 30 swine and about 70 fowl. His annual production is 500 bushels grain, 60 tons hay, 10 acres corn, 150 bushels potatoes, and 200 bushels vegetables. Mr. Phillips is regarded as one of the most substantial and progressive farmers of that community. His forefathers were United Empire Loyalists.

  Michael S. Snetsinger
Michael S. SnetsingermICHAEL SAMUEL SNETSINGER was born in Cornwall Township, August 15th, 1850. Mr. Snetsinger's father was George Snetsinger (deceased). His mother was Marguerite Earner. He married Mary Eamer, by whom he was the father of two sons and one daughter. In religion Mr. Snetsinger is an Anglican and in politics a Liberal. His 115-acre farm is located Lots 11 and 12, Third Concession, Cornwall Township. He owns 28 head of cattle, 4 horses, 16 swine and about 100 fowl. 800 bushels of grain, 50 tons of hay, 250 bushels potatoes, 2 acres corn, and a splendid orchard, comprise part of his crop each year. Mr. Snetsinger, who has farmed all his life, has been a patron of the Cheese Board since it was formed, and draws to Farmer's Lea Factory, during the season, an average of 650 pounds of milk per day. He takes a particular interest in his herd of pure-bred Ayrshire cattle. In exhibiting turkeys, ducks and geese at the Ottawa and Cornwall Exhibitions, Mr. Snetsinger has been a consistent prize winner. Mr. Snetsinger has just retired from the position of Deputy Reeve of the Township Council, after having served eight years.
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