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  John Ellis Harley
John Ellis Harley
jOHN ELLIS HARLEY was born at Cashion's Glen, October 18, 1873. His 80-acre farm is located Lot 18, Second Concession, Charlottenburg, Glengarry County. He is a patron of the Farmer's Choice Cheese Factory. He has 31 cattle, 3 horses, 17 swine and over 40 fowl. His farm yields, annually, 350 bushels of grain, 100 tons of hay, 3 acres of corn, 150 bushels potatoes and he has a fine orchard. He has been farming for twelve years and for that length of time has been a member of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board. He draws to the factory, daily during the season, 450 pounds of milk.
       Mr. Harley's father's name was Samuel Harley and his mother's maiden name Sarah A. Grant. His wife's maiden name was Catherine J. Clark. He has four daughters. Mr. Harley is an Anglican in religion and a Liberal in politics.

mALCOLM McGREGOR, aged fifty-four, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex. McGregor. His wife's maiden name was Maggie Jane Grant, by whom he has one son and two daughters. He is a Scotch-Canadian, a Protestant and an Independent.
       His farm of 100 acres, located East 1/2 Lot 19, Second Concession, R. R., is stocked with 24 cattle, 4 horses, 1 sheep, 15 swine and 60 fowl, and yields yearly 400 bushels grain, 50 tons hay, one-half acre vegetables, potatoes for own use, also including a small orchard. He taps about 200 maple trees.
       Our subject has spent his life at farming, and has been a patron of the Cheese Board for twenty-one years past. He delivers daily 300 pounds milk to the Glengarry Creams' Factory.
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