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jOHN W. COOPER was born April 3rd, 1890. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Cooper. His wife was Emma Kyer by whom he has one daughter. He is a Protestant and a Liberal.
       His farm, consisting of 50 acres, stocked with 20 cattle, 5 horses, 2 swine and 50 fowl, is located at Post Road, Ont. It yields, annually, 200 bushels grain, 18 tons hay, 3 acres corn and potatoes, vegetables and fruit for own use.
       Mr. Cooper's daily delivery to the Moulinette Cheese Factory is 120 pounds of milk. Mr. Cooper is a Canadian by birth.


  G. C. Winters
G. C. Winters
gEORGE C. WINTERS was born in Osnabruck, August 29th, 1861. He was the son of N. Winters and Mary J. Fetterly. His wife's maiden name was A. V. Wert, by whom he had one daughter. He was a Presbyterian in religion and a Liberal in politics.
       His farm is located Lot 36 and 37, Second Concession, Cornwall Township. His farm consisted of 15 cattle, 6 horses, 10 swine and 75 fowl, and his annual production 1,000 bushels grain, 60 tons hay, 5 acres corn, 100 bushels potatoes. He had an extensive sugar bush from which he made about 100 gallons syrup each year. His daily average of milk sent to the Moulinette Factory was 250 pounds.
       He spent fifteen years on the farm and was a patron of the Cheese Board for this period.
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