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  A. E. Cline
A. E. Cline
aLBERT E. CLINE was born August 24th, 1860, about one mile east of his farm which is the West 1/2 Lot 13, Fourth Concession, Cornwall Township. It consists of 100 acres and is stocked with 20 cattle, 4 horses, 18 sheep, 12 swine and about 60 fowl. It yields yearly 600 bushels grain, 40 tons hay, 6 acres corn, and 250 bushels potatoes. He delivers daily 200 pounds milk to the Farmer's Lea Factory, for which he is cheese salesman. He has spent his life in the pursuit of farming and has been a patron of the Cheese Board for twenty-one years. He is an exhibitor of Ayrshire cattle and Clydesdale horses at the Cornwall Fair and a prize winner. Mr. Cline is also one of the directors. He was one year in the Council and school trustee for three years. George Cline and Caroline Silmser were his parents. He married Agnes Robertson and has one son and one daughter. In religion he is an Anglican and in politics a Unionist. A noteworthy feature in connection with Mr. Cline's farm is the house, which was built in 1806, over one hundred years ago.

aLFRED M. ALGUIRE owns a 66-acre farm, which is the West part of Lot 14 and the South part of Lot 14, Second Concession, Cornwall Township. His stock consists of 20 cattle, 3 horses and 100 fowl, and his annual production is 300 bushels grain, 50 tons hay, 12 acres corn, 200 bushels potatoes. He delivers daily 325 pounds milk to Hollister Brothers, Cornwall.
       His parents were Ruben Alguire and Marinda Tilton. He is an Anglican in religion and a Unionist in politics.
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