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  Mathias Carpenter
Mathias CarpentermATHAIS CARPENTER was born in the Township of Cornwall, November 8th, 1855. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Carpenter. He married Elizabeth Robinson, by whom he has six sons and four daughters. He is an Anglican and a Conservative.
       His farm of 140 acres is located Lots 5 and 6, Third Concession, Cornwall Township. Its production, each year, is 900 bushels grain, 80 tons hay, 300 bushels potatoes, and 2 acres corn. Mr. Carpenter has a stock of 20 pure-bred Holstein and Ayrshire cattle, 4 horses, 9 swine, and 40 fowl. He delivers, daily, 250 pounds of milk to the Mays Fancy Cheese Factory.
       He has been on the farm for fifteen years, and a patron of the Cheese Board for the same period.

  Edward Whitford and Son
Edward Whitford and SoncDWARD WHITFORD was born near his farm December 18th, 1855. His parents were Robert Whitford and Charlotte Baker. His wife's maiden name was Eliza Speck. He has five sons and one daughter, is an Anglican and a Unionist.
       His farm of 100 acres is stocked with 25 cattle, all of which are pure-bred Holsteins, from which he sends 250 pounds of milk daily to the Mays Fancy Cheese Factory. He has 8 horses (Percherons), 15 swine and about 100 fowl also included in his farm stock. His annual production is 700 bushels grain, 100 tons hay, 3 acres corn, 100 bushels potatoes and some fruit.
       His life work has been farming, and for twenty-one years he has been a patron of the Cheese Board.
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