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W. O. Wert, Avonmore
W. O. Wert, Avonmore

w.O. WERT of Avonmore, has been in the cheese business for about thirty years. After serving his apprenticeship he started as a maker of cheese in Kenyon Township, Glengarry County, and for a period of six years was in the employ of the late D. M. McPherson, known throughout Canada as the "Cheese King."
       Mr. Wert, through keen business ability, application and integrity, has from a small beginning gained control of and is now operating a combination of factories in Avonmore and vicinity. He is generally looked upon and known as the "Cheese King" of this district. His string of factories are located in Osnabruck, Roxborough and Cornwall Townships, and are equipped with all that is modern in cheese manufacturing appliances. These factories are known to the trade as the Circle Combination and recognized generally as the largest combination on the Cornwall Cheese Board. Twelve years ago he purchased the large Lunenburg factory and the Northfield factory which completed Circle Combination.
       Mr. Wert gives his entire attention and personal supervision to the management of Circle Combination. Every angle of the cheese business is an open book to him, as he acts as his own salesman, secretary and treasurer. At present he is representing the firm of Hodgson Bros. and Rowson, exporters, Montreal.
       Mr. Wert is very popular with the patrons of Circle Combination. His wife's maiden name was Agnes Bush. He is fifty-one years of age and has two sons and two daughters. One son, Harold, was in uniform during the world war serving his king and country. Mr. Wert is a Canadian, a Methodist in religion, and a Conservative in politics.
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