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dAVID S. TILTON was born on Sheik's Island, fifty-three years ago, and still resides there. He is a son of the late David S. and Emeline (Eamer) Tilton. He married Lillie Hall and is the father of one son and one daughter. In religion, Mr. Tilton is a Protestant, and in politics a Unionist.
       Mr. Tilton is one of the largest patrons of the Lake View Factory. In 1916 he delivered 210,123 pounds of milk for the season and produced 1,250 pounds of butter. He has been a member of the Cornwall Cheese Board for twenty-one years.
       Mr. Tilton is the owner of two farms located Lot No. 35, First Concession, Cornwall Township, and Lot No. 3, Sheik's Island, Cornwall Township. These

D. S. Tilton and His Home
D. S. Tilton and His Home

farms comprise 235 acres. Mr. Tilton leases the mainland farm and personally operates the one on Sheik's Island. Sixty cattle, 7 horses, 30 swine and over 200 fowl are a part of the livestock equipment of the two farms.
       Fifteen hundred bushels of grain, 100 tons of hay, 20 acres of corn, 500 bushels of potatoes and over 50 barrels of fruit represents the annual harvest of these two farms.
       Mr. Tilton has, through perseverance and pluck, worked up from practically nothing to a prosperous and substantial farmer. He acquired 100 acres to add to the original 15 acres he inherited on Sheik's Island, and latterly purchased the 116-acre farm on the mainland known as the Arthur Mattice farm.
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