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pATRICK J. SPINK, who is sixty-eight years of age, is the son of Peter J. Spink. His wife's maiden name was Rachel A. Cashion, by whom he has one daughter. He is an Irish-Canadian, a Roman Catholic and a Liberal.
       His farm is located West 1/2 Lot 17, Second Concession, Charlottenburg Township, and comprises 100 acres excellent farming land, stocked with 24 head of cattle, 4 horses, 20 swine and 60 fowl. The average yearly products of the

Residence of Patrick J. Spink
Residence of Patrick J. Spink

same is 650 bushels grain, 80 tons hay, 6 acres corn, 200 bushels potatoes, 1,000 bushels turnips and 1 acre of assorted vegetables. There is also a sugar bush on the farm — 200 gallons of syrup being made annually.
       Mr. Spink has followed farming as an occupation throughout his life. He sends 350 pounds of milk daily to the Glengarry Creams' Factory, and has been a patron of the Cheese Board for twenty-one years — since its organization.
       Mrs. Spink is an exhibitor and prize winner at the Williamstown Fair on Woman's work.
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